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Welcome to Cafe Bahar sir! Today 1+1 offer on everything Anything? Exactly, Should I repeat? Relax uff.. If I would have known earlier …might have ordered Dinner everyday Not about you, but for offer sake! Dude…started your gig? She just joined, yesterday! Your Pongal will be ready in 5 min Pongal? I hate that dish. Hello Moonlight… what do you think of Pongal? …like an anxious bride at wedding! ..add ghee, few mustard seeds, spices ..sprinkle coriander. …Like a wedding locket, add cashew …decorate nicely in a plate …resembles the bride entering wedding carol …the spices glitter like sadness on her ..face fearing departing from parents …while hiding anger on would-be husband …like naive bridge in in-laws home …and more to it…pulses? you are driving me hungry Not over yet! Listen…Pongal, Kichidi…pulagam …various names across …India. A true diversity representation …uniting nation on single recipe Such a powerful thing – is Pongal. I don’t care if you don’t eat. But stop undermining it here. Got it. I know you like Pongal Didn’t expect this much history behind it I will start eating it with…respect! There you go! …tasteless girls …powerless boys ..and low-spice pongal, are useless. So.. if you add little pickle to it Your taste buds will sing and dance. Got it Pongal…? Did you see that? If you go with Pongal Your hotel profits jump ten fold. I feel like eating Pongal. right now Will you give company? Sorry. My girl friend is on the way Lets catch up next time. Before you get your order. Have some tea Be careful. Its hot. I know the “heat of Glass”, Suresh! This is the “hot topic” in AP elections today This heat for sure eradicate dirt in society You don’t have to stare at me. …nothing wrong in grabbing empty chair ..opposite to a young lady, my guru said once Your lost looks and busy phone in hand and whatsapp on display means… waiting for someone Listen Earth revolves around Sun, and Moon around Earth And poets like me, behind moon. Its all science If girls follow boys, its nonsense. Moonlight should accompany moon. That is Nature. Your guy missing moonlight, seems stupid Listen Girl shouldn’t be like Jubli or Banjara Hills Everyone wants to pay a visit Should be like Everest or Mt. Rainier Should be challenging to venture I am telling after doing abundant research and clarity Stop waiting for that guy And show him his place. crazy fellow…! Have coffee 1+1 offer. Free anyway If your guy spots me here or my girl catches us like this, big trouble. Enjoy the coffee Pavan!!! What the heck you did? Me? Driking coffee is a crime? Stop kidding. Why are you messing with that girl? You played this trick before, with me you ridiculed my ex-boy friend You are cheating me now. That’s it? Will you let me speak? Dude. I got video proof of you talking to her Stop playing tricks Thanks Deepa. Well done. oh Boy!!! setting me up? wait a minute Bhoomi. I haven’t changed my word No girl should wait for losers. Craziness. One guy marry in TV show Another guy marry for fun in TV show Remember Goddess Sita, and girls of those times …look now girls barging into TV shows .. to marry idiots You liked me, and you said ‘I am your life’. Now you say ‘I am taking your life?’ No. Listen! Words of anger doesn’t make any sense Moreover, accompanied by losers with proofs. Go home and eat this pongal. Pongal is hot, will help bring your hotheadedness down. Think calmly and call me back. Stay put now Acting smart, Dude? …when pongal is hot ..taste peaks Just like me. My smartness increases when I get crazy Bhoomi is going to call me for sure, in any minute. You should pay attention to… your spy friend, Deepa. Same Deepa Just sent me FB request I just accepted it. Ok for you, right? You played for Ex and lost existing girl friend too. Better go home …what you expect and what you are destined …reversed in a jiffy! hmm…pongal. Time to eat! Come on! Sorry to keep you waiting! Buddy! have a seat. How are things? what are you staring at? Grabbing an empty seat opposite a handsome guy is nothing wrong…according to a guy few minutes ago. right? I heard your extempore on Pongal and Marriage re-mix I was the one, who ordered Pongal earlier. I thought you did research on just Pongal. Seems you have done on lot more subjects umm… Can I learn from you? By the way, My name is Suma. Yours? his name itself is a “BRAND” No need to spell it. Even a kid makes out, by putting hand on neck. P a v a n K a l y a n ??? Suresh, don’t you think Pongal turned out spicy hot?


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