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It was a very critical situation at the
hospital and that is why we has use the gun Mr. Arun fired his gun at the girl’s
school. What was that? Heroism? No FIR was filed against him There was no legal prosecution Then how did you guys conclude
that he is the accused? Do you think the police
cannot be questioned? Mr. Arun must appear in front of this
committee within the next two days Or else you won’t be going
out of here as an officer Here is the summon, asking you
to appear before the committee Sorry Arun, I don’t have a choice I officially suspend
you for three months You are relieved of your
duties in this case Arun! Arun! No! No Arun! Arun! Apart form being students there is some
other link between these four victims Unable to crack that… I’m a failure, Viji I couldn’t even save a
single soul around me Not even a single soul! Then what’s the… use of being a police officer! I am scared Stand by me, Viji I’ll quit this police job, let’s leave this
place and go far away to some other place Unable to crack that… I’m a failure, Viji I couldn’t even save a
single soul around me Not even a single soul Hey! Why did you
record all this? Sorry When someone speaks, she
records it in this… and hear it repeatedly
for her speech training It was my student Meera, who bought her
this from the same company she got So… Meera’s hearing aid has
the same facility? Yes Materials found in Meera’s body Meera’s hearing aid Happy anniversary. Wish you many
many happy returns of the day The recording has started
when she was hit on the head This is indeed Meera’s voice I don’t think this music
has release anywhere The thing is that music
doesn’t have any language But this is an Mexican and Indian mix In that way, I feel this could
be an Anglo-Indian style music Also, based on the playing style, the psycho
you are looking for could be a pianist Sir, a program like
that can be arranged But this 9 – 10 is the peak hour slot So, we need to get the
permission from head office Sir, I am under suspension That’s what, without the
letter, it’ll become -an issue and I cannot
face my head office Arun, I hope you
realize the situation Lakshmi ma’am was roasted by the committee
because you didn’t appear there She is furious with you They have warned her and asked
her to produce you in two days And you ask for a letter from her Do you think she’ll sign it? Greetings Chennai! This is 92.7 Big fm
and this is RJ Karthik with top 100 hits As awesome songs
await you tonight… all you gotta do is listen to the track
we play, by the way it’s a rare track… and tell us the composer or when
and where have you heard it… and gives us details
like it’s note and beats We have the first caller on line.
Let’s talk to him – Greetings sir
– Greetings sir I’m Maari from Tambaram So, Maari sir now that you’ve heard
the track, do you have any details? Come on sir, it just plain music Give us some clue, only
then we can find it Here is the song for you Our next caller,
hello, greetings The music sounded
really great but… doesn’t sound familiar Nope, can’t guess it Another caller is there
Greetings! Here’s the song for you, enjoy it Greetings! Let’s go there Here’s the song for
you ma’am, enjoy it Here’s the song for
you ma’am, enjoy it Here the last song for this show Super melody for you Sir, it was supposed to
be a half an hour program We are still continuing even after an
hour because you told us the issue Next, we have a live program with actor
Karuna Karan. He’s already waiting outside Sir! Sir! Looks like a girl has heard that music She is waiting on the line Go ahead Swetha, tell us what details
have you got about that music? I have heard it at our
school’s annual day function So you have heard it at your
school’s annual day function? Yes sir! Swetha, when did the annual
day function take place? Indeed, the annual day function
took place three months ago Did you record the function? Sir, do you have this lady’s
details or contact number? Sir, this lady is speech impaired She volunteered to do the show But since she is speech impaired, we didn’t
collect any contact details from her Hello – Hello Viji, are you at the school?
– Yes A few days before Meera went missing, did
any magic show take place at your school? Yes Was it an old lady who performed it? Yes Go to the principal room at once
and watch that magician’s video – Yes Arun?
– Hello, Venkat… Go to Amudha’s school. A magic show
would’ve took place few days ago Go, check it’s video A little forward please Pause! Pause! In this case, Samyuktha
was the first victim Samyuktha was
kidnapped on Oct 20th The annual day function at her
school took place on Oct 18th Second, Amudha Kidnapped on Nov 16th On 14th Nov there was children’s
day celebration at her school Third, Meera Kidnapped on Dec 20th, Arun Dec 18th, the annual day function Fourth… Ammu Two days prior to
kidnapping the girls… there were shows in
all their schools The common event all that
function is the Magic show That lady is using her Magic show
as a tool to kidnap the girls How? First, she impresses all the
children with her magic show Second, she invites a volunteer
from the students to perform an act She interacts with the volunteering
students and gets closer to them Fourth, she starts to stalk
the selected student Fifth, she kidnaps the
student exactly on the- -second day after meeting
them, without any hassle This is her routine pattern First thing, we must find
out if that lady has- -committed any magic shows
in any of the schools But we must do it in
a secretive manner You’ll get those details
within an hour

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