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[Box Settles on grass] [Rustling plastic sounds] [Music from truck fades in] [Truck shuts off] [Door Slams] Steve: Everything alright over there, Rob? You look like you just saw a killer! Rob: Yea, ev–everything’s fine. Steve: That’s all I could fit in the truck
Rob: Boy, Steve. You’re sure getting ambitious, you gonna carve all those pumpkins with Halloween right around the corner?
Steve: Yup! I’m gonna have these suckers carved and out on the porch by tomorrow. Rob: (Sarcastically) Uh, yeah… Well, you’d better get started. Rob: (Whispering) That guy must be out of his mind. [Creepy laughing sound from TV]
[Rustling plastic sounds] [Door Opens] Vicky: Wow! Steve sure has a lot of jack-o’-lanterns out there! [Dramatic music]
Rob: What, already!? [Plastic lights dropping] [Feet running up stairs]
Rob: (Quietly) Alrighty, Steve. What are you up to over there? [Suspenseful music] [Suspenseful music] [Suspenseful music]
Rob: [Gasps] [Suspenseful Music]
[Feet running down stairs] Rob: Vicky! Vicky! Steve’s killing a guy! Call the cops! Vicky: (Uncaring) Okay, dear.
Rob: You stay here, I’m gonna get a closer look!
Vicky: (Uncaring) Don’t forget your jacket. [Footsteps]
[Rattling metal of fence] [Suspenseful music] [Suspenseful music] [Suspenseful music]
[Drill whirring] Rob: Gasps [Music lightens]
Steve’s wife: Oh! You make such a nice scarecrow! So handsome! Don’t tell my husband I said that.
[Drilling continues] [Drilling continues] Rob: That’s how he’s doing it!
Steve: Hey honey, I’m gonna grab the last batch of pumpkins. We’re gonna have these done in no time.
Steve’s wife: That’s super, dear! Rob: Holy sh—–
Boy dressed as Poop Emoji: Trick or treat! Boy: Hello? Trick or treat. [Party Halloween music in background]
Boy: Mister! Trick or treat! [Party music]
Rob: He pulled it off. Boy: Mister! Trick or treat! [Candy hits boy] [Party music fades in from background]
[Inaudible trick-or-treating sounds] [Party music] [Party music] [Party music] [Barking sound]
[Evil goblin laughter sound] [Organ fades out]

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