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I’ll see you tomorrow. How many times can you watch the same thing? This show went off the air on 1998 & it’s still making money. Just watch any episode in full, and if you don’t become a fan; tell me. Yeah, Sure. Do you think this is something original? This shit about ‘no hugs’; ‘no learnings’? This-‘Show about nothing.’? The idea already existed in a 19th century novel: ‘Madame Bovary’. Some writer -‘Gustave’ had mentioned it in a letter to his friend; that he wantedto write about ‘nothing’.So this entire philosophy is nothing new. It’s like a 200 year old tale. So tell me, what do we watch? I don’t know. We just have this one day together. Fine. Watch what you want. Wait, let me get my laptop Connect it to the TV? We need an adapter for that. Let’s go and get it? Like, right now? Yeah, let’s go. Why did we come through here? The other way was longer. The time we’ve wandered! We should have reached home by now. So what do we do now? How should I know? We’ve just wandered around; There’s a lot of traffic through this route; at late eventide. Where do we look? We’ll get it. Where’s the bike? I…forgot where I kept it. God! You don’t even remember where you parked? You were right there with me. I was thinking about the store. I can say the same thing. Do we have Apple Macbook HDMI converter? Yeah; so I’ve got this but it doesn’t come with any guarantee |or warranties or exchange. Costs 500 Rupees. Yeah! We’re having a feast tonight! Fix this; please? Are we really watching: This? You don’t like it? I’ll lose my appetite if I watch this. Something else then? Yeah What exactly? YouTube something. Something nice. I don’t know Bit too hot. Just by itself; I think this wallpaper really looks awesome. It’s Good.

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