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(bell rings)
(water splashes) (thunder crackles) [Ryu] My name is Ryu, and this is not the world I know. I’ve been brought here against my will. Now I’m being hunted by powerful warriors
known as Power Rangers. [Tommy] Ryu, you’ve
been brought here to die. It doesn’t matter where I am. No one’s dying tonight. (Tommy laughs) [Tommy] Let’s find out. (both grunt) (energy crackles) [Ryu] Hadoken! [Jen] Nice move! But mine was better. [Chun-Li] Hey Pinky! (both grunt) Are you alright? Good timing. Who are these guys? Why are they targeting us? (thunder crackles) Uh oh. We’re in trouble. Stay focused. (energy crackles) (bells ring) Where are we now? What just happened? Who is that? That’s Ninjor. (both grunt) Stop! I’m not your enemy! What’s going on here? Does the name M. Bison
mean anything to you? What do you mean? I destroyed him. Not exactly. An evil sorceress has revived him and given him even more power. Her name is Rita Repulsa. (laughs) Rita Repulsa? ‘Kinda name is that? What kinda name is M. Bison? What are they planning? Rita wants to fully
corrupt the Morphin Grid, and rule both our dimensions. She’s been creating
evil rangers to fight us. With Bison’s power,
they’ll be unstoppable. Then we have to defeat Bison. For good this time. And Rita, but first, we gotta save Ninjor. Ninjor’s the statue guy, right? He created the Power Coins. We were able to track
his energy signature back to Bison’s lair. But we can’t defeat him alone. We need you. What’s this? A Power Coin. Sadly, Ninjor only
created one Power Coin before he was kidnapped. Can you handle the power? We’re in. (tense music) Brave, but foolish. (fire crackles) Ninjor! What have they done to you? [Ninjor] It doesn’t matter
what they’ve done to me. We don’t have much time. Where is Bison?
Behind you! (both yell) (upbeat rock music) (fighters grunt) Ryu, Ryu, Ryu. Tell me, how do you expect to beat me now? Now that I have more power? You’re not the only one with more power. It’s morphin’ time! Dragonzord! Go go Megaforce! Crimson Hawk! [Tommy] Now that we have the Ryu Ranger, let’s settle this. (Bison grunts) (fighters grunt) [Ryu] Shoryuken! [Tommy] Everyone, together! [Gia] Super Mega Mode! (rangers yell) [Ryu] Hadoken! [Bison] No! [Ryu] Bison’s finished. [Chun-Li] Yeah, that
last hit really did it. I like your new armor. Thanks. Ninjor gave me an upgrade. Good job. It was an honor to fight by your side. Definitely prefer you
rangers more as allies, than adversaries. You think that you’ve beaten me? Rita has given me an army that will never be defeated! (evil rangers yell) Ready for round two? Always. Attack! (rangers yell) (“Power Rangers theme”)

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  2. Nossa!! Q massa eu já joguei esse jogo do power rangers legacy wars é mt bom 👏👏😳

  3. Can we have it so that Mortal Kombat comes into the franchise next so that we can see Johnny Cage or Lui Kang become a Power Ranger? I reckon that would be so cool

  4. The ryun ranger hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….. ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaajahahaah

  5. Q basura una falta de respeto a ryu 🤦‍♂️ como se va hacer power ranger 🤦‍♂️se fueron al carajo

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