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Hey… you do not look like your profile picture. Dude, low blow. You’re not exactly headshot material either. I’m glad my countenance is still amusing. So, you gonna let me in? Or… Yeah, yeah of course. You want a drink? Dude, hell yeah. What’ve you got? Cabernet Sauvignon. 2016. Sonoma Valley. Tannic. Fruity. Dry. Takes a seasoned tongue to detect those nuances. Wow, I didn’t realize I was dealing with a Connoisseur. Excuse me? dude chill I’m just messing with you so this is what you do for fun for fun
no see I don’t have time for fun you know how I got here it’s all work no
play right this this is the real world no time for the childish games all right
hotshot so you’re telling me that you have zero hobbies you do nothing in your
free time free time this this is my free time I’m parenting it here entertaining
you wouldn’t expect some of your archetype to understand 9 out of 10
times a day I am doing something productive Jesus I’m tight the last
thing I am is uptight when you’re only cheating yourself fuck oh that’s sick
where any further up your ass if you poking at the top the fuck did you just
say to me whoa easy there Pesci as well
are you threatening me yes as a matter of fact I am I’m tired you people who
can’t see the forest forest trees wrong bad apples in this hole yield
fuck off your high horse yeah well one missing screw from your bike the whole
thing collapses below you and you fall on your face which evidently you’ve
experienced a couple times oh wow I know go for the appearance real
mature great to hear coming from you mr. perfect Lucy what a panic attack I was
having a hair falls wrong my head you know it’s crazy but I realize that a
first impression actually makes a difference it’s insane I know oh yeah
please tell me more what your social networking you know far that’s good cool
but do you have any idea where that’s gotten me oh sure I don’t here with these high ceilings of these
granite countertops is laminate Birkett floorboards I’ll because I’m not some
smoked out piece-of-shit human garbage whose mommy and daddy are too busy doing
all their busy work but oh ho I’m the bad guy because I am trying to fix up
the details of the life that you would rather cruelly chisel from the world’s
most brittle block your stone yeah yeah yeah you know I couldn’t give a rat’s
ass about any it shit kind of a something you know from Jude that little
fuck another food on the fucking table you know your fancy cheese probably
costs more and your cheating wife off the paid child support
yeah yeah what was last time you going to fucking charity right show me show
receipt yeah go fuck yourself excuse me get the fuck out right now right now the
way everybody yeah nice fucking right now yeah I try to throw up the door hit
you on the way out still here I’m always here
of course here you know we’re kind of similar like two sides same coin exactly smoking kills you know sometimes they get caught up
the most pointless internal conflicts like my thoughts are fighting inside my
head over nothing and it’s all back to normal well that’s all the comedy that next
week yeah

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