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Download subtitles or load it directly from urlloadsubs.netDid you get it? Okay. Let’s go. Jesus. Look at this. She leaves all her shit
in the back of the car. Damn it. She can come out here
and look for ’em! What’s up, Oliver? Take it easy, man.
You’re not working tomorrow, are you? Yeah yeah.
Yeah, I am working tomorrow. Yeah, that boss
of mine gives me a 6:00 AM wake-up call
on a Sunday. 40 PCs and printers
to hook up to a network. A Sunday… it’s rough, but it’s not
that big a deal. I’m sure it’ll go by real fast. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, man. I shouldn’t take it out
on Beth either. It’s not cool. It’s not her fault. She does her best. I mean she… she’s probably sick of my horseshit anyway,
you know? She’s been throwing
some fits and it’s… the married life, my friend… it’s not exactly
what they say it is. But I tell myself
I’m a lucky man, you know? And I am, really. You know, I mean… …if it weren’t
for Beth… she’s a great woman.
I don’t regret it. And the whole thing with… Ronny, what’s the matter? Did you hear that? No, Ronny.
Hear what? It’s, uh… it’s nothing.
It’s… it’s nothing. – It’s… it’s gone.
– Fuck you. It’s probably the kids. – Hey, here they are.
– Yeah, man. It’s, like… the last time
there was this fag at the Borny Tae club,
you know, man? The jerk thinks
he’s a Mike Tyson. He jumps into the fucking ring and the motherfucker tried
these weak-ass judo kicks, but I smashed his head to pulp. Pow! You know? He tries to defend himself,
but I’m just like… Pow! Pow! I cracked his skull and then, two seconds later,
he was history. – Yeah.
– Fucking K.O. You’re just like Freddy, man. – Yeah?
– I gotta introduce him to you. – Yeah, man, do that.
– Last time, man, we had a bust-up
with these punks in Queen’s. – Yeah?
– And there was this one fag, – the youngest…
– You fucking beat his ass? We caught him in the alley,
just behind the Queen’s. Stephen,
you unload your weapon? Oh shoot. Good job, kid.
You did good this weekend. – Good boy.
– Thanks. Ronny, what’s your deal? – You gonna hang out this weekend?
– I don’t think so. – Yeah.
– You know, I gotta work on Sunday too. Homework to grade, got the school party
in two weeks’ time. – Stop it.
– I mean the school party for Christ’s sakes. Like, fuck. – Here’s to Sunday.
– Sunday. Come on, man. Hey, let’s go.
You’ve got to get to work. – You’ll be late.
– Will, looks like you’re ridin’ with me. – Yeah, I’ll call you later.
– No doubt. – See ya later, guys.
– See ya, Steve. – Le Saint.
– The chief wants to see you. Now. – Who are you?
– I’m Le Saint. – The army guy.
– Oh yeah, the new guy. Wait a second.
I gotta check. Sir? There’s a guy here… Saint. He’s waiting at the door. You got a meeting
with the boss? Watch out…
he’s no pussycat. All right, send him in. You know, half the time
I don’t even know what it’s gonna be until they put it
on the desk in front of me. So at this point
I can’t make any predictions. The best thing for me to do
is wait till I see a copy of it. We’ll talk about it, all right? All right?
Thanks a lot. Okay.
Phoebe, procedures. – The arresting officer will restrain the sus…
– I’m Le Saint, sir. Sit down, sit down.
— Will restrain the suspect. until his partner has
a chance to read him his rights. Let’s leave the rest
of that until tomorrow, okay? Would you get us
a cup of coffee? – Sure.
– All right. Okay. So, Le Saint, huh? – Yeah.
– What is that, French? Yeah. Actually,
my father was… That’s right, that’s right.
Your father. That’s right. So what do they got
you on here? Filing… responses, – reports, closed cases.
– Procedures, protocol. That’s some of the most important
stuff we do here. You show some aptitude
for administration, we’ll get you training…
who knows? Everyone’s willing
to give you a break here, most of all me. Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Also, I just wanted to let you know
that I have expertise in analysis. Well, that’s good,
that’s good. Now… And sir, I think I’ve found some
new leads in a couple of cases. – What kind of cases?
– Classified ones. I mean here, take the disappearance file
for example. If we change
our angle of analysis, it gives new results. – So?
– 22 missing people in the county in the last
two years or so. 22. It seems
higher than average. Of course it’s higher than average.
That was in the original report. That’s right. Well, I’ve noticed
that our neighboring counties have also had a high number
of disappearances and runaways. I mean why not look
at car thefts too? I’m convinced
everything’s concentrated – in a 30-mile radius around the city.
– Well, good good. That means you’ve got a lot
of initiative and I like you already. Okay? I’ve got
an assignment for you here. Sir, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to pursue my analysis. You could reopen some cases.
I think I can bring a lot to them. Hey, I give out
the assignments here, not you.
Get that straight. How long have you been here? – Two weeks.
– Two weeks. – Almost, yeah.
– Oh, almost two weeks. That’s a little soon for you
to start questioning the authority of someone who’s been doing this job
for 25 years, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Now this assignment’s
a little bit risky. What kind of shape are you in? – I’m fully operational.
– Bullshit. I mean look at you… Huh? Come on,
don’t bullshit me. You look like you just got out
of the hospital. You’re underweight. – Can you run? Can you use a weapon?
– Why do you ask? I ask because I have the right to ask,
and you answer. You could’ve retired, you know. You got the Golden Star. You were decommissioned. You stepped on a mine
in Afghanistan. 12 months of convalescence.
You’re still disabled. I mean it’s all right here.
You can read it right here. But frankly, and don’t
be offended by this, I can tell by looking at you. I mean I’m going
to have to go out of my way to find a place for you here. Okay. Okay. Maybe I didn’t come out
of a police academy. That’s right.
Let me tell you something. I’ve got balls. I know what it’s like
to be out there. And with all due respect, I could
teach some of your guys one thing or two. This is not the military. This is not a battlefield. We don’t need heroes. You know what
we’re dealing with? We’re dealing with wild animals
who have social security cards. That’s a lot different
than what you’re doing. Here. Here’s one of them now.
This is your assignment. His name is Francois, French immigrant. Works for the local mob. He was involved
in a couple of murders and he arranges orgies
for the big cheese. A couple of weeks ago, some young kid got killed
at one of these orgies. Now the district attorney wants
the big cheese to go down. So the only way we’re gonna get
this case heard in court – is if Francois testifies.
– And where do I come in? You get Francois,
you protect him, you keep him safe until
he gets transferred to court. He’ll contact you.
We’ll arrange the rendezvous. – Zero message.
– Keep your wits about you, though, because there are a lot of people
in a lot of places who want this Francois dead. This is risky. Be smart. Move! What the hell are you doing? Come on, asshole! Move! I can’t believe it!
Come on! Hey, Markey, would you keep an eye
on your fucking apples? Right. So don’t load
too much onto ABB or else you release
Manu’s team. They’re in “White Squares”
this morning. Or you take some from DLB. They must be
overstaffed, right? And by the way,
tell Lawrence… Jesus Christ. Tell Lawrence
to keep the lunch break short. No no no, don’t let everybody go together.
Got that? Am I clear? You know, what I just don’t
get at all is the process. I mean they can keep
assessing us. I don’t want to let my kid go out
with all these disappearances. You’re not worried
about your kids, Ronny? – What?
– Your kids, with all these disappearances? You know, there’s a lot
of bullshit on the TV news. Anyway, best of luck to any guy who tries
to abduct my wife’s kids. Hey. No, he’d be
doing me a big favor. But… maybe you’re right.
I mean… maybe we shouldn’t be
feeling safe right now. When I go out in the woods, I sometimes get the feeling someone’s
watching me. It’s… well, it’s kinda freaky. Come on. What are you afraid of?
Nothing’s gonna happen. Ever.
That’s the problem. Do you know how many days like this
we’re gonna have to spend together? No offense, guys, I’m gonna tell you
what’s really freaky. We’ve got at least another
20 years to spend together. 20 years. I did the math.
Five lunches per week, 40 weeks per year, multiplied by 20, which makes around 4,000 lunches
to have together. We’ve gotta face it… this is the reality. Excuse me, can you turn
the screen on and off? Fuck! What the fuck is
your problem, man?! What the fuck is your problem?! Is it just you
or the dump you work for? Is it you
or your shitty company?! We said 10:25.
We said 10:25. It was gone 10:40 when you
walked in here like a fucking tourist! 10:40, man!
Like a fucking tourist! Now it’s past noon and I’ve still
got no juice in my fucking machine! My sockets work, damn it! Well, I’m sorry. I thought
it was something else, but it’s the motherboard
and it’s fried. But don’t worry, I can fix it. I can swap out your PC.
I’ll have to go back and pick one up. – I’ll come back this afternoon…
– Wait a second. You made me lose my morning. You know what that means
in loss of revenue? Do you know what
that means? Do you? Yeah, but there’s
no other choice. I mean the round trip
alone… I can’t be back till after 2:00. You couldn’t do it, could you?
Of course you couldn’t! Just look at you. Like you give a shit. Right.
You’re a nobody. People like you should
be put down at birth. It’s not even your fault.
It’s just the laws of nature. And do you know what? You don’t make me wanting
like helping you. Sondra! Sondra! Get me onto Compuserve +
and get me through to the manager. What the hell is your name?
What the hell is your name?! Sheribow…
Oliver Sheribow. Oliver Sheribow.
Write it down and get me the manager. – Hello?
– Hi. Sorry to call you so late.
I know you’ve got to work tomorrow. No no, it’s no problem. What’s going on? Can’t sleep? What about you? What do you think? You know what? I think it’s because
you’ve been a free man for a few hours in the week. You said things
you felt like saying. You did things you felt
like doing. You were happy. Now you’re back in jail. We all are. Well, you can’t know suffering if haven’t experienced
happiness, right? Now we’re alone
to deal with it. But a long time ago that’s the kind of thing
warriors went through. You take the Vikings
for instance. Right? I mean those were the guys
that really talked about this stuff. They… hang on a sec. Anyway, the…
yeah, the Vikings. They had a…
they had a word for the suffering
of the conqueror who comes home
with a foreign sickness. It was called Frem…
Fremdveh… Fremdveh
or something like that. They had another word
for what they would suffer when they were waiting
to go to war, but I can’t remember that one. – What about nightmares?
– Insomnia, nightmares… it’s kind of
like a dilemma, you know? I mean look at me tonight. I’d almost
rather have nightmares. It just seems so real. And always at night, it’s… it’s right there. You know what it is, don’t you? No. It’s the weight of society. The suppression. The nightmares, they’re just… a self-censoring
social reflex. It’s quite a good sign. Hey. – Just breathe.
– Excuse me? If you want your cramp to go away,
you just have to breathe, maybe even bend over
a little bit. It should help. I promise. Mm-hmm. And… if you eat food
before you go running, try light stuff like honey.
You know. Well, thanks. It’s… it’s very kind. – Thank you.
– Don’t get discouraged. Just keep going.
It’s not so bad. I’m Alice. – Hi, Alice.
– Hi. Mm-hmm. – Okay. Okay.
– Okay. – Okay.
– See you around. Bye. Oh shit. Stephen, clear off table seven. Take the order to six. Cheeseburger with onion rings
ready to go for nine. Okay, you got it?
You got it? Haul ass!
It’s rush hour. Come on, people.
I don’t pay you to sit around! Keep moving moving moving. – Let’s go!
– Hey, buddy, buddy. Yeah, can we get some food? Right, so burger and fries. – The same.
– You the same. I’ll have burger and fries. May I have
your house salad, please? Okay, three burgers
and a house salad. – Mm-hmm.
– Burger and fries, house salad and a Diet Coke. – Diet Coke, okay.
– Yeah. Thank you.
Be kind. – Hey.
– Hey, how you doing, kid? You all right? – Yeah, I’m cool, man. You?
– I’m all right. Listen, you know,
work can be tough. Take it easy. – What time do you get out of here?
– Around 4:00. Afterwards, I go boxing. All right, so you got something
to look forward to. – See ya later.
– What were we saying? Oh, right.
So you can’t trust this girl. I saw her jogging in the park
this morning with a guy. I don’t think it matters if I’m jogging
by myself or with somebody else. – That’s a friend.
– Uh-oh. Oh, right,
I don’t think it matters. Do you think it matters?
I was worried for him. – Uh-huh. Oh right, yeah.
– I was worried about this guy. Just wanted to make sure
you were all right. – Yeah.
– It was a nice guy? A real nice guy, very tall? – Mmm. Mm-hmm.
– Yeah? Get lost, loser.
Thanks. Yeah, I’ll keep it. Oh, I’ve seen these before. It’s very cute. Okay. Yeah, I’ll buy him. Okay. – Thank you.
– Two? Yeah, thank you. Thank you. What have we got here?
What is this? – It’s your fortune.
– Mm-hmm? – Open it first. Thank you so much.
– Okay. Let’s see. Hey, what is this? Look. – Oh, that’s awful.
– Does it look like me? I mean it’s cute. I can’t believe it.
Hey, what are you gonna do to me? How about you? Ah. The same one. – The same one.
– The same? Where is this guy?
I want another. – Hey, I want another.
– Terrible fortune. I don’t think it works
that way. No no. Well, ill omens
for the future, my dear. And I had so many plans for us. – Plans? Mm-hmm.
– Well yeah. I got you a birthday present.
Come with me Sunday morning. I will show you
the weirdest place. – It could’ve been made just for you.
– Doesn’t make sense. But I can tell you
nothing more about it. Okay, well,
I’ll come with you on Sunday. – Yeah?
– But you might wanna watch out, because you might not
make it to this weekend – ’cause… your omen.
– Oh right. Fates.
They’re watching you. I’m scared.
It’s okay, ’cause I got my bodyguard here. He’s pretty big. Now you see?
There you go again. You’re not listening to me.
It’s important that you listen to me. You’re spreading panic
with this missing persons bullshit. I don’t give a goddamn
what you think. Think what you want, but…
you wanna know the truth? You come down to the police station
and you look at the files. They’re open to you.
But I’m warning you… you’d better think twice
before you start spreading bullshit, or keep your pants zipped up.
You’re gonna end up missing something you’re gonna need the rest
of your goddamn life. Well, the good news is that they’re not
busting our balls about Francois. By the way,
you’re picking him up in Irby. It’s downriver a little ways. Not now, not now. Yeah, l-l-l… I know the place.
I know the place. Yeah? So? What?
What’s wrong? You know in the army I used to organize
commando missions… – Yes. Yes.
– …extractions, that kind of stuff. – I was pretty good.
– Yeah? So I thought
I’d make some proposals. – What do you mean?
– Yeah, I brought you some maps here. First possibility, Fort Goben, about 20 miles from here.
Perfect location. It’s an old military building
abandoned by the local council. No! Abso-goddamn-lutely not! No! I said Irby,
it’s gonna be Irby! There’s no discussion
about this. – Come on.
– Sir, all due respect, I already studied Irby
as a potential site. It could be dangerous
if we have any problems. It’s a dead-end kind
of place. It’s urban. – I mean the fort on the other hand…
– Hey! Now is this the way you did it
in the military, Le Saint? Is this the way you did it? You question orders
in the military, did you? Well, let me
tell you something… I tell you
to not go to the fort, do not go to the goddamn fort! You understand me?
You think I make this up? You don’t think
I have a reason? Do you know what happens
at that fort on the weekend? Do you? Huh? No? No?
No, of course you don’t. You’re not from around here. Well, I am, so let me tell you. Every weekend,
we’ve got casualties in there. Faggots humping on each other. We’ve got gang members
killing each other. We’ve got drug dealers selling
crack cocaine in there, because they don’t think anybody
can see them. And here comes Le Saint. Le Saint’s trying to tell us
that’s the place for the rendezvous. Is that what you think?
Well, then don’t think! Just do what I said. All right. Shit. Le Saint,
listen to me. Now listen to me.
Look at me and listen to me. Francois is
gonna call you at 2:00 on your secure line.
You pick up the phone and you go along
with what he says. You understand? Now I’m leaving town.
I’ve got a plane to catch. I can’t stay around here
and babysit you through this thing. This is your job.
Now you’re on your own, but you do what I said to do. Come on! Come on!
Move, man. Hi. Hey.
Here again? – Yeah.
– How was your week? I know. I can’t wait
to sleep in on Sunday. Oh yeah, sure. – Sleep in.
– Mm-hmm. I’d like to. So this is a nice place, huh? Many memories here. My first kiss with a boy. When I was 15, I won
a gold medal for dancing. I remember
I was so stressed out. I wanted my father
to be so proud of me. Ah. Lucky girl. Mine’s never been proud
of anything with me. So, Mr. Without-a-name, what are you good at? What I’m good at… yeah. Salute. Press-ups. Hold a rifle. – Sexy things, you know?
– Right. I saw your tattoo. Army, huh? I’m jealous. You must’ve been
so many places. I’ve never been
anywhere but here. It’s not so bad
to be from somewhere. At least you have roots,
friends, a life. Well, actually, I was going this way. And I’m going this way. Well… I have something for you. I got a few for my friends, but perhaps you can tell me
if they’re all right? Do you like sweets? Uh, yeah, I adore. Thank you. Mmm. So? So I’ll tell you…
I can’t let you bring any of that stuff
to your friends. It tastes too bad. Yeah. I’ll keep
the rest of it then. – Oh right.
– Give it to me. – Give it to me.
– No. – No?
– Nuh-uh. – Hmm?
– Hm-mmm. I should… I should
probably grab this. Hold on one second. – Hello.
– Hey, babe, I thought you were dead. Where are you?
Everybody’s waiting. I’m on my way.
I’ll be there soon. Later. Bye. It’s my birthday. My friends planned
a party, so I should probably get going. But do you wanna come? Well… No no. No thanks. I’m not a party guy, you know. Bye, Alice. Happy birthday. Bye, stranger. Yeah, five days
I’ve been waiting for a special weapons
license and a car. Yeah, I can’t wait no more. Whoa-ho-ho. Party time!
All hands on deck! – Stay on channel 13.
– Sam! Sam! – No time, buddy.
– Wait a second. I’ve got a special assignment
from the chief. You gotta sign these
two mission orders for me. – Oh Jesus.
– Here you go. – Where are you going?
– Nobody tell you? Irby. Irby?
Down the river? – Yeah.
– That’s where I’m going. Not anymore.
Here’s the first one. There’s been a serious
shoot-out down there, gang fight. I guess they forgot
about us once again. We’re gonna have to go down
and remind them. Here’s the second. – So what am I gonna do?
– Well, that’s your problem. Go anywhere but there.
There’s serious shit going down. Okay, guys, let’s go. Boys, let’s go! – Hello?
– Yeah, it’s Le Saint. Give me the chief.
It’s urgent. Sorry, sir, he left 20 minutes ago.
He might already be on the plane, but you can
try him on his cellphone. – Yeah?
– I’ve been told to contact you. – Yeah.
– You’re Le Saint. That’s me. – Francois, right?
– Yeah. Listen, I… Listen, Francois.
Listen to me. – You’re gonna do exactly what I tell you.
– I’m listening. So we’ll meet tomorrow,
Saturday the 12th, 4:00 PM at… Fort Goben. G-O-B-E-N. Got it? Kick it! Kick it hard!
That’s the way! Kick, bro! Kick! Please! Son of a bitch. – Scuba diving.
– Yeah, scuba diving. Hey, taxi! “We”? “Us”?
You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re not telling me you want
to get involved with Bernard’s shit. Come on, damn it.
Let’s just try it this one time. You go with Steve
and I’ll go with Bernard and Will. Have you lost your mind?
Think about William, the example you’re setting. Listen, we’re responsible
for these kids, but every time
you bring Bernard around, – he fucks everything up.
– Oh, come on. It’s… no, it’s not funny.
The guy is evil. He’s evil, Ronny.
He’s bad. He’s bad for you.
He’s bad for the kids. We’re not animals.
We’re Vikings. I’m telling you… one of these days,
the guy is gonna get us in shit. – Well…
– Well what? You’ve already made up your mind.
Is that what you’re saying? God damn it. You know what?
Do whatever you want, but I’m telling you
you’re gonna regret it. We help you, mister? No thanks. I’m just a hiker. You guys tell me
what’s going on here? Little early
for the hunting season, – isn’t it?
– You know, there’s a sign at the entrance to the fort, mister.
Didn’t you read it? You’re on
private property here. There’s a private association
that looks after the fort and hikers are only tolerated here
at certain times. The sign says, on line two,
outside opening hours this private property
is a hunting preserve. In any case,
we’re straight with the law and the police department. Are you now? Good. Well, then maybe I’ll check this out
personally on Monday morning, make sure
you guys are… straight. Well, that’s pretty nice
of you, mister. Glad to see
someone enforcing the law. Anyway, I’ll warn you now…
we’re closing in less than an hour. Make sure
you’re out of here before then, mister. We’re kind of tired
chasing after stragglers. Oh, and by the way, don’t stray too far
off the path and don’t go beyond
the designated zones. It’s… it’s
a wilderness here. Kids keep wandering off
and getting themselves lost. Oh yeah?
Well, in that case, you should have blocked access
to the buildings over there. Yeah. I’ve just heard kids
running around and screaming inside. Screaming? That’s impossible.
You can’t have heard any… there’s no screams.
There’s nobody inside those buildings! Fuck. Whatever. If they want to take the risk,
it’s their problem, huh? You know, not long ago we had
a building cave in here. I’m telling you this because problems
always seem to happen to the same people and, what do you know, it always
happens late on Saturdays. It’s a little too much of a coincidence,
don’t you think? Well, good night, mister. Come on. Francois. It’s okay.
Calm down. I’m Le Saint. Just stay calm, okay? Okay? Yeah. How did you get in? By the main gate. It wasn’t locked? No. Did you meet anyone? Hikers, nothing to worry about. No hunters? Hunters? Here, at this time of year? Okay, let’s get out of here. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. The door is closed. Open it. Can’t you see they’ve
pulled up the drawbridge? Get over here! Okay. There’s an exit
on the north side. We’ll have to cross
the restricted area. The terrain’s tricky, full of wells and ditches. We’ll work as a team.
You do as I say. I look up, you look down.
I look left, you look right. Got it? Got it? Okay. Let’s move. Stop. Stop. They’re coming. There’s one there and another one there. They’ve got us in a vice. Okay. Over there. Go down the stairs, take the underground passage,
run a few more yards and you’ll be out of the fort.
Wait for me there. Ready? Oui. Run. Run! Run! Fuck. Help me! Help me!
Ah! Murder! Help me please, somebody! Help me! Help! I’m fucking in here!
They’ll kill me! Get back!
Get the fuck away! Let me fucking go!
Let me fucking go! Fucking fuck!
Take that! Why did you do it, you fucking moron? You fucking… driving a fucking bicycle
into a fucking fortress, you fucking
shit-brained bastard! Fuck you!
Fuck you, bastard! Fuck! Fuck!
Motherfucker! Oh Jeez. Shit. Ah! Ah! Look at his face. Look at his face. Holy fuck. I killed him. Fuck. He’s almost unrecognizable. Here. Put it here. Yeah, that…
that should keep him happy. Right there.
Right there. Jesus Christ, that was
the fucking best, man. Oh fuck, that was the best. That was fucking awesome.
Man, that was the fucking shit! All right,
maybe a little bit too short, but the fucking best, man.
What do you think? Huh? Wasn’t that something else? Wasn’t that
fucking something else? Ah! Please leave a message
at the tone. Voicemail. – Yeah, hello.
– Sir, it’s Le Saint. I’m working, Le Saint.
What’s up? I’m calling you
from Fort Goben. – Where?
– I need urgent backup. Okay. Tell me about it. I’ve been trapped in the fort.
I’m not even sure how long. I met Francois here.
Francois and I… he’s dead… bumped into some
very dangerous guys. The situation here is…
I got a good look at two of them. Can you identify these guys? Both 40, normal-looking
kind of guys. Listen, I killed
one of them last night, college age…
William Icham. So Francois is dead.
Is that what you’re telling me? Listen to me. Listen to me.
Listen to me. All the missing persons
in the county… I think we’ve got our explanation
right here. It must be these guys. Hello? – Hello?
– You were wrong to disobey my orders, Le Saint. Now look at the shit
you got yourself into. Stay right where you are. We’re on our way. I think they are man-hunters. Maybe they’ve been
doing it for a long time. I think there may be
some young kids in there. I can’t get out
of here by myself. I’ll try. I’ll try. Maybe dress like him so that if they see me
in the distance, maybe I can make it.
But anyway, you’re going to send
a SWAT team right now, okay? Okay. Okay. He can’t get out, right? Right? So what are we gonna do? It’s all gonna be okay. Oh no, it isn’t, man.
Not for me, man. Oh fuck!
What have I done? Oh, Ronny, don’t say that.
Don’t say that. Listen. Listen, I’m just as much
to blame as you are. I never tried
to even help the kid. I didn’t even
really talk to the guy. I should’ve
taught him the laws, the… the laws of nature, the right values.
Nature has to be respected. – You know that.
– What the fuck are you talking about? The… the laws
of nature? We don’t have time
for this bullshit! If that man gets
out of here, we’re fucked! – He can’t!
– Yeah, but you can bet your ass – he’s trying to.
– No no, it’s all gonna be okay. It’s all gonna be okay.
Listen, this is no big deal. It’s no big deal.
It’s a minor setback, is all. Listen, all we have to do
is get everything in order. All right? We get it back in order
and then you guys will see. We’ll start again
like nothing ever happened. It’ll all be the same.
That’s what we want, right? No, it can’t go back
to the way it was. No. No, you’ll fix it. You’ll fix it, like always.
That’s right. That’s what we’ll do.
He’s smart. The guy’s smart. He can fix it. All we gotta do
is lay low for a while, Ronny. So, what, you really think we can
keep going like we were doing it? Huh? Maybe one missing person
file once in a while. I can cover that up,
keep that under wraps. But two bodies a week?
What in the fuck are you talking about? Look at here.
I got a call from the editor
of the local newspaper, talking about missing persons. Oh, maybe you didn’t see this? Well, that’s amazing,
because everybody else in this fucking town
is talking about it except you! And shut that little,
sniveling son of a bitch up! You shut him up now.
You shut him up now. I’ve got this figured out. You know what? This is like… this is like a thrill
for you guys, right? Adrenaline fi… fix.
You need this, right? Right? Right?
You need this. But you broke the rules…
all of you. You did, you did
and you… especially you. You broke the rules. You did not pick your prey. This isn’t a little setback…
minor setback, my ass… where we can just lay low,
come back and start again. Nuh-uh. It’s over. – It’s over because you fucked up!
– Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch! How dare you
talk to me about the rules?! No one… no one has more respect
for the rules than I do. No one! I think long
and hard about my prey, and I don’t rape ’em
after like you do, you pervert. No. No, you did this. You did this all by yourself. You were out there setting up your little
fucking candles and jerking off
to your stage effects when you should’ve been
with us, picking our fucking prey, – thinking what our move was gonna be.
– Guys, stop! Stop! We’ve gone too far!
Can’t you see? They’re all fucking screaming! – They’re fucking screaming!
– Ronny, no. – Even at home! They never fucking stop!
– Ronny, listen to me! – It’s your imagination.
– It’s not my fucking imagination! Your imagination.
They’re nightmares, is all. Ronny, I don’t hear ’em.
I don’t hear ’em. Listen to me. You’re cut up…
you’re cut up about William. I am too.
We all are. But it’s a risk we took. It was our choice,
and there’s risks everywhere and you know that.
It’s like that in nature. You could go to the city
and get hit by a bus. Death is all around us. But listen to me…
William… William, he died a good death. He died a warrior’s death.
We may never get that chance. You forgot something. The man called me
on my cellphone. Do you know what that means? He calls me on the phone,
he can call the cops. If he calls the cops, we’re not gonna
have a couple of squad cars out here. We’re gonna have
a SWAT team, helicopters… the whole shebang!
Now you’d better wake up and you’d better do
something about this man. You’d better do something about him
right now or I will. – Fuck!
– Whoa! Whoa, Ronny! – Get away from me! Get away from me!
– Oh, for Christ’s sake. – Oh, for Christ’s sake.
– Don’t do this. Don’t do this, Ronny. Listen, we…
we feel good here. If we leave now,
we lose everything. It’ll all be gone, Ronny.
It’ll all be gone. Listen. Listen,
there’ll be nothing left. Listen to me.
I’m not gonna hunt him. I’m not gonna hunt him, Ronny.
I’m gonna punish him. – Me and Stephen.
– He’s gotta die. He’s gotta fucking die! Calm down. Calm down, Stephen.
Calm down. Calm down. – He’s gonna die.
– William, come on with me. I mean, Stephen,
come on with me. Stay where you are, Stephen. – Stephen, come on with me.
– Stephen, stay where you are. – Stephen, get over here with me!
– Stephen, stay here! Really?
What are you gonna do? You really think you know
the fort well enough? I’ll handle this. You have no choice. In less than an hour,
this whole thing’s gonna be over. Watch out. Watch where you step. Oliver and Stephen put
this down three weeks ago. You weren’t here. Shit. We’ve been looking for you, William. What are you doing down here? Are you trying
to get out? Huh? You know there’s
no exit around here. Right, William? Come on. Get up. Are you hurt, William? Are you hurt? You’re bleeding. Let’s get back to camp. Ronny’s been waiting for you. So’s Bernard. You know who Bernard is, right? Chief of police? Probably anxious to see him. Go ahead.
We’ll catch up. Go ahead.
We’ll catch up. Won’t we, Stephen? We’ll be right behind you. There you go. Yeah. Get you, man! Fucking… fucking coward,
you ass! Where’s he gone?
Oliver, where’s he gone?! Die! Die! Die! Die,
you fucking asshole! What the hell is going on? Die! Ah! Fuck! Stephen, what are
you doing? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck. Fuck. You motherfucker! Die! Huh?! Fucking die! Fuck! Stephen? Stephen?! Oh shit. Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Is that what you wanted? Is that what you wanted,
you son of a bitch?! Are you happy now? Are you happy now?! Fucking answer me!
Are you happy now? Fuck you, son of a bitch! Fuck… fuck you! Oliver. Oliver. Bernard. You’re Bernard. Oh God. Oliver…
my best friend Oliver… he fell. Oh my God, it was horrible. He’s hurt. He’s hurt, but he’s not dead. He’s not dead. Where is Le Saint? Where’s Le Saint? I don’t fucking know!
I don’t fucking know where he is! Now come on! We’ve gotta fucking help him. We can’t just leave him there. We gotta get him to a doctor. I know the best doctor. I know a really really
fucking good doctor. This man is fantastic. We gotta get him
to this doctor, okay? Let’s get him to the doctor. Then we can quit. We just walk away. We’ll never do it again. And if we do that, everything will be okay. Everything will be okay. Where are you going? Where am I going?
I just wanna… I just wanna fucking
get out of here! I wanna get out
of this fucking place! What? What the fuck? Bernard, can you hear ’em? Can you hear ’em? They’re here! It’s okay. What are you doing,
running away from me? I’ve been looking
for you for 10 minutes. Come on, it’s starting
to snow again. You’re gonna get
totally snowed on. Hurry up. If you think I’m going
in there, I’m not. It’s creepy. All right.
You’re right, but at least
you’ll be nice and dry. Hey. Welcome home, honey. What do you think? What am I supposed to think? That it’s kinda cool in here. I suppose so. I love this place. Admit you didn’t know about it. Admit it was a good surprise. Sometimes I think you forget
that we’re from the same town. – So?
– So I know all the same places. I know all the same things. I know your family. You know my father. We work at the same company. – I…
– I’m not sure I’m following. Don’t you ever wanna leave? It’s always the same… same faces, same streets, same everything. The snow is beautiful, huh? You know what it reminds me of? The day you won your medal. I couldn’t find the place. Everybody was there
to see you dancing. I had to watch from outside. I mean you didn’t
see me, but… I was there. I clapped and I was frozen. I haven’t been
that happy in a long time. Right. I get it. It’s a little
birthday depression. What’s life to you, David? What do you think? That everything is free will or that things are
written for us? Where do you see yourself
in 20 years? Aren’t you afraid you’re gonna make
all the wrong choices? A job that… that
you don’t really like that doesn’t really
make you happy? Getting married to somebody
that you don’t really love? I don’t wanna live that way. Look… I don’t know what kind of guy I’m gonna be
in 20 years from now… but I know that you mean
a lot to your father. You mean a lot to those kids
you look after. You mean a lot to me. Alice. Happy birthday. David. I’m sorry. How… how did
you get in here? Uh, by the window. No, inside the fort. How did you get
inside the fort? The gate…
the main gate. The… the drawbridge
has been put back? What? Right,
the drawbridge. The main gate,
is it far from here? Uh, 400 yards. You… you…
you take her, you both get out of here. Go on. Move. Get out of here now. – Get the fuck out of here.
– Okay okay okay. Uh, let’s go. Let’s… let’s go. Jesus.
You saw that guy. – From the park the other day.
– Yeah, I remember. Whoever he is, he’s armed.
We gotta split. – Okay, let’s…
– His face? Lt was totally smashed up. I know, I know,
I know. Come on. We’ve got to get to the car
and call the cops. – Okay.
– No. Oh fuck! God! No. No no.
Please, I’m hurt! I’m hurt!
Stop. Please. Alice. Alice. Get out of here. Just go. – Please.
– No. Just go. God damn it. God damn it. What is your name?

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