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No, no.. Don’t kill me. Spare me. No, no.. Hey, drive carefully. Are you crazy? Leave me. It seems as if
you are a hero and I am a viilain. What is this, brother? Are you Ajay Devgun of Singham
that you thrash with both hands? Tell me one thing. Till today even
the police could never get hold of me. Then how did you get hold of me. Enough. Don’t give
me that hero like look. You as well as I are thieves. Till now I have not
asked you any question. I agree that you and I are thieves.. ..but there should
be some ethics of business. Our target is to rob
those who are robbers. What is the fun of
robbing these poor people? I asked you to follow the
old woman and you snatched her chain. Where is her chain? I have given it to the money lender. Come with me. God bless you, child. What did you think that the old
woman will not be able to do anything? She seems to be black belt holder. Master, because of
you I am facing all this. This old woman punched
me as well insulted me. First of all stop stealing
these small things. Understood. Till when will you
keep doing local stealing? Maintain a little standard of yours. – Okay.
– Now come on. Ghost house. Guru, it seems
to be a dangerous ghost house. I will not come inside. I am going. – Quietly come with me.
– Shall I come inside? Guru, what type of
setting are you doing? Will you tell me something? Listen. On 25th November at
2o’clock in the afternoon.. ..this van was taking
10crores from the bank. At 2:10 this van reached PVA circle. From there this van at exactly
2:25 reached Lal Baug Circle. Unfortunately at that time all
CCTV cameras of that area were off. That is why nothing could be recorded. So nothing is known
as to where that van went. That is why I had asked
you to follow that old lady. Guru, I did not understand
what the connection.. ..between that old woman and
the cameras being switched off is I will tell you. The driver of that van
is the son of that old woman. If you had followed her properly
then we would have got some clue. But you spoiled everything. But don’t worry.
We have another way out. What is that brother? Now that the van is vanished
the entire 10crores have become white. After getting this information
a girl employee of the bank.. – Girl..
– She was following it. Surely there is some connection
with that girl and money. If we follow her and trace her.. ..then we will 100% get
information about that money. Guru, rather than following
that foolish girl.. would be better if we kidnap her. Always think high. You will
not achieve anything by thinking low. Think about Johnny Walker like me. Have you taken your name seriously? Have you started drinking petrol? – I think you had petrol.
– I drank it brother. From which bunker?
From which tank did you steal? Not from tank but from
cease vans in the police station. – I took out and drank it.
– To hell with your life. You look like a fisherman. – Do you know who gave me this idea?
– Who gave it? – He was also a policeman.
– Keep quiet. Tomorrow morning sharp at 10. Where did she go? I am following her for last one week.. ..but cannot come to
know where she disappears. And you always confuse
me by saying left and right. Guru, cross the signal
and she will be found. – Quiet.
– Let’s go. Who is there? – Don’t move.
– Who is this? Who is this? Otherwise I will kill you. – Is that you?
– Yes, it’s me. Did you get shock? You did not achieve anything
by following me for a week. Was I following? Yes, I very well know that you
are following me for last one week. Now tell me what your intention
is as I want to know it. Tell me.
What is the reason to follow me? Okay, calm down.
I’ll come to the point. Listen. On November 22nd at 2o’clock.. ..10crores left the bank in
which you work in this Maruti van. In 4 seconds you
were following this van. This has been recorded
in CCTV cameras installed by me. But unfortunately
after Lal Bagh Circle.. ..there is no record as to
where that van and you disappeared. Looking at your set up it
seems your plan was quite strong. Look. For last one week I was making
plan to loot those 10crores. I made a proper sketch of the plan. Only you know where that money is now. If you agree to me then
that money will be ours. Okay, you have done
good pre planning.. that is why I will
show you that bungalow. – Let’s do it.
– Okay. If anyone enters the
house through this door.. ..then this security
alarm will start ringing. 12478 Do you think this is a toy? He does not let me do anything. Big boss we will steal
everything that we find here. Please keep your eyes closed. Come, come fast. Hurry up and give me the laptop. First of all I will have
to deactivate this CCTV camera. And delete all the footage in it. After half an hour the
owner of this house will come. If anyone enters the gate
then this siren alarm will ring. We have to finish
our work before that. Whenever the siren alarm
rings we will leave wherever we are Come on Shraddha petrol. – All set.
– Okay. Hurry up. It is imported. Sister-in-law, it is nighty. I cannot see any difference
between shirt and nighty. From childhood I wanted to wear this. This is beautiful.
I will surely wear this. In movies when the heroine wears
this nighty then the hero gets crazy. I will also make everyone crazy. Shraddha, is this the bungalow? 100% this is the bungalow. That day I saw the old woman
came to this bungalow in the car. Come on let’s see somewhere else. Come. Run fast. Petrol, Shraddha.. One minute wait. Run, run fast. This side. Petrol Shraddha you sit in the car. I shall give them
my whereabouts properly. How dare they? Johnny.. Get lost! If this deal was completed then
all my problems would have got solved. Everything got spoiled
because of you all. I came here trusting you all.
I made a mistake. I have never trusted
anyone so much in life. I got cheated having trust
on you for the first time. I did not know that
all this would happen. If a girl has come
along with you to steal.. ..then surely she must
be also having problems. Just as you have
problems I have them too. Will I give you wrong
information to get trapped? I had seen that car
going into that bungalow. That is why I told you so confidently. I made plan with so much
difficulty but did not get anything. Hello, excuse me. I think guys you
are not got anything.. ..but I never return empty handed. Open up.. Hello. Leave aside stealing
petty things and think of big things. Hello, you will never
understand these things. Do one thing.
Take the car to the circle. There Anna Sir is waiting for us. Take this, Sir. Sir, we put our life in
risk and stole so valuable things. And what is it that you are giving me. Is it done?
You are such a famous Anna sir. Do you think I am a fool? What did you say? If you steal Audi car worth 1crore.. ..then won’t it become
second hand car the next day. In the same way your valuable
things have become second hand. I gave you money for this
and you will say bad things about me. O one thing. Take your things
back and give the money back to me. It is fine for now but
shall I say something to you. Yes, tell me. – Wear your lungi properly.
– Why so? Everything is visible. How is it visible? Guru, this sir does
not do the deal properly. After taking so much
risk he gave me this. We can do nothing with so less money. We can just enjoy a party at night. Leave all the tension. Let’s party. Shraddha, I am really sorry. I said all this in tension. It’s okay Rocky. If I was in your place then
would have said the same thing. – Let’s go.
– Okay. It is not difficult to become thief. If you become thief
then you have no one. “Drink, drink a small peg.” “Only those enjoy who have money..” “This is a hit song.” “This is a rock song.” “This is a hot song.” “This is a rock song.” “This is a hit song.” “This is a party song.” “Drink, drink a small peg.” “Only those enjoy who have money..” “When I see you I fell
you are right and I am wrong.” “I just want to love you.” “Just agree to be mine, dear.” “We will both have fun with money.” “Come closer to me
and fulfill my wish.” “My heart is restless for you.” “I made you the boss of my heart.” “And you taught me to dance.” “Drink, drink a small peg.” “Only those enjoy who have money..” “I drank just for you, baby.” “My language of love
did not reach your heart.” “My heart calls you loudly.” “Party will continue
till you are close to me.” “We will do as our heart says to do.” “We will not hear what others say.” “Since long I am yearning
for you so become my beloved.” “I liked no one but was
at peace when I saw you.” “Drink, drink a small peg.” “Only those enjoy who have money..” Leave me. What is this boss? We have
come here to have fun. So let’s enjoy. Get a side. No. Hey, don’t think a girl is
characterless if she comes to a pub. Sorry. Learn to respect every girl
and learn to protect her. Understood. The western style of wearing
clothes by girls is not the reason.. ..behind rapes that are
happening in our country. It is the dirty looks
and mind of you people. You get temples constructed and pray
to the Goddess whom you never seen. How can you give dirty looks
to some beautiful in front of you. A husband protects a wife,
a brother protects a sister.. ..and a boyfriend protects
the girl whom he loves. You will always find boys like me.. punish people
like you who attack girls. Calm down Guru. Will you kill him now? Hey, get lost. – If you kill him..
– Hey.. I wanted to talk something important.
Come on I want to talk now. Guru, I have received
confirmed information. In the heart of our city lives an ex
military officer named James William. One week ago he lost
his eyes in a bomb blast. That is why central government
has given him 5crores as compensation. The information is confirmed
that these 5crores are in his house. The job is easy as he is blind. Only a dog named Rocky
stays with him as his security. I suggest that if we give it a
try then this work can be easily done. What do you say? You very well know
I never loot such people. In my life I have never
looted a helpless person.. ..and will not do it in future. My target is those people
who have lots of black money. I am a thief but
I always loot a robber. It is not written in my
ethics to loot a helpless person. I am really, really sorry. Shraddha, make him understand. He is right, Rocky. If we think of ethics then
our condition would also be the same. Please Rocky, listen to him. This is our last job.
I will never say it again after this. – Please.
– I will not be able to do this deal. Hello. What? – Oh my God. Wait, I am coming.
– Rocky. What happened, Rocky? Rocky, what am I asking
and what answer are you giving. I had asked you to
take care of father. I am sorry Rocky. Now the condition
of your father is very critical. If his surgery does
not take place in one week.. ..then we will not
be able to save him. I will start the treatment.. ..but for kidney transplant
the cost would be 27lakhs. Can you arrange it within one week? Trust me, uncle. In just two
days I will arrange the entire money. I request you to start the operation. Uncle, please uncle. Okay Rocky, let’s see.
Have faith on God. Rocky, why are you crying for me? Don’t cry. One day I have to die. Just
think that I died a little earlier. You lost your mother in childhood. You went through a lot of trouble.
I could not give you anything. It is duty of a father
to give his son a bright future. I became a burden in your life. Now stop worrying about your father. Just think about your future, son. Father, I have no one
else except you in my life. If I am not able to save you then
what is the fun of me staying alive. Don’t worry father. In just
two days I will get you operated. You will become well
like before, father. Yes, son. Trust me, father.
This is my promise, father. I am sick and tired of
coming here again and again. Whosoever is inside please come out? Didn’t you hear the voice?
Come out quickly. Hey, you girl. How many times will
I have to come to collect my money? – Sir, that..
– You always give me the same answer. If not the interest then at
least pay me the principal amount. I am telling you for the last time. Next time I will not speak
but your house will be forfeited. Sir, just give me one week’s
time and I shall repay your money. You have not paid
me the principal amount. Can you tell me from where
you will give me the interest? For last one year
I a coming to your house. I give you one more week’s
time on your insistence. If I do not get my money
then forget about the house. Jaya, drink milk. Father, how many times have I told
you not to take money from my purse? Why do you take my money for drinking? Can’t you understand
such a small thing? You are not worried about
two young girls in the house. Because of such actions
we are going to lose this house. Look at this. If I do not repay the amount in one
week then he will forfeit the house. Let him forfeit if he wishes to.
I will go to my beloved. And will live my life peacefully. You both are inauspicious
and are a burden to me. Sister, everything will be fine.
Don’t take so much of tension alone. Even I will start
working from tomorrow. I cannot see you
suffering alone like this. I am not worried about
mine but your future. Somehow I will get the money. I will save this house and
send you to London university. I had told you that
our dream will be fulfilled. Come quickly, buddy. Where are you? Since long we are standing here. Shraddha, what is this? Being so educated does it
looks nice to smoke in public area. I really don’t like this. What do I do if you do not like it?
I like it. I was trying to explain you
as a friend. I am really sorry. Sorry Rocky. Don’t be offended. This is my only support
to make me forget my problems. I am really in need of money. Once this work is done
then not only this cigarette.. ..but I will leave
this country as well. What? “Memories trouble me every
time and make me sleepless.” “Why are you so quiet? Say something.” “I find everything very lonely.” “I will not be able
to tolerate the distance.” “Come, don’t trouble me.” “Come, don’t trouble me.” “Memories trouble me every
time and make me sleepless.” “My heart was empty as sky
and it got connected with you.” “Your killing attitude killed me.” “I started dreaming
of living with you.” “It is difficult to
stay without you now.” “Agree to what I say.” “Don’t trouble me.” “Come, don’t trouble me.” “Memories trouble me every
time and make me sleepless.” “From the time I have fallen in love with
you I cannot pass a moment without you.” “I just wish for your company.
Don’t look at me like this.” “I dream of living my life with you.” “Say that you are mine and
I shall leave the world for you.” “Don’t trouble me.” “Don’t trouble me.” “Come, don’t trouble me.” Petrol, go and get the camera. What did you say? Where is the camera? To study about this house I
had come yesterday to fix the camera. At least this time
our plan should work. There is no chance
to miss the plan this time. As I have planned properly this time. If this plan does not get successful.. ..then I will not be
able to save my father. What? Your father?
What happened to him? My father’s kidney has failed. If kidney transplant is not done in
one week then his life is in danger. This is what doctor had said. I am doing this deal for my father. Hey Guru, you are a mastermind. You have not missed any angle.
You have captured the entire video. Great. Look at it. This shows that generally
no one comes around the house. We will start our game tonight. Rocky, save me. For a moment I thought
my heart has stopped beating. He is James. This is his dog. This dog is very dangerous. This dog is the one
who is dangerous for us. This dog walks with
him always for his security. Don’t worry. I will somehow manage. I have hacked police security system. In four hours we can
seriously do our work. Listen, for six hours electricity and
CCTV around this bungalow will not work. Okay, but where did
you learn all this from. Actually I used to work
in security based company. I learnt all hacking there. “I will love you day and night.
I will not call you.” After hearing all
this you have learnt it. He is much smarter
than what we are thinking. I want to tell him
something more about him. Don’t neglect him
thinking him to be blind. He can easily handle
10 people like you and me. Agree to what I say and
do not try to clash with him. He is army’s well trained officer. As soon as we enter the
house we have to be speechless. Petro, Shraddha,
we have to be very cautious. Everything is ready, Guru. There should be no mistake. Rocky, look at him. I had warned you not to make sound. Jump silently. Come, come fast. Listen Petrol,
don’t move much when you go inside. Stay calm. That is fine. Do not worry Guru.
I know what is to be done next. Shraddha, I will goad n check the dog. Till that time you go
and check the way to go inside. – Check properly. I will come.
– Okay, fine. Guru, be careful. If that dog sees
you then he will thrash you badly. Then you will not
be able to do anything. – Come on.
– Hey Shraddha.. Keep quiet. What a foolish thing you are doing? Hey, I am opening the
door with this key. What else? Stupid, this is not a normal lock. This is biometrical locking system. – What are you doing?
– How do I know? This opens with a finger print only. We cannot open this door. This is not very easy. What will we do now? Let me try. Please try again. Oh no. We will have to see if there
is another way to go inside. – Please try again.
– I don’t know how it will happen. This door is locked from inside. Oh! I will try to climb up. What is this? This is signal catcher. I will climb up. Following this signal
I will easily come to the main door. Give me rope. Petrol, listen to me carefully. Remain quiet during the
time we are in this house. This would be better for us. Be careful. – Wait, wait..remove your shoes.
– Absolutely quiet. Come. Petrol, search where is James room. Using make him unconscious. – I will not go.
– Go quietly. “Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are?” “Up above the world so high.
Like a diamond in the sky.” “Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are?” “Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are?” “Up above the world so high.
Like a diamond in the sky.” Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I.. Guru. Guru I have done as you had said. The old man will sleep for six hours. Hey, why are you screaming? I was saying that the old
man will not get up before 6 hours. He will gain consciousness in 20 min. Wait, wait..that
door has too many locks. So this could be the secret door. Come on. How will it open? Hey Guru, why is it locked? I think the money is kept here. Hurry up. Why are you making so much sound?
Are you mad? You will surely get us trapped. Hey Petrol,
where did you get the gun from? Why did you get this?
What was the need for this? Idiot. Guru, do you know that we have come
here to do robbery. Do you know that? No one knows when you need anything. If that blind man wakes
up then we all will die. I don’t want to die so that
is why I have brought the gun. Don’t take tension. Leave
it on me as to how open the door. We have come here to do
robbery and not to kill anyone. Can’t you understand
such a small thing? Keep the gun side first. Now I will dos something
to open this door. Wait. Will I ask anyone as to
how to open the door? Never. What are you going to do now? Oh no.. Idiot. Have you gone mad? I should not have brought
a fool like you here. I had warned you that we
have to remain silent in the house. Do you want to spoil everything? Now it would be dangerous
to wait here. Come on now. Hey Rocky,
do you know whom are you threatening? Have you forgotten where
I am born and brought up? I had told you this plan. That is why I will
do whatever I want to do. I told you that it is my plan.
Leave me. What are you both doing? Shraddha, don’t listen to him.
We cannot be safe here. It has been 10 minutes since
the drug injection was given. It is time for him to get up. It is quite possible that
he might have heard the sound. Now we all will get trapped. Do whatever you wish to do here.
I am going from here. Whatever may happen we
will take the money and go. Who are you? Look James, I know well who you are. I don’t want any problem.
This is not my intention. Why have you come here? How many people are with you? I am asking you how
many people are there. James, I am telling
you not to move ahead. I have gun in my hand. Leave me, James. How many people are with you? Only I am there. Leave me James. I will go from here. Please, leave me. Leave me James. James, please. Leave me James. Oh God.. Shraddha, Shraddha.. Relax Shraddha. Are you okay? Don’t cry. He should not come to know. You never know what happens when?
Don’t cry. We will first try to get
out from here. He can come anytime. What?! Shraddha. Shraddha, what are you doing? Wait. Oh God. Hurry up fast. Quick. Come on. Come on fast. Come on. Hurry up Shraddha. Hurry up. All doors have been shut. If we have to leave from here then we
will have to try the underground way. Let’s go Shraddha. Hey.. Be careful Shraddha. There is no way out. What should we do now? Rocky, I feel he is a psycho,
killer or rapist. – Let’s go from here.
– Shraddha, but she.. Let her remain here. – Let’s go from here.
– Try to understand. – Let’s go.
– Wait. – Let’s go from here Rocky.
– Wait. We will go. Oh God, by mistake she had
done accident of James daughter. That is why he has kidnapped her. She is innocent. The news
has been published in this newspaper. Rocky, if we wait here for
a minute then we will be killed. – Come on. Let’s go from here.
– But somehow we will have to save her. We cannot find the door key. What? Okay, I am opening. Sister, please save me. Since long he has kidnapped me. Yes. – Please sister, take me from here.
– He is coming. Hurry up. – Save me, sister.
– Hurry up and open her. – Fast.
– One minute. Fast Shraddha, fast. Calm down. No, the door is that side. Yes, I got it. Please help me. Okay. – Yes, I found it.
– Rocky, do it fast. – Help me.
– Do it fast, okay. Yes, I am doing it. Please, you keep quiet. Fast. Rocky, fast. Come on. No, no.. No, no.. Shraddha, this will tell
the signal to go till the main door. Let’s first go to the main door.
Come on. You thought of my
helplessness as my weakness. Now even you will become like me. Rocky.. Shraddha.. – Let’s go from here.
– Yes. Let’s go from here. Come on. Rocky, we will call the
police and get James arrested. If we tell the police
then we will not get the money. We will get trapped. Oh my God. Rocky.. Petrol.. Please, leave me. I have not done anything to you. God has made our relationship. I was happy in my life. Please let me go.
I will not tell anything to anyone. What do you know? You all came here to trouble me. This girl killed my daughter. That is why I kidnapped her. Do you know why? So that I can get my
daughter back through her. She was about to give
birth to my daughter. But she died because of you. Now I will get my
daughter born through you. Please, let me go. I am not a rapist.
I just want my daughter. Please.. Please.. Rocky, fast Rocky.. Don’t worry. Come on. Shraddha, stop it. Rocky, you do not know
what he wanted to do. – I will kill him.
– Shraddha. You want to tie me here
and run away with my money. Sorry James. – Kill me and then escape.
– I have no other option. Otherwise I will kill you. – Come on Shraddha.
– Stop.. Rocky, come on fast. Faster.. Rocky. Hurry up. I will not spare you. I will get you arrested. Tell me Shraddha. Hi. Rocky, where are you? I am in the hospital. Father’s
operation has been successful. Where are you? I am at the coffee
shop at the airport. I am dropping Jaya for London. Are you going to London too? No Rocky, I don’t want
to leave you and go to London. Rocky, I want to say something to you. Tell me, Shraddha. Rocky, I love you. What? Yes. I hope you are not joking? According to the information.. ..dead bodies of two people
have been found from this bungalow. Ex-military officer James William.. ..has been found in a
critical position in his house. No one knows who is
responsible for this incident. Rocky, watch TV. The two dead bodies found in the
house have not been identified yet. Police is enquiring about this. James has been admitted
in a good hospital in Mysore. Once James gain consciousness
police will enquire from him. Only then it will be found that
who is responsible for this incident.

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