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What is this? You wanted me to take you to the war.
This is it. So, where are the Germans? A couple hundred yards across the field. – Their trench is…
– Watch out! Chief! It’s good to see you! Oi! Chief’s back! He’s back! All right, let’s move! – Diana, we have to go.
– We need to help these people. We have to stay on-mission. The next safe crossing
is at least a day away. – What are we waiting for?
– We cannot leave without helping them. These people are dying. They have nothing to eat,
and in the village… – Enslaved, she said!
– I understand that. Women and children! We need to make our
next position by sundown. How can you say that?
What is the matter with you? This is No Man’s Land, Diana! It means no man can cross it, all right? This battalion has been
here for nearly a year and they barely gained an inch. Because, on the other side,
there are a bunch of Germans pointing machine guns at every
square inch of this place. This is not something you can cross.
It’s not possible. So what? So, we do nothing? No, we are doing something.
We are. – We just…
– Steve. We can’t save everyone in this war. Steve, Steve… This is not what we came here to do. No, but it’s what I’m going to do. Diana! What the bloody hell is she playing at? She’s taking all the fire!
Let’s go! Stay down! Stay down! That’s an order! Go, now! She’s done it!
She’s got them on the run! Get down, get down! She’s done it! Steve! Let’s go! Come on, go! Stay here. I’ll go ahead.

25 thoughts on “No Man’s Land Scene | Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Clip

  1. Of all the superhero movies in existence, I think this “defining” scene is the best of them all.
    The music is beautiful, too.

    Really looking forward to seeing the next Jenkins directed WW movie in 2020.

  2. I don’t care whether you prefer Marvel or DC or whatever, if you didn’t find this movie’s action scenes exciting there’s something wrong. This was certainly better than Batman v Superman that’s for sure although i did like Batman kicking Supes ass for about five minutes or so lol

  3. This movie felt more like Zack Snyder than Patty Jenkins, considering that Jenkins only directed it.

    Which is why I'm more eager to see WW84, because it has Jenkins working not only as director, but also as writer and producer, alongside Gal Gadot.

    Plus, it has HANS ZIMMER as composer

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