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Ladies and gentlemen.. Without much ado. We now present to you… Who has made Ahmedabad city
famous all over the world… …the director Darshan Mehta. Let’s give him a great
round of applause. Sir…Sir..Sir please… Thank you! Sir…Sir..Sir please… Ladies first!
-Thank you! Hello Darshan sir! Duggi please Call me Duggi!
-Okay! Duggi Sir, when did you start
writing this film? Umm let’s say from the moment
I got a pen and paper with me. You have a great sense of humor. Exactly like your lipstick. Your lipstick is very beautiful!
-Thank you sir! question sir! Please sir!
-Just a second! If it is ladies first then they
should be second as well…right? Please. Sir, we’ve heard that you are going
to do Hollywood movie as well? Ahh..Yes!! You are right. So Sir can you tell us with
whom are you doing that movie? If ladies are second then..
they will be third as well right? Please! Yes, the same
question as he asked. Well.. I am doing my next film with… Tom… What the hell Montu? Why did you stop suddenly?
I was watching such a nice dream. Because the signal turned red. And stop watching dreams..
it’s time Now to achieve those dreams. Hey bro! You don’t know what was
happening in my dream. You would have understood had
you been there in my dream. Let’s go the signal’s
turned green. We were walking on
the red carpet… …with awards in our hand. And there were so many
hollywood stars standing… …in a queue waiting
to shake hands with us. Hey be careful! And media is clicking
our pictures.. ..and camera flashes looked like
as if it was lightning & thunder. But you will never understand
since you were not in my dream. Let’s go. You check all list?
– Is it okay? How are you sir? Oh here you are! Where were you guys? There is so much to do and
we don’t have much time left. Come on.. move it now.
-Don’t worry sir! Everything will be perfect.
-Come on everybody, let’s go! “There are so many
frauds in this world.” “Let it be..
just don’t say anything.” “There are so many
frauds in this world.” “Let it be..
just don’t say anything.” “This is how the
world moves on..” “Sometimes it moves straight
and at times haywire.” “This is how the
world moves on..” “Sometimes it moves straight
and at times haywire.” “World keeps on doing drama.” “Making a fool out of everyone..” “ conning one and all.” “Pol Pol Polam Pol,
Pol Pol Polam Pol..” “Pol Pol Polam Pol,
Pol Pol Polam Pol..” “Be it a big scam
or a minor fraud.” “Everyone has a lil
secret in his life.” “Ask us just how our
life is going on.” “We survive by doing
small and big con.” “Tit for Tat.” “We are the way we are.” “Everyone runs away from
us be it young or old.” “Pol Pol Polam Pol..” “Pol Pol Polam Pol..” (Regional Prayers) (Regional Prayers) (Regional Prayers) Friends, before starting this play
today, all I want to tell you is that… The theatre is like
a temple for me. Acting is prayers… And I have worked very hard. Likewise if you all
too work as hard… Then no one can stop us from
making a success of this play. So all the best! These people haven’t arrived yet..
Where have they reached? Should I call them? Daddy, please open
the door quickly. The boy’s side has
arrived to see Sneha. Okay! o you go and arrange for
some tea & snacks for them! – Okay! Welcome! Welcome! Please come! Welcome!
-Greetings! Greetings!
-Please come son! Hope you didn’t have any difficulty
finding this house? -No, not at all! Where is Sneha? Please call her soon.
-Oh Ok! Please be seated. I’ll call her. Come let’s sit. Where is Sneha? Please call her. Oh yes yes.. umm. I am calling her. Sneha! Please come here dear. Let me go Duggi,
it’s my entry now.. The play will not stop if
your entry is delayed a bit. Let me go. Sanat sir is an
experienced actor. He will handle everything.
-Duggi! You are too much,
please let me go now. Don’t worry. We are in hurry!
-Oh ok! She will be here within a moment. Where is Sneha? You please go and get her. Ok I’ll get her right away. Sneha! Let’s go for movie?
-Yes sure! Please let me go
now it’s my entry. She is coming. Oh! Why did you come? Oh! Hey! Show it to the guests too. Bhupendra Bhai we are
not here to see this.. ..we are here to see your daughter. Please call Sneha. That’s what I am telling you… If you would have looked at that
tray then you would have understood. Understood what uncle? That…err.. that… My daughter is very shy… So Duggi, when will
we start the shoot? We will! What’s the hurry! She is not found! She went to buy pillow cover. Just look at that pillow cover. We don’t want to see
any pillow cover. No not pillow cover. Just look at the color. We don’t even want
to look at the color. You must Shailesh
bhai or else… will affect our
budding relationship. I say you have to look. For the sake of your son..
just look. Look The color is very… ..color is very red. Now we are on the same
flight aren’t we? So now flight cancelled. You are not meant for such plays. You are meant for films. I will make a hollywood
film with you. And then we both will go
to receive the Oscar award. Hey, what’s going on? Have you forgotten
your dialogues? No.. no.. We know our lines. Then go ahead and say them. Shailesh bhai handle this now.. Say your dialogues. Bhupendra bhai how
can I handle…. No Shailesh bhai you have
to handle this because… It is our responsibility.
-Yes You are right but… If someone else becomes irresponsible
how should we become responsible? No It is our responsibility. I am saying let’s go inside
and handle our responsibility. Wait for sometime
she must be coming. There is nothing to wait here for…
you come inside. Sneha. Sneha. Hey what are you doing? Break the door. Break. Sir actually… Get out nonsense. You also get out from here. No no sir please listen to me. Please remove him. But keep her only for today.. ..after this show we
will replace her. The show is over. Stop. Can’t you hear the audience? Sir don’t do it…
-Tell the booking clerk.. apologise and
return the money. Messed up my play. Sir please don’t say like this. Only for today’s show. This theatre is a temple for me. And you guys are here
to spoil this temple? From today this play is shut…there
will be no show.. I say pack up. All of you get out. get out .. you all can’t
understand what I am saying? Get out.
-Sir please. Get out! What will you like to order sir? No thanks. I will just listen to
your story Duggi bhai. Go ahead. Yes sir so… This story is about a girl.. ..whose parents dote on her a lot. And that girl… One minute. Daddy…. Do away with the dad..
All this is old fashion. Talk about the mother. No wait..
forget the mother too.. ..tell me that story in which.. …in which there
are lots of girls. I need only girls. Heroines, glamour. Lime light. That’s it! and nothing else… You got it! Got it!
– I need only girls you see. Got it!
-Sorry sir! We don’t have such stories. Let’s go Duggi We have. We have sir. I have sir. I have a story about two girls. Sir!
-Yes And these two girls
in the whole drama.. ..are roaming around
in such short skirts. Such short? Good. Good. This is what I want. Point point.. Final final… Please give me the signing
amount so that… Signing amount… Yes signing amount. 1..2..3..4…. It’s ok pay me the
balance amount later. Ok!
-Pay it later! Done! Oh but Duggi bhai! Tell me the story! Ok! What’s the story? Oh that.. the scrap
dealer knows best. What? What do you mean scarp dealer? Yes in cupboard… I will have to search! R & D!
-Yes Okay!
-Tomorrow I’ll let you know! Okay. See you tomorrow. How many times have I told
you don’t bring newspapers. Bring magazines. This stuff you’ve got
here is worthless for us. Go.. Get lost. Don’t give me that look or
else I’ll gorge out your eyes. Duggi listen to the radio. They also got to know. That Duggi is here
to steal a script. Just come with me.
– Listen Listen! We don’t need to
copy from any script. Let’s do something original. But we are not going to copy… Hey Bhik Mangi
– Bhikhu Mangi. Give me the book of Sholay. Hey book… Take it from there. You come here you
take it from there. Come on..come on Sholay master piece. Glory be to God… look fast. This time we will surely win. Please keep quiet and let
me check the numbers. How do I concentrate If
you guys keep on shouting. 76560. This time… This time also you did not win. What did you get last time? Last time I got a feeling
to defecate in the morning. Since last 12 years we
haven’t won anything. Not a single a lottery. You just get us a
winning lottery man!! Please don’t get angry. Please don’t get angry. I’ll give you another lottery. You will surely win. Another lottery. Take this another lottery. I don’t want. What? You said you don’t
want yet you took it. So now pay me. We will not give you money.
Get lost. Don’t come here until you
get us a winning lottery. Or else I will kill you. Get lost from here. At least pay me for the lottery.
-Get lost. Don’t touch that cycle. Get lost. Get lost from here. The day has begun on a bad note. Duggie why don’t
you understand ? There’s no need to everything
that the producer demands. If we have to survive then
we have to do everything. Take a look at any
of the directors. Everyone chases a blockbuster
nobody wants original work. And we will find all
that we want right here. Yes. And this is what is
successful in the market. Only hard work brings success. Why can’t you understand? But we will work hard and with
integrity to copy scripts. Why can’t you understand? Oh yeaahhh I found my
inspiration for hard work. Hey Bhikh Mangi
-Bhikhu Mangi. How much? 10 rupees.
-Take! Take. Even today I don’t take money
offered by the left hand. What? Keep that money down. Take this money. Hey! Return my 40 rupees. I don’t have change. Where will I get change from? Keep that book and
first get the change. Give me.
-First go and bring change. Take it. Go. Go and bring the change .. go. Let’s go Montu. Hey… Just a minute wait… Come here. Come here.
-Me! Yes. What I am saying is… Don’t pay the money. Is it? Take as many books as you want. I have one condition though.. What? Will you introduce
me to the heroine? Ahh consider it as done. You don’t have to mention it ..
you are on.. Please you remember this. Come on give me the book. Let’s go Montu!
-Please do remember ! Remember it! Duggi!
-Okay Don’t forget!
-Ok Hello Sir. Hello Montu Bhai. Please be seated Deepika!
-Thank you! So… Shall we discuss the story? Yes sure.
-Ok! This is a story of
girl whose parents… And at the end… Pin drop silence and the
curtains fall down… Fantastic I really like the story. So from when will we start
the rehearsals, Montu? From next month we will
start the rehearsals. After that… ..we will just give
you a call that… Whenever your date is.. Actually… I think I’ll have a
problem with dates. But… But date… We didn’t gave you any dates. I am sure.
-But… But.. Thank you Montu Bhai.
-But… Please listen. Hello! She has gone. Hi Montu bhai, how are you? I am fine. Shall I tell you the story? Montu Bhai… I just wanted to as you… Are you doing this play
by yourself or..? Yes actually.. Duggi is also there. Where is Duggi bhai? But madam with you….
Madam 1 min 1 min. 1 second What’s the problem
please tell us. I am ready to pay you
any amount you ask. Just let me know your rate. Rate. I was just asking you
your remuneration madam. Oh my sister. Now that you’ve slapped me.. Please let me know
your problem as well. Duggi.. Duggi is my problem. And till he is
around not only me.. No heroine will
ever work with you. Got it. Duggi. You rascal get lost.
-Sir! I don’t want to do any play. Get out!
– Sir! He told us get out and
he only went away. I had told you not to
come for the audition. No girl would agree
to work with us. Then too you came here. Listen… Listen…
-Switch off the cell. It’s yours not mine. Why didn’t you came to the
airport to receive me? I just forgot about it.. sorry. We will be there in sometime.
-What did you say? Not you.. We will be there in sometime. I will meet you directly at home. Who is that?
-Ok! Ok..ok.
-Who is that? Who was that? That guy just got
angry and left… But Anjali will clobber us
with her sandals since.. ..we didn’t go to
the airport to receive her. Oh! Open. Open the door. Where is Anjali? Anjali…
-Hey both of you get out. Get out. What happened? You both were supposed to come
to the airport to receive me. Why didn’t you guys come there? Actually that… We are really sorry. Hey what sorry this
won’t work here. One minute. Why are you shouting at us? And are we a shuttle service? That just because 2 years back
we came to drop you.. we have to come
to receive you as well? He is right. This is not done..
just because we weren’t in touch.. doesn’t mean there’s
no friendship between us. But..
-Go! Anjali listen to me… Wow. Where is it? -Hey you should not
peek into a girl’s luggage. We should not check a girl’s
purse but we can check luggage. Please don’t do this. What is this?
-Actually… Album.
-Yes! You have still preserved
these photographs? Yes because I am not
like the two of you. Check this out. Look. You remember this. Remember this incident?
We went to watch that film. Whenever I would miss you both… I would look at this album. Look at this.. Look we used to travel triple
seat on this motorcycle. People use to take
pity on our motorcycle. Hey guys. What happened to
this motorcycle? Is it still there
or you’ve sold it? How could we sell it? This motorcycle is the only
witness to our days of struggle.. ..and been with us through it all. Wow. It means you both are
still struggling. Do something else in life. But we did. We did a play.
Daughter’s marriage. Which started and ended
within 5 minutes. Why?
-This.. Because of his
habit of flirting. One minute. Don’t say anything. Didn’t I get you
another producer? Yes I agree. But what happened Anjali is… ..that our Duggi. And his flirtatious nature is
so famous in Ahmedabad that… That not a single heroine
is ready to work with us. Anjali! Do you think I am a flirt? Yes. I have never seen a bigger
flirt than you in my life. But don’t worry.. I am back. I will straighten him in a jiffy. Is it?
-Yes Anjali. You are here for 10-15 days. Neither will he change
nor his habits. He will change. Do you know why?
-Why? Because I have
come back for good. What? Really!
-Yes! Wow. What are you saying? Actually since the past 2 years
I was unable to contact you. Just leave all that. Now we will just enjoy. Anjali is going to stay.. At least you listen to me. Wait I am also coming. Anjali. I actually… Have been waiting for you since
a long time to come back … I am back. Yes. I wanted to tell you something. Go ahead. Sweet jiggery. Ahh jiggery ..
-Yes! Let’s have it.
-That’s it I am on diet. Aunty has laid the table
and Dinner is ready. Come. You wanted to say something. That I… Umm that …
let’s have dinner first and… We could talk later? Ok! Come. No aunty please. I am full.
-Here have some water. Just give me one bed. I think I’ll doze off here. Montu please wash my hands. Get up. Help me sometime atleast pal.. Good night. Good night.
-It was fun aunty. Good night.
-Good night aunty. Bye.
-Bye! Bye.
-Good night. Good night.
-Good night. Hey. I left my phone inside. You go I am coming. What happened Duggi? Anjali actually I…. I want to tell you something. Aunty… Aunty. But.. Shall I tell it tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow we are going
to meet isn’t it? -Yes! We are going to
meet tomorrow right. Good night.
-Good night. Aunty messed up everything. Anjali.
-Yes! She’s back. I will tell you tomorrow. Ok!
-Good night aunty Good night.
-Good night. She is not going… Tomorrow. Good night aunty.
-Good night. Bye.
-Bye! What was she saying? Shall I tell you tomorrow? “Dreams will come true.” “Nights will be bright.” “Dreams will come true.” “Nights will be bright.” “How will those moments
of love be like?” “How will those moments
of love be like?” “How will I live without
you my beloved?” “How will I live without
you my beloved?” “What will happen if you know
what’s there in my heart?” “What will happen if you know
what’s there in my heart?” “Dreams will come true.” “You are there in my
heart my beloved.” “How we fall in love
with each other beloved.” “You are there in my
heart my beloved.” “How we fall in love
with each other beloved.” “How will be our
journey my beloved?” “How will be our
journey my beloved?” “Dreams will come true.” “Nights will be bright.” “How our love will
be my beloved?” What’s up? What will you like to have? Tea or coffee?
-Tea! I’ll also have tea. -What about you?
-Tea! Wait a minute.. tea coffee
can wait before that … I want to tell you
both something. Just a moment. Whatever you want to say but …
-One minute I want to say something. Please don’t interrupt
wait for sometime. No wait I..
-Wait a moment. I won’t give you money for
petrol for your scooter. Guys one minute. First you both decide
among yourself … Whose discussion is more important?
-Mine of course! You shut up ok. I’ll be back in sometime. Decide fast. Three teas and snacks. I want it here when I return. You… What?
-I actually… I want to say something to her.
-What? What? I need to tell Anjali But what?
-Oh you… I want to say I
love you to Anjali. What? Yes.
-Say that again I want to say I love you Anjali. Look Duggi. Listen. You have fooled around big
time so far in your life. And I have even
tolerated all that. You ruined my career too. Me.
-Yes! That also I tolerated. But I will never tolerate
anything regarding Anjali. Buddy this is not a joke. I am serious. You are serious.
-Yes! -You! Yes of course. This is the truth. I want to marry Anjali. Marriage!
-Yes! Duggi! Anjali is not just
any other girl.. So please stop this
flirting of yours. Hence forth don’t you
dare utter her name. But why shouldn’t I
utter her name pal? Listen. The feelings which I
have for Anjali… …are true. Feelings!
-Yes! Please don’t use
the word feelings. Because you don’t know what’s
feelings is all about. For you there is no
entry in her life. No entry!! What do you mean? It means past two years I
have been waiting for Anjali. That no sooner she returns
from America I’ll propose her. What happened? What? You’ve also learnt
to crack jokes eh? Wow.
-This is not a joke Duggi! I am serious and
I will marry her. Look Montu. I love Anjali and I
want to marry her. I will marry Anjali. I will marry Anjali. No I’ll.
-Why? Have you bought the copyrights of
the name Anjali? -Look Duggi! My love is true. Is that so? Great. Your love is true
and mine is fake. I am warning you for the last
time don’t take her name. Or else I will forget
our friendship. What do you mean? What will you do? I am telling you this. And telling the whole world. I used to love Anjali. I am and I will love her
for the rest of my life. Hey you!
-Look Duggi. Anjali is a simple
girl and I love her. And as for you … You change girls the way
you change your clothes. You think you are
worthy of Anjali eh? Whether I am worthy
of her or not… ..who are you to decide that? Right.. who am I? So let us allow Anjali to decide. As to who is worthy of her. Fair enough. And yes. If you are man enough
then don’t propose her. Even I won’t. Agree. But remember one thing. Start counting from today itself. Because right after 30 days… The invitation card of
Anjali and my wedding … …will be in your hand. Please do come okay. Wow.. very confident aren’t you? Then you also start
counting Duggi. Exact after 28 days… There will be mine and Anjali’s
wedding reception. -Is it so? Be there only if you have the
capacity to get us a gift. I won’t need to do that. But yes… even if you come without
a gift for my wedding… I’ll offer you lunch Understood Get lost Guys Why are you both standing? Where are the snacks?
I am hungry What happened? Why are you
both so serious? -Nothing! Forget it What happened to you both? From now our paths are different. What kind of a joke is this? Excuse me! What’s the matter? Nothing.. It’s you… Forget it What’s happened suddenly? Not suddenly!!! A dormant volcano has
erupted after many years But… Please make him understand And what’s happened to you? Anjali I’ll see you later, bye But listen… Stop him. He is your friend. He was. He was my friend It’s not like that anymore that if a
cock does not cluck the sun won’t rise.. The world has changed now Now I’ll teach him what
enmity is all about But we can peacefully sort it out.
-I don’t want to sort it out. But Duggi.. “Please marry me, my beloved”… “Please come out of
the photograph”.. Duggi Where is Montu? How come you are alone? Go and do your work.. That’s what I am doing I am just reminding you that you are
supposed to make me meet a heroine You had told me that day You had promised me You took a book from
me free of cost What? You want to meet a heroine? Who do you think a heroine is? You idiot! Have you ever seen your
face in the mirror? It’s so ugly You fool You want to meet a heroine
with this lousy looking hair You dimwit Just shut up and do your work You idiot You guys are an insult
to the human race dreaming of meeting a heroine.. Get lost from here Stop it Shut up Why are you so excited?
-Oh sir… Here.. have some sweets Why? Have you become a father? Not me.. but you have
-We are still unmarried You’ve won the lottery We must have won Rs.20 20 crores How much?
-20 crores Are you drunk?
-No Tell me the truth!
-I am sure I swear You won the lottery
prize of Rs.20 crores have you checked the numbers properly?
-You won the lottery 20 crore Play music 20 crores Yeah…Yeah… 20 crores 20 crores What would have happen if I
would have wait for sometime? The two people in the city
have gone from rags to riches Today it has been proven that Whenever god gives
he gives aplenty Two people have become
overnight millionaires Don’t miss our special
programme from scrap to palace Yes I know You are sitting in my way Sir Sir..Sir Did you recognise me? Waiter come here Sir! Yes sir Get me one Brinjal juice There is no such juice sir What?
– There is There is.
-But how sir? Crush a brinjal and put
the juice in a glass and cut a little bit of brinjal
and place it like this You got it? Now go Sir. Sir All that is ok but.. What are you doing here? Sir I made a huge blunder sir Ok then get lost from here Sir..Sir Sir I am here to apologise Sir you are like my benefactor Sir Sir please By mistake I insulted you Sir Just like a scarp dealer knows
all about waste material Same way a director has
an ability to spot a hero And today this director
has found his hero sir Whatever But I didn’t understand a thing Let me explain sir To err is human but
to forgive is divine I mean… Now you.. Understood No Come to the point You wanted to meet
a heroin right? Yes Now I got it Now you understood sir
great good come come Hey get up come on get up up up Please be seated sir Sir you have won
the lottery right? So why don’t you
produce a film and… You be the hero of that film Yes sir Just think about it Just assume there is a
long queue of girls with great figure You just have to point a finger And that girl will be the
heroine of your film What do you think? You already started
dreaming eh? Sir. Honeymoon Hey you fool What did you tell me that day?
-What? Idiot, fool, dimwit Come on now forget it sir No there was something more you
said I am trying to remember Sir what I am saying
is leave it -Shut up! Yes, now I remember My hair is lousy My hair looks like
a shredded coconut You were poor at that time What?
-I mean.. Shampoo is now available
in the market That will solve every problem
of your hair – How much? How much? For what?
-For the movie? Oh yes Err what was the prize money? The prize money was…..hey Do you want to make a film or not?
-Yes Sir… I will make a film for
you within 2.5 crores I will make a superb film Please give me one chance sir Please sir I am sure sir.
-2 to 2.5 crores hmmm If you want we could alter
the budget a bit… Why are you walking like this? This is how rich people think…
-Oh okay Then what about the
ones who as for money Sit down on your haunches.. sit Now!
-Come Done.. I’ll give you 3 crores
instead of 2.5.. – 3 crores Thank you sir…I will make an awesome
film sir. -But I have one condition But I have one condition..
shut up First listen to my condition Go ahead I’ll give you the money
on one condition The condition is that… I will marry the girl who will
act as the heroine of this film Ohh that’s no problem
at all.. sir. What? Marry the heroine? Yes You understand? Yes marriage! -Sir.
-One minute Only then the film shall be made Now if you get a heroine who
is willing to marry me… Only then show me your face Now get lost Get lost But sir… Sir your brinjal juice You only drink this juice Are you out of your mind? That Duggi dangled a carrot
and you bit the bait? You don’t understand anything,
Duggi hasn’t dangled anything I have put a condition I will produce the film only if
the heroine agrees to marry me But do you know what will
it cost to make a film? What will you know how much does it
cost to make a new film Mangi babu Get down Yes!
-Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten our
days of poverty? Just because we have the money doesn’t
mean we have to squander it away In fact you have forgotten what had we vowed when
we left our village? We will not return to our village
until we marry a heroine Since 15 years all we have
done is run this scrap shop Yes, but now that we have won the
lottery Therefore I am saying … Even now our mother will
be telling the villagers My Bhiku and Mangi
will come back someday They will marry a
heroine someday Big brother Don’t you wish? That your younger brother
marries a heroine? If heroines were to
marry rich persons Then wouldn’t every rich man
have a heroine as his wife? Then it is the rich people who
are fools not to marry heroines You just tell me one
thing have you ever seen Any heroine having married
a scrap shop owner? Bhiku listen to me.
-You listen to me What’s the use of that money
if we can’t fulfill our dreams where am I refusing
to fulfill dreams? But there is no need to waste
money on making a film Mangi bhai Even if god comes down to
earth and dissuades me … Then too I will make a film Bhiku listen to me Is your dream to make a
film or marry a heroine? To marry a heroine.
-That’s it! I have an idea By which you can
marry a heroine… …and you can save
your money too But how.
-I’ll tell you We will produce a play Plays also have heroines
and we will save money This is called business sense Superb I appreciate your business sense But Maangi bhai Just tell me one thing that have we ever
cut photos of heroines who act in plays.. And pasted those
on our shop walls? No That’s it I have decided Once and for all that I am going
to make a film and only a film If you have made a decision Even
I’ll have to make some decisions too What? If you want to produce
a film then we… We will have to separate
from each other Separate? What did you say? Yes Separate Okay Separate Yes You take your money and
best wishes to you Is it? It has to be like this only Congratulations to
you for your money What is this new thing
you’ve started? You want us to get beaten up We just supply artistes Nothing else Hey listen If you don’t have a girl who
would marry the producer… ..then please don’t
waste my time Get lost We are in need of a girl as in a heroine.. ..who will agree to get married
with the producer If you have a girl like
that then do let me know Hey brother… Please Search for a girl Who’ll agree to
marry the producer Leave me.
-Listen! Maangi you don’t worry I’ll make
him understand. – He will not agree He has totally changed You worked hard and became a
CA (Chartered Accountant) Still have you forgotten
our childhood friendship how can I forget
that friendship? We have been friends
since so many years Right but he has forgotten
that I am his elder brother He has lost his mind
after getting rich Calm down such things happen I’ll talk to him.
-No! You won’t say anything
I’ll speak to him I’ll speak to him in my language I will Now you watch I will produce a play A play And I will show him One doesn’t have to spend crores for what
can be achieved by spending a few Lakhs Only then he will understand That elders are always right Bhairav bhai how are you? My mistake…. Tell me fast , hurry up Where should I sign? Bhiku, forget about
signing ok.. What I am saying is.. What if we produce a play?
-No! I am not interested in
anything other than a film Understand! Let it be. There is no
use of explaining him Handover the papers What I am saying Bhiku Please think it over What are you attempting
is called wasting money I don’t care about losing money But dreams should not be wasted Understood? Papers Please listen to me..
-Papers Give him the papers Give him Where? Mangi When will he come? Look at the time.
-He will come There he is How are you? Come Welcome Congratulations sir
you won the lottery I know that Talk about the work Sir you have to talk about work
since you have called me here Oh of course sit down Sit over there Now tell me … If we want to produce a play How much would it cost? Sir if we put up
a very good play with grandeur It would cost about
4.5 to 5 lakhs grandeur means. Is he some new actor? No Grandeur means with
finery, opulence Opulence, Grandeur How much will it cost if
we make with grandeur Maximum 5 lacs sir Oh! 5 lacs.
-Yes! Sir if we tweak our budget it would
cost upto upto 4 lacs as well No no There is no need to
worry about the budget Go ahead..make it I will give you the money Start working But… I have one condition Condition I can’t make you the hero No, I don’t want
to become the hero Bhairav, hand over the papers Take this Give it to him.
-Take this There is no need
to read everything Most important conditions
are on the last page Are you getting it Yes I am getting it Relax!
-Yes For once you put your shoes
in my legs and see… What are you saying? I mean… Your legs in my shoes Yes And then see the joy Sorry sir, I can’t do this Montu Okay So what do you think about me? Very nice I mean, whatever you
said was very nice I didn’t understand though Could
you say it in Gujarti once again? Oh okay Actually I wanted
to ask you …. What do you think about me? I don’t have any thinking.
-What? After looking at you
my mind doesn’t work So how can I think.
-Oh! Okay okay.. Is it? That’s so cute Have you read the contract? Yes of course Do you have any problem? Take it You and me and me and you I am only scared of
one thing that… You won’t leave me
and go away right? Maangi You don’t worry I am true to my commitment Then please do keep
your peppermint Maangi Commitment Yeah right the same thing..
please don’t forget Of course shall I leave?
-Yes Maangi you look handsome Bye Sir So what do we do now? Let’s sign on the argument What rubbish is he
talking about argument? He is saying argument
instead of agreement Why agreement are you are
you doing with her eh? Get her to sign the argument Where is it? Bring the argument.
-Yes Good you reminded me..
wait I will get it now Bhairav! Bhairav! Walk fast man. She is Miss Anjali,
heroine of our film And my future…
-What? This. This.
-Yes Name and face is same Only the dress is different What I am saying is…
-What? Say it later first give the papers Listen to me… – I Don’t want to
listen to you can’t you understand? What am I giving you a salary for?
Just give me the papers No ifs and buts,
just give the papers Hurry up I am getting late Yes Can I sit?
-Yes please Sir Listen to what I am saying Or else you will be in problem If you don’t give me the papers
you will be in a problem Signature Pen!
-Pen! Pen!
-Sure Get that out Yes Bhiku you have
signed the contract I will make the film too But won’t let your marriage
happen with Anjali Good, everything
got done properly But.. I just wanted to ask you one
thing Miss Anjali. -Yes You won’t go back to America
without informing me right? Bhiku.
-Not at all I am true to my commitments Oh my god She speaks the same dialogues!! Why are you interrupting? Err… he is a bit..
you know.. err No problem can we leave now? Yes Your shirt is fantastic Bye Bhiku Bye I’ll just see her off Bhairav Anjali and I will be a
great couple right? Wonderful Like Shahrukh and Kajol Madhuri and Anil Sister-in-law and brother-in-law Yes Sister-in-law
and brother-in-law What?
-What do you mean by what? The contract which you have
just signed with Anjali… Your brother Mangi too has signed a
similar contract with this same Anjali What are you saying? Exactly what you are hearing Now you just have
to direct the play Will you do that or
you have a problem? This means you’ve
found a heroine? What about that marriage
clause in the contract? Yes it’s all done Then I don’t have any
problem to direct the play But.
-But! I mean… I need to take an
audition of the heroine Audition means I need to check I have to see if that girl who has
accepted your marriage proposal Knows how to act or not? As a director whatever you want to check,
whatever addiction you want to do, you can Audition not addiction Yes whatever She will be here any moment.
-Where is she? She is in the washroom When will she come? Come Anjali Madam Director sir is here to see you How much time? There she is Hi sir Anjali you here… I am very big fan sir Very big fan sir I mean I am so lucky that I
am the heroine of your play But have you read the contract?
-Yes about the marriage…
-Don’t worry! He is telling me the story We will sort out amongst
ourselves later on Can we meet after sometime? I am in hurry Shall I leave?
-Ok Please relax and calm down Bye Bye Mangi Bye!
-Bye Montu Bhai How is she? Now start the work
as soon as possible Montu Bhai Start the work as
soon as possible This is not puppet show You are playing with your life.
-Montu! Whoa Whoa..
You will ruin my career You are bothered only about your career?
What about me? Anjali.. this is the first
film of my career.. One minute if you want to
leave the film then go ahead Right isn’t it? You… Tell me one thing Why did you sign the film and
the play at the same time? Yes So what? What do you mean so what?
– Thank you! They can take legal action As per the contract what if you
have to marry both the guys? But listen to me You understand You do one thing You leave the play And cancel that contract
I’ll handle everything… Why will she leave the drama.
-One minute If you want to leave
the film then do it And if you want to leave
the play then go ahead Because I am going to do both,
the film as well as the play Anjali you listen to me you
have signed both the contracts One minute guys You both know very well I am true to my commitments Your commitment… Hello
-Hello Duggi.
-Mangi sir! Hello Montu Miss Anjali has
signed my contract But she has signed
Mangi’s contract as well Miss Anjali has signed
Bhiku’s contract as well I will handle it.
-Now what to do? Anjali will marry me Anjali will not marry me Anjali will not marry me She will not.. She will not.. Maangi! Who told you to come here?
-Silence please! Get lost from here I haven’t come here to
express my brotherly love I am warning you…
forget Anjali Anjali is not a dream
that I can forget her Anjali is my future spouse That’s called ‘wife’ in English Am I right Bhairav?
-Yes! What right? Wife…
-Shut up! Anjali is your sister-in-law
Have some shame Thought he is my brother so I gave him
his share of money and parted ways But no, he still wants
to mess up my life I will ruin your life… ..if you ever say that
Anjali is my sister-in-law I am ashamed to call
you my elder brother Bhairav these lowly scrap dealers
will always remain scrap dealers As if you are Emperor
Akbar’s offspring Hey..
-Silence please! You won’t find any solution
by fighting with each other What I am saying is… – You shut
up, this mess is all because of you! Because of me! Yes you, now don’t
make an innocent face Couldn’t you have put
a clause in the agreement.. ..that Anjali can marry
with only one person? How was I to know that Anjali
would sign both the contracts? I am a C.A.(Chartered
Accountant) not an astrologer Then you should have
studied astrology It would have been helpful This C.A. qualification
is useless If we throw money, there will be a line
of so many B.A. pass C.A.s like you Get lost from here we
don’t want your help what are you staring at?
just get lost from here Take this and eat at home Oh yes! You guys will manage to read your
own contracts by yourself right? You know how to read right?
Then it is okay Umm actually… It’s not that you
are totally useless We need a little
bit help of yours Great Mangi, great What were you saying? Bhiku has changed
after getting rich But for what have
you lost your mind? For Anjali!
-What? I have won the same lottery
as he has, so I have changed So what do you want
to say to that? Fatso And mark my words Bhiku Let the world go topsy-turvy,
it is only I who will marry Anjali Now this Bhiku will make
the world topsy-turvy I am going to marry Anjali Hey! Do you want to come with me
or have you felt very bad? Yes Means you have felt very bad? No I am coming with you Okay then sit Hello friends! So this play is
about one girl… When the father says… She is my son not my daughter She doesn’t like it Exactly! The way you all got shocked… …the audience will
react like wise But why is that daughter
is reacting like this? Because she is proud
to be a woman Wow Nice thought And the daughter’s
role in this play… …Will be performed by Anjali Nice thought Very nice story!
-Thanks! But… Montu may I ask you one question?
-Yes sure! Whatever you have written… you actually believe in
it or it’s just for the play? Anjali, I only write
what I believe in Anjali! Anjali! Mangi sir What happened? Are you Anjali? No!
– Then move aside Hi!
-Hi! You come here What are you upto? You have signed 2
wedding contracts And that too with real brothers That’s all? Are you upset with this? Yes! What Mangi! This is just a small thing Yes You know I am true
to my commitments I know that’s why I am worried What?
-I mean… What I want to ask you is… Will you marry me or Bhikhu? You are too much Maangi Already you are behaving
like this with me What will you do after
the marriage? -No! Oh my god! Please don’t cry Please don’t cry How will I concentrate on my
work if you behave like this? I thought you… I never thought
you’d be like this It’s all my fault Please don’t cry -That’s fine! Okay! -But… I promise you that… Till the day this
play is not over… I’ll not discuss
about our marriage Are you happy? Thank you You work hard Maangi this really suits you Montu Bhai!
-Yes sir You start preparation
for your drama I am sorry, I should leave I am going. -Yes Hurry up Good bye.
-Good Bye! Bye-Bye!
-Bye! Anjali come on Bye Which idiot has kept
a door in the way? Good morning Sir Who is he? Sir, he is Stapler, assistant
director of the film Yeah ok, whatever…but… Where is she ? Who she ?
-That… Heroine! Where is Anjali madam? She will directly
meet you on the floor Yes sir Such a big heroine goes to the flour mill
to get herself some dough? What rubbish is he talking? Come here, come here Come fast Go to Anjali’s place And buy her flour mill machine Go go fast Sir..Sir..One minute sir! Sir this is not that flour
mill which you are thinking this is not that flour mill The place where we
will be shooting… That place is called floor.
Understand! Do you think I am fool? But if Anjali and I don’t
spend time together then…. How will our mistry work? How? Sir are you in need
of some furniture ? Sir you just concentrate
on the film But.. You are a director and
don’t know about mistry What kind of a film
will you make? Here, let me show you What is mistry? Anjali and I will like this… ..Look into each other’s eyes…
Keep this away ! Looking into each
others eyes and… It’s called chemistry
not mistry Sir Sir is talking about chemistry Yes exactly Chemistry So arrange my meeting
with Anjali today itself Ok sir When will she come? She must be coming any moment There she is sir She has come I saw her now you go from here Go from here don’t you
want to make the film? I will call you. You go Hi!
-Please be seated Can I get you something? No you sit, the waiter
will take the order Oh yes.. I am all excited ..
I mean.. err.. So.. Why did you call me here? What will you like to have? Just a minute… Where is the guy wearing
a black waistcoat? Please walk fast Hello sir. Hello madam Please take her order I will have one orange juice.
-Great Good One curd juice Curd juice Sorry there is no curd juice.
-Why not? If there is orange juice, mango juice
then why can’t there be curd juice Go and bring it fast There is no such type of juice.
-Why not? Everywhere it’s
available why not here? Call your manager I’ll talk to him.
-Buttermilk Buttermilk! Look how smart she is That’s why she is going to
be my film’s and my heroine Buttermilk.
-Buttermilk! Go and get it fast
note it down later Go and bring fast you know how it is err… So… Why have you called me here?
-For marriage! No I mean how should I ask you? So you want to discuss
about marriage? No. umm.. I want to kiss you!
-What? No I mean kiss.. kiss… What? We will make a film right? Yes or no? Of course Of course we will
-I mean… So a film has those scenes
you know.. like.. -What? Kissing… What?
– Only if the director suggests Then we may have
to do such scenes So we… Will do it or the camera
itself will do it? Bhiku This thing about
kissing scenes is… Something we will come to know
only after we start the film Is that so?
-Yes! So tell me when are we
going to start the film? Duggi! Sir! -Duggi!
-What? What happened sir?
Why are you shouting? Search heaven and hell, scour
my entire scrap shop.. But today I want
to hear the story I want to hear the story
hear the story, that’s it But Sir, if you hear it three
times It will take very long Hey! You haven’t even told me once and
you are talking about 3 times I want to release my
film before Mangi’s play Will you narrate the
story or should I leave? Sir! Sir! I am telling you I mean… Yes sir There’s’ a rich
father’s rich daughter And a son who belongs
to a poor family No, no, no… How can the hero be poor? He has won the lottery right? Hero should always be
from a rich family Sir you have a point-
note it down.. Yes sir You have a point sir I got it sir Sir actually it’s like
this, there is a hero Stop it, cut it Can’t you see I am
narrating the story Non sense Sir… So the story goes like this … A millionaire father’s son
who is also a millionaire He arrives in his
big imported car After that the door of that car Opens like this After that… Hold it… Is the second door spoilt? No sir Even that opens.. Like this He goes to his father
with his marksheet And proclaims ‘Pappa… I have failed in
my examinations’ Had he been an ordinary
father, he would get furious But here it’s about
a millionaire father So his father gets
happy and elated and holds his son’s arm and takes him in
front of their ancestor’s photographs And he says son… You have maintained our
family’s tradition of failing Wow Go my son go Go travel wherever you want to Dwarka, Somnath,
Porbander, Mahuwa Morbi go and enjoy But when will the heroine come Where is the heroine? She is right there sir Hero is sitting in the
train for Porbander The train has just started And there comes our
heroine running Because she wants to
catch the same train Why? has she failed
her exams as well? Please don’t interrupt me man I mean please relax and
listen to the story sir Please calm down and
listen to the story After that… The hero extends his hand towards the
heroine and pulls her into the train And both of them hug each other What happened sir? -Fantastic! Fantastic story! I don’t care whatever scenes
you keep in the film This scene is to
be kept for sure Just note this down ok Definitely sir I’ll keep this scene Sir.. Listen to the story further… And after that… They fall in love
with each other Now the story
catching steam really And then they get separated
because of some reasons No, no ways Why separation? No, no.
-But sir… But sir you know there
is a villain… No!
-It’s like this Just for sometime sir.
-For sometime! Only for sometime Just note down for sometime only for sometime Further! Again they meet and become one Isn’t this a big thing sir? And after that… Happy Ending Your story is fantastic
it’s really wonderful Great! So now give a title to this
film, I have to inform Anjali To Anjali… Yes we have to give a title Let’s decide I got it I got the title Film maker will
take away the bride What? Film maker will
take away the bride And the guys making the
play will be left watching Yes But isn’t it too long ? It’s too long a name..
-Sir! There is no need to
write the second line That’s to be said in the mind Is it so? Don’t you want to teach
a lesson to Mangi? Yes! -That’s it This name is perfect Film maker… What comes after that? Bride! Yes Film maker will take
away the bride! Tell me what is the definition
of woman according to you ? But this line is not
mentioned in the script Oh I am really very sorry.
-Ask? Ask By mistake I ask in a flow,
shall we begging from beginning? No you ask Okay Tell me what is the definition
of woman according to you ? Woman Woman means woman Mother, wife, daughter, sister Sister-in-law or grandmother… All these are various
labels given to a woman Titles But.. For me before anything… A woman is a human being
in the first place Who should have all
the freedom to think She should not be
counted as a liability She is not a burden… That a father is relieved off
once he has gotten her married She is not a machine That her entire life
all she has to do is find.. ..her husband’s kerchief,
socks, toothpaste et al She too has feelings But after raising her
kids all her life… By washing their
diapers constantly Her feelings too get washed away along with the diapers If you ask me before
judging a woman… It’s important to consider
her as a human being first Wow Montu it’s too good Sir this is not in the script Yes sir Mangi Again you thought of
something isn’t it? No I mean… After you’ve told me once I am
not thinking about anything You are just too cute One minute hold it sir
I’ll show you how You are in the bus right Bus is moving Same time heroine is running
behind the bus to catch it Right What will you do? Come near the door… Hold the handle with one hand and
give the other hand to the heroine As soon as you give your hand… She will grab it and then you
pull her right into the bus The moment you pull
her into the bus… You both will be very
close to each other At that very time
there will be a jerk And when you feel the jerk And you will like… You will hold her
like this and… Oh I am the hero Actually I… Can we do this scene here once We will do it at the time of shooting.
-At least once I… Don’t waste the time
get the shot ready Roll camera And action Mr. Driver Please drive slowly.
-Cut! Who is this idiot interrupting in between.
-Me! It’s my mistake It’s my mistake No problem sir we will
will go for one more take And action Mr. Driver please drive slowly Cut! Who is this idiot interrupting
in between again. -Me! It’s me But..
-It’s me! Is it necessary to call me
names please don’t shout Speak softly I won’t repeat this again Okay sir Action Stop the bus, stop! Stop the bus, stop! Come…come! Cut! You are messing up
the scene horribly Me?
-Yes you! Is she your daughter? You are calling her like a
father would call his little kid Me father?
-Yes you! You… How many times should I go for re-takes?
-Sorry, my mistake, my mistake! I am really very sorry!
– What? One minute You go and stand under the
tree, else you will get tanned Go and give her some water What I am saying is.. Director sir, you have done
the scene very well. -I know Do something about
this bus please I feel very dizzy
when the bus moves I feel like vomiting Sir if this bus gets dirty we
will have to pay extra -Shut up Come Bhiku sir come,
yeah hold that Yes Had I been in your place… I would have jumped out of
the running bus for Anjali I would have actually jumped
down from the running bus But you won’t be able to do this I will change the scene Action Oh you got down from the bus? Hey stop the bus… Felling very dizzy.
-No problem. Why the hell are you making
a mess out of the scene? Who messed up? You or I? Just when I was about to hold her hand
and jump into the bus.. shouted cut and messed it all up. What can’t you understand
a simple scene? How many times should
I go for re-take? Shut up.
-You… It’s such a simple scene You just have to
stand at the door As Anjali comes grab her hand and
pull her in the bus that’s it You go and sit under the shade or
else your skin will get tanned Go and get water
for her please go Listen to what I am saying I can’t do this It won’t work I am
felling too dizzy Then I will change the scene What is this? everytime you
say you’ll change the scene You are the director,
find some solution What? -Please listen to me We will try something new I have an idea listen Make Anjali stand in the bus And I will run behind the
bus instead of Anjali What rubbish are you talking?
-Don’t interrupt please listen to me And after that… Anjali will pull me into the bus And after that, we have to
just do this thing right? I will do that scene Got it We can do this… Wow Bhiku great Sir
-I was waiting for you to call me sir… Superb idea I will explain this to Anjali
and will be right back I am feeling like vomiting
I am taking rest over here What? What kind of a film you want to
make with these stupid scenes? A Hit film You don’t worry about this I will handle everything Just concentrate on your acting Okay Get some lime juice
for Bhiku sir Cut it! Great Bhiku caught
the bus, superb Bhiku Sir!
-What? It’s already cut!
-Why? It’s good that the morning scene
got completed before evening You took a lot of time though Thank you. -yes you.. But you acted very well Finally you did a good job.. Now you got the hang
of a shooting right? Let me explain to you
the scene for now Heroine is fasting
due to Karwa Chauth She is hungry since
morning and… You will go with a plate of food And then feed her
from that plate You got it? -Ready! Did you understand? Ready! Excuse me ! Ready? Then say something ! If I say anything,
you start abusing me What do I say then? what do you mean….aarrrgh Hey you… Is the set up ready?
-Yes it’s ready! Come on let’s go for a take And action You have kept a fast for me in
honor of Goddess Santoshi ma? Cut That’s not Santoshi Ma
it’s Karva chauth fast In Gujarat there’s no
Karva chauth (fasting) Over here popular Goddesses are
Santoshi Ma, Parvati, Dasha Ma Whatever it is, but in all films
there is only Karva chauth fast Come on once again Let it be.
-Okay! Come on. -Yes! Action! Dialogue! Speak What have you kept for me?
-Cut! Oh you.. Why are you asking her? But… Let’s do it again.
-Yes. Action Cut Say the dialogue man… Well errr, I forgot my lines because
a mosquito went into my mouth Hey stapler stand here with a big sheet
of paper with the dialogue written on it.. that he can read it That’s won’t work Why?
-Look at that crow! How can there be
crows in the night? I fooled you yayyy Then remember the dialogue Yes Remember the dialogue Okay?
-Yes! Come on action Action!
-Hey! Heyyy, I have to say action What is all this?
-No problem. Say What brings you here? I am not getting a break pal I am not getting a break I have heard that you
are making a film? So I am here for a role Hey! Just give me a role please Duggi !! You sit and have some snacks I will complete
this scene and come Isn’t it fun? -Get up! Why are you lolling
around like a puppy? I was waiting for you to
finish your conversation Give me the mike Throw it Action No Next time do it properly okay This Bhiku… Bhiku you… Oh Bhiku sir… If we work like this.. We will not complete the
film even after three years Do you want to complete this
film before Mangi’s play or not? I am in a bigger hurry than you But I have never seen these lights
and stuff before you see… What should I do? My friend.. you just
feel from within What do you mean? Bring some emotions One girl has kept a
fast for her beau She is hungry since morning And her beau is feeding her Get those emotions You got it? I will bring the emotions later
-Bring them out! No no.. Emotions I’ll get them later,
first I’ll get those feelings out Done But there’s one problem. -What? What if the dialogues
are altered a bit? No problem! -Good Will do no problem.
-Okay! But emotions, that feel Yes sure Action That I will say Yes Action You remained hungry for me?
-Yes For my sake? May Dasha Ma keep you happy Santoshi ma keep you contended Jogni Ma give you a long life May God fulfill all your wishes You kept a fast for me, I’ll
appease all Gods for you What? Superb!! cut it Superb, pack up! Hey, What are you doing here? Sir, now I’ll be with you for 24 hours
-Yes, but why? Director has told me Just so that you don’t
go out of the character Didn’t you see what happened today?
-Yeah ok, now don’t act too smart You keep your hands together Shift inside But is Anjali here?
She hasn’t come in right? Guys sorry Sorry I am late.
-Please don’t say sorry We were just waiting for you This is not done Anjali What is this? First of all fix your timing Sorry The thing is everyone here gets
tired just waiting for you Mood gets spoilt!! No no, nothing of
that sort happens The real fun begins
when you come here One minute Shall I finish my conversation
with her? -But… I got delayed because the shooting
packed up late over there Yes, there On the film set, right? Only the film people are working,
we are here for just timepass, right? We all are free,
we can wait, right? If you give any commitment
then do try and stick by it Miss Anjali Pandya But… I was not getting a rickshaw
somehow I managed to get one To top it I was stuck in the traffic
and I have said sorry.. many times should I apologise? Stop Anjali will not be
late from tomorrow You and me…
– Very good sir Me and you
-It’s perfect sir! What are you doing there? the
reversible is happening over here Yes sir You and me… Me and you… Let me go sir Sir please let me go Sir I am not Anjali madam You only said that director has
asked me to remain in character So I am doing
reversible of the scene Rehearsal sir Rehearsal..
-That’s what I am doing Tomorrow I have to
do a romantic scene Sir please don’t to this with me Sir please let me go Hey good morning. Hi Yes Good morning, come Montu!
-Yes! What’s the time? It’s 8.55 am Oh we are before time Yes!
-Very good Now let’s begin.
-One minute From now on everything
will be on time Is it so?
-Yes one minute Give me the keys From today this car
belongs to you What? I can’t take this Please don’t say anything Because if anyone says
anything to you… ..I can’t tolerate it Is it over Shall we start the rehearsal? Come on Anjali Come on sir Bye Sit down and talk. Sit down… Ohh remove this from here Yes Duggi!
-Sir! Last night I haven’t
slept at all Shall I pack up then?
-No, not at all Didn’t you tell me about
the romantic scene So I was rehearsing that scene Full night I did
rehearsals and I got… That… That… That what collects inside Plastic bags!
-No That feel..
-Yes feel Very good sir Look at me very carefully I’ll show you how
I’ll do the scene.. Yes sir!
-Look at me very carefully My hand is in Anjali’s hand I am looking into her eyes She.. me.. Got it Where is he?
-I am here I am here what happened about
the contract? I was awake the
whole night but.. You didn’t get the
contract right? What did I send you for..
-But sir… Only if Bhiku sir had slept I
could have stolen the contract But I had sent you… But this guy kept me awake the
whole night doing rehearsals Fine He will sleep tonight Romantic scene cancel We will do action scene.
-But sir… No but I want everything ready
within half an hour Got it? exactly half an hour No move it.. fast I have to do romance, see I
even wore this flowery shirt I don’t want make up In this scene hit him real hard Just bash him up Got it everybody What can I do Duggi
sir has told me Duggi what is this
action, fight and all Duggi! I am in a romantic mood And I can’t control it.
-Sir! You don’t do romance today,
you do something thrilling By doing a fight scene.
-Understand! Fight scene I am in a mood for romance Sir we directors also
have a mood right? I am here , here He has been bothering
me since morning Don’t touch me Please go from here Please go from here How dare you touch him, Bhikhu?
-No no! Calm down He is the producer I am not getting a break pal You make a good film Great Sorry sir I am not getting a break You make a good film ok? I am not getting a break
Break… It’s Ok Start the shooting Sorry sir Apply some make up on sir Sir Action They are hitting me Duggi..Duggi, cut! Cut, Duggi!
-Come here They are really hitting me No need to fight in real No need to fight in real Hit him very hard.
-What did you say? Don’t hit him really Don’t hit seriously.
-Have you heard? Don’t hit seriously,
take him away No please take him away Oh sir they will not hit you Bhiku you are excellent Sir Sir shall we re-take? Very good come on roll sound All the best.
-Well done Roll camera, action They are again
actually hitting me Duggi Duggi What happened? That’s blood What are you guys doing? “Every time my heart beats” “And says make me yours” “On the door of your heart
my feelings do knock knock” “Exchange our heart
in this love story” “Without that night
is not complete” “Without that heart is empty” “It’s intoxication is like that” “Without that heart is empty” “Fill my heart” “Bring me in your dream” “Every time my heart beats” “And says make me yours” “I like you that I told you” “You also like me tell me” “If you are with me then
everything is good” “If you are with
me then it’s fun” “Your togetherness
is like magic” “If you are with me then
my heart is uncontrollable” “I wait for your smile” “I am crazy for your sweet look” “Come tell me” “And say make me yours” “Every time my heart beats” “And says make me yours” “Every time my heart beats” “And says make me yours” It all happened because of me
– Duggi.. Don’t worry sir
everything is perfect Sir you won’t believe, we have 300
cinemas and 150 hoardings will be put up Please listen to me sir I have already given an
application for tax free Now will you listen to me?
-Yes! Look at this Great Invitation card for VVIPs eh? Superb Sir Read it carefully Okay Chiranjivi Mangilal Into brackets Mrs. Bhagu bai and
Mr. Bhavarlal Bhujalal. What type of name is this? Will marry Chiranjeevi’s Anjali
into brackets U.S. return You want to read it all? Don’t you get it? this is Anjali and
Mangi’s marriage invitation card What? Now what? What are you thinking?
What do we do now? Sir What if we put up hoardings in your case
Instead of getting wedding cards printed? But the size should be bigger Anjali Anjali!
-What happened mom? What’s all this my child? Mummy all this is
a publicity stunt But Anjali… The film is on release so such
things are bound to happen Leave all this, we have to go for
the premiere so go and get ready Go Go and get ready soon Yes Montu! Where are you Anjali? It’s time for the show Yes I am coming Bhiku sir Watch the film Hey Bhiku! Great Duggi What a great film you’ve made Duggi if you have a producer
with this type of a contract And wants to marry,
then I have two girls Get lost from here Thank you.
-Sir! -Ya. From where did you get the idea
of making such a hit film? Well It’s like a hit film is not made Once you start
making the film… It progresses on the right
path and becomes one Sir..Sir..
-Yes Is the hero and producer of this film,
Mr. Bhikhu, really going to marry Anjali? Or is it just a publicity stunt? Well Excuse me.
-Sir Let him leave I will give you the answer,
this is the truth This is not publicity stunt The marriage will take
place as per the contract Again I am saying this
is not publicity stunt The marriage is for
sure clap everyone Good It means people only want to
speak about woman empowerment But you don’t want to give
the rights to anyone Uncle please tell me… If I want to marry
as per my own wish What’s wrong with that? But this is an age old tradition
carried on since years The groom’s side comes to the
bride’s home with all guests But uncle this is
a good thing… That you are getting a chance
to change the tradition Sorry uncle And you.. won’t you
say something? You are here to make
me your wife right? Will you remain silent? I have no objections I am with you Please do come with your
guests to our place.. And yes When you come I will be waiting there to
personally welcome one and all Superb This is called a perfectionist Who said it’s just in bollywood He is my friend This is called real drama Wow Montu (Regional prayers)… Wow Montu Bhai what a play!!!
super hit!!! Look at the audience reaction!
they are loving it Thank you sir This was my dream which
has been fulfilled today Audience is clapping and
giving a standing ovation We have worked so hard
and with dedication It has to be successful Now with the same dedication
please get me married (Regional prayers) Anjali! -Anjali! Why are you shouting her
name once I have called her I will call my Anjali
the way I want Anjali! -She will
not come like this Come here (Door bell sound) Anjali! -Anjali! Oh!! Anjali you’ve
become so old? Hey I am Anjali’s mother Mother-in-law.
-Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law.
-Anjali please come here 2 dogs I mean 2 crazy guys have come Give me your blessings Hey hello!! You both hello You still in your pajamas? Go and get ready fast,
it’s our marriage today Hey not your wedding,
I am marrying her She signed my contract first I saw her first So I’ll marry her I’ll marry her, No. I’ll marry
her, me, me.. -One minute You both have the
contract right? Yes So you guys first
bring the contract Shall we talk after that ? -Ok! But you don’t go anywhere ok It’s my house I will
not go anywhere I am coming with the contract Mother-in-law, Good bye. Give your blessing please Good bye Hello Bhairav Food is ready, it will
be served in an hour Ok, please serve it, go ahead Listen to me,
remember that day… Is there a problem?
-Yes there is a problem The contract is missing.
-What? Mangi Hey Where is the contract Mangi? Bhairav you stay away from
this -Where is the contract? You thought you will steal my
contract and get married to Anjali And I will sing and
dance at your wedding? Maangi the cheater,
Maangi the cheater!! This means even your
contract has been stolen? Mangi’s contract is also missing He has stolen my contract And now wants to blame me and
quietly get married to Anjali I know you very well Maangi give me the contract
or else I will kill you You are a lowly thief I have tolerated you since
childhood, but now it’s enough I have just gotten this sharpened -You
don’t need sharpness to use a sword You need to be a brave heart Grandma, both the
uncles are fighting Bhikhu Maangi No Hey you idiots What are you doing? When you both were small that
time you did lots of mischief From pulling down each other’s knickers.. ..I am seeing you both pull out
swords against each other Great!! very good Mangi you used to wipe your
brother’s nose with your shirt Now you want to
just wipe him off? But mom, he has stolen my contract.
-Shut up Don’t talk in between You guys got money but no brains Instead of all this your scrap
business was much better There is no need to marry any heroine
Let’s go back to our village No mother no,
that day has come to fulfill the vow.. ..we had taken while leaving the village I will definitely make
Anjali your daughter-in-law These guys have lost their
mind by watching so many films Only one of you can
get married right? The other one will be left out He will be the one left out -No You!
-You… Give me this sword,
I say give me It won’t look good if you commit
suicide using a sword in this age Are you mad? I am not talking about killing
myself, I want to kill these two I am trying to make them understand
but they are just not understanding I will be at peace only
after I have killed them Give me that sword -Yes give Hey you don’t add fuel to fire.- We are
just acting, she will actually kill us It will be good then The reason you both are
willing to kill each other Think about that Try and understand the main plot The point is find Montu and Duggi Then you will get Anjali, your contract
and wedding, everything will be solved So why didn’t you tell it
like this, you hippopotamus Grandma! – This is
all because of you Don’t talk in between Mangi bhai Shall we do it once more? Yes Bhikhu Let’s do it Lakhan, Makhan, Ratan Hey, where is the contract? I can’t understand
what’s going on here? Why have you brought
us here like this? Duggi You will give me the
agreement or your life? Bhiku sir I have not stolen you contract I went to your house to
steal the contract but… But I failed Okay…. so Duggi failed Then Montu passed… I am sure Montu has
stolen the contract… You have stolen the
contract isn’t it? I will let you go if you
return the contract I wouldn’t steal the
contract Mangi sir I will directly ask you for it Forget it Forget it Forget about the contracts We want to marry Anjali Let’s just remember
that much only Bhiku sir I mean… Like me the two of you also
didn’t get the contract Right? What am I saying since so long? Now both of you may
do whatever you want Then too you both won’t be able
to get married with Anjali Hey expiry date You dream of Anjali with this
buffalo like face of yours? You fool.. I just dangled the wedding carrot
and fooled you into funding my film And I had decided to
steal the contract And Bhiku will get nothing But now look Contract is missing on its own Have you seen your
face in the mirror? You brinjal What was the last thing you said?
it was very nice You brinjal Hey What is all this? Why are you hitting them? -They
have stolen the contracts? You want the contracts right? Stapler Here.. This is your contract
and this one is yours You both just want to
get married right? Come on!
-Anjali! What are you doing? Leave me Montu Anjali Have you lost your mind? What are you upto? You both just shut up Because there is no difference
between them and you you both also wanted to
marry me like them right? How did you know that? Whatever happened in
the cafe that day… I know everything about it These two are mere scarp dealers But I didn’t expect this
from the two of you Yes, but we have won the lottery now…
-Enough, quiet Today no one will speak anything These two have known
me very recently But you both know me
since so many years Forget it Who am I trying to
speak sense with? Bhiku and Mangi I am sorry I cheated you both for the
sake of these two guys I played with your feelings So now I will get married
with both of you And that’s my punishment No Anjali Leave me.
-Anjali Anjali I really love you Duggi Even I love you But as a friend I can’t understand that… If two boys can be friends Then one girl and a boy
can’t be just friends? You boys are willing to
do anything for a friend But when it comes to do
something for a girl… Is it necessary that she
should be your lover? Can’t you do anything
for a female friend? I came back here for our friendship
I came back for the two of you But I didn’t get anything Actually it’s not your fault People’s mentality
has become like that You guys please understand We don’t want reserved seats
in local trains and buses We don’t want 33% representation
in the parliament We don’t want sympathy,
we want equality When we go out wearing
a short dress We don’t want dirty looks we
want a clean attitude towards us I don’t know When will this physiological
change happen? Anjali I truly love you I understand Montu True love happens Even I had fallen in love When I was in the US That’s it We were about to marry But somehow it didn’t work out That’s why I came back I tried speaking to you
guys so many times… Even in the cafe that day I
wanted to tell you this only But there you both
started fighting for me Did you bother to ask me even once how
did I spend those two years in the US? You both were only
bothered about yourselves I can understand about these guys,
they are uneducated Wait a minute, just a minute You spoke a lot
-Now can I say something? We are scrap dealers,
not educated… But we are also human beings Since years we have seen only one dream
that of getting married to a heroine Now You may call it our stupidity or
obsession but we both saw the dream But today we understood that … Feelings are more important
than dreams or obsession We.. We are uneducated people We can’t do manipulation
like you big people Damn…In this flow of feelings
and emotions.. ..we got broken into tiny bits right? Our dreams shattered we lost money Now she’s gone too We got taken for
a ride isn’t it? Say Sitaram
-Sitaram With what face shall we
go back to our village? Bhiku You will go with this same face What do you mean?
-This Duggi will do something I will help you realise your dream
-Now? Now what are you upto exactly? I will explain you Stapler!
-Yes sir! – Come here Now if you find such a producer If he wants to marry
then let me know There are two girls who are
ready to sign such a contract Regional Prayers… Anjali Yes!
-It’s like… I am not worthy of even
saying sorry to you But if it’s possible
then please forgive me Whatever you did
for my career… I will be indebted
to you all my life I didn’t understand your friendship I am sorry. Leave it now
– What did you in the end? I am sorry Very good That second time sorry
was on my behalf Even I… Actually… I… I am sorry Wow Hey Montu bhai Duggi bhai Now you guys have become
very big directors Please get one picture
clicked with us will you? Anjali madam you
stand next to me.. No.. what I mean is… We are not going
to be together now But at least in the picture we
could be next to each other eh? I have the original , but just
for the photo you know… Come on lets have one photograph Ready!
-One minute Ready! “There are lots of
frauds in this world” “Let it be … just
don’t say anything “There are lots of
frauds in this world” “Let it be… just don’t say anything “This is how the world moves on”.. “Sometimes it moves straight
and at times haywire” “This is how the
world moves on”.. “Sometimes it moves straight
and at times haywire” “world keeps doing drama” “Making a fool out of everyone” “By conning one and all” “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Be it a big scam
or minor fraud” “Everyone has a lil
secret in his life”… “Ask us just how our
life is going on” “We survive by doing
small and big con” “Tit for Tat” “We are the way we are” “Everyone runs away from
us be it young or old” “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Here only problems and
lots of chaos works” “Truth doesn’t survive
only falsehood works” “If we play some con games
only then we get some fruits” “One who is simple, straight
and nice only sits and broods” “Be it a priest or a saint, its
only money they want to gain” “Whoever these days keeps
their dreams small” “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”… “Pol Pol Polam Pol”…

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