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Car accidents Van Accidents And the dude from Terminator 2 wrapped in
duck tape I’m Peter Bielagus and this, is Money In The Movies. Hello and welcome to Money In The Movies,
a show where we review films based on their financial accuracy. Today’s movie is Identity
Thief, directed by Seth Gordon and Starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The film is about stand up family man Jason
Bateman who receives a call from what appears to be his credit card company. The mysterious
woman on the phone says: MELISSA
Unfortunately it appears that someone has attempted to steal your identity. The woman on the phone quickly reassures Jason
Bateman that they did catch it in time. But to prevent such a crime from happening again
the mysterious woman on the phone recommends: MELISSA
I do suggest you taking advantage of our free total protection plan Which safeguards your credit rating against theft and fraud BATEMAN
Yes if it’s free absolutely. So Bateman’s identity ALMOST got stolen but
thankfully it was saved in time. And to ensure this never happens again, he is going to enroll
in the free program. I mean why not, its free. In order to get started on this FREE protection
plan, the mysterious woman ,on the other end of the phone, just needs a few simple things: MELISSA
I’m going to need your … please. BATEMAN
Sure here it comes. What’s going on here is a VERY common yet
VERY effective trick that Identity Criminals use to steal your information. Identity theft occurs when someone else uses
your likeness as their own. In short they pretend to be you. The technique that Melissa McCarthy uses to
get Jason Bateman’s personal information is nicknamed PTA. PTA stands for Panic, Trust,
Ask. Here is how it works. The first thing she did was to get Jason Bateman to panic.
She told him that someone has tried to steal his identity. All of a sudden he freaks out. And that is
the EXACT feeling the criminal wants you to feel. Because if you are panicking, you are
vulnerable. Once she got him there, she moves on to the next stage. Trust. MELISSA
We did catch this in time however. So she’s gotten Jason Bateman to panic, then
she’s instantly established trust by calming him down and saying don’t worry nothing happened,
because WE prevented it. Noooow she goes for the kill. The third and
final part of the scam is to Ask. She says, “I just need to verify some information from
you” And then she asks for his full name, birthdate, and social security number. Jason
Bateman, like far too many people, hands that information right over. There is a different version of PTA, but the
acronym is the same. It stands for Prize, Trust, Ask. So instead of instilling a sense
of panic, the identity criminal will tell you that you have won a prize! A free cruise!
A flat screen TV! And they just need to verify a few pieces of personal information so they
can send you your prize. The simplest thing you can do in a situation
like this just calm down and break their routine. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and say something
to trip THEM up. Say hey I will call you right back on my credit card’s 800 number. Ask for
their first and last name and their employee identification number. While the movie is a silly comedy, identity
theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. While not everything in the film is
100% financially accurate, this particular scene, sadly happens all the time in the real
world. For this scene I am going to give the film 3 out of 3 dollar signs. I’m Peter Bielagus
and this, is Money In The Movies

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