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(doorbell rings) (doorbell rings aggressively) (sobbing) (sobbing) (text tone) (Heidi)
It’s him. (Maia)
Really? He says he’s sorry. Heidi don’t– Heidi. You can’t do this to yourself. It’s seriously gonna make you feel so much worse. Shit. My phone’s dead, um, I– I need your charger. I’m not giving you my charger. He’s gonna get pissed! Okay. Well, let him get pissed. You need time …to heal you know? Look, I’ll turn my phone off too. It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay. How about we go on a drive? To where? Literally anywhere, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll buy you a vanilla cone. In the winter? For old time’s sake? (sighs) – Okay.
– Okay! But you have to leave your phone here. No, no, seriously. I– I can’t– Trust me. I do. Have some! I can’t finish it all. Ughh I can’t. I wish though. Why? Are you like lactose intolerant? Yes. Like, bad. For real? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even… Do you feel bad now? Eating that in front of me. Yeah, I do! I guess it like, has been a while then since I’ve seen you. Yeah. Like two years… Thanks for taking me out tonight. Honestly, all you have to do is call me. Yeah I know. I know. So like why… haven’t you? I’ve just been busy. Busy? What? I have– I’ve been busy. Come on. We used to see each other everyday, you came to my cottage in the summers, we built a fort. We also did that, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no, I guess I’ve just been preoccupied. Right… yeah. He was really jealous of you. Who? Travis? Why would he be jealous of me? I dunno. And he was the one to tell me that I couldn’t see you anymore… I’m sorry. I’m– Honestly, I was just so scared. I’m still scared, so… What are you scared of? Just my feelings for you. All this time? Yeah. And I had to keep my mind off of it because I had a boyfriend… you can’t feel those things when you have a boyfriend, so… Heidi… (sigh) You never have to be scared with me. Yeah but Travis would’ve– But Travis is gone. I don’t know, Maia. You’re fine. You’re safe. (muffled voices) But baby, why did you leave me? Come on– We broke up. What? We’re done. Travis, we’re not together. Why are you here? Why are– why are you with her? Why? You don’t… you don’t treat me right. You need to go. – You need to go.
– You know how good I am to you. Travis– You know how good I am to you, just come with me. No. I’m gonna change, come with me – You say this every time
– You don’t wanna be with her – You’re not gonna fucking change
– You don’t even know her! I’ve known her since I was a kid! Is this where you went– (shouting over each other) I’m not falling for this shit, okay? You need to go. I’m not your girlfriend. We’re not together. – What are you talking about?
– You need to leave. (door opens) Look who showed up. Get the fuck out. Why don’t you get the fuck away from my girlfriend? She’s not your girlfriend anymore! Baby you really don’t love me anymore? You treat me like shit. No one treats you better than I do. Hey get your hand off her! Or what? What are you gonna do? I’ll call the police. You’d never do that. Yeah, I would. Travis, go. You made the wrong decision. You’ll come back to me… I know you will. Get out! You’re safe now, okay? I won’t let him hurt you. Trust me. Yeah, I do.

100 thoughts on “Night Drive || LGBT Short Film by Keara Graves

  1. It's so sweet how mya welcomes her friend with open arms after 2 years and there is true passion and sincerity in their kiss beautifully acted☺

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  3. I fucking called it. At the very beginning I thought the girl with the bob was named maya. I was fucking right.

  4. You guys are both so incredibly beautiful in different ways. You are the big eyes, beautiful face kind of beauty while Jessica is the wild elf kind of beauty.

  5. Well…first, I call that taking advantage. LOL. You don't go for someone when she's hurting. You're not helping her heal, and instead you're making her depend on you to heal. Let her find her own way there. Second, cheating is cheating. The guy was a douche, I get it. But break up with him before you start making out with another person. At least have the guts to do that before you start taking comfort in someone else. This was just a big NO for me.

  6. Ok but why does Maia look like Anne Hathaway and Heidi looks kinda like Nancy Wheeler from stranger things

  7. Woah everyone who participated in it was very talented.
    I need the social media of Jacky P.A. Tran please!

  8. No one gonna talk about how convincing the ex boyfriend was? Like gotta give to him for acting so well at being convincing when acting like a prick

    We are a bunch of indie filmmakers from India. We've recently come up with a trailer of a short film based on lgbtq awareness. We'd be ever grateful to you if u help us receive a broader audience.

  10. Lindas.,adoro mulher que ama mulher deixo meu abraço à todas as lésbicas. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Relate😪 now I’m broke because all our feelings is wrong she is straight and fall in me,she chose me after a 6 yrs she dumped me 😪how sad life is😥

  12. i want a girlfriend but for that i've to come out (irl) but i'm too much of a chicken & also bc i know my irls will hate me

  13. My heart was like you go girl n gettt ittttt bitchhh but my head was like this so sad cute and adorable n u need to cry about it

  14. Like Im watching a Hollywood actresses its kinda ya' know I think they are too perfect and good in acting gossshhh I ❤ U keara & Jess

  15. Being who I am, I'd probably stop and beat the fuck out of Travis if i caught him doing that and saying that shit in a woman's face

  16. This is an excellent film – we care about the characters immediately, thanks to the honesty of the acting and dialogue. Both powerful and tender, this is sensitive, insightful work. Congratulations – and all the best with your future work!!

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