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in addition, there is a risk of stuffing on a stick – stupid, but the one who has had contact with how a dog in a mad pursuit or apportionment got on a thrown stick will understand the problem, given that in the forest there are a lot of larger and smaller sticks scattered under various angles. We walk on top of them or go over them, not paying too much attention, because they are ‘to the knees’, while dogs must jump or squeeze between them. A moment of inattention, too high speed and unhappiness ready, and it’s not difficult to prick the eye. Dogs in the woods can easily get lost when they follow the trail and move too far away from the owner eating poisons that nearby residents can throw into foxes to protect their houses, or contacting dead animals that have died of poison
being shot by incompetent hunters, poachers or hostile hybrids
finding rabies vaccines for wild animals and eating them
finding carrion (it is not known what could be the cause of the animal’s death old age or disease (parasites)) meeting of wild animals that scare / chase: hare, roe deer
encounter with wild animals that may attack them: wild boar
tangling in snares

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