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muk cameraservice It is a series of how to use film cameras for beginners.
The 15th time is 0lympus TRIP 35. TRIP 35 is an old compact camera that captures very well. The exposure is auto, and the focus is the zone focus method. Let’s see from film insertion. Open the back cover Pull out the crank and set the film patrone. For clarity, I will use white dummy film. It is here. This is it. Take it around twice and then tighten the lid. We roll up to “1” of the film counter. Do not open the lid until the film is rewound after shooting is complete. The important thing is to set film sensitivity. If the sensitivity of the film is 100, set it to 100 here. high For normal shooting, set to “A”. High, shooting preparation is complete with this. Looking through the viewfinder, it is transparent. Focus is adjusted by eye measurement. This mark is close up. It is 1 meter. Portrait. 1.5 meters. Hold it sideways, is it about the waist? Group snap. 3 meters. I’m about to get in the whole body, standing next to me. Landscape. It is infinity. Please memorize this. In a dark place, a red mark appears on the viewfinder and you can not press the shutter. It is said that you can not shoot. The shutter will turn off in a bright place. The next is how to use the flash This is an old NATIONAL strobe. Use it manually. Please look at this table. Depending on the ISO sensitivity and distance, the F value to be set in the camera is written. If the subject is 3 meters away, ISO 100 and F value to F4. Like this, please compare with the table. I will try strobe, auto. Next time, if you set it to F4, you can shoot from 0.7 meters to 3 meters. When setting the F value, the red mark with no under exposure does not appear. Use it when you want to forcibly shut the shutter. When film winding becomes hard, the film is over. Rewind to the film patrone. Press the button on the bottom. Raise the crank and turn. When the feeling becomes light, it is OK. Open the back cover. Pull out the crank and take out the film. Let’s put out the film for development. Please register your channel.

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