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Rubbish ! what will happen shouting “anti pastic” “anti plastic” all the time ? Almost everything is made of plastics Even we do brush with plastic in morning Every year 1 trillion single used plastic bags are made Pen, that is often called ‘Mightier than Swords’, are made of plastics Most of the foods, that we eat, are sold in packets, which is also made of plastics Globally 1 million plastic bottles are sold in a minute From drinking water to cold drinks But the fate counts it all 46% plastics are used only once 190 million tons of food packets are wasted every year Hey bro ! Everything that you are drawing, after all it comes from a plastic pen. Huh ! Your are telling me this ! You know, if I pull out your plastic(fiber) lenses you can’t even count the fingers of my hand We have found a way to recycle these into sheets We have used heat and temperature which we have moulded this into whatever design we require

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