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muk cameraservice How to use film cameras for beginners. The 16th time is PENTAX SP. PENTAX SP is an M42 mount SLR camera. It is the best for beginners to film cameras. Let’s see from film insertion. Pull out the crank and open the back cover. Set the film patrone. For clarity, I will use white dummy film. Insert the tip of the film into the spool. Here it is. Wrap around twice and then tighten the lid. Roll up to the film counter “0”. The important thing is to set film sensitivity. If the sensitivity of the film is 100, set it to 100 here. This is a memorandum of what film you put in. It does not have to be set. Shooting preparation is complete with this. Do not open the lid until the film is rewound after shooting is complete. Focus. It is a focus ring. Set this button to AUTO. Narrowing down, it becomes auto. Turn on the exposure meter switch. When the exposure meter switch is turned on, the viewfinder becomes dark by squeezing it. It is appropriate here. When you turn off the shutter, the exposure meter’s switch also turns off. It is an aperture ring. It is a shutter speed dial. With the combination of aperture and shutter speed, adjust the needle of the exposure meter near the middle. I hate it. Turn off the shutter. The lens is Super Takumar 50 mm f 1.8. I will exchange the lens. Because it is a screw mount, it is just turning. Super Takumar 35 mm f 3.5 It is a nice lens If it is M42 mount, you can also attach a lens outside the company. Russian made old lens, Helios 44-2 58mm f2. Although narrowing down is manual, the exposure meter works. It is narrowing metering. It is made in Russia, a small pancake lens, an inductor 50 mm f 3.5. It is cute lens. When film winding becomes hard, the film is over. Rewind to the film patrone. Press the button on the bottom. Raise the crank and turn. When the feeling becomes light, it is OK. Pull out the crank and take out the film. Let’s put out the film for development. Even with SP2, the usage is the same. Please register your channel.

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