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Have you ever heard that film had never been silent? Or that some of the first cinephiles were firefighters? What were traffic lights used for in cinemas? You didn’t know this? Well, but where can you go to learn about this? Where else than to a film museum. But there is none in the Czech Republic. As film studies students we’ve decided to change this – and establish a film museum. Because Czech film deserves it. It takes a while to establish a film museum though. Therefore we’d like to show you a bit of it at least. We’ll transform the Art Museum Montanelli located in the heart of Prague into a film museum for half a year starting next May. Why should you come and see it? Because it’s going to be quite an experience! Moreover it will be an engaging place to meet with those who love film and discuss the possible shape that our “big” film museum could take. We are fighting for our idea on our own for the time being. But just as culture can’t be created on its own, our plans wouldn’t come true without your support. Our idea engaged the interest of the Vodafone Foundation, but if we want to have their support we need to prove to them that our idea matters to you as well. We believe – and we are not the only ones – that our national film heritage shouldn’t be hidden in archives, but should be open to everyone, to you. Come and join us! Film is more than what they’re showing in the cinema… Come and join us for a film in the museum! NaFilM: National Film Museum / Czech Republic

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