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hello guys welcome back to my channel if
you are new welcome by air and today I’m gonna be reacting to some Pabllo Vittar among Deku let me see how Google says it because I know for a fact I am
butchering it and it is quite sad I’m more cheeky I’m ordered to kill a lot
more jacket I’m more cheeky a lot more to kill and that means love of what love
of what okay I know Google probably is messing it up but let’s just go with it
means love of what so we have Pabllo Vittar a mother chicken
love of what ok so without further ado I’m gonna get the show on the road
sorry guys I know my videos are coming out freaking slow as hell but life just
got hectic and you know I’m trying to balance it out somehow so if it’s been
like five days that I still haven’t reacted to a video that you think I
should have reacted to it’s probably coming up you know no okay so with that
being said let’s get this show on the road
Pablo take it away we see you waking up with BAE okay okay guys guys guys guys guys guys
and girls I know you saw that booty I thought booty we both saw that booty and
it will pop it let’s just go back into that booty just one more time just for
the culture just for the culture like Pablo what is this no no no no no it’s
not okay it is not okay that Pablo has a nicer ass on half of us who gave you the
right who gave you the right Pablo look how good she looks
and okay I love the feeling of the video it feels like first of all it feels cup
different country and I love when videos feel like you know I know it is a
different country by just it’s hard to explain but it just has some feeling it
reminds me if you guys don’t know I’m from Nigeria I didn’t grow up there I
moved to Canada when I was six years old and it kind of gives me like a I don’t
know like it kind of gives me a it brings back memories but I probably
don’t even have but it just feels like a hot afternoon everyone’s off work it’s
like siesta I don’t know guys have siesta bus yes that back home is like
around and afternoon like and I’m not sure what exact time but in the
afternoon everyone goes to sleep not everyone but people go to sleep it’s
called siesta so it gives you back the siesta vibes I don’t know why but it’s
bringing back like nostalgia that I don’t even think I have but it’s
bringing back a nostalgia for me and I loved it and I loved how she went with
the blue contacts cuz it’s pop it pop in yes oh good that she look gathers in between the clothes okay no
but taken how good she looks like I are guys I know I said this for every video
I make of Pablo’s but this video is just hitting a spot in a different way I
don’t know what it is about it I think it’s been Australia and it just
looks so like it just so cute it’s like her in faith and by her and like her
spouse or partner just on vacation I just want to go on vacation where she is
it looks really homely it looks serene it looks peaceful and it’s just like I sound like such a westerner right now
guys her smile I can’t get over it she knows too she’s always found in every
video okay wait pop oh I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have
to know how many guys you have in this video because I’ve seen her like three
guys four guys now which one is it which one is your boo Pablo I need to know
okay I’m out okay half that ass out look how good
look how good she looks so guys I you seeing this dude I’m just show my ass in
this whole video look at highlighter highlighter on fleek
oh oh okay this video is just like I’m with any guy she’s just like what’s any
guy okay I get it at home I love that hair on her back hair the hair color the
weight falls of her face I see how you feel like how pretty though how pretty
no this is not okay that smile is not okay to just have on one face can we take a minute and just think
about what we just saw guys like how amazing was that I know I said this in
every video but Pablo is just so funny like why why why who gave you the right
Pablo who gave you the right I’m gonna have to know who gave you the right to
be so damn fine like what do you start smile that smile like I don’t care I
don’t care that smile is just on a different level it’s so pretty and she
knows too because she’s always fire in every single video she’s like no that
videos amazing the song is amazing I know I was talking for most of it but I
just had to get my pass out but the song was amazing it gave me a very nostalgic
feel both the song and the video gave me a nostalgic vibe it made me feel like it
was familiar in a really nice way and I love I love love love one songs or
anything that’s really nice logic to me it makes me like it 10 times more than I
would have and I mean I would have liked it either way well that must I’ll shit
that all it just hits the spot but that was a really good amazing video
the song was amazing the beat was amazing like guys even the beginning
part where she’s like let me see this part right here
like what is it found it just like it just bites so well up it’s big in with it sounds oh oh oh but that was an
amazing song amazing video her hair was laid properly like I love know she’s to
do more of that kind of hair like that style specifically like let me see can’t
find it again yeah right here the hair she has in this
I’m click like it looks so good I love how it falls on her face she’s doing
more often but I love that hair on her so much and I love the hair color and I
love this part like how her eyes are popping in this part it looks so pretty
like like what no you had no right Pablo you have no right to do that to us
you had no right no one gave you the right you just went ahead and did it
yourself and that is not OK at this point I’m
expecting her to just kill it all the time and that’s what she’s doing so with
that being said look up the lyrics and see what she was talking about because
not video she was with any guy and every guy’s so honestly what she was talking
about she said what the eyes don’t see the heart won’t feel I have a way of
loving rather differently what you don’t see is that the others are lying I’m
speaking the truth right to your face ok Pablo see it’s not out of spite it’s
just that there’s so many handsome men in the city I knew I’m gonna do it like
I like you I like you I like you because I was like in that video every single
guy was a different guy Jose with ya and I’m in the prime of my life it’s better
to regret than feeling something oh okay I hope that you understand that my love
is just a horror look all your love of war love love in a hold of a whore I
don’t want you to get attached to my love a whore love huh I sit down you
feel it I sit down you feel it I sit down you feel I sit down you feel it
that’s just the way we are I sit down you feel
what that help Pablo Pablo what is this she called her love for love that’s
extreme I was not expecting that but kudos to you Pablo with your love you
get some love you get some love I get it but that’s an amazing video I love the
video I love the feel of the video I love the song I love everything about it
and just bubbles amazing as usual and yes guys oh my goodness that’s been too
damn long that video came out like a week ago and I’m just reacting to it but
life has been hectic like I said before so give me a thumbs Lac thank you thank you
and that’s my reaction guys to Pablo it’s hard
I’m one Kudo or Joker oh let me see how Google yeah I’m more cheeky I’m more
logical I wanna stay with the Amara Amara joke here I’m more cheeky I’m more
look here that’s the best I can do guys to delta t da Silva and he I think said
no guys guys guys guys I love that violets 2019 and see ya I know guys I
think eyes a lot I know I’m repetitive I say guys a lot I say what a lot I say a
lot but let me live my life okay delta-t da Silva but you are funny
I love that comment so should I go talk to you and I’ll see you guys in my next
video if you like this video give it a thumbs up comment down below if you have
any other videos gonna see me yeah – and subscribe for more videos coming
your way you can also go ahead and click that notification bell and you’ll get
notifications whenever I put up a new video and I’ll see you back here next
time bye

100 thoughts on “Pabllo Vittar – Amor de Que (Official Music Video) | REACTION

  1. I just looooooove your reactions. Everything! And no time for excuses, right? We understand that you need time to live your life <3

  2. A tip, you could read the translating of the letter before each Brazilian video to understand the context! ❤️ Love your videos! I am from Brazil. Follow insta @imdiegocristo

  3. great react.. btw, I guess "whore" is the closest word to "quenga" in english but it doesn't fully translate the meaning… at least for my ear, whore seems much heavier than quenga.. the word "quenga" was kinda resignified to be a more empowered way of saying you love love and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it, meanwhile "whore" seems much more pejorative.. idk, it's hard to explain, lol…

  4. Acho que todo mundo ouviu amor de cu! Kkkkk Eu adoro as suas reações. Você tem uma energia tão boa! Eu fico rindo sozinho aqui

  5. She has so many baes cause she's a quenga (a whore). That's why there's a lot of blankets in her backyard. 😉

    The title is AMOR DE QUE but she sang AMOR DE QUENGA. She's clever enough to hide the nasty word.

  6. MC Rebecca's reaction, you will love her, she has several hits and has a brand new … I'm waiting for your reaction I like you very much.

  7. The video is probably nostalgic to you because brasil has a lot of African culture in our culture, and as you said you are from Nigeria, and some things are very familiar!

  8. Gente nem 20 segundos de vídeo e eu to passando mal de tanto rir kkkkkk meu deus do céu kkkkkk e o pior que mal sabe ela que faz sentido o que ela disse sem se quer ver o clipe e sem saber o que disse kkkkk gente eu to berrandooo

  9. Violet

    Pablo has a very unique musical style, which we call tacky.

    But he managed to bring the tacky in an innovative way. All looks are recreations of tacky clothes from years ago, in a more 2020, modern and sexy way.

    Another detail is that the word QUENGA has always been very heavy, a very aggressive insult, but it started to get less aggressive after the LGBTQ community started to join like slogans or memes. And Pablo softened the word QUENGA when he explains in music that she has love for everyone. LOL

    Quenga is the same as a woman who goes out with many men.

  10. the translation is way too wrong
    QUENGA – means a free woman, who stays with many men she wants. I'd be better translated by bitch
    and then there is a part that you read on translation
    it's better regret than feel something
    but it is better translated by
    it is best to regret than craving control
    "PASSAR VONTADE" Is a very hard brazilian expression!!!

  11. I’m not sure if as a subscriber I am being ignored for any particular reason but I have subscribed and I have requested Nick Nittoli no problems at least 10 times on this channel… Not sure why you would be ignoring your subscribers but that pretty much sucks

  12. Pabllo played with words in “eu sento, tu sente” (I sit down, you feel it), because “eu sento” (I sit down) sounds like “eu sinto” (I feel it) but instead of saying “I feel it, you feel it” she said “I sit down, you feel it” like she sit down on a man (if you know what I mean) and the man she’s sitting is “feeling it”. “I feel it, you feel it” would sound like lovers but she doesn’t love no one because she’s a “quenga”, a woman who loves going out with different men but not for money and she doesn’t care what people say, that’s why they translated “quenga” to “whore” but I think “whore” sounds pejorative in english for what’s quenga means in brazilian portuguese. Amor de Que (Love of What) = Amor de QueNGA = Love of Quenga.

  13. It's more like slut love than whore, actualy it feels less heavy than slut too. Maybe biach love… really hard to translate that one

  14. Loved videos. 😂😂😂 You trying to say .. So funny. Do you need to see that:

  15. Nunca te pedi nada, Please enjoy the song —Brazil —> Rodrigo Teaser – Hey!

  16. She doesn't have an official boyfriend. That's what she is singing about. She is saying her love is a bitch's love so whatever love partener she is with in the moment shouldn't grow used to it because she's gonna move on.
    Loved the video! Kisses from Brazil! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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