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oh yeah Confederates are entering the city come on let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] it’s a model built in 1860 with a double wall but you it’s a cinch [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] kind of right [Music] please kiss me here my friends are here with the merchandise you got the money first the merchandise all right Joe check the look everything in order sir hey by the way a bunch of traders you must know the old saying in the Bible the right hand never annoying with the left hand do it [Laughter] are you you know I think you’ll have to have a chat with a court martial didn’t realize is against the law for US soldiers to blow up the enemy it’s forbidden to do so for money particularly for a load of munitions stolen from our regiment reinforcements reinforcements to pursue the enemy we need reinforcements we have two regiments of volunteers they’re in training in Texas but we have no guns I know where to find them where in heaven can you possibly get them from Mexico foreign guns in exchange for gold you can go part of the war booty they’re ready to leave in the morning the success of our campaign depends upon that gold Paige Lloyd once those reinforcements are here you can tell our government that as far as this battlefront is concerned the unionists will get a disagreeable surprise load it on the wagon you fellows ready yes major Lloyd they’re loading on the last box now Union gold to serve against the unionists that’s the best way to use war booty major come on man we’re moving off mighty pretty gun do you know how to use it certainly there’s one just like it at the regiment in Richmond what about you soldier have you ever seen a machine gun huh Oh answer me he’s unable to talk he’s mute well rainy captain stone excuse me it’s only a formality sir oh by all means [Music] [Music] major the gold is ours the war is over so the owner of an officer of my best officer has its price what degradation for one of his rank to stoop to play in robbery like a common thief take him to the infirmary that gold is important Logan for the seven cause we must get back the gold [Music] ready huh omnipotent and merciful God perhaps we don’t deserve very much but if you would give us a small sign of your benevolence and hurry oh Lord stop hold it so sting the execution powders of Gerald Sibley he’s al Ramirez called the Mexican but she pasti not so cheap once he left the third light cavalry man on foot still donek unfrocked priest expelled from the ranks of the clergy for unworthy conduct an impulsive type he blew up the house of a member of the congregation for blaspheming in church blasphemy is the voice of Satan Chattanooga Jim so called because of a daring feat robbery of the Chattanooga bank by himself that’s right well actually it’s no great feat you see the bank is very poorly guarded there’s soldiers you’re just common thieves but it’s thieves you can honor reserve the cause of the south you know major Lord you’re edged in sir a brave commander a worthy son of the look dirty croc he stole a wagon full of gold and that gold is precious for the cause of the south you will leave immediately under the command of lieutenant Logan your lives in exchange for that gold plus a reward for Lloyd’s head much but general those three can do a lot more than a regiment they can smell gold a thousand miles away and that’s just what we need and you too lieutenant Logan have an excellent reason for wanting to capture Lloyd my duty as a soldier something more here is a report in which he accused you of being a union spy I’ll catch Lloyd though it cost my life [Music] [Music] err smoke I’ll go senator Haas says these no all right why aren’t you in uniform because we don’t need them you better get rid of yours lieutenant you make a beautiful target hey amigos hey the good horses is much better oh where you going I’m sorry lieutenant I didn’t recognize you let him pass [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] lieutenant which way do we go now oh it’s reasonable to suppose they plan to pass over the Mexican border the fact is boys are for trails for same as a holy evangelist but the poor like us [Music] find anything the lieutenant had better luck than that they went by way the Grand Canyon hmm are you sure these speak clear enough they’re from the machine gun that major Lloyd’s stole there was only one of that type in Sibley’s army I found this on the Cheyenne trail 13th Cavalry the regiment commanded by Lloyd yeah the bullets on one trail and the cap on another [Music] here you are a big fight isn’t it too big maybe I was born on a horse but I never hear of a man who could lose his suddenly escaping it makes no sense to me if you’ll follow me to the Green Valley Trail you’ll find your gold major lloyd and his men Green Valley that that’s the trail still searched and he didn’t find anything that’s right well I like certain women the more you’ll see them the less you’ll notice them [Music] buddy what’s happening the horses are tired we are hungry I think there is a Tavern summer in his path what about Lloyd you can’t eat gold yeah [Music] [Music] yes telling me you make of that come on who did him a big liar ride was here for a few hours after making the horses eat he left last night but it’s already slowed down a bit because by this time the horses are very tired I’ll be done did he tell you that personally no his horse is deep hey I’m getting there’s someone inside maybe something to eat [Music] hiya beautiful do you have anything to read signora Luiza welcomes you to our hospitable Posada he’d need the best enchilada chicken and help yourselves [Music] [Music] the Confederate soldiers stopped here last night si Senor everybody passes this place southerners and northerners and Mexicans this is a very popular place they all want to stop here waving I haven’t said Amen yet this country in the world whose are in winter in your plane [Music] tell that one to quit his Spiritual Exercises I think that it’s time that we moved out of here what’s the rush though it’s only got about half a day’s start and besides he’s got a wagon to pull along with him hey bring me another [Music] [Music] [Music] buenas Dias 10 you hmm I Luisa a drink hey about that beer excuse me that’s my beer you’re drinking don’t shoot don’t shoot come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right the fights over let’s go I didn’t think you had a sense of fair play you wouldn’t expect us to use pistols in front of a lady would you [Music] hey when you’re going let me go let me go he said let him go [Music] on this trailer we’ll get to Douglas in a couple of hours Douglas there’s the finest church in Arizona and there are two regiments of the Confederate infantry Lord wouldn’t risk the other way crosses the mountains until the patchy trail it crosses the pass and goes to Yuma far the ways of the Lord are infinite but Lloyd could have only chosen this way [Music] when a cow cry like that it means that no one has melted and if that is the case then something is wrong Lauren might be around I don’t think so but I think it’s wise to take a look though come on [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] they’re more in there hey come and take a look that the guy was all right to complain like that real fresh miracle this milk is a real pleasure tell me to hell don’t blaspheme you Beast mother isn’t it’s the same upstairs all the men’s clothes have disappeared Hey look at these 13th Cavalry Lloyd’s regiment now we know they’re wearing civilian clothes but why this pointless massacre Lord didn’t want to leave witnesses in still Hut we’re close behind them now the trail goes around the mountain for more than 50 miles and here is glory at the pass the ideal spot for an ambush are you so sure that he will pass there he’s got a pass pulling that big caddy has no choice sir we must cut across the mountain to reach Glorieta pass and we still have time to catch Lloyd with the help of the Lord and the help of our horses take it easy stranger go into the house and now you’ll explain to my father and brothers what you were doing on our farm if I were you I wouldn’t go gone [Music] all right let’s go we’re wasting our time what are we going to do with the girl well why not let her stay no if she goes into Douglas she’ll have the whole Confederate Army after us no it’s not far away [Music] [Music] [Music] they’ll be here any minute you won’t get away with it murderers you won’t get far now that’s enough murderers murderers [Music] [Music] [Music] pure any yeah they’re coming and they will pay for their sins [Laughter] [Music] [Music] this canyon will close like a pack I hope to hell you’re right there they are they’re coming [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] Father in heaven sinners should be punished you’ve got to help us now Lord [Music] you’ve gotten yourselves into trap it’s impossible to dislodge them up there sergeant [Music] we’ll never get out actually spending time in the top of that reach all right what happened the girl got away and caused a slight complication thank you can buy the one who gets out of here first takes the wagon in the goes best way to attack is to get him from behind you block the canyon for us we three blocks on the other side hey there wait keep turning keep chilly you haven’t caught ah those men down there massacred your family if you want to live better start firing girl wait a little while – it’s dark then we’ll try to get away don’t feel much better when we get to that wagon Brent [Music] from the looks of it the wacom has changed hands I wonder who was faster than us and got here sooner the catalyst arrows [Music] get away [Music] I don’t like lying [Music] now let’s go to mama me the matter Sita your sons are become rich it’s all gold pure gold the Virgin of the madruga protects us and tonight we will all celebrate [Music] ‘we know [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the house of the careless errors well I’m very happy with all the goalie still they got a lot to celebrate how many are there all together once they were like an army no at all [Music] [Music] there’s still a lot of them yeah right that machine gun cuts down our odds [Music] they’re changing guards then the goal is kept in there I can smell it already [Music] beg your pardon no no don’t waste it Oh always to pay me kind of heading ahead and no one wants to now we play and my mango you know we need [Music] [Music] I win you’re the best son we found the gold all right now the problem is how to get it out of here get him up don t move or you’re a dead fuck where’s major we needed someone who would carry away the gold forest at last we meet again and the gold with you it’s a double pleasure I think the good Lord wanted to satisfy both of these pleasures but now you shut up and I don’t want any funny business Mexicans are all around and this gun is noisy hey Pedro here’s something I think the noises came from over there looks like he’s dead he only had too much to drink if he drinks like that he’s not going to last very long everything is alright [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] the gold [Music] [Music] [Music] let me seen gun bring it here quick [Music] [Music] dock the horses before they get away [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Romero Romero Romero the gold is still there chased after those time three goes kill every single one of them I want to see their dead bodies Romero Romero I catch a prisoner he’s still alive what’s the matter with you you should be with your brothers yes you don’t want to die yet wait wait [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] stop drop your pistol now get down [Applause] [Music] [Music] those Gringo’s come back here alive this will take care of them and the alert and eyes open why are you alone where are our brothers I don’t know primero they disappeared I only found their horses [Music] where are those Americanos how many are they what plane do they handle TR Gold answer if you don’t want to talk I’ll make you talk it’s useless we’ll never get that gold back now but we’ve got to take some kind of action there too many and the possibility of taking them by surprise is gone I’d like to get a hold of those three come on don’t shoot we’ve got the gold we won’t shoot come on but don’t make any false move boys all right first drop your guns [Music] where’s the gold where is it gold we share on a fifty-fifty basis alright so where is the gold here it is two dead men what joke is that come now major lloyd have a little respect for the dead belonging to an honorable family especially when they lead us to the gold you have a plan and why don’t you do it yourself well uh well you see we’ll need some help to carry it out it’s quite hit robbing the we’re pretty tired yeah it’s very tired [Music] [Music] [Music] primero I do not see your brothers why are they not here [Music] they are out on walks [Music] least you could do is give us a hand stead of just sitting there slave away don’t worry about us friend huh slave away and God repaid you didn’t drink you’re not thirsty oh no wonder the water is hot here this is nice and cool [Music] don’t you want to drink it’s nice cold water [Music] open it where are those greedo’s LD tell me have you lost your tongue [Music] no one will ask you to speak after this my son we are gonna die murderuss those green doors murderers listen to me wait those Gringo’s get he’ll shoot but don’t kill them they will die but they will die with my gun wake up wake up you bitch is that the way you watch I want nobody to sleep you hear me don’t want my sleep this is no time to drink what are you doing here you should be on guard don’t do oh and stand watch come on wait up you animal grab your guns and salt you hear me so shouldn’t anything that moves even a shadow anything that’s better find him alright that’s it inside give me that catchy yeah see got no make it short now raises hit yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my son [Music] [Laughter] this is extra weight dead men can come in handy [Music] I wonder what he wants glad to see you again lieutenant how did you make out with the girl huh you might have saved yourself a trip sir we were just starting her head behind piece of work boys my compliments for carrying out your mission so brilliantly almost as if you’ve done the job for your own personal gain but don’t think you can sneak away drop your belts did you hear that lieutenant boys why we got rid of Lloyd and his men we destroy the Panda Mexicans and the lieutenant thinks we’re gonna be scared and make sure you don’t make a false move look why don’t you just pack your pistol and get back to camp it isn’t very healthy to be around here yeah I’m going back and I’m going with a goal I’ve sent the girl for reinforcements there’s no way out [Music] Wow the girls made a mistake I’m sorry for you sir but you go the Union is assure I have a problem lieutenant Logan the girl didn’t make a mistake captain Richardson at your orders sir I’m glad to see you’re with us again that’s enough but is narrow sir just think a moment I’ll be here for rather long time it’s better to lose little time and make it more comfortable I said that’s enough can’t whatever you say brother but the least you can do is to have some respect for dying man’s wishes firing squad stand ready lieutenant I mean captain man if an old tired soldier has a last smoke all right but make it quick I would like to say a few words for these poor sinners merciful Lord you are so much more just than us mortals we beg you we beg you Oh Lord I’m afraid there’s not much time for that oh there have mercy on their souls Oh Lord Thanks down give me a hat [Music] [Music] our only change is to knock out that guns continue the collection [Music] [Music] hurry up only got two shots left I must’ve finished their munitions come on [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Mexico’s waiting for us come on oh darn it let me see Lloyd is dead Logan was blown up they got his errors I rest in peace I wonder if how brave general is joining our company jet all right boys that’s it we’re gonna take that goal to the Mexican border but you’ll have no part in it all right get down you’ll carried out your task well man and that miserable spy Logan is paid dearly for his treachery you knew all the time general how to make sure I put him with you man to double check I’m revoking the death penalty according to my word I’ve kept my promise and you are free to go provided you’ll never show up around these parts again and price unalloyed all right let’s go yes price on Lord’s head spawns three horses farm yes sir there one there to get out of the states in 24 hours if any of these men have across my path I’ll make sure they face the firing squad gentlemen why you laugh [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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  1. Cut to fit, otherwise, a good helping of spaghetti bolognaise to round of an evening of good old shoot-em-up westerns, thanks for the upload …

  2. O Bom Western c/ as Pegadas do Sucesso .
    Excelente Postagem Amigo do canal Grjngo – Western Movies .

  3. ⛲ two best westerns ever
    💥 1.) The Unforgiven – Burt Lancaster
    Audry Hepburn
    💥 2.) Magnificent Seven – you know
    Oh my gosh – kooky burns. the hair.

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