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We all sometimes watch movies, watch movies, filmizlesene, movie sites, movies to watch, best movie suggestions, we search for movies on the internet from time to time with searches such as the latest movies, the best movies. We would like to say that we haven’t watched, we won’t say “waste of time” after watching, in general, cinema films that have won the admiration of audiences all over the world. Occasionally on the internet, the best 50 movies of all time, the highest IMDB points, you will see a list of the most popular movies. In my video today, which I personally watched, I thought you would never regret after watching, I tried to prepare a list of the most popular films in the world according to many criteria. There are a lot of movie suggestions that you do not like in this list. Whether you are on the list or not, you can suggest, you are very impressed with the bottom of the video if there are movies you can write comments. Bottom right of this video You can subscribe to our channel free of charge by pressing the subscribe button in the corner and turning on the bell. You can be informed instantly. Have a good time… In the film Life is Beautiful, the lively Guido is hit by the beautiful teacher Dora. and they marry against all obstacles. Then, when all the problems in the couple’s lives disappeared, the war broke out. When they were taken to the concentration camp because they were Jewish, he will tell his son that the prison camp and war is a game; If his son completes the game successfully, As a reward he will give you a toy tank that he so desires. Hayat Güzeleldir, one of the films that best adapted the destructive effect of World War II on civilians to the big screen, In spite of all the negativities, as it is named, there is always a glimmer of hope. The film that made a big impression during the period it was released, Best Foreign Film, Best Actor and Oscar for Best Music. Forrest Gump is a young man with a low IQ. When he meets Jenny, he falls in love with him. Gump accidentally meets historical people, including Elvis Presley, Kennedy, Nixon, and things happen from the 50s to the late 70s. Gump, by chance, witnesses and even plays a role in the Vietnam war and important events in American recent history. However, he does not know how important the consequences of his unconscious actions are. Wherever his random life takes Forrest, he cannot leave Jenny. In fact, throughout the film, The interesting process between the events that happened to Forrest and his return to Jenny each time was remarkable. Love, happiness, pain, sadness, trust and self-sacrifice are handled together in each scene of this film you will find yourself in different moods and you’ll see one of the films you’ve seen in a rare combination of comedy and drama. The Cost of Bondage tells the story of the world that two prisoners, Andy and Red, set up behind bars. Andy is a young and successful banker. He is tried for the murder of his wife and his wife and is sentenced to life imprisonment. Shawsank Prison beatings, tortures, rape, all kinds of situations, but Andy is still committed to life and optimistic. This attitude also affects those around him. From a hopeful point of view, Andy, all the prisoners around him, even behind bars, it can be a free life. Andy will have a friend who will share his efforts: Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins star in the film. In 1995, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards nominations, including the best film nomination. One of the kinds of disasters the world does not want to remember is the ‘Titanic disaster’, The giant transatlantic titanic is like humanity’s body show against nature. A young painter named Jack, returning to America after spending several years in Europe among the passengers of this ‘Dream Ship’, with his fiancé and his mother, There is also a young girl named Rose who goes to Philadelphia. Two young people will meet by chance and get closer to each other regardless of the class difference between them. In the meantime, nature is planning to put a point to the increasing arrogance of mankind day by day. James Cameron’s lifelike film titanic titled ‘Titanic’ won 11 awards, including ‘Best Film’ as an Academy Award nominee in 14 categories, provoking the audience the feeling that he was traveling with a time machine. Paul’s job in prison is to send prisoners sentenced to death to their last voyage. During the years he worked, executed hundreds of prisoners. One day he meets a scary-looking man named John. But there is a very pure spirit beneath John’s eerie appearance. John Coffey, a very large man, was sentenced to death for the murder of two young girls. In contrast to his eerie look, John has a very subtle and complex inner world and has some supernatural powers. A dialogue begins between Paul, the chief guard of the prison’s execution room, asking him if he really is guilty. This world we think we live in is totally deceptive. All mankind is actually slaves to creatures from space. With the help of Trinity and Morpheus, Neo joins a group that devotes themselves to demolishing this order. Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, is also a very skilled hacker with a Neo nickname. However, the men in black suits and glasses are closely monitored. He will then learn the reason for this follow-up. One of the movies that looks complicated when you first watch it but makes you say wow. It is a film that made a lot of sound in the period it was published. The Lord of the Rings is an 11-film Oscar-winning film. In 2001, the film moved to the big screen, taken from a book of the same name. The film, which tells about the fantastic medieval world, has been awarded in many branches. The film is one of the top 10 films in the Imbd. You will definitely enjoy the movie about how to get rid of the ring that will change the fate of the world, if you like fantastic movies. Commodus does not wait too long to issue a warrant for the murder of Maximus and his family. The survivor, Maximus, is now sent to the arena to be trained as a gladiator. Maximus has only one desire in mind, killing Commodus and taking revenge on his family. The award-winning gladiator film made a name for itself with its huge success at the box office and the Oscars he won. If you like revenge movies, this movie is for you. We definitely say follow. Jamal Malik is an 18-year-old orphan who lives in one of Mumbai’s slums. In a quiz show in India, he’s only one step away from winning 20 million rupees. Jamal is arrested after the show ends that night. The reason is that an uneducated person cannot achieve this much success and is accused of cheating in the competition. But the answer to each question in the competition that night Jamal’s hard-to-believe true story will emerge. Revolving around poor children in Turkey who participated in the competition which is similar to the millionaire contest, If you haven’t seen the film that is the subject of the events, we recommend you watch it. If you absolutely do not regret… Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl tells the adventures of pirate Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner, who are trying to save a young girl. Elizabeth is kidnapped by Barbossa, a notorious pirate. A crazy and kind-hearted pirate, Jack Sparrow becomes one with Elizabeth’s childhood friend Will Turner and tries to save her. However, this mysterious medallion will bring the ghost ship to the haze and revive the curse of the mysterious pearl. 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  5. I like Titanic, the lord of Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean though I havent watched Life is beautiful, and I think it's a very interesting movie

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