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Hi my name is Reg Wilkins and today we’re
going to be speaking a little bit about developing one twenty film. One twenty or two and a quarter
square is a film format for still photography. It was introduced by Kodak for their Brownie
number two in 1991. Processing one twenty film is a little more tricky than processing,
say, thirty five millimeter film because of its width. When it comes to loading the film
onto the spools, care has to be taken as you thread the film onto the spool because it
has a tendency to buckle and it causes, it’s called half mooning in the film. So, as you
practice you become more expert in loading this film. Once the film is loaded onto the
spool, then you would put in on into either one of these small processing cannisters or
tanks, or they would be, if there was more than one roll you would place it into a basket
which would contain even up to, say, thirty rolls of film. Once having placed it into
the cannisters or into the basket, where the chemicals would be and you would be shaking
it to mix up the chemicals and make sure that the film is thoroughly coated with the chemicals
and no air bubbles prevent development of the film.

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  1. what the hell are these expertvillage videos for? maybe it would be more appropriate if they were named "talking and talking about (title of the video)"

  2. A video on how to load 120 film would have been far more useful.

    It seems that the idiots have left their villages and just formed their own.

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