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This is You… at Your job… or maybe this is You… or maybe You’re someone totally different… maybe You come from somewhere far away… or You lived here Your whole life. You’d like to work in Germany. Or even found a company. Let’s say, this is You, and You got Your professional qualifications abroad. In order to find a comparable job in Germany, it helps to get Your professional qualifications recognized. And that’s where we come in. The network “Integration through Qualification”. On Your way to recognition we inform and advise You. And we also provide job training if necessary. But wait… We don’t just support You, but also You, and You, and You. If You contribute to the labor market integration of immigrants… what You do is important for this goal and Your tasks are not easy. We support You with information, counseling, and job training. If You teach our language for work related settings… If You advise and place workers and if You work with different people from different backgrounds on a daily basis… or if You run a company and You’re looking for skilled professionals. Who are we, You ask? We are a network… consisting of different actors and partners… on a national and regional level. And because we are constantly exchanging information with each other we can connect labor market integration services in meaningful ways. And quickly and flexibly react to new challenges… with a concrete objective – supporting You…. whoever You may be… wherever You may come from… whatever Your job may be… Learn more at

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