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muk camera service It is a video of how to use for beginners film camera. It is Nikonos 2 of the underwater camera. This camera pretty shape, gimmick also nice, also is the camera of a simple operation. Press the shutter release button. Shutter and winding lever have together. It is the dial of the shutter speed. The focus is combined in a visual estimation. Finder only you decide the composition. The left is the aperture of the dial. Right is the dial of the focus adjustment. In this way, if narrow, that spread is focus range can be confirmed by the index. When the squeeze up to f11, you can see that that is focused from two meters to infinity. Exposure meter will use the smartphone app. With a film of ISO400, 1 of the shutter speed for 30 minutes, iris, it is f5.6. Set to the camera. f5.6 1/30 To release the lock, press the shutter release button. So, load the film. Remove the lens and pull the body. The lens, and rotate while pulling to the front. Lens was out. The next, pull the body. Strap of the bracket has become a lever. On the lever base, hooked to the ledge, Te in this manner, and pull the left and right at the same time. Since the underwater camera, we are measures of waterproofing. Cartridge film – Sets the value. As easy to understand, use the white dummy film. Open the pressure plate to pinch the film. The spool, insert the tip of the film. Since it is an old camera to say that the underwater camera, put in water, let’s quit. About three times and wound up. Return the body to the case. Please do much push. If this is hard is the O-ring, it may paint a silicon grease only a little. Insert the lens. Push in and turn, it is OK with it stops at the click. We wound up one graduation film. Shooting preparation has been completed. Over from the neck strap, characters, such as an index of the lens is easy to see is Yes to set upside down. When the winding becomes hard film is the end. The shutter dial is set to R, rewind the film. Rewind to raise pull the crank, and turn in the direction of the arrow. Feel that turn is is the end Once the lighter. Also, remove the lens, pull the body, take out the film. Here is a Nikonos V. It is a big Comparing. Thank you to subscribe.

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