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Hi Markings what kind of markings No You’re selfish soldier, what are you doing? No Let me see your hands Soft hands, you’re weak. No fighter I Sent you our days ago, welcome back. We’ve got more work to do. Yes What are you boys doing out here Special Forces fuck are they doing here? I don’t know bet. You ain’t good though Shit, I better have something to do with that fucker right there Yeah, but your case a bear it does. Yeah, you’re right Sarge. Yeah Sorry to say doubt Special Forces ring, what’s that doing out here Sarge Followed up on point I Better get a hold of Dodge on this you ready to fire up the radio. Yep Johnson Yeah take I guess to the flank Sarge. I don’t want any pajama man jump it out and claim with them Going Come on I also got a bunker right over there I’m thinking I put the whole complex and you don’t even need engineers. I don’t know The girl does she have a tattoo You’re escorting a traitor brother why would you Shall I get our prize? Excellent Captain we’re somewhere to the south copy from the hobo woods. I’ve got two men down over Yeah, we stopped and picked up some Vietnamese captives along the way when we were looking for this Shin guy He was our man to show us the hot spots We found a bunker out here an MBA bunker over We also found a Special Forces ring out here and one of my men’s fingers is cut off Captain I got men down in a bunker to check out there an MBA bunker. I’m requesting a backup unit over Situations came up, sir. Wait captain, you know about the bunker over The bunker sir over Let’s move up I Have been told that a young girl with a tattoo on her back has been giving the enemy information. Yeah Many GIS have been killed because of this little spy, bitch She’s also responsible for the murder one of my men Take her to the room. I’ll check her back later as well as her fingers Hello, my dear Case one time still open Find the operative and execute keep things quiet Captain Cook has sent some engineers to snoop around for missing special forces unit continued Case 111 Tiberius. What is the situation? Some infantry were cut down earlier today any knowledge of that situation Keep things quiet out there dodge Informed I enjoyed of everything under control in case 110 and 111 are in effect and will be completed on time. Yes, sir He’s 110, it’s yours Leave immediately. Yes, sir, and I’ll bring you a gift back from those traders I Think this Alright, let’s review why we’re here Captain Hook’s got a pile of paperwork on his desk Saying there was some special forces they came in here. Don’t be jerking them since I’ve got to figure out what happened Find these guys Confirm they found two bodies already some of them missing fingers Missing finger. Yeah this whole missions been a joke. It’s a mess we crap. We shouldn’t even be here So, where is this informant? You’re down. You’re down. You’re down. You’re down there with me Howard power We got my here looking for special forces And fun, I’m just outside our campsite there’s another one whether you ring Neither you any outsiders or to be alive inside of my bunker? It seems that your party wishes to deny me my duties out here The oath decreed that I took to protect and defend my country It seems that you have misunderstood your oath haven’t you My name is private Peter Hardwick lieutenant was Chris Jacobs We’re out here and ghost hunt for some missing special forces guys Find any leads So the captain cook can clear the paperwork off. His dad’s cooker It seems you have found us ghosts out here, haven’t you? Least what’s left of us? It’s just me a little time The army always sends out to to search for me in my men Update a lawyer Kevin get this the Ranger good work soldier I’m a patriot here in this jungle in this bunker There are no laws, no rules Just survival There are traitors all around us you see that’s why survival is so important to us These are the ends of traitors and deserters and like I Have found them out here fully by operating outside of the living Tell me private heroin. Do you know how to find traitors and deserters? You see the fingers and the hands Tell me if a soldier is truly dedicated to the greed or not there If your hands are soft and pink you certain no purpose You will run you will not fight But if your hands are calloused hard rough like stone Then you will fight it last and you will know the end Are you talking about this is my life’s work out here you see But I’m sick now I have cancer my final hour will be here soon Then more traitors and deserters will come like yourself It will come they will come and they will all overpower me I Will be tried and convicted I’m just not sure from which side Tell me private Harwick you haven’t come to overpower me have you what the hell are you gonna do to me? Well, I’m going to kill you all for The way if you requested We’ll find out if it you’re dying brandman Eric Slowly took off after another one of his kind Barn cat chainsaw. They’re out there on patrol somewhere. I heard some shots his friend might be dead. I Didn’t notice anyone else sir Yeah, yeah good monogamous of the puzzle The girl we had maybe the one with the tattoo, let’s see her flesh when she comes up Before me today are traitors to their own kind and you will be punished Is it a young girl has a tattoo telling my Darrin do you have a tattoo have you killed my brother’s New private Harwick I charge you with finding us out here Back off this American here eat with me Anyway Would you leave him show me Where’s the radio house she don’t wanna say stuff like the wired knees to the radio. Let’s go You to shut them down yes, sir in the body, sir get rid of these traitors and a beer I’ll take care of that later Fuck them down Sir There will be no mercy here Condemned them all Twice this is where you’re that way that way Sir paperwork you requested Thank You private dismissed and get this mess cleaned up. I gotta hit the head Children grab some gear let’s go Move it. Let’s go How’s your finger Look, what the fuck are they doing up there? I Can arrange your cycle chopping off fingers with a cigar cutter what the fuck is wrong with those Special Forces? They’re all fucked up Kim is that Rey. Is it wire that tickets through the radio? Let’s drop her. She’s dead waiting. I don’t trust her. I don’t have time for this man. She’s helping us out If it wasn’t for her, we’d be fucking dead by now. There’s Special Forces all over the place Kim the wired is it lead to the radio dead where we go and just follow the wire wire take us through the generator Kim the Wireless, I don’t know maybe she’s been here before. How has she been here before? So what if she’s in here before Harwick? Does it take us to the radio Kim? Yes Sketch it. She’s not she’s mad or not. What the fuck is a tattoo? What does that matter? He was talking about it What are you interested that she had did to her tattoo of what? I don’t know. She’s supposed to have a tattoo on her back. The trailer has a tattoo of Bill Harris. She’s not no traitor She’s helping us out I’m gonna go check it out You stay here and watch her. No, I’m here with her Eric. I have to cross are gonna get the drop on it’s okay I’ll be back. I stay here. And untie her she’s not no fucking slave Get back here quick Tiberius you’re creating paperwork for me. Then I hate paperwork you boys better be here Sir don’t worry you requested I told you no mercy Dodj I already informed you and everything under control Guard I have more work to do an interrogation room Remain at your post No commie fiddling Are useless soldier will leave my bunker alive To Well over there Who’s that shot don’t worry about it you gonna make it through Let’s just do it Let’s go. Come on lead the way Let’s go By fallen brothers You’ve all fought and died with courage and honor Because of your bravery You all share an eternal glory I Am not long for this world My body grows weaker by the hour But there is one more battle I must endure One of our own has deserted us My heart is heavy, but I know what I must do He leaves me no choice It’s time We’re even my brethren it’s time we discussed your end. I See you finally left us for a drop of water You are one of my leader one of the best I just couldn’t follow your last few commands We haven’t got the heart of a soul to follow my orders anymore I Know used to be English you piece of shit. I’ve heard you through the walls Except water from our hands, don’t you? I’ve told you it’s in their skulls and take their fingers This is what your says take your fingers Just a shadow of the man I once knew Those pictures photographs that you hold near duty They will take from you they will take them from you and they will burn them So yes, oh that is why I take their fingers So they will never again pull the triggers and the weapons because their brothers my brothers The ring Boy the strong withering Tie race I can help you help I’m sure you heard the siege of my bunker today’s my hanabi’s attack me like cowards The same way with a tank Lincoln in theaters like a card All of you will pay for the attack on my home today The week of the useless my enemies you will all pay with your blood I Grow tired of raising my hand against you now you all will raise your hands against each other You were like a son to me disappointed and hurt me beyond words but worst of all if your courage and commitment perished so He will fight for your freedom You both will fight for your freedom all three of you will fight your freedom Last Man Standing gets the lip Don’t make any sudden moves But time I’ll tell you Thank God, but you will see him soon enough I think about the sins you’ve committed against your country and your brothers Think up here All right, what’s going on you’re all right, hey stop what are you talking about we’ve got to keep going I Can’t keep going man. Let’s go we got to keep going Reed mount man, I can’t go anymore. He grabbed his gun grab it. No, no, no, no, no no. Yes She don’t get no because she does bullshit. I don’t trust her There’s nothing there bullshit I saw Show me that tattoo. There’s no tattoo. It’s just fun. Don’t you fucking dare? Hold the gun to me soldier stand down Fuck man, what’s wrong with you? It’s just fun. It’s just mud on her back man. Bullshit. I saw something You didn’t see shit Listen we got to get fucking help now. So we’re going in the radio room. Let’s go I get it go anymore Harwick I need you on this one. I can’t go anymore Losing too much blood I can’t go any farther man. You’re gonna go without me Did you cover my six Yeah, alright right into any trouble Follow the wire. All right. You got it again Move fast and don’t trust that bitch Can you handle that hole in your gut I? Mean at this party tonight. Alright Go stay alive, brother I have sacrificed everything out here My life my soul You have no idea I Have been lied to out here in this land But I will not back down I Will fight to the end Herick It’s me, can you hear me heroin Horwich? Next time I Sir Case 110 accomplished cert by the way. I brought you your gift Blood isn’t my lungs now. My time is short, but We still have one more case to close Before ended’ We must make sure that her brothers have not died in vain touched by bitch and that traitor GI They’re alive in his bunker Hunt them down and kill them sir. I promise you our brothers would not have died in vain We found a wire we go meet your dad Let’s chant Give us a good soldier We gotta go come on someone’s back there come on, whoa Let’s go The radio Yet yet he may never get out Worry I’ll get you to the radio don’t get us out. I Want to know From yeah, who care about me. Come on Gia? Thank you, why did the Special Forces want you? I know enemy team, huh? It’s time Make Brodie engineer that little picture on the way take care of There’s You’ve led our brothers down was dying Where are we on this man Vietnam, I’ll put up the chin up Morris My ears To do that forward I Didn’t want to kill me supposed to open up the channels gonna use a radio, huh? Tell me my body beautiful so they don’t know that you’re here Now use this radio Okay fine Maybe maybe this is private Johannes genic reporting out of an old French bunker at the home of woods I got a Special Forces out my ass that I got in a civilian with me We need help please. You can hear me. This is private johanna, genic reporting out of a French old bunker in the hope of woods I got Special Forces cutting off fingers out here killing your own. They’re trying to hunt me down This Mothers Play God Over here Thank you So about Halloween How’d you know How to use it I Joined a fine Oh But now I have to be strapped like gee I was right About the radio look at me. How’d you know how to use the radio? Get out of here, I’m gonna take you with me Yeah Captain died sir. A wire just came through about a special-forces unit out in the hobo woods operating in an NVA water Rage for a squad for my rival out there. Let’s clean this mess up. Yes My man, we’re all my men it was greed you all took You failed you should have killed them when you had a chance forgive me, sir He’s out here, isn’t he Bring your numbers Yeah, yeah no, I’m an American kid anyway Jesus Christ sir. This isn’t charted. Do you want me to bring it to attention? Fuck? Have you been up to Tiberius? Those fingers My man is missing a finger. Does this soldier collect, you know sergeant Hall? You will log and charge nothing Your sole responsibility. Is this for luck? Am I clear? Yes, sir Let’s clean this mess up Nick Captain you seem to know a lot about this Special Forces soldier in the bunker. We never gave you directions on how to get here You know Virgil I forgot more than you, okay Well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to document this in my report Let me see your weapon soldier You know sergeant you won’t be documenting anything Well Probably yo.hannes Senate Being as you’re all healed up your new duty is to drop back into that NVA area solo mission As you are aware. There are more tunnels in the outer sector and Intel is told us nothing about them Now those tunnels lead somewhere son and we need to know where If you run into any trouble did I expect you to There’s an infantry division out there calls themselves the Indians. They’re charting hot spots Cigar Right What happened out there at that bunker with Tiberius ash wood Ranger Didn’t happen It never occurred so figment of the imagination Do we have an understanding son? Yes, sir That bunker burned Along with all of tiberius is mayhem Everyone who ever set foot in that bunker is now duster ash Except for you You and your orders sick What if he talks He’ll never make it to Christmas That air is in the heart of the jungle and it will bleed him dry Now no one must ever find out what happened with Tiberius l in that bunker I Sent him out the cops He lost his humanity understood sir

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