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14th July 2022 Nothing happened today Just like the last couple of months I just dreamed for the first time in a while All the memories about the beginning of this misery How could the government permit Project Helix-10 ? I had a bad feeling all along Now it`s over If only our parents didn`t leave to search food Martin is the only living person I met in the last few weeks I dont`t really like him But a temporary alliance is our last chance to survive Come on Jenny, we need to go Look who we got here, Bonnie and Clyde Hello er… we`re looking for the Bunker … or at least me The Bunker? That fairy tail? Forget it. You won`t find a bunker here. And you? What do you want here? You wanna go abroad? Maybe the next city? You can`t go far Look at that guy over there. He`s dying a wretched death. Or is already dead That`s none of your buisness We have to go Yo, wait! I have Information about where it roughly could be Do we really have to take her with us? She knows where the Bunker is Where is the Bunker, did you lie to us? You`re such a damn egoist, fuck off Shut up you little brat! Shut up, both of you! Fighting like that won`t help us! My Baby sister was noisy too. And you wanna know what happened to her? The same thing that happened to that guy The Bunker is right there

6 thoughts on ““Paradise” Short film (My Rode Reel 2018)

  1. I managed to enjoy this short film, even though I didn't understand that much. The cinematography was great. Good luck! Oh, I made a film for the contest too, I'd appreciate it if you'd quickly go check it out. 🙂

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