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I am Punjab Singh… ..from Amritsar, a huge city… ..the land of gurus, masters
and messengers.. ..that spoke a language of love,
trust and respect. This pious land is now in
the clutches of sinners. Stealing, rapes, foeticide and
substance abuse has spread all around. Given Babur’s atrocities, Guru
Nanakdev beseeched Akalpurakh.. to when mercy will be shown.. ..and pain will be understood.. ..and when humans will
be empowered to end sins. When? Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Long live Punjab Singh! Mister, why beat so mercilessly? When I beat someone,
I do it this way. If you keep mum,
I’ll keep thrashing you. You’ll pay for this. SP, you should first ask who I am. I don’t care about
the identity of animals. I want answers to my questions. If you don’t answer,..’ll end up in
such a terrible state.. ..that you’ll neither laugh nor cry. I promise you, before sunset.. ..I’ll be outside this police station. And you’ll be out of this town! Mr Sarkaria! Forgive me, Mr Sarkaria! Spare my daughter.
I made a huge mistake. If you hadn’t stepped
on the dog’s tail,.. ..perhaps your life would be spared. Now you’ll have to lift your leg. I have a different style. I don’t attack the leg. I slit the throat. These are bail documents. Hmm. Bro, he beat me a lot. No problem. Stop this third rate poetry. This is Arjun’s police station,
not a poet conference. This is not your police
station but mine. And this chair is
meant for the person.. ..that is chosen by Lachi Sarkaria. Understood? Here. Pack your bags. This is your first mistake. Hence, you got away
with a transfer. Pray lest you face me again. Scared already?
Listen to me carefully. Don’t come before me or
face the consequences. History will bear witness,.. ..another Sarkaria shouldn’t be born. And if that happens,
he better not face Arjun Singh. Time will tell, officer,… ..whether history bears witness.. ..or you’re vanish. Where’s the stuff? Chhote! Where’s the stuff? Bro, stuff.. Fearing the police,
I put it in a girl’s bag. When I.. When I came to, I was in the lock-up. What was her name?
– I don’t know. But he said he always
thrashes like that. That fellow.. Everyone’s mouthing filmy dialogues. Chikna, find that girl. Okay, brother. Who’s this new hero now? I’m coming, have patience. Punjab! Give me your blessings, uncle. Bless you, son. Uncle, I’m here too. Jugni? – Yes. She’s all grown up! Hey look who’s here. Who is it?
– Come quickly. Oh my! Give me your blessings, aunty.
– Punjab is here! My son is back. I am thrilled to see you. Aunty, hope you’re fine.
– Yes, I am. Aunty! Greetings. – Guess who she is. That’s Jugni. Oh God! You’re all grown up! Bless you. You’ve taken
after your mother. Beautiful! The girls should be beautiful. My name is Roopvati. I’m the biggest dealer
in the field of.. ..flesh trade. My eyes can never miss
an untouched girl. Roopvati only buys excellent stuff. And sells too. No doubt about that. But I want timely delivery. Right time.
See you. Any question? I work not question. Be strong, dear. All is fine. Aunt? – Go in, son.
You have a sister. This is your sister, your life. Your Jugni. Is that Jugni, mummy?
– Yes, son. Jugni is your life. You’ll have to look after
her now onwards. Make sure she faces no troubles. The day she’s hurt,.. ..consider yourself dead. Yes, mummy. I’ll do as you say. Hereafter, I shall live for my sister. Come to me. Here. That’s me, your mummy. As long as you wear that,.. ..I’ll always be with you. Don’t ever take that off. Never. Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Mummy, why don’t you speak? Mummy! Brother! What happened?
– Nothing. You’re crying?
– Nothing much. My brother is a lion. And lions don’t cry. Looks like my sister
has become sensible. I was just missing mummy. I’ll tell you one thing. I never saw mummy. But you’re both my mom and dad. Brother, you never take that off. This is mummy. Jugni, it’s an important day for you. So, mummy will be with you. Don’t ever take that off. Never keep it away from you.
– I won’t. Aunt. It’s my first day of college.
Give me your blessings. Bless you, child. Study well. Yes. Uncle, I’ll finish her admissions
and reach the factory. Son, do one thing.
– Tell me. Take the scooter. I’ll manage. Okay, see you there. I will. – Come. Be careful.
– See you. New admission?
– Yes. You were the one with the Sardar that day?
– Yes. That’s my elder brother.
– Oh! What’s his name? Sardar Punjab Singh. Hmm. Nice name.
And yours? Jugni. And you are? Gurnoor. Nice name. She’s now your friend. Take care of her. ”I went crazy on seeing you.” ”I dream only of you.” ”I wait for you each day.” ”One glimpse and I feel thrilled.” ”You seem like god to me…” ”believe it or not.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” ”I am your beloved,
I want to be yours.” ”My heart is blessed with your love,
do away with this distance.” ”I am your beloved,
I want to be yours.” ”My heart is blessed with your love,
do away with this distance.” ”My hearts chants your name.” ”I love you a lot.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” ”Get me a beautiful bridal dress,
darling.” ”Fill my world with
love and be mine.” ”Get me a beautiful bridal dress,
darling.” ”Fill my world with
love and be mine.” ”I’ll keep you in my heart”.. ..”and make you mine, beloved.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” ”I feel like confessing my love”.. ..”but I fear rejection.” What’s this, son? Aunt, I got my first salary.
I got you a shawl. It’s beautiful.
I am very happy today. May you prosper. Aunt! I arranged all the clothes. Your bedsheet too. Okay, dear. Wow! That’s a beautiful shawl. Brother, what did you get me? I completely forgot! Forgot? Fine, I won’t speak to you. Naughty fellow. Dhink chak chak dhin… Dhink chak chak dhin… Dhink chak chak dhin… Dhink chak chak dhin… Dhink chak chak dhin… Give it to me. Take. Show me what you got. Here. Look. For me? – Can I ever forget? Like it? It’s beautiful! That’s a lovely dress. You look pretty in this dress.
Where did you get it? My brother bought it. I see, Sardar got it for you.
– Yes. Let me try the dress once. What will I wear then? My clothes, okay? No way. My brother hates
western clothes. He won’t know. Let me wear it once. You promise to return it? Yes. This chain is here? Son, you’re here? Your uncle is looking for you. Aunty, where is Jugni? She left for college in the morning. She left her chain behind. No problem. She must’ve forgotten it. I’d told her not to take this off.
It’s mom’s keepsake. How do I loo? Beautiful! My brother has a great choice. C’mon! Jugni! Brother! Move. We fooled you! Jugni! Hit him. Hey, get out of here. Or I’ll kill you.
Leave! Hit him. Beat! Beat him. Stop staring and beat him. Hit him. Hit him. Hit him. Hit him. Run! You hit him, we can’t. Hit him. Hit him. Don’t come ahead or I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. Don’t come ahead. I’ll kill you. Don’t come ahead. Don’t kill me. Spare me.
I made a mistake. I won’t do this again.
Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Oh my! Who kills like that? It’s time for your sister’s funeral. Brother, don’t cremate him like that. That’s dust. Bury it or blow it away. It doesn’t matter. ”My home is lonesome.” ”Where did you go?” ”My home is lonesome.” ”Where did you go?” ”Where did you go
breaking my dreams?” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” ”My eyes are morose
and my heart aches.” ”Call out me once, my little sister.
Don’t be angry now.” ”My eyes are morose
and my heart aches.” ”Call out me once, my little sister.
Don’t be angry now.” ”I’ll bestow you with
all the joys of the world.” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” ”My Jugni is no more.
God, what do I do?” Crimes on rise in Amritsar.. Look brother.. I don’t think this is possible. Punjab Singh. Jassi, I want this guy at any cost. Brother, he has no desire to live. A man seeking death
is no of no use to us. I don’t see a way out.
– Way out? We need to pave a way, Jassi. Think about it. A man who can kill 25 dangerous
goons in 15 minutes.. this city. ..can also re-establish
my my prestige.. I see my enemy’s death in him. Spend any amount it takes.. ..but I want Punjab. Brother, Punjab Singh. Here, this is now yours. It will be your friend. Use it sparingly.
Take it. You keep it and shoot me instead. Aren’t you scared? You fear when you’re
alive not when dead. Why do you say that?
Don’t you love your life? My life was my sister. I died the day I cremated her. I killed the ones who killed her. Now either I get hanged
or you shoot me,.. doesn’t matter.
– It does. Your sister was killed.. ..and you turned
the city into a morgue. Wonder how many sisters
get killed each day,.. many get raped,.. ..and how many are burnt alive.. Moreover, many females
are killed in the womb. Who will fight for them? Think about it. Perhaps that’s
why God sent you here. You’re a messiah, resurrect the dead. Don’t let your sister’s
death go waste. It’s unseemly for you to say that. You too are a goon.
– Indeed I am. But not like them. All goons are alike.
There’s no difference. There is a difference. I’m not a rapist like them. I don’t sell drugs. I don’t terrorise people. I am not what you think of me. I am a sportsman, a boxer. I loved my work. Boxing was my passion. This is how I was rewarded
for being honest. That filth left me handicapped. But why? Because I refused to
betray my passion. Who was he? My younger brother, Sarkaria. Sarkaria? He’s your brother? Unfortunately. Then I’m your worst enemy. I killed your younger brother’s aides.
Why did you save me then? Do you want to know the truth? Here it goes. This was about 15 years ago. Khalsa College, Amritsar. Hello, brother. How is my lion doing? I knew, my younger brother
will make me proud. You know Lachi since
childhood, brother. I don’t give up until
I attain my goal. Don’t end up being my opponent! C’mon! No way, brother. No matter how successful I become as a
boxer, I’ll remain your younger brother. Nice! You’re my life! Just bear one thing in mind.
My value ethics over my life. Hope you take good care of him. I do, brother. Look after his diet well.
See you in the evening. Okay. – Be there on time. Okay, brother.
– Take care. Rani,.. The Singh’s in a dilemma. He’s in the finals with his
elder brother Kartar. So what? Lachi is sure to win. Really? You have great
confidence in him. I don’t think he’ll win this time. Shut up, Rimpy. Even God has to abide
by Rani’s decree. I am Lachi’s life after all. He can go to any extent for me. Kartar is no match to him. Forget it, Rani. No point
defying me. This is what people are saying. Really? Let’s bet on this then. Lachi will surely win.
That’s Rani’s word. What’s the matter? You
called me in the daytime? Do you love me? What happened? Lachi, I’m serious. Do you love me? Why this silly question?
What’s the problem? Yes or no? Of course, I love you a lot. What can you do for me? Want my life? Not your life but victory. Gift me with your victory tomorrow. Kartar is my brother.
It doesn’t matter who wins. It does matter to me, Lachi. Bear in mind, if my love loses,
yours will too. You’re faced with a huge
test today, brother. A real boxer puts relations
aside and plays the game. I’ll pray for you. May you win today. You’ll have to lose today, brother. What? You heard me. Brother, Rani is my life. I want to gift her my victory today. Get out of my way. Striking a deal with me? How did you forget that I raised
you since childhood? You’ve always been my priority. You forsook everything
in a jiffy for a girl? I don’t care what you think, brother. But you have to lose today. Really? What if I don’t? Then people will say Kartar
was a good boxer. Wow! Brilliant. Brilliant, keep going.
– Hit! Hit! Hit! Brother, I’d asked you to lose. I did, right? Punjab Singh, Jugni’s real killer
is roaming around freely. He has terrorised the
whole of Amritsar. Brother, the ones who terrorise.. ..will be terrorised by
Punjab Singh hereafter. Come, Punjab! Awesome! Colours… Bravo! Sarkaria! Sarkaria! Jassi! – Sarkaria! You put your life at
stake and proved.. ..I have somebody to rely on! We’re now brothers. Celebrated Holi? Brother, that animal
narrowly escaped. Doesn’t matter, my lion. Once you recover, we’ll
handle that coward. I’m sure their master is scared. You both are now my shield. And for my enemies..
– Swords! Let’s throw a party
and celebrate this. The whole of Amritsar
will see the festivities. Get ready to dance, my lions. ”Say what you want to.” ”We got to live here forever.” ”Say what you want to.
We got to live here forever.” ”There’s none like
this dramatic world.” ”Attack!” ”Attack!” ”Attack, buddy!” ”Attack, buddy!” ”The heart revels in love.” ”You become a lover at heart.” ”The heart revels in love.
”You become a lover at heart.” ”Make sure you
appease your beloved.” ”If it reaches me,
there will be chaos.” ”Attack!” ”Attack!” ”Attack, buddy!” ”Attack, buddy!” ”On one hand guns rule,
on the other beloveds do.” ”On one hand guns rule,
on the other beloveds do.” ”Either a bullet or the heart,
it’s all in jest.” ”Charge at me openly.” ”Attack!” ”Attack!” ”Attack, buddy!” ”Attack, buddy!” Brother, if that trio
isn’t destroyed,.. ..our lives will be in danger. Let’s shoot Jassi first. If it weren’t for him yesterday,.. ..Punjab Singh would be dead. Hey, Charith. Not every man
should be dealt with a bullet. Brother, the girl who
had Lucky’s stuff… I got her details. We’ll deal with the trio later. First, I want to meet that girl.. ..who caused this mess. Jaggu, why’s that
car following us? Hi, Marasi?
Seeing stars? Oh no! Come, kids. Come. Very good. Come, get down. Come. Jassi,.. ..take these girls to their homes.
– Come. Come, kids. Very good. Come, child. Thank you, brother. What is it? Who are you? Dog.. The dog of this area. Take a look. Who are you people? Brother, got the stuff. Brother, me too. You’re the wretched girl.. ..who caused bloodshed in town. I’ll teach you a lesson. Mr Sarkaria! You? What brings you here today, sir? You always complained, Roopa,.. How do you like this gift? Gift? Oh my! I’ll keep this gem safely in
a silver box, Mr Sarkaria! No! I bore losses because
of this wretched woman. Every sweeper, drunkard, lecher visiting
your brothe l should sleep with her. If that’s so,.. ..let alone the entire night,.. ..I won’t let her sleep all her life. Bhola.
– Yes? Take her away.
– Okay. Let’s see what becomes
of this dead woman. Hey girl, have water. Why be mad at water?
Our fates brought us here. This is hell for us. Even God can’t rescue us from here. Child, where’s your home? There. Bhola! Yes, ma’am. Where were you? Check with the baldy
about the delivery. Sister! Great! The prey walks
in to get killed. Aren’t you scared to interfere
in Roopvati’s matters? If this mistake is repeated,..’ll only remember the gunshot. That rascal spoilt everything. Bhola, who was that? There’s only one man in
the town, Punjab Singh. Punjab! Punjab! As per latest reports, infamous
gangster Punjab Singh.. ..saved the lives of
abducted young girls. They were kidnapped
for trafficking. Considering his deeds, people now
call him a messiah of the poor. The commissioner
has released orders.. investigate the
matter at the soonest. It’s worth pondering whether.. ..the police will protect the people
or gangsters like Punjab Singh. You’re home? Had you
come earlier, you’d hear it. There was news about
Punjab on the radio. The whole town is
singing his praises. What happened?
Why are you sullen? You didn’t get vegetables either. Here’s your vegetables. Any shop I go to wants to
give me stuff for free. They fear Punjab and
refuse to take money. My conscience and self-respect.. ..are maligned because of Punjab. This is not fear but people’s love. Don’t be under any
wrong impression. Is he some leader? He’s a goon. Have cold water, pray and go to sleep. Okay, don’t worry.
I’ll handle it. Don’t cry, dear. You’re my daughter from now onwards. As long as I live, nobody
will even look at you. Punjab? -Yes? Take her to her room. Okay.
– Brother, phone. Hello. Yes, Shamsher. No… Listen,.. ..I can’t give this relation a name. But I’ll always be with you. Until I kill Sarkaria,
you’ll be in my care. Sarkaria’s death means your life. I promise,..’ll get your life back. Punjab,.. ..make me your life forever. ”A new bride has come today.” ”She brings immense joy.” ”May there be unending
joys hereafter.” Done. MAy you always be happy. Come. Give that.
– Here, son. Live your lives. Take care of yourself.
It’s your first outing. If he troubles you, call me. Go now. Brothers, sisters and elders,.. ..sing praises of the lord. You have all gathered here so that.. ..the truth comes to light. I feel, the opposition parties.. ..don’t like us working for
development of the people. Hence, they use goons
to stir up controversy.. ..and malign our image. They want to subjugate
me with threats. They think of me as mere woman. But they don’t know.. ..that women of this nation are like
the queen of Jhansi.. ..who can behead enemies
when needed. Now, this hooliganism
won’t be tolerated. I’ll never back down from
serving the people.. ..even if I lose my life. Today I warn goons like Punjab Singh.. Sister! – Bhola, any news? Sister, the town is abuzz that
Punjab Singh shot her. They’ll suffer for this. They’ll surely suffer rot in hell. Punjab Singh did wrong. Who’s saying that? Madam said that. But how’s that possible? Here you go, madam. Sorry, madam. Sorry.
– No problem, son. Go. Okay, madam. Wow, madam. You never get angry,
come what may. We’re convinced, we’ve
chosen the right leader. You have our complete support. This is service, not politics. I’m indebted to you all. Madam, we take your leave now.
See you. Okay. See you. Tell me, DIG. Forget me but the
people mustn’t suffer. Don’t worry, madam. Do something about Punjab Singh. The whole town is under vigilance. Just wait till we know
who attacked you. Within 24 hours, Punjab Singh
will be behind the bars. Be true to my expectations. Okay,.. take rest.
I’ll leave now. Okay. Hari. Sorry, ma’am.
I’m extremely sorry. What?
– I mean, forgive me. I’m uneducated.. ..not foolish. Disappear from this
town by evening.. ..or I’ll get that burnt
hand chopped off! I don’t allow a mere fly to
perch on my nose.. ..and you dared to spill
the tea on my hand! She’s a cruel woman.
She has no conscience. Blind fellow!
Can’t you shoot properly? You shot at the right hand
instead of the left. Madam, how could I
see from that distance? And you call yourself a shooter! Be thankful, madam,
he didn’t blow your head. Else, we’d be mourning your death. No bullet can do that. My name is Jai Kaur. Even death needs my permission. Awesome! That rogue is anyway troubling me. I’ve seen many a honest masters.. ..but not a gangster! Strange times. Where’s your dog? Don’t worry, madam. We’ll handle him when
the time is right. That’s okay.. ..but what have you decided now? Do you watch films? English? I’m talking about Hindi
films not English. Listen up,.. ..tell her about the new friendship. Here I go. SSP Arjun Singh, an honest officer. It’s said,.. ..he values ethics over relations. Madam, all the places
he was stationed at,.. ..crime and criminals flee from there. The main thing is that.. ..Arjun Singh.. Punjab Singh’s childhood friend. They share a very deep bond. But today,.. ..nothing is above the
law for Arjun Singh,… ..not even friendship. Wow, rascal. You brought the dead back to life. Now you’ll see my next move. All right then, madam. Get Arjun Singh transferred. Thus, this friendship will end. Punjab, somebody shot MP Jai Kaur. It’s believed you shot her. I think, Jassi, somebody
trying to set me up. I’ve heard something else too. There’s an SSP names Arjun Singh. He’s stationed here to kill us. No, sir.
I didn’t do anything. Sir, I.. Introductions can wait. All criminals from a pickpocket to.. ..smugglers..
Put their files on this table.. ..and photos on that wall.
– Yes, sir. One more thing.
– Yes, sir? I don’t like repeating things. Okay, sir. Name, Sarkaria. He’s accused of land acquisition
and fake currency but no evidence. This is Chika and Reedh.. They’re brothers and handle
Sarkaria’s businesses. This is Roopvati, who uses
girls for flesh trade. She was killed recently. All her businesses are handled
by her aide Ganja Marasi. This is Kartar boxer. He runs the world of crimes.. ..and criminals.
He was killed recently. We don’t know who killed him. This is Jasbeer Jassi. Kartar boxer’s sidekick. He’s the most dangerous one.
He killed 25 innocents in 15 minutes. He has taken over from Kartar boxer,.. ..Punjab Singh. That’s all, sir. These cases are considered
as complicated for no reason.. ..though we know they’re criminals. In spite of that, we can’t harm them. Do we know what’s lacking? I don’t get you. It’s clear, sir. Either the
system is lacking.. ..or these people enjoy
politicians’ support. That’s why they’re spared. They’re connected to each
other in some way. And there’s one person
who holds the link. They’re not all criminals. Some have taken to crimes given
the system’s inefficiency and poverty. We need to get to the
roots of this problem. To do that, we have to broaden
our perspective… ..and take major decisions. Arjun Singh, I have
complete faith in you. Do what you will but
cleanse the city of this filth. Don’t worry, sir.
I will try my best. Hello. Hukum Singh?
– Sir! Arrange a meeting
with Punjab Singh. Now? – Idiot! Morning.
– Okay, sir. My friend has succeeded.
You look amazing in the turban. But you cut off your hair? Some things can’t be done.. ..with a sacred turban
on your head. You haven’t changed.
– Neither have you. What is this, my friend?
Look where we landed. Perhaps that’s what fate deemed. I read your entire case. If you wish, things can be sorted. Nothing can be done now. The day I chose this path, all
doors of return were closed shut. No door has been shut. If you wish, you can
mend everything. This is filth, buddy.
Listen to me. You have to get into
filth to clean the dirt. And you? What do you think? You’ll clean this filth?
You forget..’re also a part of it now. I promise you,.. ..the day I decide to
clean the filth,.. ..I’ll wipe off Punjab Singh too. Try to understand.
There is immense pressure on me. The government wants to end all this. It should’ve thought about
it before starting it all. This can’t end now. But I won’t let you drown
in this quicksand. A bullet and spoken words
can’t be taken back. I shut all doors of return. Hereafter, don’t ever meet me. That’s only if I let you go. Surrender to the law. I will help you. I say this the last time.
Do as I say. You forget, I used to hug you in
childhood and steal your marbles. Here are your marbles. Oh no! Let’s see how long he survives. Uncle, things will be fine.
Don’t worry. I am worried. You have no clue. Hope God helps.
– Uncle? You’re here?
– Greetings, uncle. What happened? The doctor is here.
– Doctor? Okay. – See you. See you. What’s the matter, doctor? You should take care of her. Can’t you look after her? What has happened, aunty? Doctor… Uncle, what has happened? Why won’t anyone tell me? What do I say, son? Even God can’t understand women! They say it’s nothing.. ..and then things happen. Stop now. Why trouble my son? Distribute sweets. Sweets? – Yes. You’re going to be a father. Jassi, I’m going to be a father! Congrats! – Uncle, I’m
going to be a father. No! I’m going to be a grandfather! No, I’m going to be an uncle! ”I love you a lot, darling.
You are my life, my world.” ”I love you a lot, darling.
You are my life, my world.” ”I want to make you mine.” ”You’re like god to me.” ”I’ll give all the happiness
in the world, just be mine.” ”I’ll give all the happiness
in the world, just be mine.” ”I want to live with you happily
and see the joy on your face.” ”I want to live with you happily
and see the joy on your face.” ”I watch you secretly.” ”I watch you secretly.” ”Let me care for you.” ”I’ll give all the happiness
in the world, just be mine.” ”I’ll give all the happiness
in the world, just be mine.” Hello.
– Shah’s warehouse is on the main road. Be there and you’ll know the rest. What happened? Where are you going? Take care of yourself. Hello. This is Punjab Singh.
Note an address. Deliver the remaining amount. Where is he going? Brother.. – What?
– Look there. Who beats like that? When I beat someone,
I do it this way. He beat me black and blue. Sir, I found this. Hukum Singh.
– Yes, sir? Seize everything.. ..and seal this factory.
– Okay, sir. Move. – Take them away. Move. You! So much anger? Only one
factory is shut down yet. Wait and watch what I do next. Ignore your acquaintance
and threaten others. You don’t know about my powers.. ..and my sovereignty. You don’t know the
powers of my uniform. Oh, I do. I know all about your
uniform and its powers. People won’t care about
it when you die. Jai Kaur, such arrogance
will do no good. If that’s so, I swear
upon my uniform,.. won’t die an easy death. Mind your tongue. You don’t realise where you stand. Touch me and you’ll be in the news. See this? Will you come
willingly or perforce? Okay, I’ll come along. Bear one thing in mind. If you take me to the police
station successfully,.. ..I’ll shave off my head. Arrest her. Stop, SP.
I’m Ganja Marasi. Give. Here. With your permission,
may I take her home? We’ve paid to get you out. Make sure you finish the task. Be back on time. Understood? Go. Leave him. Here’s your favourite weapon. Wonder who’ll die today. Let’s go. ”Nothing seems nice without you.” ”Nothing seems nice without you.” ”In the world…” You’ll have to go now. Okay. ”Nothing seems nice without you.” What happened?
– Nothing. Don’t be scared, I’ll be back. Listen.. – Yes, brother? Keep watch.
– Okay. Now I’ll avenge Kartar’s death. ”Without you, happiness is lost.” ”Without you, happiness is lost.” ”Your memories…” I’m here for you. I’m Raju Pishore. Hukum Singh.
– Sir. Seal the whole town.
I want that man,.. ..come what may. But sir, I.. I said I want that man. Okay, sir. Tighten patrolling in the city.
– Yes, sir. No car, truck or jeep should
go without checking. Sir, without the DIG’s
permission, I can’t… Just do as you’re told. Control yourself, buddy. Raju Pishore. This is a conspiracy. How’s that possible? Raju Pishore was in custody all night. How can he do this? What?
– Yes, sir. I tried to jail him. I caught him from the pool. Why didn’t you tell me, idiot? Sorry, sir. Oh no! Hukum is a wicked man. I don’t realise what I do. Move in. Move. Come. What’s this, sir?
– Orders to shoot Punjab Singh. Shoot him? Put up wanted posters
all over the town. Shoot him at sight. I want no excuses. But sir..
– What? That man is mocking the law. Should we just be mute spectators? I want the town cleansed
within a week. This city should be cleaned. Understand? The law is supreme for Arjun Singh,… ..not relations. Jassi, you took too long. I somehow managed to come here.
– What happened? There’s shoot at sight orders for you. They’ve begun to kill our men. You better go underground
for a few days. Here are the keys and keep this too. Go back to your old house.
You’ll be safe there. Take care. See you, brother.
– Take care. Welcome. Welcome, Punjab Singh. Welcome to the house of death. You played hide and
seek for too long. You’re finally fell in my trap. Ganje! – Yes, brother. What was it he used to say? When I beat, this is how I do it! Now I’ll show you.. Sarkaria beats. Greetings.
Recognise me? I’m a wicked woman. Evil, witch. But people call me Jai Kaur with love. Nothing is making sense, right? Forget explaining,
there’s lots to show him. You better tell him. He’s about to die and a dying
man’s wish ought to be fulfilled. Come, I’ll introduce
you to my pet dog. ”To hell with fake friends!” ”To hell with fake friends!” ”To hell with fake friends!”
– Jassi, you? You fooled me! We were like brothers.
You were my friend. You stabbed me in the back,
betrayed me. Why blame him, Punjab Singh? He did betray you. But the mind behind that.. ..was Lachi Sarkaria’s. First, we arranged to kill Kartar. At that time, you were in
that scenic place.. What was that you were busy with?
What’s it called? What do newly weds do? Madam, honeymoon? I see! Look at him. He knows about that. Useless, you can’t fulfil
any task properly. Yes, you were on your honeymoon. And here… My name is Jaipal. I deal in drugs in Bhatinda. I want to start in Amritsar.. Stand up!
– What happened, brother? I won’t let you mess
with youngsters’ lives. As long as I live, nobody will
do this business in Amritsar. Brother,’s possible after
your death, right? What are you doing here? I’m here to teach you a lesson. Is it? You’ve emboldened because
of Punjab Singh. That fellow killed
our brother Lakhi Singh. I have no brother. I considered you dead the very day.. broke your elder brother’s
hand for a woman. That woman was my life, brother. Be thankful, I just broke
your hand that day. I was alone that day. You’re alone today as well. You’re alone today as well. I did expect this from you. Forgive me if you can, brother. To win, one ought to betray. After Kartar’s death,
we conspired to set you up. To do that, this lovely madam.. ..shed her blood. It pained a lot. But you were loved by the people. Neither we nor the police
could catch you. That’s when I decided,.. ..if you can make a
brother kill another,.. ..why can’t I make
a friend kill another? That’s why we got Arjun Singh
transferred back here. Thus, he could control you. But that useless man,
instead of chasing him,.. ..started chasing our madam. And then we devised.. ..a new plan to kill you. A goat is sacrificed to kill a lion. Sarkaria’s aide Pishori
was released from jail. What was that innocent woman’s fault? You should’ve dealt with me. Did that hurt? I too felt hurt… ..when you killed my brother Lakhi
in broad daylight. One more thing. We’d already planned all this. Pishori is in jail. He assumed you’d reach there enraged.. ..and shoot Pishori. You did better than that. Hey! We can get you killed
by the Punjab Police. That’s no big deal. But madam,.. ..getting him killed by the police
won’t make me as happy.. I’ll be when dies here today. The police is anyway looking
for Punjab Singh. It doesn’t matter if
he’s dead or alive. Yes. – See for yourself. I seem to be ordinary.. ..but I spell danger. Jassi! Is that yours?
– Yes, it is. It’s empty! Hey, Lachi! Save me.
– Leave her. Sarkaria! – Leave her. Tell them to drop their weapons. Throw..
– Let her go. What are you looking at?
Throw! Remember I’m a woman!
Forgive me. I fell in these goon’s trap. I’m not that kind of a woman.
I pray daily. – Shut up! Sarkaria, you should’ve
killed me instantly. You know when I beat,.. ..I do it this way. Save me! He’ll kill me. What do we do?
– He won’t go far. Nab him and get him here. Ganja Marasi does what he says. Cheers! Well.. ..Punjab Singh’s story has ended. You’ll see.. we reign all over Punjab. Hereafter, I take over
Kartar boxer’s throne. His business, home and
wealth belong to me. Hey, fools! Don’t dream yet. Until I see that stubborn
dog’s corpse,.. ..I won’t be at peace. Lachi,.. ..his corpse must’ve rotted by now. No. – There won’t be a
corpse for you to see it. Look, brother, even if he survives,.. ..I’ll give him such
a terrible death.. ..that knows no bounds. Okay. Bhola! – Coming. What happened to Punjab? Come here.
Hold him. Lay him down.
– Yes. I’ll get water.
Oh dear, blood! Bhola, shut the door. What happened?
That guy’s bleeding. Bhola! – Coming. Oh my! He’s bleeding profusely. Oh dear! Oh my! God, protect everyone. Any news of Punjab? Yes, I checked with Bhola. Punjab is fine. But a huge war will start tomorrow. I lost one son.. ..fighting the country’s enemies. If he too.. Oh God, have mercy. Have mercy. Why hasn’t that rascal come yet? Here comes the devil. Hello, madam and brother. Yes, any news of him? No, brother. No news. Only his car was recovered. I feel.. ..he has supporters. Madam, we mustn’t leave
an enemy unattended. We’re sitting here.. ..while he might be
planning to kill us. If he’s so quiet,.. Which cave is he hiding in? Cave? O wise ones,.. ..there’s only one cave in this town.. ..where he can hide. Punjab, leave this place.
Everything is over. The police killed all your loyalists. I have enemies in
every lane of Amritsar. Where will I go? Who can evade death? Hey! Get lost. Ganja, nab that rascal. Switch off the lights.
– Try to understand. Sister,.. Why did the lights go off? I think it’s time for cleansing. Punjab, I’m really scared.
– Trust me. You needn’t be scared. Don’t leave the room until I say so. Sister, will we die? People may try to kill but
the saviour is with us. Bhola, take care. If you’re a real man, come out. Why hide inside like a coward? Come out. Come out, Punjab Singh. Nothing will happen…
– Ganja! Sister… Brother, he’s not here. Ganja! Where is your lover Punjab Singh? He’s cleansing. Is he here?
– No. He must be hiding. Look all around.
– Doing that. Look that way. Look. I’ll look behind.
– Checked upstairs? I did. – Go behind. Come quickly.
– I’ll look there. He’s not here. Not here either. I’m dead meat! You know, when I beat,
I do it like this. You’re sure to die now. I know how you beat.
I’m fed up of your dialogues. Come and wrestle me. No more bloodshed. I’ll do anything you say. I’ll get you acquitted. Enough of this bloodshed. Shut up! Useless politicians. You begin to beg at the drop of a hat. I’ll bathe Punjab Singh
in blood in front of you. Watch the drama. Saw that? That’s Punjab Singh. You were scared of him? I made him bite the dust. Stand up. No… No! No! What are you made of? Punjab, let her go. Don’t shoot. Don’t compel me
to act against my will. The government will punish her. Which government? Which government? The one that charges for using
toilets at a bus stand.. ..and for parking outside a gurudwara? You’re talking about the one I
dodged after killing 25 people? Which government? This government is dead and inept. It can do nothing. I’ll do what needs to be done. Don’t shoot. Let her go. What has happened? I told you,.. ..the day I cleanse the filth,.. ..I’ll wipe off myself too. I did. Punjab! Punjab!

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