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“Sita and Rama dwell
in the whole world.” A lizard fell on me. A woman’s blouse while
reciting Hanuman Chalisa.. Hail Lord Hanuman,
the repository of knowledge. Hail Lord Hanuman,
the Lord of the three worlds. An insect fell on me. A woman’s skirt. Lord Hanuman, please save me. Hail Lord Hanuman,
the repository of knowledge. (Anklets tinkling) The sound of anklets.. Lord Hanuman, since when
did you start wearing anklets? Please tie the strings of my blouse.
I am unable to tie them. (Chuckles) Ask mother to do it.
– I can’t ask mother. Then ask my father. He is used to it.
– I can’t ask father. I cannot touch you. If I tie the strings of blouse today.. ..then tomorrow I may
feel like doing your hairstyle. Wow, that would be great. My long hair plaited by celibate man. (Laughs) O Lord Hanuman. Keep away. Keep away.
Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. I won’t touch on one condition. You have to tie the
strings of my blouse. It is not possible. Where are you, O Lord Hanuman,
the repository of knowledge? If you don’t tie it I will
put you under your father’s oath. My father won’t die if
you put me under his oath.. ..for the sake of the
strings of your blouse. You are under your mother’s oath. Your oath is not powerful.. ..and due to your weak oath,
my hefty mother won’t die. You are under the oath
of your Guru Khakhad Dhajanand. You too know the name
of my Guru Khakhad Dhajanand? Oh, God. Respected Guru,
you are so powerful. She put me under your oath. Guru Khakhad Dhajanand,
to protect your honour.. protect the
honour of your oath, I.. ..I will have to touch
the strings of her blouse. Yes.
– Mercy, Guru Khakhad Dhajanand. Turn your back.
– I have turned. Do not turn to face me, okay? It is okay. Tie it. (Crying) Tie it quickly.
– Wait. I am sweating. (Laughs) (Shivering) Guru Khakhad Dhajanand,
why do my hands tremble.. ..while tying the strings of her blouse? Why do I start sweating? Guru Khakhad Dhajanand,
please protect me. No! No! No! No! Help! No!
Why are your eyes becoming seductive? Help! Help! (Laughs) I am feeling ticklish. (Thunder crashing) (Thunder crashing) (Shivering) (Thunder crashing) (Sighs) There is so much joy in this world.. ..but you kept me away from
this joy for such a long time. Curse on you, Guru Khakhad Dhajanand. ‘Dear, don’t worry.’ ‘Tomorrow I will come to
meet your father to seek your hand.’

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