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Hello. Do you work?
– Yes. We don’t have jobs, will that do? You couldn’t find a job in 5 years. Why are your marks so low? Sorry, your talent isn’t enough. None of your answers are good enough. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Vasu, I got a job.
– Oh, really? Yes. I went for that selection
for constables. And I got it. Come on. Go to school. I won’t go to school. If you don’t go to school,
you’ll become like him. Come on. Come on.
– I won’t. Sir, going to look for a job.
How nice. Sorry, uncle. I tried to stop him,
but he didn’t listen. Uncle.. Vasu hasn’t eaten either. I wonder what brand it was. I still have a hangover. How about some buttermilk? It’s okay if you don’t want it. There were some
pancakes at my bedside. Did Chinu keep it there? Sir! Lend me 100 rupees..I’ve
to buy application form. I don’t have it. Don’t lie.
I am sure you got paid yesterday. I can’t give it to you Why? “The opposition
created a ruckus over..” My wish. “..due to which the
proceedings were stalled.” I was watching that. ‘..the speaker requested
the members of the parliament..’ My TV.. “ work will get done
like the previous session.” How can any human
being live in this house? “The opposition wasn’t
prepared to calm down.” No one said you’re a human being. Am I a dog? Dogs are obedient. I will find a job one day. Some crazy people only day-dream. What did you achieve in your life? For 30 years you’ve been
a teacher in the same school. And you want lecture me about life. I’ve been tolerating you for 25 years. Don’t you think that’s
something great. The underwear you’re wearing,
did you buy it yourself? A real son is someone is someone.. ..who is capable
of feeding his father? Not someone who squeezes the
life out of him during his last days. You’ve spared me only
because I am still working. Otherwise you would’ve smashed
my skull when I was sleeping.. ..and killed me in my sleep. And anyway,
my eyesight is getting weak. I can’t stay at one place
for more than 10 minutes. My feet..knees..the pain.. I keep coughing all night. Do you know how many times your
father visits the hospital in a month? Sons like you are only
good for performing final rites! Here you go.. You asked for money. Use this to buy an application,
or get drunk. Or hookup with some girl. Go! Hey.. My application form! What is it? Will you die if you come closer?
– What are you doing? Come on..
– Leave me. Are you going to the office? Go. Slow. Slow. Drive slower. Ram Singh, drive slowly. “You’re the morning dewdrops.” “I can see God in you.” “You’re like the
colors of the rainbow.” “Like the ambience of spring.” “You’re like a poet’s creation.” “Like a flower that hasn’t blossomed.” “You’re the morning dewdrops.” “I can see God in you.” “You’re like the
colors of the rainbow.” “Like the ambience of spring.” “You’re like a poet’s creation.” “Like a flower that hasn’t blossomed.” “These colorful
bangles..adorn your arms.” “I wonder who they
will clinker for..” “You’re a so enchanting.” “I am lost in you.” “You’re with me every moment,
every second.” “Listen to me,
or say something yourself.” “Don’t stay quiet, my beloved.” “You’re like the
colors of the rainbow.” “Like the ambience of spring.” “You’re like a poet’s creation.” “Like a flower that hasn’t blossomed.” “You’re the morning dewdrops.” “I can see God in you.” “You’re like the
colors of the rainbow.” “Like the ambience of spring.” “You’re like a poet’s creation.” “Like a flower that hasn’t blossomed.” “Your fragrance refreshes me.” “You dwell in every breath I take.” “Your company feels so pleasant.” “My heart beats only for you.” “You’re my shore..” “..your smile is my life.” “I can lay my body
and your way.” “Your fragrance is
all over in the air.” “Let your magic spread.” “Tell me how we can be together.” “Let’s be one, so we never separate.” Java is there.. Java is there..
– What are you doing? C++
– Is the world coming to an end. Enter + Shift. Java is there to enter programming..
– Hey.. Hey, Vasu..
– Programming is.. Hey.. I will..I will join you in a minute. I need to finish studying first. I’ve an interview. Please. Come? Where? Hey..are you drunk?
– Oh, God.. Has he lost his mind? Oh god! Hi, I am Keerti. Keerti! Keerti!
Keerti! Keerti! Keerti! Welcome to Software
Solution Incorporation. Mr. Bala will explain the procedures. She speaks so well. Excuse me. Are you okay? Actually..all this look familiar.. ..but I can’t seem
to recall any of it. Sit comfortably and think,
no need to worry. You will get it, okay. Listen.. Thanks. What.. What’s wrong? My son has cleared his written exams. Only thing left now is group
discussion, oral tests..etcetera. He won’t clear it.
Don’t get your hopes too high. Foreign direct investment
is great boost to India. Due to this after agreement
tourism and trade develop. Transparency International says
India at 70th place in corruption. Out GDP was 9.2 percent
in January 2007. Goldman Sachs report says India
will become the 2nd superpower.. the next 20 years. Yeah..she’s correct. India is the second fastest
growing economic country in the world. Yeah..yeah.. India is spending more
money in agriculture. Now internet has reached
even in remote villages. But still inflation
is becoming very high. Yeah..yeah.. India-China-Russia shares
2/3rd of the global growth. Yeah..I agree with her. Yeah-yeah..yeah. Actually..
– Wait.. Yes.. But still, there is a..
– You speak. Yeah..yeah.. Say something else. Quiet. Mr. Vasu, what is this? My English..isn’t too good. Then speak in Hindi. What’s important is how confidently
you can speak in front of the people.. ..and not in which language. Are you embarrassed to speak in Hindi? We all live in India. It’s okay, speak in Hindi. Don’t waste time.
Do you have confidence? This society..was
built by the people. There’s a steep growth
of inflation in the market. If we start more
business in our country.. ..then the value of
our currency will increase. In many places in India,
farmers are still not encouraged. If we encourage farming, then.. will help the farmers,
as well as our country.’s a good point. What now?
– He passed group discussion as well. Great. Great. Hey..he still has to
go through a oral test. He’s saying he’s very worried,
so come back to me. As he’ll get the job if I go there. How many more tests? This is the last one,
personal interview. You will definitely fail in that. Stop wasting your time. Come, let’s go home.. You’re too much.
Can’t you say something nice? Look..mind your tongue
while talking to me. Then why did you ask me to come here. Who called you?
– Ohh.. You said.. ..if someone’s with you,
you will feel confident. Didn’t you say that? I meant someone..not you. I took an off from
my job to come here.. I should be clobbered first. Sorry, I am wearing shoes today. Hey..
– What? We should invest in this..
– Good afternoon, madam. My father.. father. Hello.
– Say hello. She is going? Come on, say hello. We can make good profit from this.
– Say hello. Madam.. I think we should do.
– Dear.. Did he really clear the tests? Yeah..come. Father, why do you doubt me so much? You think I am a big failure. Look, that’s how you’ve always been. Have you ever done
anything right till now? Mr. Vasu, come! Go..go..
– Listen. Whether I get this job or not,
but you don’t stand here. Go. I’ve seen your face,
now I’ll definitely lose the job. What is the main use of foreign key? Difference between void and devoid. What is multi-trading? It’s okay if you didn’t get it. You made it this far,
and that’s commendable. Come on, let’s go home. Father.. I got the job, father. Ohh.. Father. Will you have some tea? Father..this way. First they will pay 15,000. And in a year it
will increase to 25,000. They will also send
me abroad for training. After waiting for so long.. First I must buy some good clothes.
You wear my clothes. You should retire now, father. Rest at home.
Why are you working so hard? Hey..stop the bike.
– Why? Stop the bike. What’s wrong, father? That hurts.. Leave me. Have you lost your mind?
– Yes, I have. Not me, but you. Who are you telling to retire? As soon as you got a job,
your head’s stuck in the sky. You will go out to work..and
I’ll sit at home and take care of you. I am not dependant on anyone. No one has to feed me. I will keep working
till my last breath. When the day comes that
I’ve to ask you for money.. ..I will commit suicide instead. Look.. From tomorrow, you won’t talk to me. We’re no longer father and son. Understand that? Go. Listen..what did I
say to make you so mad? I only told you to get
some rest in this old age. Stupid.. What are you doing? Have you lost it? Run away.. Go away..
– See this.. You’ve lost your
marbles at this old age. Go from here! You won’t find any
peace after hurting me. I know. Go. And listen..your retired scooter. You take it. ‘Today’s breaking news..’ “The President has said he will
stop the atrocities being committed.” “This issue will be
debated in the Parliament.” ‘This is the super-hit
film that released today.’ Money.. I am destined to meet
beggars in the morning. Is this an office or some monastery? What is all this? You’ve smeared ashes on your forehead. Sir, I went to the temple. Will you work here, or your God. Clean it up.. looking
like one of those ascetics. Clean it up. Do you think smearing ash on your
forehead will make you look decent? You look like such a rascal. That’s fine. Come on. What is this?
– To look a little glamorous. You’re not going to meet
some heroine inside. Come on. Keerti, your trainee. What’s your name? What’s your name? Madam, did you forget that.. Hello, what’s your name? Vasu. So the other day,
in the group discussion it was you.. Yes, you remember. Even you.. Look, that day I said
it only to encourage you. But English is important here.
Learn quickly, okay. Here. These are the basics. Go through it. If you have a doubt, you can ask. What? Why are you still standing here? Do you think this is a school
that you’ll be explained personally? Excuse me..take your file. God, are you mad? Everyone’s out to drive me crazy. These are the basics,
read them at night. Take it. Careful. 1-2-3-4..four books. Be careful. I want them back next week. If anything happens to the books,
then you’ve had it. Take a rickshaw home, no car. Okay. Ram Singh, you can go. Office car is for me,
not for personal use. Madam. What? You see..are you always like this?
Hot-headed? How about a smile? No..nothing. Go. Hey, what do you think of yourself? I am your superior officer,
you better behave. Madam-madam-madam..this is
not the office, we’re on the road. And you’re not my trainer, okay? This is a free country.
I can say anything out here. Hey..
– Relax! Relax! Try to smile sometimes. It’s good for your health. Bye. So..what were you saying? Stupid Did she.. Did she look at me? Did she..or it was just a feeling? I felt a sensation. Nonsense.. No matter what I do, I don’t get it. What’s wrong? Shridhar? What happened? Could somebody tell me what happened,
for God’s sake. He crashed the entire system, sir.
– Who are you? Trainee, sir. Who’s your trainer?
– Me, sir. You? Then you’re entirely responsible! Why did you assign him on
a project without proper training? Do you think this is a playground? How can you give a job to such a fool? Stupid-careless woman! If you don’t like to work,
then you should’ve sat at home. How will I deliver
the project tomorrow? Can you go and answer them? Sir.
– Yes. It’s my fault, sir. You stupid fool. I’ll ask trainer only,
it’s her responsibility. Everybody get the hell out of here! Out! Bhanu, call the client and
inform them regarding the delay. They will object, sir.
– I know..what I need to do. Keerti, it’s okay. Let it be. Keerti. Hey..what’s happening? Hey, what are you doing? Listen, you’re not
supposed to work here! That’s all, wasn’t it? Why cry for such a thing? You can smile now,
it’s good for health. Just a little..
Just a little.. See..I can see a
little on this side..’re smiling. Right? Thanks. “Just do me a favor..” “..say that ‘I love you-I love you’.” “And we can live together..forever.” “Just do me a favor..” “..say that ‘I love you-I love you’.” “And we can live together..forever.” “What do you mean to me, beloved?” “You’re my sweetheart?” “You’re my
companion..o beloved.” “You’re all over my mind.” “Just do me a favor..” “..say that ‘I love you-I love you’.” “And we can live together..forever.” “No-No-No I don’t want
to live without you.” “I don’t want to drink my tears.” “My heart’s crazy for you.” “Follows you everywhere you go.” “You dwell in my breath..” “..and in my dreams.” “Let the heart’s
unite..and walk together.” “Slowly..steadily.” “Don’t make tall claims.” “Or you might get in trouble.” “Stay away from me..” “..we’ve come close,
you’ve touched my heart.” “You’re the one.” “Just do me a favor..” “..say that ‘I love you-I love you’.” “And we can live together..forever.” “The cuckoo sings in the gardens.” “While my beloved sways with me.” “My victory.” “My life.” “Your memories shower upon me..
like the raindrops in the monsoon.” “My victory.” “My life.” “What do you mean to me, beloved?” “You’re my sweetheart?” “You’re my
companion..o beloved.” “You’re all over my mind.” How was I? And now she’s put me
on the top of the world. If you see him,
you will be astonished. Here..her mobile number. You must call her up and tell her. “Vasu loves you a lot.” “Your name’s written
in his entire room.” And..Yes.. “He will die without you. And “His heart beats only for you.” And whatever you can think of. Don’t forget to ask
“Do you love him too”. And until she doesn’t
say “Yes-Yes..I love him”. Don’t hang up. And yes, another important thing. I don’t know that
you guys called her up. I see..
– You want to send us to jail. That’s not it. Tomorrow if we get in some
kind of trouble, we can always adjust. So.. You keep talking to her.. ..I’ll stand next to you
and keep putting the coins. I..I..I.. I just remembered, Vasu. There’s a
board-meeting in the office tomorrow. I must go. Yeah..I don’t feel too well either. I’ll go see a doctor. Yes.
– Come on. Bye, Vasu.
– Bye, Vasu. If you don’t call her today, then
you won’t see my face from tomorrow. I mean it. What a friend. Hey, Vasu..try to understand. If I bungle up.. See..Ganesh is right here. He’s brave guy.
He will make things right. Look Ganesh, he’s our friend. We must help him. I am going.
– Listen.. Listen..
– Where are you going? Come on. Come on.. Hold it properly.. Hello. Hello. Hello, who is this?
– Speak up.. Hello..
– Yeah hello, who is this? We’re calling from ICICI Bank. We give free card. We’ll deliver it at your home. Thanking you. What were you telling her? What were you telling her?
What have you done? Try to understand, I am scared. What do I do? If someone finds out,
what will they think about me? A cop acting like a criminal. People will insult me. I am going. Hey, listen.. I don’t care what you will do. But you will talk to her right now.
That’s it. Listen..
– It’s the question of my life. Come on, talk to her.
– What if I don’t? Talk to her,
or we’re no longer friends. Wait. Wait. Hello.
– Speak. Speak. Speak. Hello.
– Yes. This is Vasu speaking.
– What? This is Vasu’s friend Ganesh speaking. I took your name..
– Its okay, talk to her. He loves me. No-no-no..he loves you. Without you..I will die. No-no-no..he will die. He.. Your name’s written all over his room. Your name’s written all over his room.
– On the wall. What next? He doesn’t know I am calling you. I don’t know that I am calling you.. You don’t know.. Vasu doesn’t know.
– What’s happening? Me.. Vasu doesn’t know
that I am calling you. I haven’t seen him for a month. I don’t know who he is anymore. Just tell me whether
you love him or not. Look..I am not a cop.. I beg at the railway station. You’re saying that Vasu loves me. That’s what I am saying.
Yes, that’s it. She understood, Vasu. Babu.. Tell Vasu to face me
and say that he loves me. ‘You want me to say
it on a face, right.’ ‘I am a man..I’ll say it right now.’ Hello.
– Do you have a friend called Ganesh? Hello, do you have
a friend called Ganesh? I..I.. I don’t know anyone by that name. I don’t have any friends. I know Lord Ganesh..but
not any human being. No chance.. Thanks.
– Where were you last night? Last night I went home and slept. Oh grandma died.. My grandma
I went to my village. I wasn’t in the city at all. Someone calls me taking your name. Be careful. Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Madam, I will deal with it. Now that you’ve told me,
I’ll deal with it. By the way, madam..what
did he tell you on the phone? That you’ve lost your mind.. ..and he told you to
check-in in a mental asylum. Did he say that?
– Yes. And yes.. You have to go to Australia
for the new project. We’ve selected three
more to go with you. Who are they? You..Balu sir and Shridhar. I don’t want to go, madam.
I am fine here. Why? You’re not going..
– What? I can I
go leaving all of you. I can’t go, madam. Okay. Then keep an eye on the
project until we come back. Us? Are you going too? Of course, I am the project manager. Which country did you say? Australia. Australia.
Australia. I want to see, madam. I want to see Australia, madam. Foreign.
I will go too..I will go too. But you can’t live without them.
– Them? I will.. You’re just too much. Who are these stupid people? I will stay there as long as I want. I can stay there all my life. Please..please take me.
– Okay. Then we’ll be leaving
in couple of days. How many days? How many days, ma’am? In a couple of days. Couple of days! Hey.. No need to pull your hair..keep
your feet on the ground. You’re jealous. Right, Mr. Teacher. What did you do all this while? Did you ever travel
outside the city? No! Me going man.. Aeroplane. Australia. Australia.
Do you know how it is spelled? Hey..
– Bumpkin. My money, my underwear..
foreign brand. Those who wear local stuff won’t know. Enjoy. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. to me..what a surprise. Hello..Wear your belt? I wore that at home. I meant seat belts.
– Ohh.. Give that to me. Doesn’t know how to wear a belt. You never flown in a flight before? This is my first time in a airplane. Any drink, sir.
– Drink? Okay. One whiskey, soda with ice. Good mix. Oh, God. How do people drink this? Things I’ve to do for Balu sir. Here..drink it. Even at this age..
– Of course. Oh God, these people.. I don’t drink, you know.. Promise! So..sorry.
– Sorry.. Sorry..It’s okay. Hi, how are you? We heard you’re doing a great job. I can’t understand local English,
how will I understand your accent? Go and take permission. Sir, how can I?
– Go on.. Sir..sir..sir..
– Go. What happened? Madam, we don’t get
to come abroad often. Can’t we go sightseeing? What will we do in the hotel now? Okay-okay..where shall we go? Balu sir was suggesting some club. Which club? You see, madam.. We’re young
we can enjoy a little. You can go back to the hotel. I am young too. Come on, I’ll enjoy with you too. Wow!
– What is all this? What’s the point of
coming here after lal? Only fortunate people
get to see such places. I’ve never seen anything
like this before. I beg you, madam.
– Enough. I will never get to see something
like this again. Please, permission. Stop it..stop pretending. You can go and dance there. I am not interested in all this. Why?
– No reason. Why, tell me? A boy that loves only one girl,
will never want to see all this. Why? Whenever he’ll see a girl,
he’ll see the face of his lover. That’s what I think. So you see your love in them? Yes..I can. Hello..stop it. What are you drinking? Orange juice. Ohh..order one for me. But you.. Why are you walking like that? This is your senior officer asking,
answer me you rascal. Tell me.. She’s conscious again! You.. Oh, God! Hey..
– Hey.. Come here, let’s play.
– No, I am fine here. Please.
– What kind of a girl are you? No control? You finished the entire bottle. Rascal. I asked for orange juice,
but you gave me something else. Dog..I will show him. Leave me.
Stop. I will kill that rascal.
I will kill and go to jail. Leave me. Leave me, I want to kill him.
– You can kill him in the morning. Leave me. Hey..who are you? That’s fine. I won’t spare you. Just wait..
wait..I will be right back. You don’t knw me..
– Can’t leave her alone. What if she runs out of her room?
– I will show him. I am coming. Hello..listen to me. I am going. Close the door, okay. I will run out. What a menace. Sleep here. There. Don’t come here..I will kill you. You cannot be trusted. I want to sleep. Goodnight. Hey.. Hi. Are you single? Another international. Bye me a drink? Hey, let’s go out man. You’re place..or mine. “Keep your tricks to yourself,
o beautiful.” “God has created everyone.” “When someone dwells in your heart..” “ lose your slumber.” “God has colored in the
color of love..what to do.” “God has colored in the
color of love..what to do.” “Give me..give me..” “Give me your heart.” “Don’t cast your spell on us.” “O tormentor..” “A tune plays in my heart.” “You cannot dwell in my heart.” “I cannot live without you.” “I cannot live without you.” “Why don’t you steal my heart?” “Why don’t you give me your heart?” “Tell me what’s in your
heart..and listen to mine.” “No one else is going
to dwell in my heart.” “Hip-hip-hurray.” “You won’t get this chance again.” “Give me a tight hug.” “Keep your tricks to yourself,
o beautiful.” “You won’t find
someone like us again.” “Come baby..come on touch me.” “Come baby..come on tease me.” “Come baby..come on squeeze me.” “Come baby..come on squeeze me.” “Paro..O my Paro.” “I am your Devdas.” “Come back beloved.” “Come back beloved.” “Come back beloved.” “Come back beloved.” “O king of my heart!” “Love is like a deep sea.” “O king..think about it.” “You might drown.” “Your lover will toy with death.” “He will never break his promise.” “Love is God..Love is Allah.” “Love is my religion.” “The path of love is difficult..” “..many have lost
their lives in love.” “No one else will
dwell in this heart.” “Hip-hip-hurray.” Keerti. Keerti, please.. I got carried away.. Don’t get me wrong! Oh, God. This isn’t how I planned.. Keerti, I love you so much. Look, I know I’ve
no stature to love you. But I will keep you happy, Keerti. If you become my wife.. I am getting married next month. No, don’t joke with me. Such a stupid joke. It’s true. The invitations are printed too. I was going to invite you personally. What are you saying? Please, don’t joke with me. I had a feeling that
life is going smoothly. I am scared to think.. You must marry me. Don’t be crazy. What do you think about me? You think
I am a modern girl. Huh? This is just a pretence. Because it’s required for my job. Because..I love my job. But my family is different,
they are very strict. If my grandpa finds out about this,
he will kill me. I.. Love and all.. Hey..but why am I explaining
all this to you. Huh? Please, leave me alone Your eyes.. No. You love me. Stop this charade. Leave my hand. I said leave my hand. Sir..
– Yes. He’s harassing me. Hey, who are you man?
What’s your problem? Why are you harassing that girl? Show your passport and visa. What happened? Didn’t like Australia? Don’t you want to eat? No. Switch off the lights. Why? Because I don’t want to. You should’ve informed me
before if you didn’t want to eat. It’s ready now, it will get wasted. Here..take all you want. What’s wrong with you? Tell me.. Can’t you leave me alone? Why do you always interfere? Tell me. Did something bad happen? Yes, father..something like that. Because of a girl. I built an abode for Only for her.. Big one. But it’s all gone now. Someone rejected your son. Soon she will get married. Tell me what to do. Should I jump with glee..tell me. It’s love..Love! You won’t understand. It’s all over..Life over. I will stay with you
for the rest of my life. My bad luck. I don’t need any further explanations.
– Sir.. This must be finished in 2 days,
mind you. Okay, sir. Hello, dear. I am Vasu’s father. What? In my office. But I didn’t send him there. He’s here..
and talking to Keerti madam. I shouldn’t speak for my son. He looks ordinary, but..he’s a gem. I never saw him
chasing after any girl. But he’s in love with you. And this is no ordinary’s the special kind. Love.. The one I don’t know. But I never saw him cry. Since you’ve rejected him,
he sits in a corner and cries. I am his father after all.. can I control
myself watching my son cry? I can understand your situation. I am not telling you to
fall in love instantly with him. But imagine yourself in his position. If you think it’s right.. ..I can come home and..
– Hey. Are you guys stupid? How can you say such a
thing to a girl you don’t know? Don’t you have any shame? Your son is crazy.. Listen, how old are you? Give it a thought. Listen carefully,
if you torture me again.. ..I will inform the police. Please leave me alone! And anyway..your son
hugged me publicly and.. People are saying
strange things about me. Even after he knows
I am getting married.. guys are still troubling me. Don’t you have any humanity? Your son 2 marks
less in the interview. I recommended him thinking he was
a helpless guy..and got him a job. Yet you two are doing this to me. You look decent,
don’t you have any decency. You’re talking like a shameless man. What happened? He said everything out of love. He’s elder to
can be a little polite. Why are you yelling at him? Hey..what nonsense? You think you can bring anyone here,
and I’ll just watch. Doesn’t he have any sense!
– Hey.. Hey..if you say anything
about him again.. What is your problem? I’ve been just saying
anything on the top of your mind. How nice.. Swear on your heart..and say that
you didn’t know I was chasing you. You didn’t know that
my heart was yelling ‘Keerti’. second is enough. You women can recognize a
man’s intentions from a kilometer. So why are you pretending to be aware? If you don’t like me,
then say that you don’t like me. Or say that..”Sorry,
I will marry some NRI guy”. “You’re a local guy,
and you’re status doesn’t match mine.” Instead of that,
you’re creating this farce. What? You’re humiliating us. Listen to me,
this will stay between us. You just apologies to my father. I will call the security. Security..
– Hey.. I will kill you if
you act too arrogant. Apologies.
– Leave me.. Go out!
– Hey.. Hey.. Hey..
– Go out! Go out! Vasu..let it be. Please leave him. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come, Vasu..let’s go. Do you drink every day? No..whenever I am in a bad mood. Don’t get addicted to it. It’s not good for health. Should we go to a
doctor..your face is swollen. She is a strong girl, isn’t she? Who told you to go there? I would’ve been normal
again in a couple of days. Such girls are so common.. She is not the only one. Hey..let it be. No, father. She didn’t do the right
thing by hitting you. I will kill her and go to jail. She didn’t hit me. Her hand struck my face in the jostle. Try imaging yourself in her place. Until yesterday it was you,
now your father. Chasing after her
to fall in love with you. Anyone will get angry. What is this? You’re supporting her. She is a nice girl,
one can make that out. Don’t you want to eat. I’ve ordered biryani for you. I had alcohol after a long time,
so I’m feeling dizzy. I’ll go sleep. You eat. Leave me. If you go to my village.. ..the villagers will still be willing
to let their daughters marry me. Do you want to try that at this age? Hey..are you sad? No, had to go through
so much trouble because of me. Vasu.. Yes, father. You got so angry when she slapped me. Do you really love
your father so much? Why, father? Why are you asking? Fine, don’t tell me. Let it be. It was my mistake. No, father..I.. I didn’t mean to ask. Now go and sleep. Father..
– Go. What happened?
Why did you call us so early? My father is no more. I..don’t know what to do. What happened? I don’t know..while he was asleep.. Money..
– What happened? For all this.
– I have money. This is my money, I earned these.. and my father should be.. Father, what’s for dinner? We’re from LIC, sir. Your father bought a Life Insurance
policy for you worth One million. We need your signatures. I am from the bank, sir. There’s an FD in your
name worth one million. ‘And listen, your retired scooter..
– You keep it.’ I killed you father, didn’t I? I killed you father, didn’t I? If I hadn’t chased after that girl,
you would’ve been still alive. Vasu.
– Vasu. Vasu, get up. Vasu.. Vasu, get up. Vasu.. – Hey.. Have you lost your mind? What’s wrong with you? I killed my father. I killed my father. I.. He had grown old. Will you spend the rest
of your days like this? Won’t you go to the office? Vasu. Did you eat? I said eat. Eat it, Vasu. Here, eat it. How long will live like this? Do you want to die as well? Eat it. Eat it, Vasu. I’ve to go the village urgently. Some land trouble back home. And I am getting married too. How can I leave him alone? He will go mad. What to do then?
Should I take him home? No..your house.. too small. And you’ve a big family. Vasu..will you go
to my hometown with me? Let’s go for a few days. I’ve a big family. Uncle-aunty.. Altogether 40 people. Come on. You will feel better. Go on, Vasu. You can come back after
spending some time there. Chenu, take good care of him. I’ll join you as soon as I get an off. What happened?
Who are you looking for? Gitu hasn’t arrived yet. Did she get into a different coach?
– The train’s moving. Careful, Vasu. Call me after you get there. Don’t forget to call. Bye. Bye-Bye. Wait.. Careful. Gitu. Careful..hurry up. Be careful. Thank God. Be careful. Oh..Gitu, this is Vasu.
My best friend. Hey..she’s the one. Gitu. Ohh Keerti. My fiancée..I am
getting married to her. You wanted to see her, didn’t you? Will you just stand there? Come on. Hey..Vasu, where are you going? Listen to me, I am going back. Are you crazy? Do you want to jump
out of a moving train? Listen, you’re going for your wedding. What will I do there? Why? Won’t you be happy? Just forget what happened.
Come with me. Listen to me..if I go there,
it may cause problems. Why do you think that? Look, if you think I am your friend,
then come along quietly. Otherwise I won’t get married.
Come on. Chinu. What happened? Come here. Coming. Come.. Come on.
– Try to understand.. Another word,
and I’ll forget we’re friends. Come.. My bag..
– Come on. Why is he here? Do you know him? No. But you know our family. What if there is a problem? What? You both are
talking about problem? I will handle it. Keerti, his father
suddenly passed away. He’s completely shattered. If I leave him alone,
he will go crazy. When did his father..pass away? Two days ago. Suddenly..he got a heart-attack! “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “You are so sexy.” “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “Don’t touch me.” “My heart’s like yours..your
heart’s like mine.” “My heart’s like yours..your
heart’s like mine.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “You are so sexy.” “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “Don’t touch me.” “Come on.” “Here we go.” “Can you take it.” “Good boys have turned
into wanderers..wanderers..” “God knows what will happen next.” “I’ve dreamt only about you..” “My heart and mind is with you.” “My heart won’t change,
even if the ambiance does.” “My body craves for you,
only my beloved would understand.” “O my heart..” “My pain is brimming from my lips.” “You don’t live me in peace.” “Your love doesn’t let me die.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “I wonder why this happens in love.” “How do I live..
will someone tell me?” “How can on live without his beloved.” “I think all roads are closed for me.” “Where do I go now?” “My heart’s broken,
but she doesn’t see.” “Why are my dreams lost?
Does this happen?” “O sweetheart..return me my dream.” “You know you’re my dream.” “You are my beloved.” “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “You are so sexy.” “O baby..O baby..O baby..O baby..” “Don’t you touch me.” never introduced me to her. I told her many times,
but she kept saying.. “Sorry, I am not interested
in meeting your friends.” She thinks she is very intelligent. Our grandpa has a rustic nature. He says we must study here..
work here.. As soon as we finish our studies,
he was talking about marriage. That’s why we ran away to the village. He’s a bit angry, so be careful. Sister-in-law. Look who is coming. Keerti. Come, we’ll discuss this.
– Yes, of course. Greetings, grandpa. Grandpa. Take his blessings. What is this, Krishna? Why are they taking my blessings? Tell them that that
crazy old man is long dead. Why are you saying such things? They have good jobs in the city. What could they do here..
– Did anyone ask you? No, right? So stop advocating for them. Who is he?
– He’s a friend. Huh..
– My friend. He’s my friend. He will stay with us..
– With us.. He’ll leave soon. He’ll stay with us for a while. Don’t we already
have one monkey at home? Look at his clothes,
he looks like a beggar. Krishna, I don’t want to see him here. He’ll get married soon. Yes, of course. Keerti’s mother passed away,
that’s why everyone loves her. Here you go. Move..move..move.. Drink it.
– Drink it. Drink it, dear.
– No.. Move, let me take a..
– Drink it. ..good look at my
future daughter-in-law. Papa..
– Stay back. Kalavati, I’ve brought
sweetmeats for you from the city. Here you go. Will you give me a
grandson until next year? Come in. Come. Hey..who is Kalavati? It was my grandma’s name,
and Keerti’s real name. She changed her name thinking everyone
in the city will make fun of her. Come on in. What’s wrong with her? I think she never saw a boy before. Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God! Oh, God! What have you done? Who are you? Where did you come from? What caste? Which family? You just ruined everything. Someone bring some holy water.
He’s ruined everything. Elder daughter-in-law, younger
daughter-in-law..where is everyone? Here I am, grandma.
– What has he done? Here you are. ‘Sanskrit language’ Listen.. please.. Did you bring me
here to get me killed? You guys may be great scholars.. ..but I am going. She is my grandma,
she’s a bit eccentric. Please adjust. Is she crazy?
– Yes. She hits really had.
– Come on. That’s all..that’s enough, Amravati. My name is Pooja. I..
– I got it, I got it. Crazy family. What is this?
– What happened? What is all this?
– Don’t you want to take a bath? Like this? This is how we all bathe here.
There are no bathrooms. Here, wear this. Okay. Whose size is this? Fine, I’ll bathe in the morning. Hello, you can’t step inside
the house without taking a bath. Grandma will yell at you. Hey shorty,
I’ll punch you in the face. I can’t wear that
handkerchief and take a bath. Then bathe without it. Sir.. Sir.. He’s fast asleep. Sir, wake up. Sir. It’s just me. Did you get scared? What?
– Nothing. No one keeps sleeping in
our house after the rooster crows. Get lost. Come, sir.
If grandpa sees you, he’ll get angry. Om What is this? Om! ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ least I got some coffee. Take this. What is this?
– Margosa leaf juice. What for?
– According to my grandpa.. ..this is what we
should drink every day. Keeps your digestion healthy. 10 minutes of walking
helps build pressure. Oh no… It’s an automatic process. Why waste time walking?
– Come on. Oh, God. Sorry. Sorry
– It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Disgusting. A breeze of wind. Where are we going now? Don’t you want to go for toilet?
– For that? Yes..out here, we do it in the open. We can’t build a toilet
for so many people. Don’t ask stupid questions,
let’s get it done. How can I do it in
such a cold weather? Won’t know even if a snake comes by. Chinu. Hey, Chinu. Sorry, sir. Hey, Chinu.
– What? I am done, what should I do?
– Get up and leave. Lord, save me. What kind of family is this? Sir..hold your nose and take a dip.. ..and you won’t feel cold. – Quiet. Vasu. Vasu, please. I wanted to talk to you. Please don’t look at me like that. It pains. I can understand how sad you are. Because of me, your father.. Your father was a nice man.. But I slapped him.. ..I am not worthy of being forgiven..
– Listen, please. Don’t cry.
– Someone might get the wrong idea. Why are you apologizing? It was my mistake.
I didn’t understand you properly. After coming here, I realized.. ..that the entire family
trusts you so much. You couldn’t break their trust, and.. If I had thought about this earlier.. I get it. Please don’t be sad. My father didn’t die because of you. He suddenly got a heart attack. What could anyone do? He had suffered two attacks earlier. And that night when he slept.. ..he never got up again. It’s hard to get
such a peaceful death. Right now..he must be
singing songs with my mother. If my presence here is disturbing you,
then I will leave. No-no, it’s okay. I don’t have a problem if
you stay here. You can stay here. Okay, see you. Careful. Careful, children.
– Careful. Or you will slip.
– Careful. Don’t be stubborn.
You’ve lost so much weight. Eat some more.
Your mother would’ve fed you. Eat it. Drink some water. What’s wrong, son? Chinu. He’s gone to the fields
with the others. Didn’t you go? I took a nap after taking a bath. Tell Raju, and he’ll take you there. Okay, aunty. Eat some more.
– Enough. Eat it.
-Enough. Eat it. – I am full. Just a little…
– It’s not much. Aunty..
– Eat it. I feel ashamed saying this,
but..I am really hungry. Can I get something to eat? Why do you feel shy? This is like your house. What are you all looking at? Go get the plates, serve him the meal. Go quickly.
– Go. Come in, son. They are preparing the meal,
eat it while it’s hot. Come on. What are you looking at? You should’ve asked our
guest whether he has eaten or not. Go on. go..
– Go on. Come, son. Eat properly.
– That’s enough.. That’s enough..
– Not a word. Just eat. Aunty, I can’t eat all this. Don’t talk too much, just eat. Eat it.
– Serve that one. Eat. Here.. Enough..enough. Please.
– You must eat this too. Please, that’s too much. Don’t talk, just eat.
– That’s too much. What do your parents do in the city? I have no one, they are all dead. Eat, son. Don’t say that again, we’re there. You’re also like Chinu for us. You must visit us every
year during your vacations. That’s aunt Lata’s order. Come on, eat. Eat it.
– Eat it.. Finish it. Come on. Oh, God. They fed me so much.
– Ram-Ram-Ram. You’re coming out of the kitchen. I..
– Who let you in? No, no..
– I’ll show you. Why are you hitting me?
– I told you not to come here. Listen..listen.. Wait..stop.
– That hurts. I’ll show you. Grandma..
– I’ll show you. Listen to me..
– What? What a fresh air..what
a beautiful place. The fragrance of the soil. How can they think
of leaving all this. No matter what,
but it’s not like the city. You know, the technology. Here, nothing man.. Yes-yes..good smell. Small kids are working,
and you’re just standing there. Aren’t you ashamed? Go and work. Me? Here? No-no-no..I am from the city. No village work.
– So what? You want to eat food without working. Huh! You may be a guest, that’s okay. But you should know
your manners as well. Get out and work I say. Go! With those dark glasses
he looks like a beggar. Is your grandpa educated?
– Yes. My grandpa did his BA in his time. What’s the point of his education? These are such menial jobs. Bumpkin. Your grandma is such a miser.
He even makes his guests work. What are you talking about?
– Nothing. Nothing. No, grandpa. He was saying that.. ..we shouldn’t do this work.
– What? This is menial labor. And he also said that you’re a miser.
– Psycho. You torture all of us. For such a grownup,
you don’t have any sense. I heard it too.
– Yes, grandpa. Mom! Even my father never hit me. What kind of family is this? Fraud.. Look..someone’s thrown
his towel here. Nonsense. Oh, God.
– See..don’t I look like a strongman. Look at him. Run! Run!
– Run! Everyone’s scared of me.
– Run! Run! They all ran away. Where is this hissing
sound coming from? Young boy scared of this. Uncle, get up.
– What happened? Nothing, grandpa,
he got scared by seeing a snake. He got scared of a snake. The kids of our family
play with snakes. Bless you, dear. Bathe him properly. – Yes, master. Hey old man, how are you? I came here straight away after
breaking every bone of your lawyer. How dare you send a notice to me. Old man.. You and your family..
– Rascal! Shut up. That’s our ancestral property. You rented it from us,
and now you want to grab it. Leave quietly,
or I will call the police. Aunty..hello. When did you arrive? Hello. Your granddaughter returned from
the village, but you didn’t tell me. This isn’t right, grandpa. Here. Sign on this. And I will leave. Or else..
– Or else what will you do? I will cause public humiliation..not
to you, but your daughters. Do you know how? What nonsense is this? Do you know who you’re talking to? Mind your language. I will kill you.
– Chinu! Chinu! Chinu. What are you doing?
– Who do you think you are? Leave me! Leave me. – Come quietly. Leave me!
– I asked politely.. ..but you didn’t listen.
– Chinu, calm down. Hey..
– What are you doing? What’s going on? I’ve had my eyes on you for so long.. Hey..who are you? How are you related to this old man? Hey old man,
do you pimp your daughters now.. This is my father’s watch,
please take care of it. Yeah! Sorry, grandpa.
I am scared of snakes.. ..but not pigs like him.
– My fault. He’s so old.. this how you talk to him? Now apologies. Apologies.
– I will..I will.. Say “Grandpa, I made a mistake.
Please forgive me”. “I won’t do it again.”
– Okay. Okay.
– Say it. Forgive me, grandpa.
Or else he will kill me. He will kill me. That wasn’t proper. Forgive me.
Tell me not to hit me anymore. Or else..
– You.. Run away. Oh, god! That was fun. Great..
– Nice..nice.. Nice fight..
– Okay. Okay. Good fun.
– Move..move.. What happened?
– Can’t you see.. He’s bleeding. I didn’t see it either. Give it to me. I’ll bandage it.
– Of course.. Give..Give me..
– I’ll bandage it. Show you hand. No, let it be.
– You be quiet. It’s bleeding.
– Yes. Show me. Keerti, hold his hand. Hold it. I said hold it. That’s it. Mom, he’s hurt here too.
– Hey, what are you doing? Show me, son. Show me.
– No, no, it’s okay. I’ll do it myself. What a shy boy. Brother..what’s the secret
behind your strength? You must grow up first. Hey..what are you doing here? What are you doing here? Nonsense..go,
everyone’s looking for you. This doesn’t seem right. What’s wrong, Amravati? Pooja. Oh yes, Pooja. What’s wrong, Pooja? Look, I am very open. Very modern. I see.. I can’t hide anything. I see. When you came home,
I really liked you. Then when you said you’re alone.. ..I liked your soft heart. When you got scared of the snake,
I liked your innocence. And when you fought for our family,
I liked your courage. So..
– So? I think..
– You think? I think.. I love you. God! Oh, God. What do I do? I feel so shy around him. Oh, God. What happened? What’s wrong with you, Pooja? Sister.. You must help me, sister. Where else will I go? You’re my only hope. Tell me what it is. Sister, I think..
– You think. I am love with Vasu.
– What? Yes, sister. The guest in our house.
– Hey.. That’s what all the symptoms indicate. You must talk to grandpa for us. You don’t have to
talk to him immediately. Maybe a couple of months
after your wedding. Marriage? What are you saying? Oh, God. That’s wrong. What’s wrong? I don’t know,
but you shouldn’t be falling in love. Why? No means no. I don’t like it. I don’t care if you don’t. I like him. Hey..
– dear sister. You will help me out,
and I will marry him. And have many kids. Thank you. “You’re the one..” “You’re the one..that
dwells in my heart.” Oh, God. Catch me. Catch me. Pooja.
– Pooja. She is a small kid..
– I know. It’s just an attraction. It will be over in a few days. Thanks. Don’t thank me for all this. Okay. Okay. Call me when the food’s ready. Yeah, sure. ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Grandpa, won’t you talk to me? I won’t. You left me. Please, grandpa.
I won’t leave you again. I swear. Yeah..who will sing next? Aunt Lata. Hey..
– Yes, aunt. Please. Please sing. Please.
– Sing I’ve a sore throat. Chinu will sing. No, no, I can’t sing.
– Sing. Please, please sing..
– Don’t involve me in this. Please..
– I can’t sing. Please sing. Please sing, everyone’s insisting. Come on, son..
even daughter-in-law’s requesting now. Oh, God.
brother-in-law feels embarrassed. Brother-in-law, please sing. For me. Sing what? Sing anything. Look at sister and sing. I can’t sing. What are you doing? He..he will sing. Come on, sing. – Uncle, please.
– Vasu. What..
– Listen to me. Please sing.. sing so well. Sing, please.. Okay, okay..okay..
– Please sing, uncle. Vasu will sing in my place..
for Keerti. Look..she’s so beautiful. Sing for her. Sing about her beauty. Sing. Sing brother. “May you keep smiling forever..” “..and no one takes that smile away.” “May your world..flourish.” “Your fragrance will
mix with the air.” “These beautiful eyes
will see her beloved.” “You will find your companion.” “May your world..flourish.” “Strum a melodious tune.” “Two hearts will become one.” “Draped in your wedding dress..” “..looking like a beauty,
you’ll go to your beloved’s home.” “Draped in your wedding dress..” “..looking like a beauty,
you’ll go to your beloved’s home.” “There is no one like..” “’re like a bright lamp.” “There’s no other like you..” “May you keep smiling forever..” “..and no one takes that smile away.” “You will find your companion.” “May your world..flourish.” “ smile..” “..your heart’s overjoyed.” “You can’t hide your feelings..” “..the secrets are always revealed.” “I know what’s in your heart.” “It’s what makes me restless.” “We were together..but
now we’re apart.” “You were my only hope.” Come on, don’t get drenched
in the rain. Come on. “May you keep smiling forever..” “..and no one takes that smile away.” She was fine. But she didn’t get up in the morning. She wanted to see Keerti’s wedding. But this suddenly happened. Doctor, do something. There’s nothing I can do.
She’s quite old. I wonder what desire she still has
left, which is keeping death at bay. Only God can control life and death. There’s nothing I can do. She loved sweet-porridge. Try feeding her that. Leave her. Leave her! Everyone leave! She is still alive!
Why is everyone crying? Get out! Doctor, please tell
everyone to leave. Please. Everyone please leave. Let us treat her. Leave.. Grandma, I came in your room. Won’t you get up and hit me. Sounds funny, isn’t it? When you were alive,
no one cared about you. And now they want
to know what you want? What to do, grandma? That’s how I was too. After my father died.. ..I realized his importance. No matter what everyone says,
but I like you. Really. When you used to chase
me with your stick.. would remind me of your father. I thought I would
come here every year. But if you’re no more.. ..what will I come here for. Think about it.. ..and the rest is your will. Grandma. Grandma, it’s Chinu.
– Grandma. Grandma..I am Lata. Grandma..I am Lata. I am Pooja. Did you recognize me? It’s me. Look at me. So, shall we read
out the wedding card? Wait. Are all the members here? Everyone’s here. What’s wrong, Vasu?
Didn’t you hear? We called you. Come, son.
We’re going to read the card. Come on, son. “Ram Nagar village’s Krishna’s
daughter, Ms. Kalavati, aka Keerti..” “..will tie the knot on
the 14th of next month, with..” “..Shivkumar aka Chinu,
the son of Mrs. Laxmi.” Yes..yes.. Yes, let’s buy it from there. Remember that yellow
one that I bought. From there?
– Look there. Oh, God.
– Yes. Yes, let’s go. You also come.
– We get very beautiful sari’s there.. Oh, God. Listen, we need to buy saris,
will you come along? see, there’s a
thorn in my feet. I can’t walk. Move. Oh, God! Oh, God!
– Chinu. Raju, get the bike keys.
I’ve to call office. Hey..what’s going on? Do we ladies have to go alone? Where do you want to go?
– We want to go buy saris. Will you come along?
– Hey, no..No.. Fine, aunty.
– He’s ready. What happened? What’s going on? Go.. Come along, son. Come. See you. Get in, son. Get in everyone, in a line. We’ll go too..
– Fine. Sit quietly. Properly.. These children… Be quiet…quiet everyone. Be quiet. Move. Move. Move. What’s going on? Sit quietly. That me that one. That one… Where’s the blouse? The one next to it. Mister, did you come here
with the ladies to buy saris? Take a seat, sir. This will take time.
I know how long it will take. I’ve been sitting here for two days. Vasu. Vasu.
– Yes, aunty. Nice border, isn’t it?
– Where were you? Won’t this color look nice on Keerti. color will look nice. Red color will suit her. Red color sari and matching blouse..
with a flowery veil in her tresses.. ..if she wears these.. ..she will look like a Goddess. What’s wrong, Keerti?
Why are you standing here? Give me that sari.. Give me a matching blouse for this. That one. Pack this one…this pink one. Yes, show me that one.
-What are you doing? No, that yellow one. Where are you going?
– Let me go, uncle. Where are you going? Leave me. Vasu, he wants to pee.
Please take him out. Leave me. Are you done?
– Not yet. Not yet? Okay. Who is going to wash it? I’ve to do this too. Vasu. Mind the steps..
-Nice shopping. ..or else you will fall down.
– Very nice. Yes. Sorry, sister. One more run.
One more run. I am not out. I am not out. No, you’re cheating.
– No, you’re cheating. I am not out.
– No. no.. Fine, over..over..
– Uncle.. uncle, please.. I am not out.
– No, you’re out. Okay, let’s play again. You bowl. No, you bowl.
– Uncle, give it. Okay, come on.. Uncle, we won.
– You’re out. No, we’re not out. You’re cheating. Give him the bat. Come, papa. You’ve to tell him.
– Fine, dear. Son, Pooja wants to check her email. Take her to the city. No, it’s my turn to bat. But sir, the kids..
– I’ll look after them. You take Pooja. Come, Vasu. Come, Vasu. Come, Vasu. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. Come on.
– You check your emails. Why are you taking me along? Listen to me.
– Hey.. Come on.
– Hey.. What’s wrong? Give that back to me. Come on. Where are you going? To the city, to check my mails. Okay, why are you taking him along? I can’t go alone.
I’ve already asked papa. Come on, Vasu. Come on. Come on, get inside. Come on. Come, Vasu.
– Hey.. hey.. Fine, I am coming too.
– Why? I want to check my mails too.
– Then you go alone, sister. Please, sister..please-please-please.. Hey.. be quiet. Come on. You come out. I’ll drive. Where are you going? Come on. Get inside.
– Sit. Why were you hiding here? I don’t know. Why are you sweating? I don’t know. Oh, God. Why are you shivering? I don’t know. Sit here. What’s wrong? Go out, I want to talk to Vasu. About what? I said go. Are you going to talk about me? Now go.
– Thank you, sister. Thank you. Talk to him.
– Stand away. This is getting serious. Talk to her and clear everything. She is just a kid, she will feel hurt. And anyway,
everything will be fine after a while. You don’t know about Pooja. She always gets what she wants. If anyone finds out at home,
it will be bad. Please. Go and talk to her now. Fine, as you wish. Pooja! Pooja, wait! Listen to me! It’s not what you think. Pooja! Listen to me. Pooja! Pooja! Oh, God! Pooja! Help! Help! Pooja! Pooja! What has she done? Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. What have I done? Pooja! Ambulance!
Doctor! Someone help. Pooja! Pooja!
– Hey.. Hey..
– Pooja! Leave me. Oh, God! What have I done? First I killed your father,
and now my sister.. My sister..
– Hey.. I am so bad..
– Be quiet! Be quiet! Pooja.
– Sit quietly! Sit! Pooja!
– be quiet. Quiet! Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! If you yell again, I will kill you. Keep pressing. Pooja. Hey..why are you hitting her? Oh, God! Oh, God!
Pooja! Pooja! Are you alright? What have you done?
Pooja, what do I do now? Pooja.
– quiet. Will you love me now? old are you? How old?
– 15. 15 years.. At the age of going to school,
you’re looking for love. Are you crazy? This isn’t love, its attraction
which is common at this age. Understand. Keerti, isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she more beautiful than you? Go..and see your face. Good physique,
beautiful face, and intelligent too. In the next five years, the village
boys will be chasing after you. You will get 10
love-letters every day. And not just me, but Salman
and Shahrukh will chase after you. Do you want to die before all that? Come on, get up.
I’ll push you this time. What? Will someone like you definitely come? Better than me. Just answer my question. Will someone make me laugh like you? Will he be nice like you?
– Of course.. And you will forget
all about me by then. Fine, let’s go home then. Thanks. It’s okay. Is she..really more
beautiful than me? Please.. I feel better. See, sir. We came here for the same wedding,
and we didn’t know. Yes of course. It’s hard to know. I work at SSC. I see… I’ve a friend who works there. Hi. Did you understand? Hey.. Ganesh. What is all this, Vasu?
– Hi.. You must be Keerti’s friends. Welcome. He’s the boy who’s
going to marry Keerti. My friend, Chinu.
– Hello. He’s the guy marrying Keerti. He’s the guy. Isn’t he smart? He’s Keerti’s would-be. Say hi.
– Hi. Hi. Everyone must be tired.
My house is close-by. You can rest there. Raju, show them the place.
– Okay, sir. Go on. What is all this?
– Where are you going? I’ll stay with them
and.. You’re busy, so.. Say something.. Fine, see you tonight.
We’ll play cards. Your clothes.. Your clothes are at home. I’ll..take them later. Come on. Keerti. You’re still awake. You’ve to wake up early tomorrow.
Go and sleep. It’s your wedding tomorrow. Go on. Vasu.
– Please. Please. Forgive me. It wasn’t intentional.. I..I am a human being after all. No matter how much I try to control. You’re getting married. If someone see us,
it will create chaos. Come, I’ll drop you home. Oh, now I get it. When you were chasing me,
I didn’t pay any attention. And now you’re taking revenge. You guys have it easy.
You can instantly say ‘I love you’. But a girl has to think. It takes time. But once she makes up her mind.. ..she never changes her mind. Yes, of course. You need time to answer.. ..and we have all the
time to chase you around. is not a business,
where we can calculative decisions. lost in a second. You must decide quickly. You love me.. Love. What kind of love is this? Your wedding is tomorrow,
and now you’re saying this. Do you know how much
I suffered when I saw you? The day your grandpa
made me a part of his family.. ..I decided,
he means everything to me. Think about it. Why I came here? Now I have a grandpa,
grandma, entire family. And the children are crazy about me. Should I go to them
and say that I love you. What will they think? Won’t they think that
I came here for this? And my friend Chinu. He brought me here for my happiness. And now you’re asking
me to snatch his happiness. I don’t care if you’re
no longer in my life. But I can’t live without Chinu. Is that your decision? Then there’s nothing more I can say. I am losing a man like you.. ..that’s my bad luck. But do marry someone? If I can forget you. Bye. Chinu.. You should’ve told me before. Then I wouldn’t have
fallen in love with her. It hurts now. What are you saying? There’s nothing between us.
– Bloody fraud. You were hugging her
in the middle of the street.. ..and say there’s nothing. Don’t say anything.. It was all a mistake,
it was unintentional. Don’t worry, she will marry you. What did you say? She will love you and marry me. Then what about the wedding night.. What..what are you saying? Don’t say a word. Go and talk to grandpa. I don’t care what you do. But this wedding should get cancelled. If you try to run.. I will kill you. Sacrificing soul. And you.. Will you go home,
or do you want to run away? What happened? What a good friend
you turned out to be? Put that here.
– Yes, I will. Hey..
– Not a word. If we stay here,
it will shatter a family. We’ll leave before dawn. Chinu. It’s dawn. Don’t you want to get ready? The auspicious time is arriving. ‘Sanskrit chant.’ ‘Sanskrit chant.’ you think this is a game? Sit! ‘Sanskrit chant.’ ‘Sanskrit chant.’ Hey..where is he? Bloody cheat. Sir.. Sir..
– Look there. Sir..sir..where are you going? Chinu stopped the wedding. And grandpa swallowed
poison in a fit of rage. The doctor says it’s very serious. The entire house is in a chaos. Sir..sir..please come, sir. Come, sir. Stupid boy, where were you? This is too much. Come quickly. Move aside, come Vasu. Come on. Don’t leave this place..understand. Say it.. Say it! Say it! Say it! You.. Vasu.. Vasu. Where is Vasu? I am right here. Now adorn the nuptial necklace,
The auspicious time is passing-by. What are you thinking? Adorn the nuptial necklace. Play the trumpet. I am already married.. wife is in the city. I agreed to this wedding
because I was scared of grandpa. Please forgive me everyone. Another wife. This is surprising. Answer me, rascal. If anyone comes close,
I will kill him. Why did you do it? Tell me. Why don’t you tell me? I will kill you.
-Sir, please..leave him. You humiliated us..
– Sir, let him go. Sir, stop! You’re such a great man,
think about it. Do you know what the truth is? Keerti..
– What is the truth? Whats the truth.. Are you trying to save me? He’s my grandpa, he’s hitting me. How dare you interfere? Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. Be quiet, Chinu. It’s all my fault, and you two..
– It’s not your fault. It’s all my fault.
– These two are lying. Hit me. No, it’s my fault. Be quiet.
– You shut up. You didn’t speak when you had to. Grandpa, you just hit me. No, sir. It’s my fault, hit me.
– No, grandpa! Hit me.
– I said hit me. Be quiet.
– You be quiet. Both of you be quiet. I will tell you.
– I am telling you! Sir, I will tell you. Vasu, you tell me. Chinu lied. He isn’t married. Speak.. I knew Keerti. We worked in the same office. I fell in love with Keerti. But now..she loves me. Chinu found out about this.. If you don’t have a problem.. ..will you let her marry her? How dare you? Bloody rascal,
how dare you toy with our reputation. What have you done? Tell me.. Is he telling the truth? Tell me..tell me, or else I will kill you.
– What are you doing? How dare you hit a girl. You be quiet! This is the result of giving
her freedom, she humiliated us. We’ll deal with our family matters. Let’s throw this boy out first,
and then decide what to do next. If the others find out,
we won’t be able to face anyone. Krishnamoorthy’s granddaughter
turned out to be like this. Everyone will insult us. Why are you saying that? Why don’t you give me a rope,
and I’ll hang myself. You’ve a problem because I am here. Don’t say that, father. Let’s throw him out of here,
and everything will be fine. Chinu won’t say no to us. Get out..come on.. If anyone touches me again,
I will bury you alive! What is this? What? Everyone’s speaking against us? What did we do wrong? Did we run away from home? We didn’t want to hurt this
elderly man, and stood quietly. What’s wrong now? Can’t a girl fall in love? Is there any girl in this world.. ..who didn’t fall
in love before marriage? If you try to find such a girl.. ..then no one will ever get married. And everyone will remain a bachelor. I said it only because
Chinu asked me to. I knew this will happen,
that’s why I was leaving forever. I got a lot of love from this family. If you have a problem with me.. ..I will leave. And never come back again. You won’t have any more
problems because of me. I hope you’re all happy. After I leave.. ..all your problems will end. Isn’t that right? Is it wrong to ask for
your daughter’s hand in marriage? Will you come with me? I don’t care if they are not with me. But I can’t live without you.. ..or hearing your abuses. I will take care of you. Will you come along with me? Sharda! You didn’t clean the door yet. Always sleeping. Lazy bones. When will you learn? Wait..where are you going? Take some water in the bucket! I’ve to tell this fool everything. Oh, God. He’s brought
me in such a uncultured home. What is this? The toilet is stinking. What did you eat last night?
It’s stinking. I’ve lost my mind trying
to explain this fool. He’s kept his underwear
to dry in there. This is why I take a dip
in the temple’s pond every morning. How can any woman live in this house? God, what sins did I commit
that he’s treating me like this? I was dying in my home.. ..but he brought me here..see.. He doesn’t listen to me at all. Crazy boy.. Oh, God. I wonder what
else I will have to see? What? I am the only one speaking.. Vasu uncle! Vasu uncle!
– Vasu uncle! Vasu uncle, how are you?
– Vasu uncle. Mother, are you fine? What can happen to her? She came to live here so easily.
– Be quiet. Can we come in? What are you waiting for?
Let’s go inside. Sir-sir-sir.. I feel infuriated when I see you. I feel like slapping you. I have grown old..I couldn’t
change my mind like her. But I was wondering why the entire
family should suffer for an old man. So.. I’ve a friend in Vijay Nagar. I will stay with him. Give me some time,
I will try to change. And they are going to
live with you for a while. Take care. Sir.. All of them..for me.. I’ve a request.. ..if I ever want to meet you,
than can I? Sister, did you forget anything?
– No. Here, son. This is a big family. Everything that we
need is written on this. Get them, okay.

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