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Guess who? Matthew? No. Venzy? No. I know it’s you silly. Yeah, it’s me.. Vicky? Or was it Emma? Ha ha, very funny. What is this? I made it for you. You’ve chosen some very interesting colors. what do you know about colors anyway? This is a bracelet which describes our relationship. Every single bead represents a different part of it. The red one.. is a symbol of our love. Every single kiss.. every caress.. and every “I love you”.. are gathered in it. The grey one.. is for the difficult times. And you were always there for me. The green one.. symbolizes our beginning. A symbol of everything we have done for the first time. The first gift. The first kiss. The beginning.. when our conversations merged from day to night. “I love you!” The blue one.. is a symbol of every smile we’ve given each other. And all the laughter. Those are our happiest moments. The black one.. the black represents all of the fights and arguments. Okay, but why are there two red beans? Because red is the most important color.. No matter what we go through… and as much as we argue.. we will always love each other!

39 thoughts on “RED – Short Film | My Rode Reel

  1. Страхотен е! Питах вече с какво е заснет, но не получих отговор, надявам се сега да го получа. Успехи занапред! 🙂

  2. Уникална история за любовта♡ добър сии ти, еееей 😉 поздравления

  3. Много добре се е получило!За по-малко от 3 минути успяхте да докоснете емоциите ми.Ако е възможно бих искала да разбера коя песента от финала 🙂

  4. Много красиво и истинско! ^.^ Поздравления,Пафка. 👏

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