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100 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden: Dance of War – Short Film (Turn On Subtitles)


  2. Hey riven I’m asking for a huge favor but could you do an adaption for the anime BLACK LAGOON it’s got some badass fight scenes and I believe only you can do it justice. Just please consider it🙏 I know it’s hard work.

  3. Imagine if the things that happen in Naruto were real. What if we were in these things and this happens in real life ??
    But that's a topic for another
    What If
    (Oops messed up channels) jk

  4. OOOOMGGGGG. I saw this when it first came out and it appeared again today. 😂😂 Thanks to the You Tube algorithm, also love the BHA videos. 💚💚

  5. Rewatching this for the millionth time and honestly the best part has and will always be how perfect the characters and their interactions are

  6. Man, I remember when I first saw this on YouTube years ago. I was hoping they would do more they are so well done. Had to come back after the my hero academia video.

  7. They look plain and boring.

    And I prefer it that way, instead of those "cosplayers" who're just essentially whoring themselves for attention.

  8. 凄い…ファンの人が作ってこのクオリティの高さ…。


  9. 編集、演技、カメラワーク、その他一切が素人のそれとは一線を画すものだとは思うが、キャスティングに関しては言いたい事が沢山ある。

  10. You're telling me this didn't make one penny?? This has to be the absolute best fan made video of Naruto I've ever seen! You guys deserve way more credit than what you're actually given

  11. The action, the special effects, the cinematography, and even the Japanese was fantastic. But the costumes look cheap and flimsy, it does not like in any way used a military setting. They need to have more detail and strength to them, and more grunge to make it feel like the clothes are actually used and worn in combat/training on a daily basis.

  12. I always kinda liked "Team Chinese." Tenten being the multitudes of Chinese weaponry, Neiji using the open-hand moves like bagua/taichi/mantis, and Rock Lee resembling Bruce Lee.

  13. Whouaa c'est complétement dément. J'adore. A quand un long métrage, une série ou quelque chose qui dure plus longtemps?.. Je reste sur ma faim là.

  14. That Trigram rotation should've been with less blue color in it and try to make it with regular wind, it should've looked simply very white with slight blue-ish coloring representing chakra.

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