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I spent all my life stitching. Oh! So he is a boozard? Hey! Hey! Wait! What are you doing? – Committing suicide.
– What? If you have leisure time. And if you pity my state
then please shift the stool. – Rest, I’ll handle everything.
– What will you handle? This noose is around your neck
you will die and go to heaven. But the law here
will send me to hell. – Look, if you help me.
– Handle yourself.. I’ll bequeath my entire
property in your name. – Sorry, I don’t accept
charity from corpses. – Hey! – Do I look like a corpse?
– You will, after you die. – Meaning you won’t help me?
– No way. – Do one thing.
– Do it? I’ll put the noose around,
you push me. Good lord! Are you here to commit
suicide or force me to commit murder? – Point to be thought about.
– Then sit and think. – Sit. – Oh yeah, it is
a point to be thought about. – Okay tell me something, young man.
– Yes. Being a man why do you want
to commit suicide like cowards? Life is God’s greatest
gift to mankind. And shame on those
who fail to understand it. Look at me. What state am I in? I have no food, no money. My clothes are tattered,
yet I’m surviving. – Shame on you.
– Why? Had I been in this state.. ..I would have killed
myself the day I was born. You are in a better
position than me today. Then why are you committing suicide? You won’t understand. I understand everything, young man. Almost every second man on earth.. stuck in the whirlpool
of poverty and hunger. Some cry and tell others,
while some laugh and hide it. Then also suicide is not the solution,
my friend. Friend? – You called me your friend?
– Yes. But you are not worthy
of my friendship. Because a friend is one
who helps in distress.. – ..and gives company in everything.
– Meaning? If you are ready to
commit suicide with me.. ..only then will I consider
you as my friend. Wow! What a test! Okay, I’m game. But one who puts
ones friend in trouble.. not a true friend either,
my friend. Wow, you have a way
with words, friend. What work do you do? I darn old, torn and tattered clothes. And also stitch them. We will make a good duo. – ls it?
– Yes. Because I desperately
needed a man like you. – The thing is that I bluff a lot.
– Okay. – As I’m a big man.
– It is evident. Henceforth whatever nonsense I talk. Be it anything. You darn it. But this suicide? – Cancel!
– Congratulations. – Get up.
– Come on. Get up, young man. Friend. This is my house. Henceforth you will stay here with me. Magnificent house! As a child I had seen
such a house in movies. Come on! I built this house recently.. ..and you say you’ve
seen it in your childhood? There is a limit to bluff, friend. Well, l’m not too old either. I look like this because
I haven’t eaten for too long. Oh, buddy! What are you doing? Come. Go straight. Straight. Straight. Babulal! Hari! Shersingh! – Yes, master.
– Coming master. My very good friend is here. – Look after him.
– The dinner is ready. – Oh, it is!
– Yes. Two. Before dinner a small peg. No, I’m famished. I’ll eat. – You don’t want to drink.
– No. – Want to eat? Come along.
– Yes. – Master this way.
– Where? – Come this side.
– This side. Here. Come along. Come, my poor friend. Come from here. – Come.
– Not from here. You are my friend, aren’t you? – Then jump.
– I’ll come from that side. – I’ll kiss you otherwise.
– No, kisses. I’ll come. No, kisses. Even my mother has
never kissed me so much. He is scared of kisses. Wait. This, chicken. This.. Take this, my poor friend. Here. Have this sweet dish. Little, from my hand. – It’s too sweet.
– Will you have dal? Dal! One minute. Have dal from the same
spoon it will taste delicious. Friend, will you eat this egg?
Leave that chicken. – No. Its delicious.
– Have this egg. Have this..cake! Enough. – This.. Chicken..
– Drink the juice. Okay. minute. One minute. Shall I take the chicken? – One minute.
– What are you doing? – Yes.
– What is this for? – It is called table manners.
– Okay. Shall I eat the chicken? Noodles. You must have noodles. – Grass?
– No, these are noodles. My poor friend, have these noodles. – It’s awful.
– Awful? – Yes.
– Have more. Develop your taste. Develop your taste. Roti! Have this with the fork. Eat it like this with the fork. They look like earthworms. Banana! – Good for digestion.
– Banana.. minute. – I..
– Give me some more. You must take this. It is a finger bowl! To wash hands. What are you doing? – Will anything happen?
– No. It will work as a laxative. My poor friend. Here. Here. After a long time I’m eating. Enough. – Had enough? No.
– Yes! I swear. No! – Believe me.
– No! – Sure?
– Yes. – Come.
– Where? – To my room, my friend!
– I’ll go to my house. No! You’ve come here
so you’ll stay here. – You have saved my life.
– Come from here. I won’t let you go like this. Come. – l.. I’ll sleep here.
– What? Here..I’ll sleep here. Not here, my friend. I’ll make you sleep
on a higher bed than this. No! I’ll fall from there. I’ll get hurt.
This place is nice. I’ll sleep there. Remove your clothes. – No. What are you doing?
– Wear proper clothes to bed. No, I won’t be able to sleep in them. Actually, I live in my own skin
and wear my own clothes. Well said! You are an extremely
self-esteemed, faithful.. ..and an orphan, my friend. Come on, go to sleep Mr. Natwarlal. – And get up in the morning
with a bright future. – Okay. Good night. – Where are you sleeping?
– At your feet, my friend! Okay. Good night. You saved K.P’s life. Come on, go to sleep. Oh, God! Why is my head splitting? Why did I sleep down? Why is this bed stinking? Who? – Babulal!
– Coming, sir. – Shersingh!
– Coming, sir. Who is this beggar? Your friend. You got him here. – My friend?
– Yes, sir. Throw him out. – What are you doing, sir?
– Get out! When you were drunk
you were licking me. Now you are kicking me out? What nonsense? Licking you? – I am your friend!
– Throw him out! I saved your life! – Throw him out!
– Leave me. Insolent! Bloody drunkard! Anybody takes advantage of my decency.
Throw him out! Leave me. Go away. What a man! – You!
– My friend! – Hey!
– My buddy! My poor friend! – Hey! It is him.
– Where are you? Come with me. Life without you is incomplete. Why? Didn’t you find
anyone else to kick? What are you saying? Friends like me can bluff.. ..but they can never kick. – Come with me.
– No, I want to deliver this. – Come with me.
– But, I.. – You must come.
– I have to deliver this. What is this? My fate. Such a tattered fate? Throw this.
From today this is your fate. Mercedes. What happened? You are feeling giddy? Must have not eaten, my poor friend. I will feed you. And you’ll be welcomed in
such a way that you’ll remember. – I..
– What is it? – One minute.
– Oh! – Can I go?
– Come on, sit. Sit. My bundle. This? Move it. My poor friend! My brother! Sir my.. Forget that bundle. It is said,
‘ring out the old ring in the new’. Come. Hey, what are you doing? I’m pulling you because
you are hesitant to come. What are you thinking, my poor friend? I’m thinking,
how loving you are treating me now. And in the morning
you will kick me out. – You are mistaken, my brother.
– I am mistaken? I kick only my enemies. – Not friends.
– Sorry, I don’t drink. Develop a vice if you wish to live. For one can’t lead a
life by just being healthy. Deceive me not under
the facade of friendship. I know you will kick me out at dawn. Well said! – Well said!
– Where is he? You appear to be a vagabond
and yet shine like a jewel. – I’ll take you in a chariot, Gopi.
– Gopi! Get up in the morning
with a bright future. – Lie down, my friend.
– Where will you sleep? At your feet my poor friend. Near your feet. Near your slippers. Okay? Go to sleep. “Even if someone calls my wild!” “Even if someone calls my wild!” Not up. What is this? “Even if someone calls my wild!” “Let him say!” Fayad! Govind! Santosh! Parveen! Hamid! Come soon! Here. Hold this. Before Master gets
up throw this in the drain. Do not leave a single bottle quick,
hurry up. Come on. “Even if someone calls my wild!” It fell again. – Please, come.
– Good morning, sir. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Master, where have you got me. – This is our office.
– ls it? You’ve come after a long time
hence you couldn’t recognize it. Meet her. This is your aunt Mary. – Good morning, sir!
– What is this aunt Mary? Why are you squeaking
like an old record? What do I do, Mr.
K.P? I tried every possible treatment. I wasted money like water
but I don’t seem to get cured. Do one thing. Put this in the doctor’s mouth. And do what this doctor tells you. What is that? A little brandy. One egg in it. One spoon. – Why? To stir it.
– Okay. One in the morning and one at night. – Finish!
– Who? The disease, not the patient. – Master!
– Yes. Give her the dose. Thank you. – Dose?
– Yes. This is doctor brandy. This much before getting
up in the morning. And this much after going to bed. Finish. Before getting up in the morning. And after going to bed? But destiny plays a key
role in making a man rich. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. This is Mr. Deepak Bajaj. – All right!
– He has topped the University. – Professor Verma sent you?
– Yes, sir. Have a seat. – Mr. Deepak Bajaj.
– Master, please move. Mr. Deepak, do you drink? – Pardon?
– Do you drink? – No, sir.
– Why? Only people who have no
beautiful cause to live, drink. It is not that. – Do you smoke?
– No. That’s good. Have you ever fallen in love? No, sir. I am just married. Then there is no question
about affairs and the likes. Very good! Wow! What a charming face you have. – Master!
– Yes. Mr. Deepak is the new chartered
accountant from today. But we have Mr. Lali. Lali needs some firing now. – May Mr. Deepak spread his light.
– Okay. His salary is Rs. One lakh per month. A bunglow for him to stay.
With accommodation and car. And a free trip abroad with family. But master, where are we going?
Where have you got me? Sir, got carried away.
It’s 25 thousand not one 1 lakh. We will increase on
seeing your capabilities. – Thank you, sir.
– Let’s go. – Thank you.
– Congratulations. Mr. Deepak. You’re a very decent man.
I am very glad to see you. Nice meeting you. It’s said.. “If you wish to understand love..” “If you wish to understand love..” “..then jump into the sea.” “Because..” “..just by sitting at the shore,
you won’t get an idea of the storm.” Good lord! Come on let’s go. – Did I say anything wrong?
– It was enough for today. You ruined the poem. – Hey! No, no..
– What’s this? You should have at least knocked. Can’t you see we were
in an important meeting? Why hide from friends? I have seen girls like
her in your lap many times. You know my character and vice versa. Mr. K.P was saying
that salary will rise till One lakh. What? My salary? One lakh? Beautiful, come close to me. Mr. Lali, push her away. Mr. Deepak Bajaj has been
appointed as the new manager. His salary can rise till One lakh,
not yours. What? His salary will be One lakh rupees? I have been apple polishing
him all these years. If rupees one lakh is
the price of his honesty.. ..then he can’t even imagine the price
he has to pay for my dishonesty. Oh, God! Brother.. It thus happened.. ..that in Simila,
along with a few friends.. ..l stood on a snow clad mountain. ..was throwing something. It was so chilling out there.. much so.. ..that the moment words
came out of my mouth.. ..they froze in mid-air. Well, Mr. K.P., although
we are consuming your liquor.. ..but that doesn’t mean.. ..that we can swallow
whatsoever nonsense you utter. – Mr. K.P.
– Yes, brother? Do you consider us to be fools? How come you realized that? I mean to say, what do you think?
Do I fib? Do you think I make stories? Master! Brother,
I will narrate the real picture. You must have seen, “the mouth
emitting vapor during the winter.” – Yes, we’ve heard it.
– Have you not? The same happened with him too. Yes, right! – Along with it came out the words too.
– Yes. Since it was freezing cold,
the vapor was frozen.. Yes. And thus the words froze too. Yes. Yes. Very good! Well, now calm down.
You are crossing all limits. This is nothing. Now I will narrate the
story of the Bhopal jungles. – ls froze was there?
– No. Why will it froze it in the jungle? – I had gone there on
a hunting expedition. – On a hunt? Well, it thus happened.. ..that a few of my friends
and l were hunting in the jungles. Where a man-eating lion was reclined. The moment I spotted the lion.. ..l picked my gun up.. ..and shot at the lion. But the beast was smart as well. It started running. And my bullet was in hot pursuit. The lion turned back and saw. And then thought which side to turn? But the bullet was after all mine. It too turned right. Now the lion is running.. ..with the bullet in hot pursuit. The lion turned left. And so did the bullet. The lion got tensed. He jumped and climbed the tree. And so did the bullet. The lion started jumping
from one branch to another. Oh, let the lion die at least. And so the lion started
jumping from branch to another.. ..and so the bullet
continued to do the same. The lion kept jumping
from one branch to another.. ..and the bullet
continued to do the same. The lion kept jumping
from one branch to another.. ..and the bullet
continued to do the same. After all it was my bullet. The lion was perplexed and anxious. Started thinking what is
the mystery behind this bullet. Who fired it after all. And the bullet was standing
there right in front of him.. ..that it would hit at him. It would hit at him. The lion thought of something.. ..and spotted a crater in front.. ..and jumped into it. And the bullet jumped as well. And that was when the bullet
said ‘enough’ and hit the lion.. ..and he died. Damn! – Oh, God!
– Oh, God! Good god, never before
have we heard of such fibs. – You think so?
– Yes, you’re. – Master!
– Yes. What is it? I am not able to speak properly. Look, I can just mend
patches and small holes. But you have shred the whole cloth.
Even my ancestors cannot mend it. – It is not within me, I am leaving.
– But master.. – Go to hell. – Oh, you got me
insulted in front of everyone. Pardon me,
it crossed the limits a bit, today. – I take your leave.
– Okay, fine. No, problem. And the courage with which you.. ..have borne with me.. ..l cannot express my gratitude. Hurry up. Who fell down! I fell down. – I thought it was me.
– No, how can you fall? You didn’t drink,
you had only held the glass. I was the one who was drinking. Don’t drink so much, master. No, don’t. I should not drink? Master, today we will
ride this motorcycle. – Boss, this is my bike.
– So what? Give him the keys of my Mercedes. – In-lieu of this motorcycle?
– Go on! Now no coming here henceforth. Why is that so? Tomorrow if you like anyone’s
hut you’ll give him your palace? ‘Wherever it goes it
illuminates the place.’ ‘Hitherto no one has
been able to bound light.’ Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Hey, wait! This is my address. Just remember that you
are only one nights king. Tomorrow come and return his car. And take back your motorcycle.
If it is in one piece. – Master, we are already late.
– I am coming. Do get it. – 420?
– Sit down. Its number is 420. And I heard pillions always die first. – You are right.
– What? Tell me, would you ever
enjoy like this in a Mercedes? I’d enjoy more on a cycle. God willing,
we’ll ride a cycle next time. Look in the front. Two motor cycles
are approaching. What are you doing? You are high.
It’s a tempo not motorcycles. Young man, I have driven
many carriages in my childhood. – Shame on your childhood.
– Why? A truck is coming. Be careful! Stop! Stop! – Stop!
– What happened, Sir? I feel like urinating. The ground is clear go and dirty it. Dirty? I’ll come. – Oh, so sorry.
– Come back, if you’re done. One minute, I’ll just come.
I want to go badly. I might wet my pants. I’m bursting! Good Lord! Now I’m relieved, let us go. – Shame on you.
– Why? – Do you’ve money or should I give?
– I do have. – You wanted to ride a cycle.
– Yes. Buy one and come home. No. I’ll come with you. Now you are not worth
coming with me, Master. What has happened all of a sudden? One urinates by opening
ones pants buttons.. ..and not by one’s shirts. I know, gentleman I opened my pants. Hey! What a shame! Shame on this liquor
and the one who drinks it. It makes you forget
where your buttons are! Master, our baby has ditched us. It is not ours, it is his. Come on sit. Come. No, Sir. I’ll take a taxi. His car broke down. Come on sit. If I could I’d
give all my workers a car each. Give him a lift first.
Rest you can decide afterwards. – Come on, sit.
– Master, listen to this.. “There will come
a day in our country.” “..when every worker will
have a car for his family.” Thought is good but
the couplet is bad. – Yes, tell me.
– Thank you, sir. – It’s nothing.
– If you don’t mind. How about a cup of tea? – Tea!
– Tea! Tea at this hour? – You are humiliating the evening.
– Please, sir. – Master, tell him.
– Forget it, he is our man. Why should we tell him? Gentleman, we owe you an evening.
Some other time. – But do not refuse next time.
– Of course. – No, we won’t.
– No we won’t do it.. – I am saying it we will come.
– Of course. – Thank you, sir.
– Okay. Goodnight! – Goodnight!
– Goodnight! Master, remove it quietly. – “It may be a sin for others.”
– Well said! – “But if we drink it’s a virtuous deed.”
– Indeed. “One drop of liquor is made..” “..after combining hundreds of tears.” “Your ‘bindi’ is like
the moon and the stars.” “It looks like a full moon night.” “Your hair is like the dark clouds.” “And you are the monsoon rains.” “There are buds in the garden.” “And those buds are very fragnant.” “You also are very fragnant.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “My eyes always look at you.” “You are like the
procession of dreams.” “My lips are always singing praises.” “And you are the one
they are praising about.” “I have a small heart in my chest.” “And you are the feelings in it.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “O beautiful valleys!
Wait, let nle swing a little.” “Let me kiss your lips with my lips.” “I always pray every
morning and night.” “That we should not
be separated at any point.” “Our meetings should be like this.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “The afternoons should
be very bright and sunny.” “And the evenings should
be young and happening.” “Only your name must
always be on my lips.” “There should always
be your thoughts on my mind.” “Darling, the vermillion of
your name should be In my forehead.” “Your hands should be in my hands.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “Your ‘bindi’ is like
the moon and the stars.” “It looks like a full moon night.” “Your hair is like the dark clouds.” “And you are the monsoon rains.” “There are buds in the garden.” “And those buds are very fragrant.” ‘You also are very fragrant.’ “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “My eyes always looks at you.” “You are like the
procession of dreams.” “My lips are always singing praises.” “And you are the one
they are praising about.” “I have a small heart in my chest.” “And you are the feelings in it.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” “I am with you forever.” “And you are with me.” K.P, it is futile to think
about the one who has forgotten you. I didn’t think about her,
I happened to spot her. And her glimpse has
freshened my wounds. I am very disturbed, master. – I had loved her intensely.
– No, K.P. – Now she belongs to someone else.
– She may. But I haven’t accepted anyone else. She married someone else. But I still worship her picture. This worship is such a thing. Some worship beauty where
as others worship nature. K.P, I have never asked you anything.
But today I ask you. What had happened? One requires a heart of
stone to face the blows of fate. And a heart of gold to fall in love. I was a mechanic, master. Oh, shit! Hey hero! This one really looks like a hero. Excuse me! Please take a
look at my car it’s not starting. Who has cast an evil eye on it. It looks wonderful. I always see it passing by. Oh! He even looks at girls passing by. – I can also hear.
– Oh! He can also hear. Looks like we’ll miss tonight’s party. Oh, no.. Just start. – Oh, wow!
– Great! How much? I’m your neighbour, not a stranger. And does anyone take
money from ones neighbours? Yes. Pooja give him the money
or he’ll extort it in such a way. – That you’ll remember all your life.
– Get lost! Did you say anything? No! – Bye.
– Bye. Bye. I fear the fate of this city! Another break down? No! I was going home. – But you are still working?
– What to do? Poor peoples lives end soon
but their work doesn’t seem end. Meaning, you won’t sleep all night? No! One who owns this
car has taken away my sleep. Amazing. The one whose
car is spoilt is fast asleep. And its mechanic has lost his sleep. It is all fate. – Good night!
– Very good night! Thank you. Come on, I’ll drop you home. No, thank you. I’ll go by the bus. I’m your neighbour not a stranger. And I’m sorry to say I don’t
take money from my neighbours. – Come sit.
– Very sweet of you. Thank you. When a driver drives a car
only then you should sit behind. But when it’s someone you know,
you should sit in front. Should l? Please. What is it? What? Wait! Why are you whistling? Wait, I’m coming. Why are you whistling like a ruffian? What could I do? If I’d call out your name,
your father would come out instead. – ls there no other way to call me?
– There is. Should I call out like my friends do? How is that? Hey! Disgusting! Can’t you play a
nice musical instrument? You mean Lute? Shameless creature! I told him to play
a musical instrument. A Lute! Play it all night!
But I won’t come to you. Throw it. Throw! No. If snake bite me. I would have been dead! Krishna! But how did you think about that lute? Can’t it happen that we
meet without playing anything? Here! Play this mouth
organ henceforth. Yes. Do you know how a rich
man’s house can be recognized? When he throws a party and
there’s a bee-line of cars outside. And the gate of our bungalow
should be of mere bars. So that one who can’t come in,
can see it from outside. Yes. People like us be happy
by seeing bungalows from outside. Hey! But our lawn should be huge. After the car halts at the
porch when the chauffeur open the car. One should feel that
a great party is happening! Yes. And when you enter the hall.. ..then just like the
sets of Raj Kapoor’s films.. ..the stairs should lead upstairs! Hail Goddess! Yes! But our bedroom will be upstairs. And gentleman.. ..when you open the door
it should be like Paradise. It’s difficult. But not impossible. Krishna! We must get married now. Look Pooja, I’m a poor man. And an orphan too. So what? Neither do I have a proper
business nor a fixed job. So what? I can neither take
you to posh restaurants.. ..nor give you proper food to eat. So what? I neither have a roof above my head. – Nor..
– A car to move in. So what? ls it? So what? – What if your father refuses?
– So what? Fool! ls my father getting
married to you or is it me? “After holding you so close,
we were lost somewhere.” “We were so near
that we had become one.” “I have quenched my prolonged
thirst from your lips.” “I have seen your marvelous
body from my eyes.” “You were spreading
magic like the sea-storm.” “Every particle of
sand was like vermillion.” “Our eyes were wide
open but we were sleeping.” “We were so near
that we had become one.” “After holding you so close,
we were lost somewhere.” “We were so near
that we had become one.” “There was no distance
between our eyes.” “We were talking,
but our mouths were shut.” “Our desires were
making us feel restless.” “Our feelings were aroused,
but we both were unaware.” “We had forgotten
the world for sometime.” “We were so near
that we had become one.” “After holding you so close,
we were lost somewhere.” “We were so near
that we had become one.” “We had lost somewhere.” “We had become one.” “We had lost somewhere.” “We were sleeping.” Come in. – This is my little hut.
– ls this a hut? Where is that poor man then? – Who?
– Your father. – You impudent boy! Shameless!
– Keep quiet! – Look, you have to behave
like a decent man. – Yes. You have to impress my father. – Okay?
– Yes, okay. – Pooja!
– Yes. – ls he strict?
– Shut up. Ramdeen! Greetings. Father, this is Krishna. Welcome, Krishna. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, Krishna. Welcome. Welcome to my house! Wow! – Greetings.
– Bless you. Pooja is my only child. And I have confidence in her choice. – Pooja!
– Yes. Won’t you get sweets for him? I’ll just come. – Father!
– Yes. – Will you have tea?
– Sure. Make tea for Krishna
from own tea garden. – Okay!
– Come, sit, dear. Where do you stay, son? With my friend.. lovely guest house at the moment. But soon I’ll make some arrangement. Which college are you from? Not college. But a diploma in mechanical draughts
man from Bharat technical institute. Where is your factory? Factory? I work as a stock keeper
in a Mineral water company. They are happy with me.
And soon I’ll become permanent. Your parents? I’m an orphan. – But Pooja..
– She is still naive. But you have all the qualities
of becoming a big man. You are very far-sighted. – Here it is.
– This is Pooja’s mother. The Goddess of wealth of this house. Son, this is five lakhs rupees. I think this is sufficient
to open your factory. Because I don’t want people
to call my son-in-law poor. Dear, I like your choice. Oh, father! You’re great! No, Mr. Dayal.
I’m not worthy of marrying her now. But thanks to you.. ..for opening my eyes. For first time I’m missing my father. Okay Pooja. I’ll leave. And I’ll return the day.. ..your father feels proud
in calling me his son-in-law. But you didn’t take anything, son. A dog cannot digest ghee, Mr. Dayal. But Pooja wait for me. I’ll surely return. And I’ll return as a
big man only for your sake. Because you are my life, my aim. And I can do anything for you. Krishna! Krishna! Sir, this is Krishna here. Krishna? Oh, Krishna! How are you? Fine. Can I talk to Pooja? Have you become a big
man or are you still that dog.. ..who cannot digest ghee? You always seem to make
time for worship and ‘Tilak’. By putting this vermilion
I feel at peace, Priest! Mother. Father. Dear. Whatever parents do..’s always for the
betterment of their child. Man never gets what he desires,
my dear. I have nothing else to give
except advises and blessings. Keep this in mind. Now my honour lies in your hands. If ever you see something you’ve lost. Don’t ever lift your
veil and look at it. Well.. ..that is my story. In this world. It is easy to make money. But difficult to make
place in someone’s heart. Though it is spring all around.. house appears.. a desert to me! Enough. Master! I’m ruined, Master! I’m ruined! “I try to forget you sometimes.” “But I don’t know why, my sweetheart.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I try to forget you sometimes.” “But I don’t know why, my sweetheart.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “In the monsoons,
if a cuckoo sings somewhere.” “In the monsoons,
if a cuckoo sings somewhere.” “On the branches of a henna plant.” “I don’t know why, my sweetheart.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “If someone drops a glass..” “If someone drops a glass..” “And the water is spilled over.” ” don’t know why, my sweetheart.” “I stll remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “‘I try to forget you sometimes.” “But I don’t know why, my sweetheart.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “I still remember you.” “Why do I remember you?” “Why do I remember you?” “Why do I remember you?” “Why do I remember you?” Pooja, do you know that Mr. K.P
didn’t want to celebrate his birthday? But what could he do? The cards had been distributed. Even I didn’t know
why he was like this. Later on I learnt that
he was an ordinary mechanic. And he became a big tycoon
for a rich businessman’s daughter. Hey, I forget to tell you something. Do you know what is
the name of his house? What? Pooja house. He paid 21 crores
for a 20 crore mansion. Only because he wanted such a mansion. As it is one of its
kind in the entire city! Therefore he purchased
the Kings Mansion. ‘Do you know how a rich
mans house can be recognized?’ ‘When he throws a party and
there’s a bee-line of cars outside.’ ‘And the gate of our bungalow
should be of mere bars.’ ‘So that one who can’t
come in can see it from outside.’ ‘After the car halts at the porch..’ ‘..when the chauffeur open the door’. ‘One should feel that
a great party is happening’. Come Pooja. – Shall we go?
– Okay. – Hi, Mr. Deepak!
– Hello, sir. – Hi, Deepak.
– Hi, Lali. Greetings, sister-in-law. – Greetings.
– How are you? Come I’ll show you around.
What a wonderful palace! Excuse me, Mr.
Deepak. I’ll show her around. Please follow me, sister-in-law. Mr. K.P built this palace
according to his beloveds wish. But unfortunately,
she got married elsewhere. Oh, God! ‘And when you enter the hall then just
like the sets of Raj Kapoor’s film’. ‘The stairs should lead upstairs’. This is nothing sister-in-law. Go upstairs and see,
you’ll find amazing things. Oh, God! Beneath the Taj lies Mumtaz. But beneath this palace,
lies many secrets, Mrs. Pooja. Don’t worry, sister-in-law.
Don’t worry at all. – I didn’t see anything. I didn’t.
– Pooja. Pooja. Mr. Deepak is looking
for you outside. Oh, God! I saw nothing. Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Pooja. You were upstairs?
I was looking for you down. Did you see the palace? What’s the matter?
You look disturbed, Pooja? – No.
– She’s astounded on seeing the palace. Come, let me introduce you to Mr. K.P. Oh, God! Sir, may you live a thousand years.. ..and may every year
be of 50,0000 days. “Don’t bless me with a long life..” “..for the times that have gone.” “By has not been worth remembering.” Wow! Wow! I’m not happy today,
just because it’s my birthday. But because one more day
of my aggrieved life has lessened. May his enemies lives end. We pray that he lives a long life. – Oh, God!
– Oh, God! “You only have ruined my life.” “You only have ruined my life.” “You only have ruined my life.” “I have started drinking
because of you.” “You only have ruined my life.” “I have started drinking
because of you.” “You only have ruined my life.” “I had loved you.” “I had trusted your love.” “‘I am a poor crazy lover.” “You have killed me so easily.” “Wish I would have known it earlier.” “Then now I wouldn’t
have cried like this.” “You only have ruined my life.” “I have started drinking
because of you.” “You only have ruined my life.” Who is this lady? This is the lady whose pictures
are pasted in sir’s room. Because of her generosity,
today sir is in such a condition. “What do I tell
someone why do I live?” “I try to cover my injuries.” “There is some pain in my life.” “There is no fun in being alive.” “I’ve got the award for this love.” “I was restless all the time.” “You only have ruined my life.” “I have started drinking
because of you.” “You only have ruined my life.” Pooja. Pooja.. Silly girl. It is not your fault. Why are you crying? I know you love me very much. And you can’t think
of anybody else except me. I can’t even think.. ..that man whom I revered as God. Could stoop so low. I’ll never forgive him. I’ll resign today itself! I’ll return his house and car keys! A human beings charity
is much better.. ..than a devils gift! I’m feeling embarrassed
of what happened last night. I don’t know what to do. Do one thing. Go and apologise to her. – Apologise?
– Yes. If you do that, her respect
for you will be further extolled. – But will she forgive me?
– Why not? Not only you loved
her she had also loved you. She will surely
understand your feelings. Yes. I’m extremely sorry for
what happened last night. Actually yesterday.. ..I waded back into my past.. ..where I had once worshipped
a girl called Pooja. Your past will ruin.. ..both my present and future. You were a mechanic, weren’t you? And a mechanic
assembles broken things. And does not dissemble things. Please, do not ruin my house. Pooja. Which past are you talking about? On seeing me you remembered your past? Why couldn’t you see my
vermilion and my wedding chain? Why did you forget
that I’m not your Pooja.. ..but someone else’s wife! Whatever happened last
night was your desire. The desire to achieve
me is still alive in you! You favoured my husband
and this house.. that under that
pretext you could reach me. But now I’m far beyond your reach! You won’t get me
even if you become God! Never! In no birth! In no birth. In no birth. I had come to apologies
to Pooja for tomorrows mistake. Wow! It’s a wonderful excuse
for another meeting. I have submitted my resignation and
your house and car keys in your office. I’m sure that as of now.. won’t look at my wife. Deepak, you have got me wrong. I gave you this job seeing
your degree and not your wife. Mr. Krishna Prasad. Right now my wife
is alone in the house. When you can kiss her in
every ones presence then alone.. – Deepak.. – Don’t think I’m one
of those needy people.. ..who can use their wives to get a job
and promotion and make them cry! I know you are a big man! But not bigger than
my honour and prestige. I’ll humiliate you in such a way.. ..that you won’t be able
to show your face to anyone! ‘You favoured my
husband and my house..’ ‘ that under that
pretext you could reach me.’ ‘The desire to achieve
me is still alive in you.’ ‘The desire to achieve
me is still alive in you.’ ‘Do not think I’m one
of those needy people.’ ‘You won’t be able to face anyone!’ ‘You won’t be able to face anyone!’ ‘You won’t be able to face anyone!’ What did you say? You will insult me? Krishna Prasadl? Move aside Pooja! Krishna.. Deepak! Stop here! Come here. Oh, God! What’s the matter, Lali? What is all this? You are charged of stealing
lakhs of rupees from K.P industries. What? Mr. Deepak, you’re under arrest. Sir, I did just as you told me. I sent him to jail. Oh, God! Sir, I forgot to tell you one thing. On the eve of the party,
Deepak’s wife was seeing around. She went into your chamber
and saw her photographs. When I suddenly went in,
she got astonished on seeing me. I understood why you
replaced Deepak instead of me. Oh, God! – Sensible.
– Oh, God! Sir, I have been your loyal servant.. ..I’ll not divulge this to anyone. I told Mrs. Pooja
also not to get scared.. I had not seen anything. Oh, God! Lali, on this earth,
one can only love ones beloved. But perhaps I’m the
first man on this earth.. have declared
war against my love. Yes, sir. I’ll do. Mr. Bajaj,
I don’t know how to tell you. But your case it just one sided.. carries no weight.
No one can save your son. Father! Father! Don’t cry my children. When destiny can shower
happiness all of a sudden.. can also snatch away everything. Whatever Krishna Prasad had given us. He took it away with interest. Now you tell me. A boy who never cheated
his mother even for milk. Has been accused of
stealing lakhs of rupees? Father, did you appeal in the court? How can I do that, dear? I feel that the law and order here.. ..are not made to get
people like us justice. But for the convenience of the elite. No lawyer is ready to take up my case! I have got tired of
cursing this bloody law! I’ll go and ask that
tycoon Krishna Prasad.. favoured us
only to humiliate us? Mr. K.P I’m here to beg
you to have my son released. Some favours you did on us willingly,
some I wish to beg! Krishna Prasad only
gives alms to beggars! But you are one of those beggars.. ..who are only worthy of being chided. I know not what the truth is, sir. But all I know is that.. ..if once a big tycoon like you.. ..anyone of being guilty
then no one can prove him innocent! Your wrath has broken my spine, sir. I beseech you, spare my son Deepak! lnspite of knowing
that he humiliated me? Stole lakhs of rupees from my company? I’m not one of those
who can live happily.. ..even after losing
their honour and wealth! Got it? Have mercy on me. I have got tired. I can’t shoulder the
burden of humiliation. Spare my son! Fine. I will have your son released. Send your daughter-in-law to me. Krishna Prasad! Scoundrel! This not a poor man’s neck. But a tycoon’s collar. – Throw him out!
– Scoundrel! First you trapped my son. Now you ask for my daughter-in-law? I thought you were an angel.. ..but you turned out
to be just a human being. That too of a low caliber! May you be dammed! May you be ruined! People will spit on your existence! And condemn you for your deeds! This is my curse! This is my curse! Krishna Prasad.. Bravo, Krishna Prasad! Bravo! Bravo! Today I learnt that a man
staying in such a huge palace.. ..can be so small in stature too. The one whom you couldn’t
achieve through your love.. want to achieve
her through deceit and fraud? Today I learnt that behind this
innocent face lives a devil, a sadist? – Master!
– Don’t shout! No doubt you have
been ditched in love.. ..but you know not
the philosophy of love! It’s beyond you.
I came here to darn your pranks.. ..not your impudence! – I’m going!
– Get lost! I don’t need anyone! When I didn’t feel hurt when
those living my heart left me. Then why should I bother
about those leaving my house? Master, you can only darn clothes.. ..not ones broken hearts! Go away! I don’t need anyone! Father. What did Krishna Prasad say? What else?
He will get Deepak released. After all he too is someone’s son. He too must be knowing
that how the injustice.. ..caused to the son make
the father writhe and cry. What did he say, father? Didn’t I say that
he will get him released? Father! My face is not covered with my veil. Therefore I can see tears
of humiliation in your eyes. – Dear.. – There’s something
that you cannot tell me. Tell me, father. What is more grief striking
than the grief of a husband? Which a wife cannot sniff. Listen to me, dear. I understand you, father. But is it that Krishna Prasad does not
want to release my husband. Or is it that you don’t
want to release him. Yes, I don’t want to release him! No father would want to,
by staking his daughter’s chastity! Enough, father. I have got Krishna Prasad’s message. He has demanded me as
bail to have your son released. Right? No, dear!
You won’t step out of this house! My husband is in jail, father! I can’t stand within
the confines of dignity.. ..and see my husband being tortured!
I can’t see! – I can’t see!
– Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! I’m here, Mr. K.P. But don’t think I came at your behest. It is my constraint
that has brought me here. A wife reveres her husband like God! And I’m ready to sacrifice
anything for my husband. Tell me. What do you want,
to have him released? Tell me. Answer me. Your fidelity and religion
is business, isn’t it? Tell me, what should I remove? Bangles? This wedding chain? Or.. this? What do you think? I need your body? ls my love lewd? I.. I never loved your body.. ..but your soul. But you? You never valued it! You didn’t wait for me. You forgot me like a passing
event and married someone else. Both of us fell in love. But sufferings came only in my share. Our relationship broke.. ..the day you got married. I had not come to your
house the other day.. express my love for you. And not even to give you
an account of my sorrows and grief. But to ask forgiveness from
you for what happened at the party.. ..which my aggrieved
heart did unknowingly. But you failed to
understand my sentiments. And ridiculed me as though
I was a characterless man! I didn’t do that to
seek vengeance from you. But to make you realise.. ..that it is not what you think! There is no sin, no lust in my heart! The sorrow of love is heart rendering,
Madam Pooja. I have forgiven you. But if ever you are
born as a human being. Think twice before falling in love. “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.” “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “It was not there in my destiny
that is why I did not get it.” Take this, priest. Use this for your daughter’s wedding. “I could not get you.” “But I have at least
got the assurance.” “I could not get you.” “But I have at least
got the assurance.” “When the seasons came,
the buds also blossomed.” “The desire which I had,
never blossomed.” “The desire which I had,
never blossomed.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “The bright reflecting
days of my memories.” “The bright reflecting
days of my memories.” “These days of
loneliness do not pass.” “It is not the matter
of love anymore.” “It is not the matter
of love anymore.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.” “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” “It was not there in my destiny,
that is why I did not get it.” Pure clarified butter! Pure flowers! Pure man! Mr. Deepak! Congratulations for being released!
Have this. I knew that you wouldn’t
be in jail for too long. Because ones whose wife
is young and beautiful. Then what is jail,
police and law for him? – Meaning?
– I mean that your wife Pooja.. ..staked everything
and got you released. Scoundrel! Why are you catching my neck? Go and catch Mr. K.P.’s neck. In whose bedroom is
hung your wife’s photograph. And he worships it daily. Burns incense sticks. Go young man. Oh, God! “Listen to what I say carefully.” “Whether you put up a wall or guards.” “The storm of love once
blows cannot be stopped.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “Listen to what I say carefully.” “Whether you put up a wall or guards.” “The storm of love once
blows cannot be stopped.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” “I shall steal away your
heart in front of everyone.” Son, truth always triumphs! Your honesty finally
showed its true colour. No, father. I have not been released
on the basis of my honesty. To have me released
your daughter-in-law.. ..paid a price. Are these tears of
happiness on seeing me.. ..or of sorrow for
being separated from K.P? Must be of sorrows. Because you love Krishna Prasad. No, Deepak. It is not that. It’s a lie! Even I thought that first! But when I saw your
picture in his chamber.. ..I understood howl
got released so easily? His kissing you amidst
a whole gathering. And then coming to
meet you in my absence. Sending me to jail
for having revolted! If it is not love then what is it? After I went to jail you
continued meeting him daily. And after he got
satisfied he released me.. ..and became God in your eyes! No, Deepak. It’s nothing of that sort. – Believe me.
– If it is not that.. ..then why did you go
to meet him when I was in jail? To have you released. – Father could do the needful!
– Yes! But despite his several attempts K.P.
refused to release you. Then how did he agree at your behest? What was the reason.. ..that he acquitted me of
the accusation after meeting you? That is because you love each other. Krishna Prasad could do me no harm. But you left me nowhere. If your lover is dear
to you than your husband. Then I free you. Go and get married to him! Deepak, do you know
what you are saying? Very well! You know nothing. What you just said
with so much confidence. I can’t even dream of it. Deepak, I’m your wife. Believe me. You are absolutely mistaken. Believe me, Deepak. Believe me. Now it is futile explaining to me. I don’t cover myself
with a used blanket. An ideal wife is one who
dies for the sake of her husband. One who meets her lover
in the absence of her husband.. not a wife but a slut! And no man can ever
endure a slut as his wife! Deepak, you’ll regret! Before I lose my patience. Get out of my sight! Get out of my sight! Get out! Deepak. A woman is Sita.. ..till her husband is Ram. But the day this image breaks. She becomes such a puzzle.. ..which no man can solve! Pooja. I have no right to
ask about your past but.. ..I’d like to know what is the reason
that you forgot Krishna? I forgot him.. ..because I had got married to Deepak. Yes, but why did you marry Deepak? – You loved Krishna.
– Yes. But because of that love.. ..many lives were getting ruined. I had lost my pride,
prestige before the society. I burnt so much in Krishna’s thought.. ..that had there been
a stone in my place.. would turn to ash. Unfortunately, I didn’t.. Because I knew that
he would come one day. Five years passed by, neither
did he come nor sent any letter. Then my parents got
worried about my marriage. One day I received
Krishna’s letter which said. ‘Forget me.’ Then I had no other excuse to wait. Besides, girls are born.. ..only to make sacrifices. I had to acquiesce
to my parents wishes. So didn’t you get
Krishna’s second letter? Which second letter? I don’t know how many
letters he wrote to me. But I only got one
letter in those five years. Which my father gave me. Greetings. My name is Chabban
Master I’m a darner. What are you here for? Ones whose face is not good
I don’t show them the mirror. But today I’m standing
before you like a mirror.. ..that is my constraint. The government has imposed
ban on cutting trees. But brides are still being burnt. And rich fathers like
you are responsible for it. Who are more concerned about
their pride and not their daughters. – What nonsense!
– It’s not nonsense but.. ..I’m talking about
Krishna and your daughter! Krishna had written two
letters to you, hadn’t he? One of his failure and
the other of his success. You did convince her for marriage
by showing her the former letter. But the later one? What did you do? Tore it away! Burnt it? This disgusting act and diplomacy.. ..has ruined both their lives. Bad luck not only strikes the poor. But even the rich. What happened to my daughter? Nothing. Only her husband
threw her out of the house. You are guilty but she
has been accused of crime. – Because of you.
– What do you wish to say? That I should have got
her married to that pauper? Krishna is neither
poor now nor was he then.. ..when you got your
daughter married off. Your short-sightedness
has made Pooja.. ..fall from the eyes
of her lover and her husband! Shame on your ideals
principles and thoughts! Shut up! Are you here to humiliate me? Thank you stars that
today is not ‘Bakri-Idd’! Or I would come with the
intention of slaughtering you. But the problem is, our religion
does not permit ‘Haram’ animals. Disgusting! – Dharamdas.
– Where is my daughter? Where is she? You ask me? Then pick up the telephone directory! Come to the ‘K’ section. There will be 40-50 lines of K.P.
group of industries. And somewhere or the
other your daughter.. ..must be engaged with
her lover Krishna Prasad. Scoundrel! Where is my daughter Pooja?
Where have you hidden her? Fire and fuel never get along.
Don’t ruin her life! Are you a heart patient? I’m asking, because if
I shout hope you don’t collapse. – Krishna!
– Don’t shout! I should be asking you about my Pooja! But did I ask you why
you got her married elsewhere? You bloody tea estate owner! What your income must be in a year.. ..we buy soaps to wash
my palace from that much money! Take a look at this palace. By the time your
eyes reaches its dome.. ..your head will fall
off from your shoulder. What do you think? That I sit here in Pooja’s grief? Console my remorse heart. No! I have no time! Let alone Pooja,
not even her thoughts are allowed in. Only I enter through the door.. ..and the air that keeps me alive. Do you see anything else besides that? Okay. Okay Krishna Prasad. I’m going. But remember. If my daughter has
run away because of you. Then it will be too bad for you. Get going! Disperse! Get lost! Dear. Dear, what happened? I raised you amongst flowers. How did you get trapped in thorns? Fate decides ones life. Not parents. You raised me amongst flowers. That was my fate. Today I’m trapped in thorns! This is my fate. Come on, dear. Come with me. A girls place after marriage
is with her in-laws. And my in-laws have shut doors on me. Dear! So what? I’m still alive. You will stay with me. With me. A girl goes to her parents
house soon after marriage.. very unfortunate. Dear, all that I have is yours. All your materialistic things
won’t help me lead my life. One can lead a happy life.. ..when you have something of you own. And I don’t have anything left. I didn’t get what I desired. And what you gave is no more mine. – Dear.
– After getting me married.. ..your duty has been fulfilled. Now you shouldn’t bother
about my sorrows and happiness. Besides. I’m an educated girl
of the 21 st century. I may be small for my father.. ..but not for the world. Deepak is my husband. I left the house
to respect his decision. After he cools down I’ll
will make him see reason. Yet if he doesn’t agree. I will give him a divorce.. ..not demand for it. Leave me alone. But dear you can do
all this by staying with me. Mr. Dindayal. Till children don’t step
down from their parents laps.. ..they don’t learn to walk. Give them a chance to walk
and face hardships of life. She is your daughter,
you have a right on her. But you don’t have a right
to take decisions about her life. So it is better if you leave. Welcome, master! Have you also lost something? I have, but I don’t
even wish to look for it. Because I have fallen from
someones eyes and vice versa. Well done. Tell me, what brings you here? Your interference again.. ..has caused an upheaval
in Pooja’s life. Her husband has thrown
her out of the house. She is left nowhere. What can I do? She hasn’t done too
good with me either.. ..that I should sympathize
with her and shed tears. How many years do girls have
in life after reaching adolescence? Ten years. And five years she
wasted waiting for you. And whatever she did was
not willing but her helplessness. Pooja’s father’s diplomacy
was behind your separation. He didn’t give her your
letter of success but burnt it. Forced her to marry by showing
her your letter of failure. In which you had told
Pooja to forget you. Whom should I believe
what should I regret. My accursed fate has
brought me at this stage. K.P. I beseech you. Save Pooja’s life from getting ruined. Pooja dear. He.. A man who made a
laughing stock out of me. You brought that very man here,
to laugh at me? No, Pooja dear. No. May the ones who
laugh at you go to hell. Dear I agree that a wind that
destroys houses is called a tornado. But not every wind
that blows is harmful. I had not begged for support, Master. I don’t want to cry over
my sorrows before anyone. After becoming someone’s wife.. ..if you cry over my shoulder
I won’t like it either, Pooja. I have come here
not to wipe your tears.. ..but to atone for my mistakes. Actually. Somewhere in the comer
of my heart I feel.. ..that I was not right
by calling you to my house. But neither was I wrong. My house has got caught
in the fire of misunderstanding. And this fire is very heartless. It burns both the one who has lit it
and one who tries to put it off. Don’t burn your hands
in trying to save me. Go away! Now what is left to get burnt? “Every place in my heart
is filled with sorrow.” “Cry not over me if I die tomorrow.” Pooja. Come with me, Pooja. Wait, Deepak. Are you here to further
strengthen my misunderstanding? Now I have no second thoughts. Your hands clasped together
is a proof in itself. – Deepak!
– My father thought.. ..that the bride coming to my house.. ..will bring along
good luck and fortune. But instead we’ve lost
our honour and prestige. You have lost nothing, Deepak. Don’t rake up the past. The thing that is remaining,
will also be finished. A husband whose wife
leaves him for another man.. ..has nothing left to save. You are mistaken, Deepak.
It is not true. What is not true? Isn’t it that you became
rich to achieve her? Isn’t it true,
that without giving an interview.. gave me a car
and bungalow because of her? Isn’t it true that when
you couldn’t meet her openly.. accused me of
fraud and sent me to jail? If all this is true then
your love story cannot be false. Yes, it is not false. It is true.. ..that Pooja was my
first and last desire. But I couldn’t achieve her. My stars were unfavourable. You were fortunate that you
got her without desiring for her. I was less fortunate that
I lost her though I desired for her. Thousands of hands
rise up for prayers. But not everyone’s
prayers get answered. Marriage with her
was written in your fate. Whereas her incomplete
love was written in mine. Your incomplete love
is ruining my marriage. She still belongs
to you by heart and soul. She was in my house but in her heart,
were you. – Deepak!
– Don’t shout! You have got tired of
worshipping her photograph! Go and worship her! If she has got a man
I can also get a woman! There is no place
for sluts in my housel! Deepak, don’t you dare abuse me! Sita won’t go through
a fiery ordeal every time! But Ram! In every decade won’t endure
Ravana’s shadow on his wife! What shadow are you talking about? When Sita married Ram
she belonged to him only! When I loved Krishna
I belonged to him only. But when I married
you I forgot Krishna. Every girl in this
world falls in love. So did I. They get married too so did l. If the two of you
are right in your place. Then I’m not wrong either. I also have a right
to lead life the way I want. But because of you too
my life has become a hell! You have left me nowhere. You have brought me
at such a juncture of life.. ..where I don’t know
what my beginning and end is? Your beginning is this lover of yours. And you yourself are your end. I have broken all relations with you. Now even if you walk behind me. Yet I shall refuse to acknowledge you. Deepak, these relationships
cannot be easily broken. Look at me. This Krishna Prasad. Your boss,
inspite of standing before the lord.. ..kneels before you. What I’m going to ask from you,
I could’ve asked from God. But I know that he won’t give me. Because hitherto he
has never given me anything. He has only snatched everything. Look Deepak, I maybe mad. Because I’m a lover. But you are a married man. Such a behaviour with
Pooja is unbecoming of you. Don’t punish Pooja for my sins. At least respect her
honour if not my atonement. l.. I won’t let you leave her and go. – Get lost!
– Deepak. I’m not so weak that
I cannot stop you. Then try me. You spend nights with her
and I should give her my name?! – Deepak!
– Krishna.. – Rascal!
– Krishna. – You spoke so lowly about Pooja?
– Krishna! And you say that
I reside in her heart? Where is that heart now? Hey, she is a typical
Indian woman, buddy. Yes, I can do anything for her. By anything I mean, anything. Do you see this? She is has one eye. She is very cruel. She doesn’t
know what’s right or wrong. I’m worse than her. You fool.. ..if she loved me,
she wouldn’t meet me in discreet. She would leave you and become
the owner of K.P. Group of Industries. Then what could you do?
But she won’t do that. Do you know why? This is India! Women can never fall
from their honour. Here, people fall in love very easily. But get married after
great consideration. Caste! Creed! Class! Dignity! Family! Status! Culture! Car! Bank balance!
All these bloody things! But what’s the use? Her father didn’t let me
marry her because I was poor. He said, ‘I will get her married
to someone of my own status’. Did he? He got her married to my worker! Today in terms of money and
fame I’m better than her father! What could I do? This vermilion which I
wanted to adorn in her parting.. now stuck on
my forehead like my fate. And you say that she loves me? She only loves you. She is as chaste and
pure like the holy Ganges. I can see that but you can’t. Learn to trust. For on trust
is based the foundation of life. It can turn a mere idol to God. Tell me, do you trust her? – Krishna!
– Do you? Tell me. – Do you?
– Krishna! Do you? Do you? No? No? Oh, Lord! Krishna! What have you done? The world demands proof. No. And I had no other
way to prove the truth. Deepak. I did call Pooja home.. ..but that was not my lust. But my ego. You can call me bad. But not lowly. My name is Krishna
which means ‘Black’. But you are Deepak (light). In your light,
you can see Pooja’s purity. Deepak! Dignity is the other
name for lord Ram. “Do not surpass the limits
of love dear friends..” “..what one gets,
is all a matter of fate.” Krishna. “I don’t have any regrets for anyone.” “I don’t have any grudges for anyone.”

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  1. गोविंदा सर की मूवी किस-किस
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  3. i think i saw this movie when i was in class 3 or 4 . now i have complete my phd and in a job. strand me same felling like in childhood.

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