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Hello guys and welcome to another
tutorial! So while the slacker is on phone break over there, I suggest we
begin and see what happens. Muahaha! First things first! So prep your face
with a primer. I’m using Guerlain’s L’Or. For concealer I chose Maybelline’s
eraser and I’m applying it around my eyes, around my nose, around my mouth, a
little bit on the forehead, so conceal whatever part of your face you think you
might need to conceal mm-hmm. For foundation I chose Make up for ever’s
water blend foundation because I want something lightweight. And also while
applying, please make sure that it goes on your face and not on your shirt. Okay,
so pay attention because the next steps are really important to get that glow on
your face. You will need three things: some loose powder, some kind of oil (I
used argan oil here) and a shimmering eyeshadow. Mix them all together in a
separate container and once you get to that shimmery glittery yummy-yummy
consistency just start dabbing it on your face. Dab it, do not drag it! For the
eyebrows I chose an angled brush and Meet Matte Trimony’s black color to shape
them out. Since we’re going for that old Hollywood, film noir look, I suggest that
if you have bushier brows just block them out by using a glue stick. If you don’t know how that is
done, I will link a video of mine in which I apply that to my own brows. For
the eye makeup I’m using a regular brush and the same palette to start defining
my crease. Once you’re done, choose a fluffy brush
and blend out your masterpiece. And because I wanted it to really pop, I used
a concealer just to give it some dimension. Give yourself a smally smally cat eye. Some mascara… nothing too rocket-sciency over here
guys! Time for some lashes! Yes, that’s where I keep them, so don’t judge, okay!?
Use any eyelash glue you have around the house and you know, just dance while
waiting for it to get sticky. Steady…steady now…
Ha! I contoured by using the black and the light beige color form the Matte Trimony palette. Boyfriend: “Ah, excuse me!” So after that commercial break we move on to lipstick. I’m using
liquid suede by NYX in color alien. For highlighting I’m using Mary-lou
Manizer from thebalm. Don’t go light on the highlighter: just put that all over
your face and cheeks and nah, I’m kidding! Just don’t go light. And for the
finishing touch I added some NYX lid lacquer. Congratulations you have successfully
become Smaug or Toothless from How to train your dragon!? No? So that was it
for today’s video! If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel if you want to see more! Bah-bye!

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