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I’m Collin Fitzgerald from Jetspace Magazine
and I’m here to fill up your festive fall weekend with the freshest functions in the
queer nightlife scene. You’re watching the Nightlife Roundup. First up this weekend on Thursday is becoming:
Beyond, a mixed media art installation at the Axis art gallery in Pioneer Square. This show will feature artists using different
mediums to portray thoughtful and existential concepts. There will be a live opera, a band, and a
DJ to set the mood. This show will be going from 5 to 9:00 PM
with no cover. After the show starting at 9:30 the official
becoming: Beyond after party kicks off at the Rendezvous Seattle. This after party will have a sliding scale
cover up to $10 and will include drag, dance, and vogue performances by PSA, House of Luna
Butylene O’Kipple, and Harlett O’Scara with beads provided by Jackson until 11:30. Over at Pony it’s time for this month’s installment
of sex wave. This is a queer goth techno dance night featuring
resident sex wave DJ Ill Camino from 9 to bar close with no cover, all this Thursday
October 5. Saturday night at Kremwerk it’s time for this
month’s edition of Art Haus 4.0 Jenna’s Haute Mess. This is a drag competition where 2 houses
compete each month to become the next Art Haus champions. This month you can catch your host Jenna Saint
Croix along with special guest Princezz Monochokeme and Miss Texas in 1988. The show starts at 8:00 PM and will be $7
in advance and $9 at the door. After the show you can head around the corner
to Re-bar for Night Crush. This is a queer and POC hip hop electronic
dance party every first Saturday of the month. This Night Crush you can catch dope beats
by Mix America and Howin 1000 with amazing go go action from 11 to 03 am. This party will have a sliding scale cover
from 10:30 to 11:30 PM and will be $10 after, all this Saturday October 7. This episode of the Nightlife Roundup has
been brought to you by Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival, running October 12 through
the 22. Get more info including schedules and tickets
at and make sure to check out the Twist Film Fest sneak preview on Wednesday
October 4 at the Northwest Film Forum from 7 to 9 PM. Make sure to scan the video description below
for times, locations, and covers to all of the events mentioned. Thanks so much for tuning into the Nightlife
Roundup here on Jetspace Magazine and I can’t wait to get freaky with you at the function.

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