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C’mon, run! There are still
a few rounds to complete. C’mon, everyone. Continue! 1. 2. C’mon, hurry up! Fast! Hurry up! Not like girls! Fast! Put your feet down. Hurry up! You have to do it in 8 seconds. (Drums playing)
– Child! How are you? I am very well, mom. (Drums playing)
– Why are you panting? I was running, that’s why. (Drums playing)
– He’s running. (Drums playing)
– Why are you running, dear? Mom, one has to do
that during the training. (Drums playing)
– I am very displeased with you, dear. Are you running.. I mean
are you listening to me? (Laughs) You haven’t written a
letter to me this week. Don’t you have time
to write a few lines? Mom, I’ll go and write
you a letter right now. Let’s find a good girl for
him and get him married. We’ll at least have a
daughter-in-law in the house. Not a bad idea. But our son
might have already found one. I know my son well. He can’t fall in love with a girl. (Scoffs) But a girl can fall in love
with him. (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing)
– What happened? The tyre’s stuck in there. What’s this?
– What? Couldn’t you see such a big car? Couldn’t you see such a tall man? O my God! I’ve been losing the
race since the last 2 years. This time I left everyone behind.
I had bright chances. But this time I’ll lose
again because of you guys. Look, we didn’t know that..
– Shut up! Why are you riding bicycles
in the middle of the road? Look, this is a government road. Man, car, cycle, donkey,
any thing and anyone can walk on it. (Tires squealing) (Gasps) (Crying) (Crying) Don’t cry. I’ll try and do something. C’mon guys! Move! (Car engine starts) How will the car get out of the pit?
Take off your luggage. Hey, she’s not luggage,
she’s my friend, Nikki. Nikki, Pikki, Shikki,
whoever she is, get her down. Don’t you want to win the race?
– Get down. Yes! C’mon! (Car engine starts) (Tires squealing) (Tires screeching) (Tires squealing)
– We’ve lost it now. (Crying) Nikki!
– Shut up! Keep quiet. (Tires squealing) Please come! – What’s the use now?
Everything is finished. I’ve lost the race.
Everyone is ahead of me. It’ has happened because of you guys. So you want to win this race, right?
– Yes. (Jeep clunks)
– O my God! (Screams)
– (Jeep clunks) (Jeep clunks)
– O my God! (Tires squealing) What are you doing? (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) Watch out! O my God! (Tires squealing)
– (Horn blares) (Brake squeal) Congrats. Now you’ve won the race,
the others are behind. You can go. Vijay!
– Roma! Okay. I see. Why are you waiting here?
Go or you’ll lose the race. Go! (Chuckles) (Chuckles) What do I tell you, Ritu? This race has created
uproar in my life. Something confusing
has happened with me. (Chuckles) I can’t forget his face. I don’t understand what magic he has cast on me by the first meeting. “O my sweetheart,
you signaled to me.” “O my sweetheart, you
signaled to me at first sight.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” (Music) “You had suddenly touched me.” “I can’t explain what I felt.” “I felt a band of colors around me.” “I was feeling dizzy.” “I was feeling dizzy.” “There was a longing.
My life changed.” “There was a longing.
My life changed at the first sight.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” (Music) “You’re so pretty.
You’re so youthful.” “I have no words to describe you.” “You can make anyone
fall in love with you.” “Where did you learn this magic?” “Where did you learn this magic?” “You smiled, O sweetheart.” “You smiled, O sweetheart,
at the first sight.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “O my sweetheart,
you signaled to me.” “O my sweetheart, you signaled to me.
– At first sight.” “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” (Music) Stop these games now.
– (Yawns) Mr. Pandey has arrived from Delhi. Will he be on the rounds
if he’s come from Delhi? He must be tired by the trip.
He’ll rest for a while. Give me the rest of the cards. Sir, we were..
– Which game were you playing? Well.. Dehla Pakad. Nice game! I used to play it a lot. No one could beat me at that.
Sit down. (Cards shuffling) Sit down. There was a time when I had
a good hold over the cards. I’m playing after a long time today. (Cards shuffling) Ok, tell me, how many
aces are there in a pack? (Cards shuffling) Devang!
– There are four aces, sir. No, there’s a fifth one, too. (Cards shuffling) Why do you all look at me like that?
There is a fifth ace. Right, Nilesh? (Cards shuffling)
– Sir! I’ll show you the 5th ace. You all look very confused. Thinking where I shall
get the 5th ace, right? But you don’t need to be so tensed. I can’t show you the 5th ace, because there’s no 5th ace
in the pack. You knew that well, yet, why didn’t you
try to oppose me? Whoever is standing opposite you,
whatever post he might hold, if he’s saying something wrong,
it is wrong. Have the courage to speak
the truth with confidence. Detach yourselves from
this pleasures and pastimes. The decisions of life are made at the point where
you are standing now. I will not tolerate any thing that might be against
the discipline from now on. Concentrate your hearts and
minds fully on the training. Do you get that?
– Sir! All bloody jokers! Come on!
– (Tires squealing) Come on! Hurry up! C’mon, move! Hurry up! 6 seconds more. C’mon! Hurry up! Can’t you jump over hurdles!? (Gunshot) (Projector slide change clicks) (Projector slide change clicks) (Gunshots) (Gun cocking)
(Gunshot) You all are going to Mumbai. To provide security
covers during the elections. You’ve to assist your
senior officers in this regard. It’s well-known now
that violent incidents take place during every election. So some special arrangements
are made for the security. Our aim is to get the
antisocial forces under control and to protect the lives
and property of the laymen. You will be assigned jobs from
the senior officers every day. You are to finish those
jobs as per their orders. There might arise situations
where you’ll be given weapons. You will be informed
clearly when, where and under which situations
you are to use them. Yes, I’ll also be appointed
there as an additional officer. I’ll be joining you
there within a few days. I know you will miss
this academy and I’ll miss you all. You all bloody jokers! (Bell rings) (Bell rings) – Mr. Pandey must have told
you why you’ve been sent here. Your job will be to
understand the duty officers and follow their orders. Your seniors know the
rules and regulations of the department better,
they’re experienced. So you are to accept their orders
without any doubts or questions. You will never give a thought to what you wish or think
while you’re on training. You’ll be having around
20 days’ training here. Meanwhile, if by mistake
someone does something that is against the discipline he will be responsible for his loss. You’re to report at headquarter
at 9 o’clock. When? At nine!
– Nine! I see! So you’re from Devlali?
– Yes. I am also related to Devlali. The rice mill in
Nandgaon is that of my cousin. Be ready, you’ll get a good
scolding from me from now on. I’m not only your senior,
but also your relative. All right. Thank you! Vijay!? How come you’re here,
in Mumbai? I never thought you’d be here. Look, you seem to be mistaken.
My name’s not Vijay. I am Anil. Anil Sinha! (Laughs) Don’t joke!
You don’t know how much I.. I am not Vijay.
– Vijay! Enough of this joke, Vijay.
People are watching us. Of course they’ll watch!
You’re talking nonsense. You’re calling me
Vijay when I am Anil Sinha. I don’t know you.
I’ve never met you. – Shut up! You met me in Nasik. I was in a car race and
your cycle bumped into my car. You helped me win the race. You were at the police
training camp there. Police training camp?
I am a cashier at the State Bank. I’ve been working there for 4 years.
– (Phone rings) Looks like you’re mistaken.
– (Phone rings) (Phone rings)
– Perhaps Vijay looks like me. (Phone rings) – There’s a call for you.
– Excuse me. Yes, it’s Anil here. Deposit the draft.
Ok, I’ll talk to the manager. Ok! Fine. I am sorry. You are Anil. Anil Sinha, I’m sorry. Did you win the race that day?
You must have got a medal. A gold medal. Good. Roma! Listen!
I was just kidding. Roma! “You will love me eventually.” “You will love me eventually.” “You will agree to me eventually.” “You will love me.
You will agree to me.” “You will confess to me eventually.” “You will love me eventually.” “You will know me.
You will understand me.” “You’ll be impressed
by me eventually.” “You’ll be impressed
by me eventually.” (Music) “Darling, give me a place in
your heart. I’m crazy about you.” “My dear, come closer to me.
This world cannot harm us.” “My disregard says
that your love is false.” “You will love me.
You will agree to me.” “You will confess to me eventually.” “You will know me eventually.” (Music) “Your eyes are pretty.
Your face is pink.” “Heavens! What beauty!” “If your beauty is like ember,
I’d like to burn my heart.” “I won’t believe you.
I won’t come with you.” “You will look into my eyes.
You will agree to me.” “You will confess to me eventually.” “You will love me eventually.” “Eventually! Eventually!” “Eventually. Eventually.” “Eventually. Eventually.” (Brakes squeal) Get him out!
– C’mon, get out! Why are you pushing?
– Get going! – What’s this behavior? C’mon, move.
– Don’t touch me! How come you prefer rum? Kept sitting for 3 hours,
got bored at last. I was attending a wedding.
Give me a cigarette. What’s the problem? I want you for a task, Saxena. I hear that you’re holding
back the NOC for the project that Khanna Builders
want to make in Kapaswadi. I’ve got the documents here. Sign them! Great, Dadabhai! You had forecast
a protest by the poor people living on that
land of Kapaswadi. You had fasted saying that they
should get concrete houses there. To the extent that
your men had raided and broken the
office of Khanna Builders. Now you’re speaking on
behalf of Khanna Builders!? You want me to sign and make
those poor people homeless? Very good! I liked it, Saxena. I’ll get you a Padmashree award.
For your honesty. You’re very honest, aren’t you?
(Laughs) Let’s see how far your honesty goes. I know how to set you people right. Bring the gift. Where is my son?
What did you do to him? Where is he? He’s alive. You want to see him alive,
don’t you? Dadabhai, this is not fair.
What wrong have I done to you? Shut up! I don’t have time to waste. Do you want your child?
Do you want him alive? Or I’ll give you his pieces. You can
hang them on your nails of honesty. (Crying) C’mon sign! My work is held up. Sign it! Mr. Desai!
– Welcome, Dadabhai. You’ve changed the office completely. Looks like you’ve renovated it.
– Yes, a little. Here! The job is accurate.
– I always do an accurate job. Otherwise I don’t take it up. (Laughs) Here, Dadabhai. Its 5 lakh rupees. You can get it counted. What do you mean get it counted? Is this a deal?
Is there a business between us? Yet it’s a matter of money. Am I a broker or what?
What do you think of me to be? You asked me something out
of friendship, and I did it. I’m taking the money as I need it. The relationship of give
and take is over between us. If someday, I need 3- 4 lakhs
more is it necessary that you’d give me the money
only if I do some job for you? Right, Mr. Desai?
– No its ok, Dada. Nandi! Just support me in this election. I will defeat Ratan Sethi so badly that there will be only
smoke left in his life. I’ll drain his life of color. (Chuckles) Sir, this is a Lantena. It blooms throughout the
year except during the monsoon. Please, come further. This is Double Bougean Villa.
It flowers throughout the year. Splendid! Such a lovely
harmony of colors! Sir, this is Masanta.
It blooms 3 times a year. Really, God’s creation
is fantastic. It’s great. This is Pinotia, sir.
– No. No, young man, this is not Pinotia.
This is Pointsitia. It has a nickname, too.
It’s called a fireball. When it’s fully bloomed,
it looks like a ball of fire. It is presented on Christmas. So it’s also called Christmas flower. Why are you all silent? Am I wrong? No, sir, you are right. We placed the wrong label. (Chuckles) It’s beautiful. Fireball! I liked the campaign planning.
I’ve approved it. But the party will not
approve this budget. What are our personal arrangements? Sir, we haven’t received a clear
answer from Khatri and Gulati. They haven’t fulfilled their
promise for the training camp either. They were absent from the last
two meetings, too, Mr. Sethi. Seeing them Shah and Kapadia
are also planning something. You are too rash. They are staking their money on us. You see, when a person
invests money in a business he is worried about
the safety of that money. Call them at our Madh Island
bungalow today. I’ll talk to them. Mr. Sethi, this
election is no more the same. The torture of Dadabhai has
changed the environment of the city. Mr. Patel is right. Many of our supporters
have sided with Dadabhai now. Yes, I’ve heard that. But you don’t need to worry so much. If we lose this election, Mr. Sethi,
all of us will be ruined. I say, we should find some
solution to Dadabhai’s hooliganism. What do I say now? You are talking as if I were
doing this for the first time. I understand the sync of
elections and weapons. Baburao!
– Yes? Check whether Kuttibaba
has returned from Hyderabad. I follow a simple rule! No cheating in the deal,
no doubt in the work. What I want should be done. The spot, time and type of murder. By type I mean, blind murder,
no one will see it. Show murder, in front of the public. It’ll be done as you want. As far as the charges are concerned,
Rs.1 lakh per person. I’ll handle the police
issues that crop up. Masood handles my money. You shouldn’t send the same person to deliver the money twice. But only this man of
mine will deal with you. I want the information of the job we are to do, 48 hours in advance. That is 2 days. I will select the place and
time where I want the money. Now talk to Mr. Shetty. I want an answer within 24 hours. If our deal is on,
bring a 5 lakh rupees coconut. Coconut means the token
amount of 5 lakh rupees. In Gandhi street, in my
warehouse near the Gita press. When I get the money,
I’ll break the coconut. I mean, I’ll start my job. I got it. You want
me to meet your father and talk to him about our marriage. Very good! Brilliant idea! But you are forgetting, madam, that your father is a
police commissioner. I am just an under training officer. I will be suspended
before I can get a job. No such thing will happen. Look, the plan is that
you will come to my place with the excuse
of some department work. When I see you, I will tell dad
that I’ve met you before. Then you can take the
matter forward. Simple. I can’t take this risk. There’s no risk in it. If you love,
you have to have guts. You will have to come
to my place tomorrow. But with what excuse will I come? Let’s do this,
meet Bade Babu tomorrow. He’ll send you to my place. Simple.
– Ok. Fine. Sir! My name is Vijay Singh.
S. I. Trainee, batch number 26. Sir, Bade Babu has
sent this diary for you. Sir!
– What diary is this? I asked for it, daddy.
It is Gayatri’s. I wanted to copy some dance notes. I see. Sit down, young man. Have tea.
– All right, sir. Sit down! (Groans) Sorry, sir. Ok, dad, I’ll be off now. You were going to have tea with me. My friends must be waiting for me. Don’t know where Kanta puts my things. I never find anything. What’s the matter?
Why do you look tensed? Sir! My name is Vijay Singh.
S. I. Trainee, batch number 26. I want leave for a few days.
– Why? Anything special? Well I am going to get engaged, sir. (Chuckles) I see! Weren’t you in a hurry?
What’s the matter now? I thought I’d have the tea. (Coughs) No problem, you’ll get the leave. When is your engagement? Mother wrote me a letter
asking the date. Anyways, it’ll be after a while. Get engaged soon. As it is, policemen get to marry
with great difficulty. I, too, had to remain a bachelor
for a longtime. – Alright! (Phone ringing) Hello! – Hello father!
I’m calling from Bombay. I’ve been asked to serve
during the elections.. I see. So, you’re on duty?
– Yes! You won’t get a penny.
What’s this? 5 lakhs! 10 lakhs! Don’t touch me. Hit me!
C’mon, hit me! Yes hit me! C’mon, hit me! Yes, I’ll take care of myself.
You, too, take care. I won’t give you a penny.
– Move aside! Hurry up, brother.
There’s going to be trouble here. Dad, I’ll call you later.
– Do whatever you want? I’m not afraid of you.
– We’ll thrash you. What’s the matter, brother?
– What can it be? Whenever there’s an election,
we are in trouble. They are Sethi’s men, they
must have asked for money. Tell me, how long can
one give money to them? (Groans) Why are you running away?
– (Tires squealing) – Stop! Murder me in front of the people. You will bring more fame
to Mr. Sethi. Please, calm down.
– Just tell me. A man works hard for 10 long hours
forgetting his family. For whom? For them? Please, calm down. Come with me,
we’ll register a report. You got a call for money.
Did you lodge a report? No, right? Did you come to the police station? Shouldn’t you inform the police? Sir, it’s true that he
should inform the police. It’s his mistake, but what’s happened
now is before you. Some goons got into his
shop and hit him on the head. Please, register the complaint now. What’s going on?
What are you doing here? Are you out of your senses? Father, Sethi’s men
broke into our shop and.. Why did you mess
with them in the shop? You mean I should have offered them the earnings of our hard work,
like you? Get up! You think you’ve grown up? You’re arguing with me?
With your father? Sir, I hope you
haven’t registered anything. We have no complaint against anyone. But, father, listen..
– C’mon, get out of here. – Listen! What is yours in that shop?
It’s my earning. I will give my earning
to whoever I wish. C’mon! Vijay Singh, S. I. Trainee,
batch number 26. Sent here on field training
for election duty only, ok? Bhosale has called you. Then? What happened next? Speak up! Sir, those men were
hitting this man badly. When I reached there
– I have a complete report of it. What were you doing
in Zaveri Market? You were appointed at
police station number 7, right? This conflict occurred at 10:30. You were supposed to be at
the police station at 9:30. Shouldn’t you have been on duty?
Then? Our senior, Bhosale, says that..
– What did he say? That everyone should be on
the place of his duty, right? He is right. The positions, work and
areas are divided among you. Bade Babu, I..
– Vijay! This is the problem with you. That you don’t listen to your seniors. You are under training. You are to learn and
understand a lot. A trainee should also have
patience along with enthusiasm. We have to learn and
understand a lot. That’s it! This is the only thing
every senior officer says. Agree on every point. Salute them.
That’s our only duty. Discipline!? Mr. Bhosale was
explaining me my duty while he was drunk himself! It’s ok, pal.
The elections are approaching. Mr. Bhosale might have taken a peg as there’s too much pressure
on him due to the elections. Rana, Mr. Bhosale says that anything can happen
during the elections. We might also get killed. So we should remain inside the
police station like cowards. We are called here to save ourselves and not to protect the people! Vijay, why are you getting so upset? We are to stay here for only 15 days. We will do what the
department wants from us. What and how many people
can we change? The elections are being
contested by the goons. They won’t hesitate to do
anything in order to win. What have you thought of? What is there to think about? Our own men are not
supporting our party. There’s nothing divided
between their union and our party. You both pay homage to
Lord Siddhivinayak next morning and strengthen this tie. (Chuckles) Mr. Shastri, I have 1 lakh
and 75,000 votes. You know what one has to do to bring so many people
under one union. I broke Anna’s union by
restarting the Gupta Mills. I got four of my own men
killed by opening fire on them. I got Deputy Superintendent
Ravat transferred. (Chuckles) I had to spend 5 lakhs. Just tell us how
much you want from us. Dada, I will take 20 lakh rupees
to support you. 20 lakhs?
– Only for you. It’s a friend’s offer to his friend. Look, Sawant, on such occasions..
– Mr. Shastri! Sawant. Have you forgotten your old days? Don’t you remember the time when I saved you from
disgrace at Anna’s hands? You don’t remember, right? Today your status is worth 20 lakhs? 20 lakhs?
– I know what my standing is. I was sitting here for our friendship. Otherwise, Sawant does not
have time to visit anyone. Everyone knows where Sawant lives. You worsened the matter.
We could have got him for 10 lakhs. Shastri! What would I do? Beg him? 20 lakhs is too much to get him. I had told that to Raja Saab.
Ask him! But now? (Claps)
Can we arrange this much money? Come along, we’ll somehow
go and arrange for money. Will Ratan Sethi miss this chance?
He will pounce on it. Sawant, how are you? Mr. Sethi?! How come
you arrived so soon? (Camera clicks)
– Are you okay? Actually, I was going to receive you.
Sorry. Mother! You should not do this to me.
– (Camera clicks) Why? A mother’s blessing
is the most important. – (Camera clicks) Our blessing is
always with you my child. What’s this? – It’s our good
fortune that you came to our place. (Camera clicks) I’d like it better if you
called me brother. What’s your name?
– Tell uncle your name. Sameer! Very cute child, Sawant. Is that your father’s photo?
– Yes. Sawant, I am surprised that
you asked me for Rs. 20 lakh. I mean I had gauged your
price to be more than that. Sawant, let the news of
our alliance be announced. Tell me when and how you
want the money. You’ll get it. (Printing machine whirrs) I didn’t get it, Mr. Sethi. Why do you want to get Sawant killed? He’s supporting you, isn’t he? When will you learn, Baburao? In politics, sometimes one has
to kill one’s own supporters. To turn this election in our favor,
Sawant will have to go. Mr. Sethi,
Sawant’s price is 20 lakh rupees. I’ll take 10 lakhs to kill him.
(Snaps finger) What? I can understand 2 lakhs for 1 lakh.. ..but you’re asking for 10 lakhs! This 10 lakh is not for
killing Sawant; it’s season rate. It is like the orchestra’s time
to earn is the wedding season. The time for goons to earn
is the election season. Does one let go of such opportunities? You’re going back on your word. Baburao, you get excited too soon. Mr. Rao does not understand. One gets only rusted
weapons for less money. What you said shall be done. We understand the
importance of this task. Forget all this;
first do what is important. We’re running short of time, Baburao. Arrange for the money quickly.
– Yes. If you can’t get 10
lakhs from one person.. ..find 5 people who
can give 2 lakhs each. Do it by any means.
– It’ll be done. – Ok. Yes. Stop here. Yes, fine. Give me. The spot to kill Sawant.. ..should be 1 km away from Nana Chowk. After the job is done,
you will leave by the back road. A new police station is
inaugurated at Vitthalwadi, right? A new station means new officers. What happens to one officer.. ..happens to the full department. Decide the spot after talking
to Shyam at the warehouse. Sawant is going to pass
by Teenbatti at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Mr. Sawant, you’ve
always opposed Mr. Sethi. Then why are you
supporting him in this election? It’s about having similar thoughts. We didn’t have till a few months back. Besides, I believe that the work should be done for the public,
for the nation. No matter whom we do it with. Seeing the current
situation of the city every leader has appointed
a security guard. But, you.. I know hooliganism has increased now. But it hasn’t increased
enough to pose a threat to Sawant. (Rapid gunfire) (Car bumped) (Tires squealing) Move! (Gunshot) (Tires squealing)
– (Horn blares) (Bike engine starts) (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Gunshot)
– (Glass shatters) Where is your duty for today? Don’t know. I am to report at
the headquarter at 2 o’clock. (Tires squealing) (Rapid gunfire) (Groans) (Commotion) (Ambulance siren blares)
– (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Bike engine starts) Stop!
– What happened? Follow that van. C’mon! (Tires squealing) Take left! (Tires squealing) Mr. Sawant is murdered
near the Chembur corner. They’ve also killed a police
officer near police station no. 7. It was Vijay appointed
at station number 7. Hail Sethi! (Drums playing) (Tires squealing) (Rapid gunfire) Stop! (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshots) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Rapid gunfire) Raghuvanshi!? Rana, inspector Raghuvanshi! I had met him at the
Zaveri Market police station. He was with those murderers. Vijay! C’mon
– No, but.. – C’mon! Let’s go from here! Don’t utter a word!
– You didn’t see anything! (Bell rings) Yes, I shot him, because he
was one of those murderers. What would I do? Let him go? Ok, he was a murderer
and you shot him. Fine? It’s not about Raghuvanshi, Vijay. 4 people are killed in this shootout. These people were running away after killing the
workers’ leader, Sawant. The traffic constable they
killed was after them from Chembur. Sawant was supporting Ratan Sethi. That news was in the papers. I feel it’s all a political game. We must think carefully
before taking any step. Why do we need to take
any step at all? Vijay! Were you appointed at
that police station? – No. That’s it! You were not
anywhere in this shootout. We need to worry only
if some witness turns up who saw you shooting Raghuvanshi. (Thunder crashing) Rana is right. No one comes
up as a witness to such cases. But is there his signature on
the duty register of any station? What will he answer then?
– He has the answer. That he wasn’t doing his duty
but was involved in the shootout. Bade Babu!
– Don’t say a word! Just listen! (Thunder crashing) I have marked your duty in
station no. 13 in the legal register. You were with inspector Solanki on
a raid during these 4 hours. Yes! Vijay, I will get you out of
this trap. Just brace yourself. I see the ghost of honesty
and duty haunting you. (Thunder crashing) Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered!
– (Wailing) (Wailing) Sister! (Wailing) Please, brace yourself. We can’t do anything
except bearing this grief. Ma, look what he has done?
(Wailing) Take her inside. (Wailing) No! Let go of me! Let go! (Wailing) Please come. Come, sister please.
Brace yourself. – (Wailing) Stop, Dada! Don’t you
dare touch our brother! We won’t tolerate your drama anymore. You got brother killed,
and now you’ve come to express grief? Hey brother! This is not appropriate
at such an occasion. This is not right.
– Not right? Mr. Sethi, we are furious. We’ve lost our brother.
He got Sawant killed. Now he’s come to offer
flowers on his dead body. Chaudhary! Chaudhary, I understand your grief. But what you’re doing on
this occasion is not good. The relationships,
friendships, enmity, it all survives till
the person is alive. Chaudhary, Sawant is no more. It’s only a body of flesh and bones.
A dead body! We shouldn’t stop anyone
from offering flowers to a body. Come, Dadabhai. Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, You’ve played a big game, Sethi! By getting Sawant killed, you got
1.50 lakh votes in your pocket. 1.50 lakhs? Till there are sun
and moon in the sky, Sawant, you will be remembered! Its 1.75 lakhs! Dadabhai,
if your party had some sense, it wouldn’t make you stand against me. At least you wouldn’t
have to face this defeat. This is very regrettable. The goons have become so courageous that they kill anyone,
anytime, anywhere. They don’t fear our
department at all now. Sawant was supporting
Ratan Sethi for this election. So possibly Dada got him.
– Mr. Tande! The investigation is still on. We can’t blame anyone
for Sawant’s death yet. Mr. Tande, I hope you’re all right. Did you have a fight with
your wife last night. – No. Think before you speak anything
or about anyone. – Yes, sir. Mr. Bhosale, you’re in charge
of this case. Please, choose the officers
you’d need with you. But I want to see progress very soon. Because I am leaving
for Delhi tomorrow. We get calls from there any moment. They don’t care about our problems. There will be inquiries about
Sawant’s case over there. Daddy, you’re taking this file,
aren’t you? – Yes, dear. I’ve put your medicines in the bag. You’re very careless about medicines. So I’ve told Gupta to remind you. I’ve also told him to
report to me when he returns. Really? What if you
don’t get the right reports? Then, as a punishment,
– (Suitcase closed) you won’t get to eat any of
your favourite dishes at home. There won’t be any fatty foods. These punishments will go together.
– Ok, I agree to that. But I hope you’ve copied
the dance notes. The diary.. Tell Bade Babu to grant
Vijay the leave he wants. For his engagement. Even I keep track of things. By the way, the guy is good. (Laughs) Daddy! If Raghuvanshi shot the constable, who shot Raghuvanshi? There must be one more guy
with the gun in this case. There is always a
rebel in every story. I don’t want any rebels in mine. (Gunshot) (Switch clicks) (Switch clicks) (Gunshot) (Switch clicks) Hello! Look can I talk to Mr. Pandey? What are you doing?
– Bade Babu! I don’t want to hear anything.
– Please, listen. You’ve gone mad.
Your brain has stopped working. You think no one in the department will know if you tell
about this to Pandey? This Sawant case has become the
factor of Sethi’s victory or loss. Whoever in our
department works for him are keeping their eyes and ears open. They’re looking for clues. If they get the slightest hint that
you’re involved in this, you’ll be crushed. Who are you anyways? Who are you? The commissioner himself
does not want to open this case. Who likes to create
unnecessary trouble for themselves? That’s why a man like Bhosale
has been given charge of this case. Bhosale! He’s a master
in suppressing such cases. This is nothing. The big players of this
game are very reputed people. You talk of conscience and truth? (Laughs) (Sighs) (Playing with suitcase) (Brakes squeal)
– (Horn blares) Is Mr. Bhosale here?
– Who are you? Sir, Mr. Bhosale is attending
a party at Mr. Sethi’s place. (Crying) This is not good, Mr. Sethi. This is how you behave
with a truthful journalist? This is not good. – C’mon, go out.
– This is hooliganism. C’mon, take your camera.
Nothing’s happened. Go out. (Crying)
– C’mon. Come. Why did you need to come here? It’s a private party of Mr. Sethi. What wrong did I ask him? Only that will he benefit or lose.. Sawant’s death in this election. But Mr. Sethi thrashed me
for this trifle matter. (Crying) Nothing.. nothing’s happened.
– (Crying) A true journalist should not cry. She should only protest. Come. What’s your name?
– Shanti Kumar. Where do you live?
– Azad Nagar. Azad Nagar? I know the rest of the story.
Your father was a school teacher. Your grandfather
was a freedom fighter. C’mon, I’ll drop you at Azad Nagar. That rascal press man! Don’t worry. Sir
– I’m all right. Who had invited him? Tell me. Give me answer. Came to find a scandal here. Came to create panic. This is..
this is bloody Ratan Sethi’s empire. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. You are right. Nobody can talk.
– Yes, sir. Laugh or cry unless I wish.
– Yes, sir. I am Ratan Sethi. Constable! Take the sandal. Take the sandal. Take it. If you don’t care about
your dignity, it’s ok. At least care for this
uniform you are wearing. Who.. who is it? I’ve come like an uninvited guest. I’ve heard a lot about you. The candidate of Jan Seva Mandal,
Ratan Sethi. Your goons serve
the public quite a lot. (Table breaks) The name’s Vijay. S. I. trainee,
batch number 26. I am appointed on election duty. V-I-J-A-Y! (Vijay) Remember this name. Because this name will
change your fate. Under-training officer. A heard a woman screaming
when I was passing the road. A thief was snatching
the gold chain of that woman. I got very angry. I caught him and
slapped across his face. Rascal! Attacked a woman! It’s good the public came up.
You know how my anger is. Yes, enough! You think you’ve done a
great job just because you caught a small
thief and slapped him? Look at this shirt!
How did you blot it? Take it off!
– What are you doing, Roma? I’ll wash it, c’mon, take it off.
– Roma! I’ll wash it in a moment. It’ll
dry up soon. – What’re you doing? “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” “I can’t take my eyes off
since the time I saw it.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” “I can’t take my eyes
off since the time I saw it.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” (Music) “The flowers, moon and stars
are the hues of your beauty.” “My darling, there can
be no lover like you.” “You’re the prettiest.
You’re most youthful.” “You don’t know that.” “Your grace can make
anyone go crazy.” “Your grace can make anyone go crazy.” “I can’t take my eyes
off since the time I saw it.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” (Music) “Only the lovers know
why they go crazy in love.” “My heart is always restless.
What madness is this?” “I talk about you. I meet you.” “You don’t know
how much I love you.” “You are unconscious,
I too, am unaware.” “You are unconscious;
I, too, am unaware.” “I can’t take my eyes off
since the time I saw it.” “Don’t know what
effect your face has.” (Police siren blares)
(Brakes squeal) C’mon, Mr. Bhosale is calling you. Don’t touch! I’m coming.
– Come. That’s the same question
I want to ask you. What were you doing there? Honest police officers
are killed on the roads and there’s no trace of their killers. How would we find any trace? Because you serve those
people who do these deeds. You drink with them. Are you out of your mind?
– No, I’m quite in my senses. I’m totally sane. Have your parents got you in
the police department to die? No! To do good to officers like you. Shinde! Take him away!
– I will teach you a lesson. – Take him! Remember, I will do
this auspicious work. Bhosale! You’re teaching me my duty. I’ll tell you what duty is. You’ll explain me my duty?
I’ll explain you what it is. C’mon, go home and rest. Go home. Come here!
– Hold him! Hit him!
– Catch him! – Hit him! You cannot harm me.
– Hold his neck! Scoundrel! Here it comes. Explaining me my duty, eh? I am not here to attend
anyone’s wedding. But I’ll attend yours. You are telling me..
– (Brakes squeal) I’ll explain you your duty,
you rascal! Bhosale! Here, take this!
– Stop! (Slaps) What is this, Bhosale? What is this going on?
You know this is headquarters. Don’t explain that to me. Explain it to you trainee. He doesn’t
know to behave with a senior officer. He dares question me! I’ll find out what the truth is. C’mon, Vijay. Come on. What are you looking at? Go! (Bell rings) Look, Vijay, we will have to
suppress this matter for now. You won’t get emotional and speak out. Or the matter will get worse. That we lost 2 police officers
does not mean much. But that a police officer was involved in the Sawant murder case means a lot. The press is always
hunting for such news. Ratan Sethi will take
advantage of this situation. He will use this news as a weapon and will transfer our
officers who do good work here. Please, trust me.
I will fully look into this matter. It will be proved at the right time that Raghuvanshi did not
die a martyr, but a criminal. I will teach him a good lesson,
Mr. Sethi. I need some time to
prepare a trap for Vijay. Mr. Chaudhary is preparing to handover the Sawant case to Pandey. If anything happens to Vijay now,
I might lose my job. Why does this soldier want
to lose his life for honesty? This soldier has witnessed the death
of 2 honest soldiers on the road. When our men killed the
traffic inspector near station no. 7, constable Harisingh and
Vijay were present there. They followed our men. At some distance from the station
Raghuvanshi fell out of the car. Then these two officers surrounded
Raghuvanshi in the Kalina area. Raghuvanshi shot Harisingh
there and Vijay shot Raghuvanshi. Before the matter gets further,
we should do away with him. We don’t need your weapon
to do away with him, Kutti. He’s trapped in the noose of the law. (Chuckles) Bhosale, the noose is ready. You only have to tighten the knot. It’s Vijay!
The police are following him. What’s this going on? Hey!
What has he done? What are they two doing here? What are you doing? Stop! Listen to me! Listen to me!
– Leave him! (Gunshot) Leave me! Something’s fishy about it!
Let’s go! (Gunshot)
– (Groans) You rascal! Bhosale!
– (Gunshot) Bhosale!
– Take him away. (Thunder crashing) (Typewriter keytop clacking) A young man from the police academy,
attacked some policemen. This man named Vijay Singh,
snatched the revolver from his senior and shot
another officer on duty. Two people are killed
in this incident. The police officers say that
Vijay is habituated to drugs. It is said that he might also be
involved in the Sawant murder case. What are you doing? Let him go! What is this going on? Why are you taking my son’s things?
Where is my son? What is this you’re doing?
What has he done? What crime has he done? He takes drugs. He’s murdered someone. My son can never do that. Something wrong is happening with him. He can never murder. It is you who look like a murderer!
– (Slaps) Do you think I’ll easily believe that my son has killed someone? (Sobbing) Brother! Did you hear that? They say that my Vijay is into drugs. That he’s murdered. (Sobbing) Can this be true?
We made him join the police. How can he be a murderer? Tell me!
(Sobbing) Where are you taking his things?
(Sobbing) (Sobbing) What happened, sir?
You were going to tell me something. Where is my son?
Why I am not allowed to meet him? You said you were going to
talk to Mr. Pandey. Did you? Mr. Singh, I’m trying for that.
Please, have patience. Have patience?
What are you talking, sir? I’m his father. Can anyone imagine
what I’m going through? It’s been 7 hours since
I’m in this city but I’m not getting
the right information. Sir, I request you.
Please, let me meet my son once. Do you think that’s easy? Do you know what
Vijay is charged with? Even Mr. Pandey hasn’t
been able to meet him. He also needs special
permission to meet him. Vijay, I understand well what your charge-sheet
is and what the truth is. This truth..
– Don’t talk of the truth, sir. Please, don’t talk of the truth.
Your truth has changed my life. If you hadn’t taught me
the lessons of truth then I wouldn’t be here today. The truth you valued so
much at the training centre is found bowing down to
fallacy on every step here. Truth! Training is not what
you taught us at the school. Our training starts
where officers like Bhosale teach us to walk on
the path of dishonesty. He teaches us how to serve the goons. That’s our real training. The names of people like Ratan Sethi and Dadabhai who
terrorize the people of the city are not even mentioned
in the police record. They do away with officers who
register an FIR against them. Are these the people
who’ll be elected? Are these the people
who’ll run our country? They’ll be given a
license to torment people and a few officers like us will be
appointed for their security. But there can be a change.
There can be improvement. People like Ratan,
Dadabhai and Bhosale should be shot on the
roads in front of the people. I will do this pious job. Vijay! Think before you speak. How long have you been
in the police department? It’s hardly been 9 months
since you started the training. You are so proud of yourself that you’ll change the
face of law in your own way? Look, it’s difficult
to control one’s self in the phase you’re passing through.
I understand that. According to you the entire
organization has changed its identity. That’s possible. But what I regret, Vijay, is that you don’t trust me either. I’ve been in this
department for 22 years. I won’t say that I’ve done
some big tasks during this time. But I’ve saved myself
from dishonesty till date. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t faced the situation of being embarrassed. But if you walk on the path
of terrorism to gain justice, I will be ashamed of myself. Vijay, I will find
answers to your questions. Give me some time. I will not let elections
take place in this city. Those people who’ve
got you in this situation will be in the custody of the law. If you respect me even a little,
wait for my defeat before you tread on
the path you’ve chosen. Sir, if you win, I’ll be very happy. What you’re doing is not good,
Bhosale. You’re not only playing
with Vijay’s life.. ..but also with the
prestige of the department. I like it. I like to play such games. This young policeman
didn’t know I was fond of it. You had filled him with
so much zeal while training him.. ..that he’s unable to think
what’s good or bad for him. It’s not too late yet;
stop this game, Bhosale. (Chuckles) I know Vijay is very dear to you. The fact that Vijay is under.. ..the control of Pratap Bhosale
might be worrying you much. This grip will still tighten more.
Good that you’ve met Vijay. Because according to
the new order of the court.. one can meet Vijay now. So, Vijay Singh?
S. I. trainee, batch number 26.. resting in the
lockup of crime branch, eh? (Chuckles) Duty, honesty, eh? (Laughs) Had you ever thought some
thing like this would happen to you? No, right? I still want to poison your body.. ..with the drug registered
in your charge-sheet. No, mister, no. We hadn’t got him in this
field to become an ideal example. Mr. Pandey, Vijay is our only child.
The only child. Our happiness lies in his life,
in his happiness. Like most of the parents,
we also dreamt that.. ..he’d get a good job to live
on and get married before we die. Then why did you make him a police? What do you take a police’s job to be? The job of a police is not
only a means of earning a living. A police officer gives his
life to save other people’s lives. That’s what he vows when he enrolls. And I am glad that
Vijay has understood.. ..the job of a police
and his duties very well. He’s the first young man.. ..who’s a complete soldier
even with half training. A big change will take
place because of your son. The anti-social people will
see the real face of the law. The defamation law has
got will also be erased. What does this mean, sir? Why do you want to
transfer these officers? These are the people who
know and understand this city well. They can help us on the Sawant case. Bhosale, are you advising me
or defending these people? I make it clear that
it will difficult for me.. do anything
with the new officers. We are trying to find a
way to ease your difficulties. (Phone ringing) Yes? Yes.. send Gupta upstairs. Give all the details
of Sawant case to Mr. Pandey. Mr. Pandey will investigate this case.
– But, sir.. I will handle the seniors. The truth of this
case will surface now. So you will try to find
the truth of this case now? Nothing will happen, Mr. Pandey. Your career will be ruined. Yes, Bhosale. Perhaps I’ll
have to bear such a loss. Perhaps. But you will be punished
like all brokers of law are. And the supporters
you have on top of you.. ..will refuse to shelter you then. And it will not happen perhaps.
It will happen for sure. Sir! Just a moment, sir!
– One last question, sir! You are right. Mr. Pandey
will look into Sawant’s case. It has nothing to
do with Vijay’s case. It’s a totally different case. And Vijay’s case is
handled by the crime branch. What is Vijay’s case? If a guardian of law breaks the law.. ..his crime is bigger
than that of a normal criminal. What will happen
to Vijay in this case? A police officer breaks discipline,
takes drugs. He takes a senior officer’s gun.. ..on training and
fires on another officer. He kills one officer
and injures another. What should be done
with such a criminal? (Door creaks) Come on, sign it. He’s innocent, dad. He’s being victimized.
You know he’s absolutely innocent. What’s wrong with you?
What the hell are you repeating? I am not sitting and watching;
I am trying my best. But it’s not easy getting Vijay out. And.. he himself
is responsible to some.. ..extent for the state he is in. Daddy, Vijay is.. – Shut up!
You just shut up and listen to me. What was his problem? He went to Ratan Sethi’s
place and hit him. He created chaos at
the police headquarter.. ..and also hit Bhosale. He’s just an under training officer. Is that any bloody way to behave.. ..with somebody who’s
much senior to you? I know Bhosale has made some
false allegations against him. But how much can one lie? He took inspector Godbole’s
revolver and fired. It’s possible that this is false, too. But has he left any scope
to prove that it’s false? Sit down. You.. you don’t have any idea. Please, daddy!
I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry. I hadn’t thought of this at all. Perhaps I’ve no understanding
of your duty and work. I had forgotten that..’re something else
besides being my daddy. Daddy, don’t do anything.. ..for Vijay that might harm your career. I’m very sorry, daddy.
I’m very sorry. (Crying) Bhosale has made Vijay’s
case even more critical. In this situation, if we
take any step in favor of Vijay.. ..that might benefit Bhosale more. And Bhosale is able to
do all this so easily because.. ..he’s crushing the law,
while we are following the law. Why? Why are we following the law? What do we gain by following it? The people with whose orders
and signatures this law runs.. ..has people like Bhosale
to attend their parties. While people like us.. ..have to attend their
meetings to get humiliated. Mr. Pandey, I’ve restrained myself.. ..all these years in the name of duty.
I’ve only slaved. The feeling of duty
I Suppressed for years.. I saw much respect
for that duty in my daughter’s eyes. Mr. Pandey, things will
change more after the elections. And then it’ll be more
difficult for us to save Vijay. There’s a solution
for every difficulty. One thing’s certain. Whenever goodness and
Wickedness come face to face..’s the wickedness
that always loses. Desai, I am taking
money as a loan from you. Dadabhai, the business
is very low these days. The market is down. Don’t you eat everyday?
Your kids don’t beg on the roads. This poverty comes in
only when I need money. Where did you get the
2 lakh rupees you gave to Sethi? You’ve changed loyalties with
the changing face of the election. Dadabhai, please try and
understand my problem. If you say, I can give 50,000..
– Shut up! (Printing machine whirrs) Don’t believe these
headlines of the papers. I haven’t made any such statement. It’s all a political game. Someone is trying to take advantage by printing a false statement of mine. What is right or wrong is
beyond our comprehension. The gangsters are
working openly in the city and our department is
doing nothing to stop them. We’ve seen it all. They didn’t take this
much time to trap Vijay. It’s very easy to trap an
innocent man in this system. But very difficult
to get him released. So, what should we do?
You guys tell me. What should we do and how?
Please, tell me. With your advice, I might do some really
great task before I retire. Tell me. Speak up, Ravi. Speak up, Rana. Kamat! You also speak! What should the commissioner
and I do in this situation? What do you guys think? An innocent Vijay is
labeled a criminal and is jailed. Is this something I feel proud of? A soldier,
whom I taught the meaning of duty and showed a path is trapped in a mess walking on that path and his
life, career, everything is at stake. You all feel very sorry for
what has happened with Vijay. But it is my hard-work
that is injured directly. If I fail to get
Vijay out of this mess it will be very shameful for
me to live with that guilt. (Rapid gunfire) (Police siren blares) (Tires squealing and car bumped) (Tires squealing) (Tires squealing) (Police siren blares)
(Tires squealing) (Police siren blares) (Tires squealing) (Police siren blares) (Tires squealing) (Brakes squeal) Run! Run!
– (Rapid gunfire) Run away from here!
– Run. (Gunshots) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot) (Gunshots) (Gunshot) (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Empty gun clicks) Hey! Hey! Take it! Take it! Over there. What are you looking at? Shoot! (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Police siren blares) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot) (Tires squealing) (Gunshot) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Grunting) (Gunshot) (Rapid gunfire) Stop! (Groans) Whom do you work for? Tell me, whom do you work for? Bhai! Rascal! (Slaps) You want power? You want
power for people’s welfare? Take it off! C’mon, take off.
– Pandey! Take it off! You know what this is?
Do you know what it is? It is the pride of our nation. This tri-colored band is a
symbol of our prestige and dignity. Lakhs of people became
martyrs to maintain its honor. People bow down to it with respect. People like you have made it a scarf!? Constable, take off his clothes. What are you doing?
This is not right, Pandey. It’s not right? Take off his shirt. This.. this is not right.. Take off. Pandey.. this is not right..
I tell you.. Don’t do this to me.
– Hold his legs. – Pandey! Take off his ‘pyjama’.
– Let go of me! Let go! What you’re doing is not right,
Pandey. Pandey.. Pandey. Don’t humiliate me
in front of everyone. I say. I say.. Hurry up! Take off his underwear now. Pandey! Let go of me! (Grunts) Let go.. (Grunts)
– (Chair creaks) Pandey, shoot me!
Shoot me! Say that it was an encounter. Give me the underwear. Don’t humiliate me so much. Pandey. – Let him put on
the underwear without the rope. Shoot me, Pandey! Shoot me! He might commit suicide with this rope. People like him should
not die in our lockups. (Chair creaks) (Wailing) The arrangements for the Loksabha
elections to be held on 5th August are on. The security is made
rigid in the city. The police have jailed
40 anti-social elements. Around 400 security
companies have been appointed to deal with any sort
of unpleasant incident. It’s of no use.
You won’t benefit anything. I told you I haven’t
given money to anyone. You did give money to
Ratan Sethi, 2 lakh rupees. We also have evidence to that. I say all this is false.
Dada has given my name to frame me. He had asked for a big amount from me for the election expense,
but I had denied flatly. I have given no money to anyone.
That’s the only truth. I will keep saying that. (Chair thuds) Look, you know some
people won’t find it right that you were detained for an inquiry. I am saying this for your benefit.
– Sir, this.. What is it? All right. Tell Shinde
to take commissioner’s signature and come back to me.
– Ok, sir. When will you say the truth? Only when we
investigate in a better manner? Until you speak the truth, Desai,
I won’t release you. You’ve written the statement.
So, what were you saying? You were talking of some Thakkar. Yes, Harish Thakkar.
He owns a cloth shop at Dadar. Ok, the people you say have given 2 lakh rupees to Ratan Sethi are Khanna, Thakkar, Damani, Manjit Singh No, it’s Paramjit Singh. He owns an auto parts shop in Mahim. Also owns a petrol pump in Chembur. The 2 lakh rupees you gave.. They were notes of 100 rupees. I gave them in a briefcase,
it was grey perhaps. I gave that bag to Ratan’s man myself nearby the Hanuman
temple outside the station. All right. Get him some tea. Don’t worry, Mr. Desai,
you won’t be in any trouble. I want details about these four people.
– Yes, sir. Only then can we arrest Ratan Sethi. Appoint Tande and Sharma on this task. Tell them that I want the
report by 11 o’clock. – Ok, sir. The last phase of voting was conducted
peacefully today in the state. But the voters showed less
enthusiasm than last year. A total of 60% votes were
found in the 34 voting centers. Yes, sir. Ok, sir. Come on. The counting of votes
for the 26 Loksabha seats of the state has started. According to the latest news, the candidate of Jan Seva Mandal,
Mr. Ratan Sethi is leading by 25,000 votes at present. (Crackers bursting) Bhosale, I want a small
celebration at my bungalow. That young, zealous, brave boy, Vijay, I want to welcome him at my bungalow. Bhosale,
bring that boy to my bungalow. (Thunder crashing) (Music) “You have kohl in your eyes.” “The flowers in your hair are pretty.” “Your anklets, earrings and bangles..” “..what did they do with you,
sweetheart?” “What did they do?” “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” (Music) “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “I was bid farewell first.
Then I came home as a bride.” “I take oath of it..” “Oh dear!
– Oh dear!” “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear!” (Music) “It was cold.
To top that, he was very ruthless.” “He behaved the way he liked all night.” “It was cold.
To top that, he was very ruthless.” “He behaved the way he liked all night.” “He behaved the way he liked all night.” “My wrist is still aching.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear!” (Music) “Little by little,
he aroused love in me.” “I couldn’t brace myself
and slept in his arms.” “Little by little,
he aroused love in me.” “I couldn’t brace myself
and slept in his arms.” “I couldn’t brace myself
and slept in his arms.” “The blanket melted with heat.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “I was bid farewell first.
Then I came home as a bride.” “I take oath of it..” “Oh dear!
– Oh dear!” “Last night my darling held my hand.
Oh dear! – Oh dear!” “Then he slowly pressed my finger.
Oh dear!” (Thunder crashing) No! This is too much. Help him get up. Lift him up. (Clouds rumbling) (Thunder crashing) How do you find it? All this that’s happening,
how do you find it? You rascal! I had met a strong willed officer
like him in Hyderabad. He didn’t listen to
anything or understand anything. After killing him, we investigated his records
and found out that he was a bastard. Double strong. Is that the case
with you, too? – You dog! Let go of me! Vijay. Vijay Singh! V-I-J-A-Y, right? This name was going to
change my fate, wasn’t it? You must have heard
my name. Raatan Sethi! R A A T A N! You see, I write double A’s. Rana! (Groans) (Thunder crashing) You’re an honest officer
of the law, aren’t you? I regret that your death will be
registered as suicide in the book of law Got it? No? Gupta. (Groans) It takes 20 minutes to reach
the nearest hospital from here. If you reach the hospital,
perhaps you’ll be saved. But my men will take you directly.. the lockup of crime branch
from here. Get up, guys. Very good! (Thunder crashing) You’ll win the election, Sethi. But you won’t be able to
hear the news of your victory. Because you’ll be dead
before the news is out. (Tires squealing)
– Stop. Follow them! (Tires squealing) (Brakes squeal) (Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot) (Engine starts) What is all this? It’s so damn embarrassing!
How could it happen? Did they have stronger
weapons than we did? Siddiqui, Mhatre and Gupta they kept asking me
to assign them work. Now they’re done for. (Phone ringing) Hello! – Hello! Get Mr. Pandey
on the line, please. Yes. Sir, there’s a call for you. Hello! – Sir, Vijay has
cut the vein on his wrist. What? He’s at the Oberoi Hospital. (Gasps) Vijay! Child! I know everything. I’ve found out all details. They’ve deceived me. Your father and Roma. They kept many secrets from me. Just look at him! Is this our son
we sent to look for a job? (Crying) My son was handsome. Look what they’ve made him. Look, Revati..
– No! I don’t want any consolations now. I am strong enough. Get it clear, Vijay’s father. Nothing will happen to
my child. He won’t die. My son will not die.
He has much work to do yet. The people who’ve brought him to this
state are in this very city, right? Revati! – He is yet to douse
the revenge in my heart. How can he die just like that? What’s this? What is this going on? My son does not need your
medicines or treatment. Move! Revati! What are you doing?
– Let go of me! Have you gone crazy!
– Move aside! Auntie! – Are you out of your mind?
– Stay away! What’s wrong with you?
What are you doing? I have not lost my sense! Move aside! My son does not want
the blood of this city. Doctor! Please! Mother is right. I won’t die. Sir, he was complaining of
headache and couldn’t see clearly. So we decided to do a
C.T. scan of the brain. We’ll get the report within 1/2 an hour.
– Thank you, doctor. Sir, Vijay’s mother has
refused to give him any blood. So he’s in a worse state.
– But why did she do that? Sir, she was very angry and.. I see. But why did
Vijay allow her to do so? He should understand. Sir, Vijay took off the
needle from his wrist himself. You mean Vijay also refused
to take blood? – Yes, sir. How did he agree for the C.T.
scan then? (Grunting) Doctor, where is Vijay?
– Sir, the window.. He has climbed down the pipe. He played this drama
to run away from here. Who is refusing you
to fight the battle? But if you want to win it,
you must take every step carefully. Vijay, we won’t be
facing Sethi or his goons. But the men of our own department are
waiting on every corner to kill us. They’ll be killed. They all will be. The truthful and innocent
people have shed enough blood. I don’t want to escape.
I want to fight them all. How will we face them? Should we stand before their
weapons and kill ourselves? We don’t want to get killed.
We want to kill them. We cannot use zeal and passion
as our weapons to fight them. What do we have to resist
their weapons? What do we have? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. (Brakes squeal) (Gunshot) (Bottle shatters)
– (Groans) (Groans) (Rapid gunfire) (Groans) (Groans) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Groans) (Gun cocking) (Gunshot) (Brakes squeal) Stop! Bhosale! I’ve come! (Rapid gunfire) I could have shot you directly,
but I wanted to see.. ..the fear of death in
your eyes before dying. Got it? Do you see death, Bhosale? (Glass shatters) Bhosale, did you ever
think this would happen to you? No, right? I’ve started doing
good to people like you. (Gunshot) (Sanskrit chants) Hello! Tell me! Ok, I’ll be there in a while. Vijay has killed Bhosale. Tell Pakia to take out the car. I’ll be going to Mr. Sethi’s bungalow. (Chuckles) Of course he had to be killed! Bhosale was going to be killed. People who work and
decide with passion instead of patience
meet this sort of an end. The leader of Jan Seva Mandal,
Ratan Sethi is ahead of all political parties and
independent candidates of the state. He is leading by 75,000 votes,
compared to Dadabhai. (Phone ringing) (Phone disconnected) (Police siren blares) (Phone ringing) Hello!
– Vijay, Pandey has gone to Sethi’s place with some
officers to arrest him. Where is Ratan Sethi?
Where is he hiding? – He.. (Phone dialing) (Phone ringing)
– Tell me! Hello!
– Speak up! He’s gone to his farm house at Panvel. Hello!
– Where is this farm house in Panvel? The one on the highway? It’s beyond the fields,
on the left side. – Hello! It was Vijay on the line. He’s found out about the farm
house because of your stupidity. Sorry, sir!
– Use your brain. Dhananjay!
– Yes, sir? Inform all the check posts on the
Bombay-Pune highway to stop that van. Mr. Ratan Sethi of
Jan Seva Mandal is ahead by 1.25 lakh votes in the
2nd phase of the election. (Police siren blares) (Police siren blares) Those guys have left Bombay. One has to pass that
check-post to reach this place. Be ready with everything.
None of them should remain alive. (Receiver hang up) Kutti! Just 6 to 8 guys are roaming
openly with weapons in the city. They manage to leave the city as well. Too much! And our police!? Fine. Yes, sir. Ok, sir. Everything is prepared
for our welcome ahead. We should leave the highway. Let’s go. You guys go through Khedgaon.
We will go by the road. (Brakes squeal) Bloody jokers! There’s no need to worry, Mr. Sethi. As soon as those guys reach the
check-post, they’ll be done for. I’ve appointed tiger force over there. I mean sharp shooters. (Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Groans) (Groans) (Brakes squeal) Rapid gunfire) Rapid gunfire) (Brakes squeal) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot)
– (Groans) (Rapid gunfire) (Gunshot) (Groans) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) Move or I’ll..
– What will you do? You’ll shoot? Will you shoot me? C’mon, shoot.
– Sir.. sir, let me go. – (Slaps) (Rapid gunfire) Follow them. Get in fast. (Brakes squeal) Bloody jokers! (Gate crashed) What are you doing?
– Let go! – Leave that thing. (Gunshot) Who are these people? (Rapid gunfire) Let go of it!
– Please, leave that. Go inside. (Groans)
– Oh God! (Rapid gunfire) You are under the oath of our child.
Child.. where is our child? Child! – Child!
– (Child crying) (Rapid gunfire) (Glass shatters) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Glass breaks) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire) (Rapid gunfire)
– (Groans) (Bottle shatters) (Bottle shatters) This is the hand of a
hurt young man, Sethi. Whoever it slaps is ruined. You’ll take time to steady your eyes,
let alone aiming. (Specs breaks) I told you, Sethi, that
I’ll kill you.. ..before you can hear the
news of your victory. Nilesh! It’s time
for the news bulletin. (Brakes squeal) (Gun cocking) (Gunshot) Mr. Ratan Sethi has won the
election with 2.25 lakh votes. He has defeated
Dadabhai of Lokkalyan Manch. Mr. Sethi has won the 3rd
time consecutively from Golwadi. The last phase of
counting the votes is over now. You’ve won, Vijay. You’ve done what you said. But what’s this? I don’t see the joy of
success on your face. (Chuckles) Look at me! How embarrassed I am for my defeat! No, sir, I haven’t won. I’d consider myself
successful if I had done this job within the boundary
of law as a soldier. I am not happy, sir. Because what I’ve done
has embarrassed you. I’m sorry! Take the stretcher upwards. Slowly! That’s enough!
– (Gasps) Wait son! I want to understand
whatever has happened to you till now and whatever
will happen ahead. Father! Mr. Pandey, I want to
know whether this van is taking the soldiers
or the criminals. The identity of these young
men is different, Mr. Singh. The battle of 22 days they faced and its consequences have
brought a very unique face of our system to the forefront. Corruption, a disease. I could feel it only at the top but actually it’s
reached down to the roots. These young men have
done the good deed of cutting away some such roots. Their protest is the right
answer to our rotten system. This is the beginning of a revolution. Cadets! Move in! Fast! Sir! (Laughs) Bloody jokers! (Laughs)

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