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Thousands of resumes were mailed to employers They were identical except for the names. Black-sounding names were 50% less likely to be called back. Black people are charged prices roughly $700 higher than white people when buying cars. Multiple studies show black drivers are twice as likely to get pulled over. Black clients are shown 17.7% fewer houses for sale Marijuana use is equal between blacks and whites Yet black people are 4 times more likely to be arrested Black people are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of white people Doctors did not inform black patients as often as white ones about an important heart procedure White legislators did not respond as frequently to constituents with black sounding names, in both political parties If this isn’t racism What is? Racism isn’t over

100 thoughts on “Racism Is Real • BRAVE NEW FILMS

  1. If "Only Among my Swan" is racist then I'd rather be racist. Better " Only among my swan" than "Forever without my Colour and Creed".


    Tribalism is a more appropriate word….individuals tend to promote, defend, and support those that are most like them. This happens everywhere around the world and is the norm, not the exception.

    You can cry "racism" all you want, but it is a playground term used by those that want to silence dissent. Tribalism is a more accurate and descriptive term.

    For example, the brits don't like the irish. That isn't racism, it's tribalism. Both the brits and the irish are the same race. The indians don't like the pakistanis, that is tribalism, not racism. The chinese don't like the japanese, that is tribalism, not racism. Many Mexicans in southern ca don't like black or whites. That's tribalism, not racism.

    The term racism is hollow, overused, abused, and ridiculous. Tribalism much more accurately describes racial, religious, and ethnic bias.

  3. Funny how anti-white so many nonwhites are. If you want to condemn all whites for anything bad ANY european ever did in the past, let's also look at accomplishments from white people. After all, why should we have "collective guilt" for whites, but not "collective credit" for the good things white people have done? Among many, many others….

    -ONE SINGLE European save over 250 million lives. The smallpox vaccine was invented by a WHITE man. You want to whine about non euro dead as a result of colonialism, slavery, etc. Let's also talk about the other side…..lives that have been saved and improved by the inventions of Europeans. Fair is fair after all.


    -the automobile

    -the airplane

    -the jet engine

    -the computer

    -the MRI

    -the CT scan



    -the helicopter

    -the internet

    -the telephone

    -harnessed electricity

    -many water purification methods that saved 10's of millions

    -medical inventions, vaccines, etc that have saved hundreds of millions

    Whites have saved many, many more lives than they have taken.

    Most blacks in america have no clue about the truth of slavery. Here, people, time to educate yourselves:

  4. How do blacks treat whites in Africa?

    How do asians treat whites in Korea?

    How do Mexicans treat Africans in Mexico? How do Mexicans treat blacks in Los Angeles for that matter?

    How do Jews treat Palestinians in Israel?

    How do Muslims treat Christians in Egypt?

  5. No thanks to that actor in DC, divisions are getting worse. Hey we all hurt an bleed the same.. I like to picture us as God's Rainbow. He doesn't see us as a color or race, but only as Humans. This crap of believing that one race is superior to another is ridiculous.!!


  7. I want to go to Japan and I don't want to be looked down soon because I'm mixed and tan… I wish I was white or Asian anything, because I feel like less….

  8. no one is talking about whats happening in South africa? Racism against white people.
    (racism isn't only a white man's thing, actually black people are also very good at it!)

  9. Hey BRAVE NEW FILMS stop making documentaries. You have no real sense of reality. Your facts are wrong and one sided. I am a Chicano who lives in the hood. Oppurtunities are everywhere for everyone. Racism is a scapegoat. I have been treated unfairly due to race, I shouldnt get a free pass. Their actions made me stronger as a person. Which enabled me to rise above my situation and make something of myself. Your entitled liberal attitude is aweful for our society. Get a clue and stop making films they are all propaganda.

  10. Where? I am looking for the studies they are using for the statistics in the video. As a paranoid person living in an age where misinformation is spread from one outlet to another, not sourcing studies is asking not to be taken as a reliable source of statistics by the viewer. Not only this, showing the perceptions of the employers' viewpoints on Dante vs David does not proof they are racist, it just means they do not like the name Dante because it might sound less professional to them. Racism does exist, just this video is fricking stupid at proving it.

  11. This gets me. I noticed they posted one source for each conclusion. Please repeat the experiments with different researchers and in different locations to confirm or deny these conclusions.

  12. Of course racism is not over. It never will be. Some people will always hate other groups not matter what. I'm willing to bet everything I have that if we could some how travel into the future say, 1500 years, racism will still be around in some way shape or form. If people think it will really fade out one day they are living in a dream for real.

  13. Same guy in the comments below said: "Racism is real….but only if the person you are calling racist is white." and got 123 thumbs up
    The question I pose is: If your daughter is black and gets bullied by racists for the color of her skin that is RACISM right? How about if your daughter starts behaving scared and afraid of white people as a response to that, would you call her actions ( re-actions ) racism too?

  14. This video is what happens when seriously dumb people get a hold of studies done by other seriously dumb people.

    "Brave New Films" lol why don't you actually confront some of the real, controversial facts about this topic if you're so brave? What a joke.

  15. More lying left propaganda. You think that all of us our stupid sheeple that we haven't done the research and have seen the stats.

  16. I'm not saying that cops don't have a racial bias but reality is that racial profiling doesn't stem out of nowhere.
    I wish we were all made equal under the sun but reality is that melanin is not the only thing that make black people differ from other ethnicity.
    Even in South Africa were black Africans make up 90% of the population, the crime is rate of blacks is still higher per capita.

  17. The problem with these experiments which purported to find systemic racism, is that they had no controls. That would cause any other research of this nature, to be rejected out of hand as unscientific. When it appears to support the contentions of a politically progressive SJW cause however, it just gets waved through, and quoted from as though it were authoritative. Contrary evidence, as does exist in relation to these findings, also just gets ignored.

  18. 1:18 Statistically, more black people live in high-risk, high-crime areas, which are policed with greater numbers. So that’s ridiculous.

  19. This whole video is bullshit, and otehr thing. HOW THE FUCK CAN THE POLICEMEN SEE THAT YOUR BLACK!!!!! DO THEY HAVE SPECIAL X-RAY GLASSES TO SPOT BLACK PEOPLE OR WHAT????????????????? Dante is an italian name by the way.

  20. I will state first that racism is alive in the USA but your stats in the video dont prove anything without further examination. Several of those stats could very well be income related demographics. For instance higher rates of incarceration…which demographic is most likely to use a public defender? Car prices are not a racial factor, women on average also pay more, this a a factor based on negotiation not race or sex.

  21. Videos like these are ignorant (root word ignore)
    First of all it is an individuals right to discriminate.
    Discrimination is simply the ability to make wise decision (wise meaning based on some factual information)
    If an employer does not wish to hire blacks, perhaps there is a factual reason that his experience has taught him such as theft and a hostile demeanor. If a realtor dies not want to sell a black family into a specific neighborhood, perhaps they do not want to initiate white flight, because white families begin to experience thefts, rude inconsiderate behavior. Sexual deviance, drugs and traffic. Bad yard and house maintenance. The list goes on and on. But to acknowledge these facts make one a bad person.
    Ignorant video.

  22. The majority of the racism we see today is towards white people.They preach hate towards white people day and night…In our movies in our schools in our universities and colleges.Hypocrites of the worse kind.

  23. How do u know that the people u sent ur resume were not black ? If my sister born in borders of iran and iraq can come to usa and study at Stanford university then i guess blacks whom are born in usa are just fine . Btw racism is not a bad thing , as someone who has many friends(white,brown,asian,black) and we make fun of each other in every way imaginable i will tell u racism is not hurting anyone so stop getting mad like people like me cant defend ourselves. Next time send black sounding letters .

  24. Blacks are the most racist group of all. In fact they use it as a way to gain advantage when most of the time it rarely occurs. The Dems push it to keep us divided even though they fought to NOT end slavery and NOT to allow the civil rights movement. They keep blacks as slaves to their false ideology .

  25. "Cherry picking" isn't scientific prove. It's pseudo-science with a political agenda.
    The differences can be explained with" just two "white priviliges" indicators 1 Father at home 2 education.
    If you correct the figures with it not much inequality remains.
    Pan-Africans and marxists introduce the bias of "racism and oppression" .

  26. Thanks for pointing that out if, imagine having a name as Mohammed or Ali when applying for a job.

    I feel the only solution to this racism is uproot white ppl from and replace with other nationalities

  27. i just love how commentors here call this video fake or untrue or bullshit just because it points out what they are

  28. Yes and BLACKS are some of the most racist people on Earth! Want to learn about Racism? study my ancestors the Irish the poor bastards or the First Nations People(Aboriginal people) here in Canada always getting shit on by every other race not just whites!

  29. The only reason why there's more marijuana incarcerations for black people is the cultural differences in use.white people sit and smoke in their house black people smoke in their car .even how both smoke marijuana is shaped differently take for example white people usually use a stationary object such as a bong .black people on the other hand are usually smoking a blunt a very mobile and concealable method of smoking. My black friends always are joking that white people are always smoking from some apparatus.

  30. Correction: racism is reality. Everywhere blacks are, it turns to crap like Baltimore. While this simp calls a typical black riot, against a city run by blacks, an uprising

  31. Correction: racism is reality. Everywhere blacks are, it turns to crap like Baltimore. While this simp calls a typical black riot, against a city run by blacks, an uprising

  32. While I agree that racism happens — and that people are generally stupid, and therefore often make decisions off of irrelevant and absurd factors (like race) — I think the general thesis of this video is somewhat is somewhat absurd. You cannot prove racism with statistics; in other words, disparities don't prove discrimination.

    So to answer the question, "If this isn't Racism, then what is?", …. "Racism is racism. That's it."

    However, I do appreciate that this video is better quality than many out there. In a country full of outrage right now, this video presents its message (true or not) in a generally peaceful, nonviolent, and reasonable manner. Thank you.

    [^and yes, there are points that I agree on too, so I appreciate that also. For example, I totally agree that the best and only true way to counter racism is by peacefully correcting the thinking at its core, not with outrage, violence, or government action.]

  33. None of that is racism. If this is suppose to be evidence of racism then it clearly doesn’t exist. Clearly trying to indoctrinate people and continue to keep mass amounts of blacks & whites stupid. Bunch of idiots lol

  34. This channel is so full of shit.
    If it's my money and my business, I will hire who ever the fuck I want. And no one will tell who the fuck I'm supposed to hire. 🤔

  35. I know racism still exists, I have had face to face racism with white people and on my Phone and my Televisions, these bastards have that government satellite camera in my TV and look at me making derogatory comments about me, I am so sick of these people..

  36. Don't be racist
    Back, white, brown they're just skin colors
    not personality types
    were all Human and should be treated the same.

  37. Why do I feel like none of these are true or relevant to anything having to do with racism. Also who said racism wasn't real.

  38. White person calls Black person "Black"
    Black person calls White person
    "I ain't no racis, shut up fool, I'll get my G's on yo n**ger"

  39. Racism is real. It's also a business and political currency. Does racism keep minorities from success—NO. Do progressives inflate the racial divide to further their agenda–YES. The facts are that America's founders, and those who want to conserve those founding ideas, always believed in liberty for everyone. "All men are created equal". There were not a bunch of slave owners in Americas history. The fact is 100% of them were democrat and most owned plantations in the south. In the 1960's the democratic party changed their platform and realized that they were losing the race argument. Instead they focused on getting votes using welfare programs and talking about justice. In this way, the democrat still own slaves and republicans are still fighting for their freedom.

  40. Racism is a horrible and disgusting disease that has to be stopped. I'm white but I stand with black people in solidarity against all the racist shit that whites have done and are still doing to black people. Stop racism now!

  41. I new a black man called William and he loved tyranny he would torture and persecute any one who refused to obey him ..not exactly a believer in freewill to speak your own mind

  42. I have a question why are black people charged more imo they should charge white people more since the whole world think they are rich lmfao

  43. The question at the end, "If this (supposedly the contents of the video) isn't racism what is?" shows–given the substance of that content–how forced the whole racism thing is today.  There are reasonable, logical answers for most of the alleged "racism" examples given but this isn't the venue.  Might be time for this old white dude to make a 'dear black people' video answering the superficiality of the charges of racism with logic, common sense and in as factual a response as can be mustered.

  44. Racism does not exists when all you believe is that it is only your race that experiences it. How about a Black man walk in a Native man's moccasins? Black men have never faced genocide, except from their own race. Native men have experienced genocide from their own race, but faced far worse when the European Hispanics came to the Western Hemisphere. Native men, women and children have been slaughtered, wholesale, by the Hispanics up to the mid to late 19th century by the Mexican government who had a blood bounty on the Apache. How about that 14th Amendment that gave all Blacks in America US Citizenship, has been Liberally contorted to provide false citizenship to children born to non-citizens, yet it did not grant US Citizenship to the Native Peoples of this Land till a special Act of Congress in 1924. How about the abject racism against the "sub human" Irish? It was not 20,000 plus sub-Saharan Black African slaves that perished hand digging a canal through a snake, gator, disease filled hot and humid swamp from Lake Pontchartrain to New Orleans in the 1830s. It was Irish men and able body boys that suffered that fate. Where is the outcry for that racism, that complete injustice of humanity? It did not even receive a footnote in history.

  45. Do you want to see the real racism.? Greater than America , Europe or any other places. Come to West Bengal. The hell among India.

  46. If everyone is a little racist because racism exists, does that mean that everyone is a little bit of a serial killer because serial killers exist?

  47. The world favors white skin on European looking and Asian people

    Social rejection still applies with white skinned blacks

    Blacks exist to be equally happy and thrive as all others

    Racism exists to bridge the breaking through of love at any given moment

  48. Im half black half white and my parrent who are devorsed and my mom who is black has a better house way more money then my dad whos white

  49. What were the races of the employers? $700 is t much, and could easily be accounted for if blacks dont haggle. Literally everything in this video is like this.

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