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Krithika, wake up. It’s getting late for work. Let me turn off the fan now. Hey, Krithika. Wake up. Get ready fast. It is getting late. Ouch! Hey, you got up already? Ouch! Here, take your coffee. Ma, there is no sugar at all in it! I can’t help it. I told your father yesterday itself to buy sugar. He didn’t. I can’t drink this. Let me buy sugar myself. It’s is nothing urgent. I will buy it after finishing some chores in the kitchen. You get ready to office. I’m going. Tell me if you need anything else. I’m also coming then. Ok, then. Buy one kg urad dal, ¼ kg tea dust, 1 kg yellow lentil, curry leaves bunch… Enough. You are hurting me while combing the hair… This is enough for now. If I need more, I will get them later. Take it! You shall go, get these things. Where are you up to in the morning itself? To the store. Let me go and get things.. It’s okay. We will be right back. Come on… Get the items… Where are you going? I will be right back. What do you want me to buy? Coconut, urad dal, Tea dust and sugar… Alright.. Concentrate on your plate.. You know Thiruvadurai’s son Babu? His family is looking for marriage alliance for him. I have made enquiries about the guy and I have only heard good about him. Do you want to take a look at his picture, Kirthi? Let us first settle the loan we have on constructing this house. These things can happen later. Don’t you worry about that, dear. I have an extra income from the sentry job in the evening. The house loan is my responsibility. This seems to be a very good alliance. We shouldn’t lose it. What do you say, dear? We can’t jump into conclusions about the boy. Initially, every one puts on a good face. Only later will we come to know what they are truly capable of. Let’s us eat, please. Kirthi, what happened? Why did you vomit? Then what? You served yesterday’s chutney. I made chutney from the coconut you just brought. Does it mean you bought a spoiled one? I have no time to talk about all that now. Let’s see it in the evening. Careful, dear! Okay. You are here? Wait i am coming to you. Hey.. Hey Kirthi, What happened ? Marry me, immediately. What happened now? I told you we will marry in about two years.. Then you should have thought about getting physical with me before marriage. Why do you have to make a fuss about it now? Talk to my family about our marriage before they find it out. Come now. Come on. What are you standing still? Come with me now. Hey, Kirthi. Hold on.. Come on… Kirthi.. Kirthi, listen to me.. I can’t talk about our marriage to my family for next two years. I have an unmarried sister.. What should I do now? I have already warned you about this several times. Look at me now.. Listen to me for a minute. . Let’s be patient please.. I can be patient. How about the child inside? You forced me into a physical relationship. Are you trying to get away now? Nothing of that sort. Please trust me. I never said I won’t marry you. You are the only love of my life. But please understand the situation I’m in.. You better understand the situation you have put me through. Listen. Let’s abort it.. That’s the only way out. How? Let’s find a way out. oh god! please save me! Are you married? Why do you both throw the guilty look? I simply asked if you are married or not. No. Give me your dad’s number. Please don’t call him. Do you have any siblings? Yes, I’m the eldest. How dare you spoil her life and stand still like an innocent? Doctor, I want to abort this now. I have no time to talk about whose mistake is this now. You are coming for his defence even after everything? Not like that.. I want your parents here. That’s the norm of this hospital. Go bring them here. They will take their lives if they come to know of this, doctor. You should have thought about it before getting pregnant. Why you never think during that time and standing here to kill a life? You both are nothing but murderers.. Doctor, you are talking too much.. We didn’t do anything to harm anyone. How dare you call this a murder? Oh really? Won’t you call it murder for a seven year old child? Even if you abort the fetus inside womb, it is nothing but murder. Aren’t you both shameless to take the life of a small and innocent child before even it is born? Doctor, we are really helpless here.. Please help me, doctor. I have to think about the consequences to my family.. Please help. Get lost. I will call the police. Tell him that Marakkanam Moorthy has recommended. He will do a neat job. What do you say? It’s already delayed. It will be very critical if I delay any further. We can’t do anything else now. Let’s go to a hospital in a different city. Again? i don’t want it.. I’m scared. I have spoken to a broker already. We will not face problems like before. Where? After Marakkanam. I have already informed you about this. Get some excuse from your family and get out asap. OK? Hey, Kirthi.. You there? Where is your salary for the month? You get salary only once in a month. I already paid you last week. Ah yes.. I totally forgot. What happened to you? I bought centella tablets for your better memory only last week. What are you doing with that? I have only asked for money to buy her books.. I will arrange for it.. Appa, I have training at office. Have to go to Bangalore for that. When, dear? This week. Just for two days. Impossible. You cannot stay overnight at some place outside the house. Tell them no strictly. I cannot say no. Appa, if I don’t go now, I won’t be considered for promotion or increment. It is only two days. Please say yes. Go ahead, dear. Listen. You are the one to give her the nod now. Do not hold me responsible if things go haywire in future. Why do you always have to nitpick at her? Let her be free. Well, it’s in between you both. Do not blame me at all. Hello, doctor. Hello, have a seat. Who has sent you here? Marakkanam Moorthy, doctor. Oh!! His broker commission itself is 25% of the charges. Well, how many months now? End of first trimester.. Did you take scan? Not yet, doctor. Alright. Get an ultra-scan done first. Only then can we see if the fetus is formed inside the uterus or outside of it. Only based on the results can I suggest.. the best way to abort the child, okay? Well, The baby has formed inside the uterus. There is no possibility for abortion just through medicines. Surgical abortion is the only way out. Have you heard of manual aspiration procedure? You have to get yourself admitted for two days in the ward. You have to take complete rest tonight. Tomorrow we will begin the necessary procedures. (The doctor talking about medical procedures in the background indistinctly) Give it here.. Please go to that counter. Okay. Let’s go. (Crying in pain) Amma!! Are you going to kill me? What have I done wrong? Why do you want to kill me? I was conceived inside you because I wanted to live with you. Why do you want to kill me, Amma? I want to be with you always. Please do not kill me. Did I ask you to give me life? Please answer me. Will I die? 7 years later Amma!

100 thoughts on “POSITIVE – An International Tamil Short Film (18+) | Winner of 3 Awards | Bangkok Film Festival 2019


  2. Samugathin sothanai….. Pavam.. Pengal…. Intha society ya la yeana Yeana Kastatha kuduka mudiumo kudukuraga

  3. காதல் என்ற பெயரில் காயவர்களின் வாஞ்சாக செயல் சமுக சிர்கேடு 😡😠😠😠😠😠

  4. தமிழ் குறும்படங்களுக்கு தமிழில் பெயர்கள் விமர்சனங்கள் எழுதலாமே திறமையான மக்களை கொண்ட உலகின் முதல் மொழி தன் மண்ணிலே வீழ்ந்து வருகிறது எழுத்துக்களை அலட்சியபடுத்துவது நம் தாய்மொழி அழிவுக்கு முதல் படி இளைஞர்களே உங்கள் தாய் மீது தாய் மொழி மீது கருணை காட்டுங்கள் தமிழில் எழுதி படித்து உயிர்ப்புடன் வைத்து இருக்கவும்

  5. Yennoda life laium Ethu maari tha nadanthathu but Naaga merage pannitto Yenakku ponnu 8 month aaguthu na tablet sapttu yethu aagala ponnu poranthuta yenna maariye erukka

  6. I think that the moral of the story is : Say no to abortion… Good..

    I appreciate the team and their efforts for this message. Keep doing. All the best for your future..


  7. Simply superb bro nice right slap for all young men n women just think u go for physical relationship for ur pleasure don't kill innocent blood. Let's stand against abortion no matter commits it

  8. Marvelous Tamil short film. Girls when you go out with your boyfriend. Please do not go to the lodge or anywhere and if you do this what happened. Some girls have younger sister. Brother have sisters too. Thank God that this girl in this short film do not do abortion. Her boyfriend make a mistake. It's not good. Not good at all. Girls and boys. Man and woman. Please think about your family . Please think and then if you want to do it go ahead otherwise say no!!! Ok? Simple
    In India boys throw acid bottle. So, please be careful and be safe girls ok? From Montreal Quebec Canada MOGALA 👍 👌😉 👏

  9. Sari story lame k apo Anitha hero enna Anaru.. Girls tha ipdi irrukanuma.. Pasanga enjoyment LA Mattum tha ponnungaloda irrupangala

  10. Climax is not all about practical… Wat happened to that man who gave birth to this child …. Kadupa iruku

  11. Be aware before doing like this… love is not simply having sex..That give 5 mnts ecstasy only but it give more pain on respective surroundings… aanmai thavarel ♂

  12. 1. What happen to her parents?
    2. Where did that motta thalayan gone?
    3. 1 year later yepedi baby iveloh perusa aagi school ku ponuchu??

  13. Practically possible… Society will accept the bravery… Hereafter men and women plz don't show the society/situation as the reason for given life by God to u…. Stand still and make it possible…

    Sincerely and proudly saying that m a child of a father who worried about society than his love and left me for another woman with mother who is no morr…. I love my mom ❣️

  14. ஆண் தனக்கு தங்கை இருக்கு குடும்ப சூழ்நிலைனு சொல்லிரிங்க காதலிக்கும் பெண்ணும் உன் குடும்பத்தில் ஒருத்தி தான்.

  15. Her decision is correct yappa karukalaithalum parava illanu orutha unmaiya solla mattagano ava ava kanmunnadi gang rape pannalum kaddukuda matta but child amma illana thudichirum

  16. Kaduvule enaku matum edhuku baby kudukkave matra….naaa enna pavam pannen…marriage aagi 2 yrs achu

  17. illathavargalakku than teriyum karpam arumai perumaiyum… I want to experience the feeling so badly…😢😢😢

  18. Saniyanga kulandhaingalukaga nanga padura padu engaluku than theriyum… Ithu mathiri urukulla nooru per thiriyuthunga

  19. Kulanthayoda pinju Viral scan la theriyuratha pakara happiness varathaa nu ethanayo peru yenguhirom…. Ivargaluku antha arumai theriyala…. 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  20. Ñice short film
    Yaarum tappu seiyaatheenga adukkapparam Ada sariseiya nammalala mattumillai yaaralaiyum Ada eedu katta mudiyaadu
    Think and do
    All is well

  21. Really nice msg sex is a just a part of life but atha control panna u can lead a good life atha control panna la na eppadi Matu Ila irru ka pala disses varu .so take care of your Virginie.

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