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welcome to a brand-new day of movie talk
first up on the list today John Wick 4 its official and sure enough that news
dropped right after we wrapped our show yesterday on top of that a whole bunch
of trailers to cover on today’s show including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
which just had its can debut first reviews are in and we are gonna break
them all down right here on this set with coy and Haleigh hello hello showed
you perform very excited is this really a first for you it is it’s funny because
this is what’s gonna happen from now on on Tuesdays got no fears in the world
all right like I said in that opening there yesterday we were talking about
John Wick 3’s stellar box-office basically predicted that sooner rather
than later they were going to announce a John wick Chapter 4 sure enough right
when we wrapped our show that’s when the news broke it is happening and they’ve
given it a May 21, 2021 release date so oh boy where to start
Haleigh we discussed a little bit yesterday so Coy let’s go to you first
what do you think of John wick chapter 3 and what are you hoping to see
from Chapter 4 while keeping big spoilers out of the conversation right
now controversial opinion yeah I like 2
and 1 more I thought it was a really tricky balance of I love how grounded
John Wick always felt while being super ungrounded like it was super high high
intensity and surreal violence but the world always felt attainable and there
was something about this one where I no longer felt like I was in the real world
with us because of the amount of hyper violence and it also I had a really
weird experience of the hyper violence made me uncomfortable for the first time
where I was like and I like I had to like remember to get back into it where
I was like that man’s I’m all and I haven’t had that with John wick before
and I don’t know if it was just getting old or if it was a different type of
violence so I liked it it’s John Wick I definitely had a great time so glad he’s
not theatres I’ll see it again but it was not my favorite of the three
so I’m excited for John Wick 4 to see where it goes because of how it lands
I’m excited to see where the world develops and I love the universe of John
Wick I just was shocked that it wasn’t like
maybe I went into I have expectations but I’m excited for four because of how
I left three very very interesting the other thing we need to talk about here
because when this news dropped we didn’t get any official confirmation that Keanu
Reeves would be back although one would assume given where they left off he has
to come back and it’s John wick movie but what about director Chad’s to hell
ski because he has obviously found great success with this franchise but he’s
also in demand because of the success he saw with this franchise and has a lot
that he’s talked about being attached to in recent months if not years so do you
think he’s gonna come back do you want him to come back and can this franchise
carry on at the same level without him uh I you know it’s hard to tell because
like you said he has so many projects that he’s talked about and then he’s
passionate about but he really as opposed to where David leach went on to
sort of forge this blockbuster career he seems to really see the John wick
franchise as kind of as maybe that he wants to tend to and certainly in
interviews when he talks about it he he refers to it as something he’s still
invested in he doesn’t sound like he would just pass it off but you never
know like what if his dream job comes up now maybe he might might walk away and
hand it to someone he trusts I hope not yeah I hope that – I hope not and I hate
coming across as though I am saying and nobody can director John wick movie
quite like he can but again he’s done so well with this franchise and so much of
this franchise in the action and what makes it stand out is the visual style
and and really the varying color palettes from place to place there are
certain sequences in this movie that were just mind-blowing ly good to me
where I can’t really imagine any any one person being able to duplicate how they
just figure out the geography and they move the camera around a particular set
it is so freakin good that I just I don’t want to lose that
even though losing that might mean bringing that talent to another movie or
show yeah I would rather I mean it needs to happen soon and we already have a
release date but I’d like to see the tone stay the same and that’s such a
hard thing to accomplish like I love all four lethal weapons because they’re all
dick Donner films and they feel like dick Donner films I love when you can
have a franchise feel like it’s the same beating heart of a universe and I feel
like I agree this is such a specific beating heart it’s such a specific
flavor that I’m not sure there’s a reason this broke all of our minds when
the first one came out and then it’s escalated from there and that’s this
style of directing so either I feel like it’d be someone trying to do this and
that would feel like a diet coke version or it would be a totally different thing
and that might not be John wick so I’d like to see him stay on I’d like to see
what the story goes with his universe so personally that’s where I’m not land on
it okay jumping to the live chat now to talk a little bit about where the story
could go here is a terrible idea from sex or disease who writes throw in a
twist for John wick for and have the main villain used dogs against mr. wick
no because no actually I want to see the dogs you know survive I don’t want to
see any like puppy incidents because when I rank the movies I put three at
the top and one right behind it simply because I can’t watch the first act of
the first John wick movie because I cry the entire time it’s real intense it’s
real I did a ReWalk the malls and leading up I’d like to x’ day wednesday
thursday and it was such a journey still getting through the first act like even
knowing what’s gonna happen even having watched it three times I’m still like I
can’t do it again John I’m spoiling anything has someone with major animal
violence sensitivities I was okay with what they did here so as long as they
draw the line there and all the dogs you want but just don’t cross that line hmm
I mean it’s also as we all know it’s the perfect mechanism in the first film for
him to go on this rampage and have us be on his side because the dogs too cute
and it’s too horrible but he is he’s a man of the dogs gotta maintain that
integrity I guess so here’s a good idea from Josh Herrera
hype a F for more Halle Berry I need her to team up with carrie-anne moss
so actually taking a cue from that let’s do it casting we did it a little bit on
the spot and weren’t really like prepped for it yesterday so if you could throw
somebody into this franchise whether it’s someone John wick has to fight or
somebody has to team up with who would it be and why they kind of took me I was
gonna say carry a mouse because the matrix I really would have liked to have
the full trifecta team up I’d really like that so since we’ve already
established that maybe Joey pants some Joe Pantoliano coming in being the
villain I’d like to see that I like any matrix team up the May
1999 changed my life any time I could have a moment of reference for the
matrix I am all about it if not who else would be amazing he gets used a lot he’s
definitely a fast and furious movie for this reason but he drizelda would be
like the physical powerhouse aspect like I’d like to see them and that just feels
so much bigger than than John fighting him see I want the opposite I want
someone like a lot smaller but with gymnast ability so my mind immediately
went to Tom Hollands did you imagine Tom Holland as like like a youthful assassin
just a little bit and then the other name I thought of because where has she
been lately Zoe Bell who I think is phenomenal and she is a stunt background
but she’s also actually starred in a whole bunch of movies and I’ve really
seen a whole bunch of things that she’s great in so this franchise just seems
like a perfect fit for her jumping off of something you said actually yesterday
for Catwoman but sofia boutella could be a really perfect you know especially
because she was an atomic blonde so I feel like that is about picking up the
phone and saying hey set each other up and then it’s a done deal and she’s I
feel like she’s got the perfect vibe for it and we know she can kick ass and
she’s got that ballet background her character in Hotel Artemis versus John
wick they’re both set in hotels full of assassins well it’s obviously not but
it’s like the Artemis was just a couple blocks away from another continent Allah
I would have no problem with that whatsoever I would also love to see a
conversation between Jodie Foster and Ian McShane if we get even if they’re not connected
and we get another continental somewhere in in the u.s. or beyond you have Jodie
Foster be the head of it please or you could save that for the TV series
because how many Continentals that’s gonna cover and that means we have a
chance of sterling K Brown and Laurence Fishburne having worked together any of
the hotel Artemis has slept on it’s what we’re saying yeah all right before we
move on to Story number two which is one the once-upon-a-time reactions once upon
a time what am I saying once upon a time in Hollywood that’s
specific the reactions to the first screening at a can and also we’re going
to cover the trailer and a whole bunch of other trailers the
dropped this morning you know what you got some stuff to look out on the
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and then Haley’s at the table right now so I have to plug it the witching hour
because we had an especially cool episode this week because bright burn
director and David Gaurav se he came in we spoke to him for a full 45 minutes we
had a great chat you can listen to it on the collider factory feed for podcast
form or you can watch the interview on the collider interview YouTube channel
so go check that out as well alright let’s jump into this let’s kick
this off with trailers first so we have three trailers that we’re looking to
discuss once upon a time in Hollywood also Toy Story 4 the final trailer for
that one and on top of that we got our very first trailer for the Downton Abbey
movie which one if you guys had to pick just one sold you the most I mean once so when you pair that trailer in your
reaction to it with everything coming out of can right now what are you
thinking for the future of this movie is the reaction going to be as high and
enthusiastic as we near closer to the actual release of the movie or is this
you know festival buzz that might fizzle out I mean I think for festival reviews
they’re actually sort of tame so I would anticipate it being maybe more of a
divisive film if it’s not that his films aren’t usually decisive yeah but I mean
they’re definitely filled with praise but a lot of them have addendums of how
like this scene might rub people the wrong way or I don’t really like how he
handled this moment but overall so they’re not you know festival reviews
tend to be pretty pretty glowing to me this reads is like a well-received film
but one that’s probably gonna spark a lot of conversation fair and we have
someone in the live chat who agrees of us fill more pockets says cuties
Hollywood trailer was dope we agree so we actually had someone in can reviewing
the movie and our own Greg Elwood he gave it an a-minus but I understand that
your interpretation of the reviews because I saw a whole bunch of them out
there that basically said that movie was a lot for various reasons I’m gonna sit
and think about it and then give you a reaction one in particular we have here
is from Kyle Buchanan of the New York Times who tweeted there will be many
many hot takes to come on the new Tarantino but I don’t mind letting mind
cool off on the counter a little longer I know it’s more relaxed than I was
expecting and that’sa Caprio is terrific funny and poignant the rest I’m gonna
Mull over just to highlight a few others we have one from Isabel Steves of sight
and sound to road once upon a time in Hollywood or Tarantino’s bromance
naturally in love with the old timey movies and la onset western scenes are
my fav wasn’t expecting to be so charmed by it and if you’re curious to know how
Margot Robbie was in the movie we have a tweet about that from Jordan roomie of
world of real who wrote why is no one tweeting about Margot Robbie she’s the
heart and soul of the film her Sharon Tate is the most humane and resonant
character of the entire movie almost every scene she’s in is heartbreaking to
watch koi you hear all that where do you file this one away are you maybe
predicting Oscar potential based on this kind of conversation I feel like this is
gonna be and I this is probably and theorized before and is probably talked
about but I haven’t heard it is that this is gonna be one of those like
historical retrofitted Tarantino films I think he changes what happens with the
Manson murders and I think the reason people aren’t about it is because
they’re not it’s not the story like I think Tarantino Tarantino’s this like
you didn’t glorious bastards he even like nods to inglourious basterds in the
film so I don’t know if the Oscar world will approve of a film that doesn’t
follow history I don’t think they’ll go out on a lamb like you know like if they
don’t follow the Manson murders as they actually happened which is what I think
happens in the film I don’t see the Academy being like let’s reward that
well say you make a more challenging film it’s going to be more divisive it
kind of just goes hand in hand so I wouldn’t be surprised if the general
public’s reaction when it comes out later the
summer is a little bit of a mix down the line and of course that can hurt Oscar
chances when you want to get the most amount of people behind a film but
certain things that are being said about the ending and of course we know that
Quentin Tarantino put the call out do not spoil the movie for very good reason
although he didn’t use the word spoilers what did he like he just said like
preserve it for example I don’t know I just liked that it didn’t directly feed
into like spoiler phobic culture he just was like let’s be gracious people yes a
good choice of wording then I hope everybody still follows but given what
has basically been said but not said about the ending as long as it has
something especially with the true events that it’s covering I’ve seen a
couple that have said that there’s there’s something uplifting about the
ending and that’s kind of what I’m holding tight to and I think if he can
make that story and also assess the state of Hollywood in that error and
leave you with that kind of feeling that could send you out the door thinking
about it in a more positive way had it been you know maybe a little more
bleak what do I feel parts the trailers how much it loves LA and that’s
definitely a bias I have and I’m sure there are people that share it people
that don’t but the entire time when they’re like Cherokee like when I see
streets I Drive on I get really excited I think a lot of Academy voters would
probably feel this I was thinking I was like look at Tarantino voting with the
people that vote because they live here like he’s definitely like leaning into
that and there’s like Wheel of biopics and they could be Academy loves biopic
the Academy loves nostalgia in the Academy loves Hollywood so he’s got a
lot of boxes so he has a lot of leeway but if it revisionist history isn’t
something they generally like but I will say like I feel really good chances for
the actors in this maybe not his script maybe not directing depending on how all
that is received but I feel like especially the way people are talking
about DiCaprio and Brad Pitt they seem certainly like that could be a
conversation that comes down the line my favorite part of any review though was
in The Guardian where they described it as a bizarre Jacobean horror fantasy and
that really interested that makes me fascinated going back to the ensemble I
did see a bunch of shout outs for a whole bunch of people even you know
below the two of them on the list down to small cameos which we know Quentin
Tarantino likes to do quite a bit is that these aren’t just shoehorned in for
the sake of having a famous base but they all
make an impression so I am hoping that holds true as well but you know what we
have to move on from once upon a time in Hollywood because Jody Petrella says
Downton Abbey Downton Abbey Abbey please please please yes yes yes so excited do
you share that excitement because I’m pretty sure one two three like we’ve all
never seen a single episode of that I’ve seen about seven seconds of Downton
Abbey because it was in Iron Man 3 so experienced now happy hogan likes
Downton Abbey and I’ve heard a lot of great jokes about Downton Abbey and
that’s enough for me to go good on you Downton Abbey and everyone
that likes it sure probably like the trailer that looked a lot like Downton
Abbey and for them I’m happy my question is is there anything wrong with them
making a movie like this and then dishing out a trailer that might only
appeal to longtime fans because I was kind of hoping to watch this trailer and
finally feel encouraged to go revisit all of the seasons and catch up and
similar to what happened when the deadwood trailer dropped I didn’t feel
that way I mean is that right is that wrong I don’t know how much they spent
on this I don’t know what their target audience is per se so it’s just a
different game when we’re talking about the continuation of a show and TV format
versus a white theatrical release yeah I don’t know if it’s right or wrong I’m I
I feel like it’s not especially wise because I definitely like struggled to
get through the trailer as someone who doesn’t know the characters doesn’t
really know anything at all yeah I left feeling that I also still do not know
anything at all except that it looks beautiful the cinematographer looks
gorgeous it sounds beautiful – I think what was capturing my attention more so
than anything was the score when it would like swell I found myself kind of
being absorbed in that world and wanting more did you guys see life itself oh no
ok it was a movie that was horribly I liked and I am a Dan Fogelman fan
because I love this is us I want Roxy you know and we’re about Boston kids
there’s really something to that now but what I found fascinating about life
itself is that most people that love this is us got something out of life
itself and most people that don’t watch it did it so for me this feels very
similar that there’s a tone that a creator
captures that when it’s in the trailer and you’re a fan of something it kind of
translates even if it’s different property so I feel like they shot a
trailer made for that market whether they could or not like I don’t know how
they could expand it like I don’t know how I’d sell life itself to someone that
doesn’t watch this is us because I like that intense almost operatic emotional
through line it has but if you don’t like that you’re never gonna like it
that trailer can’t sell you on it – what about people who don’t know if they like
it though it’s like I’ve never watched any this is us so I have nothing against
it but I didn’t like life itself and I have nothing against Downton Abbey
whatsoever but this trailer didn’t do it for me as someone who’s never watched
the show cuz I’m how to sell down tonight like it’s so specific is what I
think I’m getting at it’s like it’s suffocating like what else would the
trailer be if not what it was well also the other thing is I don’t think anyone
on this panel is really a big fan of British period pieces and that kind of
drama so like maybe it works better for people who are really into that genre
and maybe they did walk out going like oh I think I know what this is about
there’s only one thing to talk about now sporks toy story trailer teased Porky’s
big adventure I’m curious boy did it stress you out
okay.we one of my favorite movie talks of all time is the existential crisis we
got to have with forky and I am still in for the existential crisis aspect I’m
just worried that I’m not giving in to the rest in this trailer I love Toy
Story but I got distracted three times and I like trailers two and half minutes
like if I’m like looking as not that’s not the cell so I’m in because it’s Toy
Story I’m not in because the advertising I want to see sporky have an existential
crisis figure out what it means what the meaning of life is if life is creation
if you’re a a meat sack I want to know all those things
but the actual trailers I love the buzz light your scene I love the following
with style I loved moments but I didn’t stay
invested for two and a half minutes I don’t know if I’ll stay invested for 90
I did stay invested for two and a half minutes and the marketing campaign does
have meat looking forward to it I don’t know as a big Toy Story fan if I could
say this is one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever I’m not as
hyped as I thought I would be based on the trailers what’s excited me more
about the approach to the release is some of the stuff that
came out of the the Pixar visit hearing those details like in particular the
idea of you have the villain mentality versus the bo-peep mentality bo-peep
kind of adjusting to her life as a lost toy and being her own toy
whereas I believe it’s Gabby Gabby is still like desperate to find a home and
a person and I like those themes and the more I hear about those the more I look
at this material and say this is what I’m getting in a piece of promo in a
piece of marketing material but when I actually see this in the context of the
full feature there’s gonna be more to it and I like that I could see teeny tiny
hints but again I am NOT over the moon about any of these trailers we’ve seen
so far yeah I kind of agree with everything that both of you just said
like I’m interested because it’s Toy Story and specifically what you said
Perry that the things that we’ve heard that didn’t come directly from the
promotional marketing campaign about Gabby Gabby or for key that I guess
maybe the darker elements of the film which is not surprising Toy Story has
dark elements throughout its franchise but these trailers are very light
they’re very comedy focused they’re very kid focused yeah yeah but you know your
market and that’s what I feel like I’m not the market so it’s marketing to its
market it needs to sell to we’re gonna see it anyway right yeah well to a kid
born in the late 80s early 90s a Toy Story movie they’re in so why not sell
to a kid born in the late 90s early 2000s or younger and that’s what these
trailers doing so I’m not mad at them and I’m there but they know that makes
sense we have a very hot take in the comments section right now J R M exp XC
says a must see I think this may end Woody’s story I don’t know I think it’s
because of the child’s play campaigns a really brutal spin that I’m like they
can’t kill woody can they I died his story can end without him dying I mean
but we don’t know tonight’s play is just getting in my head did you see that
poster well those yeah we were both like I thought the last one was brutal like
friggin roasting slinky dog his hands at one
like I’m surprised it didn’t upset me more uh I don’t know that’s an
interesting question how do you end Woody’s story in a way that’s not
upsetting or because if you think about like what the end means for a toy things
get very dark very fast Toy Story 3 that like demented yeah but that was like an
optimistic it was like the perfect ending which is what makes this such a
dangerous film to make but I mean in terms of specifically ending woody start
I know maybe it’s focusing on a single character I don’t see how that doesn’t
get dark and depressing I just can’t wait to see how the child’s play I can’t
pay yeah like even though this is the last toy
story for trailer please don’t let this stop in Tony first I am like overjoyed
by what they’re doing right now and with that is the end of today’s movie talk
Coy, Haleigh thank you guys so much for being here today – Adam in the
booth thank you for all your hard work and Thadd is holding down the fort
in the live chat [off-camera] Downton Abbey is Great! I hope you guys heard that Thadd vouches for Downton Abbey even
though none of us do but it’s okay you know what tomorrow is a brand new day a
brand new episode of movie talk and we’re gonna have so many more stories to
cover so like and share this episode and hold on tight we will be back tomorrow 3
p.m. Pt live with a brand new episode

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  25. Ok but if we don't get Tom Hardy in the John wick franchise, imma knock some shit over!!!!!

  26. I think it’d be nice to have one person on the panel who likes and sees films that the other panelists don’t talk about every minute of every show. It was refreshing you guys talked two minutes about Downton Abbey, but it was all like don’t care. I love you guys, and I love the popular movies but it’s just the same conversation about the same type of movies all the time.

  27. I wanna see Leo do a real shit box of a film. He's such a great actor and I think it would be so interesting to see him be great in a not so great movie.

  28. TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, I LOVE IT!!! I've gotten Haleigh Foutch, twice in one week! Now, every Tuesday. YES.

  29. Bridget Fonda could be a catch if you can get her out off retirement. She could be John twin sister as she shares the same birthday as Keanu. She still looks amazing. She could come and help John take down The High Table. They comes with a high price tags but Saoirse Ronan and Chloe Grace Moretez as up and coming assassin team trying to made a name for themselves could be good.

    I’d like more international based assassins not just Americans. Could go to The Continental Hotel London, have the Legendary Anthony Hopkins as The Manager and Tom Hardy as a rule breaker assassin, someone who is feared because he doesn’t go by the rules, a rougher British version of Wick, There one star that’s on the cusp of stardom and that’s Jodie Comer she Awesome in Killing Eve and Doctor Foster (both worth watching).

    I’d like to see an elite Vor V Zakone assassin team sent from Russia to find out what happen to Viggo. As clearly Viggo brother Abram didn’t report back to his high ups what actually happen to Viggo. Margarita Levieva from The Blacklist and MMA Legend Oleg Taktarov his MMA background could be a great match.

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  32. This film looks like a chaotic mess (based on trailer) but one with a handful of memorable scenes and great performance from Brad Pitt. Leo doesn't look great in this, unless the trailer happened to pick some poor takes that aren't in the final cut…

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  34. Excited about Tarantino. I watched the first 3 seasons of DA and stopped. The trailer did not bring anything new except "The Queen is coming".

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