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So we have been talking about… Family! A family is people that you
care about, people that you love. My family is totally awesome. I want the whole world to know
that I love my family. Teacher: Who’s in a family? Mom…a sister, a dad… Does there have to be a dad? No! In my family, I have my dog
Emma, my brother Louie, my mom Meghan, and my dad John. Teacher: What’s important in
all families? They’re all different. Natalie: Some don’t have moms
and some have dads, and some have dads and don’t have moms. Vivian: I think my whole class
knows that I have two moms and it feels kinda… at school. Teacher: She has what? We say that she has double the mommies? Vivian’s moms: I love it when
she gets very excited, she gets the biggest smile on her face. Vivan: I like it when she’s
in the classroom every Friday. Do any of you have a family
that lives in a different house than you? McKenna: My dad, he lives in
Chowchilla, and I’m going there for spring break. Thalia’s dad: Life is really
busy being a single dad. It’s hard to get time to relax sometimes that’s
just us reading together….and Thalia is special because she stands up for people that
are weaker, even animals. Thalia: Once I protected a ladybug
from being stomped on. Thalia’s dad: She just is really
into protecting other living things and I think that’s really cool. Hannah: What’s special about
my dad is he’s a really good dad, and he always helps us out with stuff. Hannah’s mom: My husband has
faced some physical challenges in his life and overcome them, lead by example and really
glad to parent with a guy who shows my kids all the time how to overcome challenges. Teacher: What changes a group
of people, just some people hanging out together, to a family? Student: I think a family is
a group of people that spend a whole lot of time together Girl: Have fun, argue, fight– Other girl: And they have fun
together and they share a lot of things. We would like our children to
say that they have a daddy and a papa, and they have lots of fun with their family, and
we do lots of interesting things. We want them most to say that
their family loves them. And that they’re proud
of their family. [kids drawing] Oh gosh, I forgot my hair. You’re bald! Mom: What I feel is special
about Phoenix is he often shows a lot of compassion and just real kindness for a guy being so
little and i appreciate that. Garrett: My grandma she really
likes to do art and I really like to do art and we have special times together. Grandma: Gigi is very creative
and very sensitive. Mom: She wrote this book, and
it says “I’m a girl, I’m a girl, I’m a girl!” That’s the main character speaking, and then
on the flip side it says “But sometimes, I’m a boy.” There’s no such things
as boy things or girl things. Mom: Gigi is her own person. She doesn’t let anyone label her. Gigi:I pronounce myself
as a girl and a she. And my family is nice to me and they love
me. Mom: I love being a mommy because
I love to help little people grow. I don’t know what they’ll contribute
to society, but I know they’re contribute something, something great. I like to be a daddy honestly
because it gives me meaning and purpose in life, and I think life is seeing growth within
yourself, and not only yourself but your family. Teacher: Do all families look
the same? Think about it, think about it. Sometimes, people grow up and
they’re white, and a black person really likes the white person so they marry each other. Dinah: My mom is a different
color than me and my dad. And I was adopted into this family which I
think is cool. Dad: What I want people to know
about our family is we are a loving family we love each other but we struggle. And everybody else struggles, and we hope
that everybody who struggles can love like we do. My grandparents live in Mexico,
and it’s a little hard not being with them, but here I have a lot of friends, and when
we lived in Mexico, it was hard not to live with my dad, since he had to stay working
here. What my mom said is that she
wants us to keep our language and she also wants us to keep our culture. Teacher: Let’s just hear that
word again. Multigenerational. Does anyone else have a multi-generational
family? Where a grandparent lives? Avery: When my grandparents
come in my class they help with the workshop. Grandma: I did a math center
and pop pop did a listening center– it was a lot of fun. Grandpa: When I see my grandson
in the class it just makes me happy inside. Dad: We all come together basically
to make each other happy so through everything we have all been through when it comes down
to it we all love to put smiles on each other’s faces. Nathan’s mom: The most amazing
thing about our family is that at the core of it is love, generosity, and teamwork. Nathan: It is important to have
diverse children, to have diverse families at a school so you know how to include everyone
and so that you know how you don’t just go to the people that are like you. You reach out and embrace everybody.

18 thoughts on “Our Family: A Film About Family Diversity

  1. This is lovely! Thank you for creating it. I will be sharing it with my couple and family counseling classes!

  2. In my family, myself, husband and grandchild that I am raising as my child. He doesn't know his biological father and my daughter his mother passed 5 years ago. My husband has taken to my baby as if he were originally his blood related son. W e do many things together like reading , playing, learning, and we go to church together. No one knows the difference unless we tell them. He is a blessing in what we call a blended family.

  3. Great film for the classroom!  Can you share the link to the discussion guide?  I couldn't find it on your website, only the blog post:   Thank you!

  4. My daughter goes to one of the featured school. Great to be reminded of how lucky we are as a queer, multi-racial adoptive family to be part of this community. Thanks for the awesome resource!

  5. My family hates me. My family avoids me.  My family can't wait until I am dead, so they can take all of my stuff.  My family makes me angry and sad at the same time.  But I digress…..why are schools teaching this?  Whatever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic?

  6. This video is wonderful and that school is fantastic. Talking about family diversity is very important because It shows what is really important in a family, which is love and respect.

  7. cool video! It is very important in school to talk about family diversity, because  currently we live in a world where adults don't know how to respect differences. So  it’s nice know thatwe'll be surrounded by a kind generation in the future.

  8. Talk about different family is very important. Many children have different forms of family. Discuss this in the school makes them to be included and avoid the bullying. As the video shows family is love.

  9. This video is awesome! The purity of the children's response is beautiful. It is very important to understand that the family goes beyond blood. The feeling that unites us is much greater! The presence of the family in the school environment helps to build relationships of great respect.

  10. I found the video very interesting, in my opinion it is a topic that should be discussed since we are children, so we can understand the diversity of the word family and respect it.

  11. Talking about family diversity is importantbecause the number of different family compositions is increasing and becoming more frequent. We have to talk about it more and more. Including children in this conversation is fundamental, once growing respecting towards difference is essential for the psychological and emotional formation of children. Loved the video.

  12. I understand that talking about "Family diversity" is a relevant topic for the family to talk to the kids. The School and teachers can work with the students only the pegagogical methods in the classroom. Sorry, I didn't like the video, but the children are very spontaneous.

  13. Today, we can see how diverse families are, that’s why it’s impossible to judge them as right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad, because there’s no perfect family. I think that the diversity of a family depends on how they deal with questions like: religion, culture and gender.

    So, it is important to know how to live with difference, but that is a great challenge for society/family, because the social and cultural formation of the country influences how people build their social values within their family environment.

  14. The family is responsible for educating the children to comply with rules, schedules, knowing that it is necessary to respect to be respected and that apart from having rights, they also have duties. The school has the objective of transmitting knowledge, teaching to respect the rules, limits and obligations that will be inserted in the day-to-day school, which is an aid of the values already taught by the family.

    The school is a suitable place to strengthen the culture of valuing diversity, and this is where conflicts can be solved through education. This is because living with the difference is present in the students' lives.

  15. I was trying to research about diverse families, but after I heard that some of these kids' parents are divorced at such an early age, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

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