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Can’t have you malfunctioning because of
dirt buildup. Morpher Maintenance 101. Anyone there? Damien is that you? Damien this isn’t funny! Boo! That’s the problem with being a child at heart, Chris… you spook so easily! But I’m gonna leave you be. After all, you’ve given me a perfect way to lure kids… your
morphers. And my morphers are gone… That means Damien is back to his old
tricks. Damien! Damien? Damien! Da– Zeo Ranger 5… Red. Let’s Rocket! Oh… three three five. Are you seriously trying to morph? Oh! You found me! I was actually trying to run into your nephew but you’ll do fine. Wait! I
know who you are. I sure hope so! Pennywise. YES. You can’t be real!
And yet, here I am in front of you which means you believe I’m real… little Chrissy. It’s you know kind of hard not to believe, you standing there with my
morphers. You know what, why don’t you just hand them back to me and we can go our
separate ways, you know call it a day. Oh but I don’t want to do that. I had so much fun watching your videos learning about your world. I thought… maybe I can be like you. I’m sure kids
will love it once I’m in your colorful costumes. Pennywise The Morphing Clown. Oh the fun we’ll have. Dino Thunder, power up! You can’t morph! I’ll figure it out! You were able to do it, and let’s be honest… You’re no teenager with attitude! I may not
be a teenager but I have something you don’t… Good intentions. Only people with pure of heart can use my morphers. That’s the
rules! Oh I never met a rule I can’t break. Well there’s a first time for everything. Tyrannosaurus Oh a little puny mortal like you can’t
defeat me. Let me help you up I usually like my victims younger but a child at
heart will do. You may look like a man, but you’re still scared, scared little boy! We have a runner! Do
build up some sweat little Chrissy, I want some salt in my food. Oh I smell fresher meat!
Your nephew’s here isn’t he? Oh Damien, Damien, come out and play. Damien!!! No, not Damien. Let me help you up… You may look like a
man but you’re still scared, scared little boy! Get it together Chris. Oh you broke my illusion!
I’m gonna break more than that you clown! Oh your courage is no match for my
fear. I will figure out how your morphers work. And I will lure children to me.
And I’ll be unstoppable. I will never let that happen.
The Power Rangers are a symbol of hope and I won’t let you corrupt it! I will
not be afraid of you. What was that… What was that?! I believe in a lot of things, clown. I
believe in the morphing grid. I believe in Zordon. I believe in giant
robots. And I believe that good will always win. but I don’t believe in you! You can’t get rid of me, I’m what you’re afraid of. I can’t be afraid of something that
doesn’t exist. Look at you. All grown up. Wooo! I’m glad that
worked. Oh I’ll let you win for now Chrissy. But I’ll be back after 27 years for you and your little nephew.

96 thoughts on “Pennywise: The Morphing Clown [FAN FILM] IT Movie | Power Rangers

  1. Pennywise would make a legitimately proper Power Rangers monster in a Rated-R take. Everything IT can do is kinda prime for it.

  2. Okay this was just perfect for Halloween, and honestly I can imagine this happening . This is good as pineapple the clown in mmpr and creepier too. This was definitely worth the wait.

  3. You should've totally played Excite by Daichi Miuara from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid if you know what I'm talkin about cause I got that feeling when you believe😅😂still a great video man👍👍

  4. damn goosebumps … Sir Prince is out of the world when it comes to his transformations ! and then there's me thinking what Sir chris is thinking during these shoots .. like if i was there i will not last long hahaha !! great and morphinominal as always sir Chris !!!

  5. Can't believe that was me haha! This is a gift of a lifetime, Chris! Thanks and more to come 😈 -Pennywise

  6. 1hour late NOOO! Oh nevermind!but I should mind that this video is awesome! You are amazing! Keep it up! Prince was awesome too Btw! -Rylee

  7. TBH I was expecting a little bit of blood and violence since this is a rated r episode. But overall Prince's pennywise impression is on point! Good job Chris!

  8. That part when he popped up at the door low-key scared me 😂, good job Chris keep it up, each video gets better

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎪🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 go pennywise 🙂👍

  10. Lol i laugh when pennywise said "pennywise the morphing clown " LOL i cant even stop laughing this is good video even when penny try's to morph xD but scary xDD

  11. What a Phenomenal, Floatawesome🎈sketch, Chris! The Pennywise actor is definitely on point! MORPHINOMENAL video brotha⚡!!!

  12. If I wanted to Cosplay in my ranger suit for a YouTube video, how do I avoid getting into trouble with copyright issues?

  13. I have an idea why don't in 27 years later Damon should make a time machine and turn him back to his age in 2019 Idk 12 or 10 but when he tells his nes pennywise may told Damon to look at the deadlights and tells Chris to come 27 years in the future Pennywise is back this whould get interesting all of the green pink red and yellow blue came out of demons time machine from past to future a duel of power Rangers may stop the inter dimension spider may use his new form

  14. I'M gonna admit it. IT was funny to watch pennywise try morph and fail. Only those frames worthy of the power can truly be called a " power ranger"

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