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100 thoughts on “Perfect Sisters Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Abigail Breslin Horror Movie HD

  1. this movie makes them look like innocent victims because they are females if males had done this the movie would of been very different and focused more about how evil and cold they are. these girls where selfish narcisssistic and entitled and thought only of themselves in a time of family hardship when their mum was a dysfunctional alcoholic and needed serious help, the only solution was to finish her off for the insurance money. they should of got life. women have an obscene obsession with money and will kill for it.

  2. so this movie is insanely dumb, actually doesn’t make sense to me i felt like I was on crack watching it. the trailer made it seem decent but in reality it really wasn’t good nor realistic.

  3. The movie didn't flow naturally fromone scene to another. It just seemed forced. The dialogue wasn't natural, and the relationships between the characters lacked any real depth. That is, until the end of the movie where Abogail and Georgie portray teenage distress with gusto. I liked the ideas, but not the execution. I'd give it two out of five.

  4. This movie was AMAZING, sad, heartbreaking, thrilling… just everything I seriously recommend it
    Also does anyone know what year they are supposed get out of jail???

  5. I feel bad for the mum but she made tones of mistakes too, she wasn't trying her hardest to give her kids a good life, was lousy getting to work, didn't care about her self and she allowed her self to keep getting drunk and putting herself and her kids in dangers. Yes the daughters do the worst thing possible, but they were mad, upset and broken that their life sucked.
    The could of done something else about it instead of murder but they decided that i would be easier to kill their mother.

  6. The trailer makes it look bad, but I watched it and it’s SO GOOD. Everyone should give it a chance 👍🏼

  7. This is actually a decent film. Breslin acts perfectly. Mira Sorvino is great too. It's really sad though. The poor mother 🙁

  8. Why do people keep calling this a horror movie, it’s not. This is a movie based on a true event. It’s about the “Bathtub Sisters” two girls who killed their alcoholic mother after being refused help. They got away with it for a year until the case was investigated. They were convicted in 2005 and their identities remain protected by Canadian law because they were under 18 at the time.

  9. I canno't bring myself to hate both women..murderer is never right..but toi see how much pain/abuse they endured i understood why the saw no other way out of freeing themeself. The people who didn't helped theme Early get out of the circle of abuse are also guilty for their mothers death. Also their friends.they talked theme over and over into doing it.. The Film showd clearly one thing..not every murderer is 100%evil and some do desperate actions out of despair..that make theme still humans. Humans that need to learn killing is wrong. But they are still humans like you and me…

  10. They should have just applied for section 8, like all those other people who take advantage of the system, after it's their own fault that they're not doing well. And they make the responsible people pay for their apartments with their own taxes.

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