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100 thoughts on “No Doubt – Sunday Morning (Official Music Video)

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  2. I just visited this liquor store in 2019 and it’s so ghetto and run down I don’t think same owners it was a Hispanic family. And there was 2 houses next door I couldn’t figure out which house but they were both horrible and run down.

  3. Back then in the 90s when I was a teen I thought Gwen looked much older than her age, but now, 20 years later i think she looks much younger that she is, as if she'd never aged!

  4. Гвен самая красивая девушка мировой эстрады. Лет 18 назвд купил билет на их концерт в москве, но они отмениди выстцпление, и выступили Гуано Эйпс. – обожаю, Гвен и Сандра самые любимые в юности исполнители!

  5. Son unos adelantados a su epoca, hoy serian la mejor banda del momento y quien podría detenerlos? El estilo 50´s la imagen de la mujer y el estilo de musica que no pasa jamas de tiempo. Son excelentes, una pena que son solo eso, un recuerdo. Seria genial verlos tocar otra ves o que aparezcan mas bandas como esta.

  6. I love the feeling this video exudes, it looks like an actual sunday morning. That feeling you get when you’re hanging out with your friends after being out the night before, so fun!

  7. This was always my favorite song. I feel so lucky I got to see them live with 311 (who were also excellent every time I saw them live!!) right when the Spiderwebs video had dropped on Mtv & they were one of the hottest new bands out.

    Then when they played this song they sped it up by 2 or maybe 3 times, which sounded so awesome!! Toward the end of the song Gwen dove off the stage into the crowd & surfed; we all were going wild. So much Energy from the band & croud!! Such a fun concert memory I'll never forget!!

  8. This was my favorite song on the album back in the day (with "Hey You" as a close second), but I didn't think it had a snowball's chance in hell of becoming a single. Mainly because they had already released 4 singles, with "Excuse Me Mr." being the 4th and also probably my least favorite cut from the CD if I'm being honest. Yet I still remember writing in a fan letter to the band that if they released this as a single, then Tragic Kingdom would definitely go on to sell over 10 million copies. It was close at the time. A few months later, I had MTV on in the background. The TV was muted, but I could tell by the what I saw (the drummer tapping rapidly) that odds were pretty good it was Sunday Morning. And lo and behold, it was! I remember being so happy that day. As it turns out, the album has now sold over 16 million copies. I'll never know to this day if my letter played any part whatsoever, no matter how small, in this song becoming a single, but I'd like to think I did my part.

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  10. Para mi este video era lo mas tenia 13 años cuando lo veia por mtv , amaba cuando se tiraban con los fideos 😂🤘

  11. I still have this cd album …. played it throughout my teens. 32 this year – Gwens music and style is so timeless, love the rockabilly/ska/punk vibes ♥️

  12. Omg I just saw at 2:25 the cans have Gwen from Tragic Kingdom on them! That’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen 😭❤️

  13. i started my dancing course in school with the tragic kingdom album. oh is this so long ago… school ended 2000 😛 still lovin'…

  14. I told my friends I wanted to have a spaghetti party outside because I listen to this song all the fucking time. Im 18, and this looks like real friendship lmao.

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