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. I can’t walk now! But, don’t you worry about me! Nothing will happen to you! You have to get to Barhabise at any cost! This is your ticket to Dharmashala! [Recites Buddhist hymn!] NAKA [Murmurs Nepali Folk Song] You…! Quadruple! – Damn!
– Five times!
– 6 times 6! Tripple 3! 6 times 6! Triple…Triple! Don’t touch the board-fare! – Please tell him!
– Don’t you know that its not
allowed to keep the board-money? Let it go! Tell him to pay the board fare! Don’t you hurry to get your 100 rupees! I’ll give you in a while! Take it! – Give it to me!
– Let’s hurry up for another round! Stop showing your attitude! Remind him! – Aren’t you playing?
– I am! Look here! Be ready to bet! Throw it on! Do I? – Keep off!
– Keep off, thieves! Stay on a distance while you play! I’m betting 1,500 rupees! I’m betting my whole money! Here you go! Be it be 5…! Keep off it!
Its 4..! Its 3….! Don’t meddle here! There! It seems to be my bad luck! Its gone huge, brother! Wait! – Can I bet on my watch?
– Anything! I have got my phone to bet! What sort of phone do you have here? Its Android 6, brother! – He doesn’t seem to understand!
– Tell him in a better way! – Explain it to me properly!
– Its Android 6, brother! Okay, done! I have my ring here! What does he have?
Ask him to bet as well! Just keep your hands off! – Shit!
– Its 4…! Give me 3…! 3? Bugger off! Give your watch and your mobile phone here! He seems to have robbed everyone! – Why are you hiding? Give me the money I won!
– Yes, I won! You shouldn’t keep it on bet, now give it to me! What’s this, brother? What’s this? Did you cheat us? Motherfucker! He seems to have cheated us from the beginning! – Bugger off!
– Give us our money back! You assholes! Thieves!
Give all our money back! What’s up with this? Take that! Give me 5…! Give me 6…! Throw it on now! What has he got? Keep it in your pocket! Keep it too! What’s that? A phone is ringing! Phone! Mine? Who’s this shit? Hello! What? Who? What? I’m telling you yes! Yes I will! Yes, I’m telling you yes! Yes! What was it? What? Okay! What? Hurry up! It’s locked brother! Call him! Ganesh brother! Ganesh brother! Ganesh brother! – Call him!
– Ganesh brother! – Ganesh brother!
– Hey! – Ganesh brother!
– Get in from there! Hello brother! Nope! He’s not here! It seems like they have brought ….again! Ganesh brother! You bugger, look over there! Ganesh brother! Why would you sleep after calling us? You’d show up late and blame me for sleeping? How much would I make of it? What’s this? Just tell me how much would I make of it? How can I say without looking at it properly? I can’t see it properly! Tell me how much would I
make of it or give it back to me? Let me check it properly! You asshole! It wasn’t the original one! It wasn’t the original one, that’s the reason I threw it! – Would do a job for me?
– Hands off him! Get off me! Tell me how much would I make of it! We have two people to be smuggled from North
Bhokhsing! But, it has to be done tonight only! Is it from the border? It will cost a lot! How much does that a lot mean? It will cost…. – 10 to 20 thousands?
– Fuck off! It will cost 100 thousand rupees! – 100 thousands?
– Wait, it will cost 200 thousands! – 200 thousands?
– Yes! They are 2 people and are not well. They are people
of Lata brother! You’ll have to smuggle them here! Are they from other side of the border? They are Bob brother’s own people! And, they are sick! – Then why don’t you go by yourself?
– Police harasses me at the border! It will cost 300 thousands! – Come on, its way expensive!
– 300 thousands! 300 thousands is a lot of money, please lower it down! Nope! You’ll be looked after by Bob brother in future! – 300 thousands!
– 300 thousands? That’s for one person! 300 thousands for 1 person, and…. – …for 2 people its…4, 5..
– 600 thousands, brother! 600 thousands! For 3 people its 7, 8, 9…
900 thousand rupees! Why is he hiking the price so much? 300 thousands for a single person! How do I settle this? 300 thousands multiplied by 2.. We go for neither what you ask nor what I
want to pay! Let’s get it done in 500 thousands! But, there is a condition! You won’t even get
to see the money until you bring those people! Give me some amount in advanced! Is it an ordinary to earn 500 thousand rupees
in a single night? Go and bring them here! Then give me 500 rupees for tea and other expenses! I have got no money with me now, where do
I get the money from during the nighttime? I have got no money with me! – I have got no money with me!
– What’s this? – I have got no money here!
– What’s this? – Then what’s this?
– I have 300 rupees only! Get 500 thousand rupees ready for me! Bring those people here and take the money! You know what he does if there’s no money, don’t you? Do you know what will happen to
you if the work isn’t done properly? Do you know or not? We do know! – Get the job done in a proper way!
– Okay! That 300 rupees will be deducted
from the amount payable to you! Does this one make one high also? Please don’t mess up with my stuff, brother! – Then come here!
– Just a minute, brother! – Come here!
– Just a sec! Then give me this! – Just a sec, brother!
– Do you want me to drink all your medicines? – What’s wrong?
– Look there! You are to type your name here! G O L D I E Goldie! You give a try once! You type it! O L D I E Goldie! I’m getting late! You bugger! Freak! Let him be, you just concentrate here, brother! You’re to type your date of birth here! What do I type here? Just type! 1983 Okay! Now.. Address!
Its right here.. Baharabise! Now.. Open this photograph! You want to see that picture? Okay! Hey! Hey! Come here! Hurry up! Hello sir! Where are you heading early in the morning? None of your business! Casually asking! Don’t act smart! And, brother…is this ambulance from around here? Do you want me to go and open the gate by myself? I’ll do it for you, brother! What’s going on? Hey! Where are you heading early in the morning? – Where’s the patient?
– Up north! What? Hey, stop! Let it be, sir! Better not tease him by talking to him! What? How will you carry your dad, asshole? Go and bring the carrier! Hey! Stay right there! Aren’t you Lata brother’s people? Stay there, we’re here for you! Hey! Hey! Why do you run off? Come on! Aren’t you Lata brother’s people? I’ve been calling you since ages! Aren’t you Lata brother’s people? So, why do you run? Get it ready! [Upper Himalayan Folk Song] – Careful!
– Wait a moment! – Do I let it off?
– Just a moment! – Do I?
– Wait a moment! Come down! Carry from the other end! Careful! Hurry up! Careful not to hurt him! Careful! Gently! Its damn tiring! Put him down! Damn god! Hey! Hanuman! My name is Hanuman! I’m Hanuman! I’ll go and get some water! You stay here until I get back! Here I come with water! Water! Have some water, brother! That’s enough! Here you go! Hey, have some water! Done? Hey! Do I come there? We are coming! He’s gonna yell at us! Who’s this? Is that you? Hey! What happened? Brother, its quite hard for her! Do I throw him from here? Were you taking rest? Will we get paid 500 thousand rupees for this? Do you want to get beaten as well? – You get going, brother!
– Hurry up then! What you doing? New boss has been assigned! So? Why would you check other’s vehicle? We didn’t know that it’s your vehicle, brother! Damn you! Hey you! Why are you in?
Get off the vehicle! Get off, we’re in a hurry! – How dare you get into other’s vehicle?
– Is this your manner of talking? – Do you know who are you talking to?
– Sir, please… Shut up please, sir! Please, boss! Mind your language! What? He’s our new boss, brother! What’s going on here? Hey, get out! – He’s not well, sir!
– He’s ill! Get out! What happened? He’s ill! – Where’s the patient from?
– Up north! He’s the new boss brother! What? What’s your name? Why don’t you speak?
Are you dumb? Bag seems quite big, what’s in it? She has her own stuff! Sir! – It’s her clothes and stuff!
– Boss! Didn’t I tell you earlier about Goldie don? He’s the one! – Get off!
– Lock it up! I’ll blow off your head, right now! You think you’re a don? Who the fuck are you? Let off me! He’s our new boss, he doesn’t know anything, brother! Let off him, brother! Brother, tyre has gone flat! What do we do now, brother? I’ll take the girl, you wait here with the man! I also would like to go brother! Is it because of the girl? Come! Come along with me! As her to come! Come! Come! Come on! Come on! You have some food, don’t you? Don’t you have things to eat? Come here! Take out your Tibetan food! Things to eat! Don’t you have food in here? I’m hungry! Don’t you have? Come! Boss, ambulance! Stop the vehicle! Check it properly! Are they here?
We can’t afford to spare them! Hey, what are you doing? Let me off! Let me off! They say that they’ll pay us 100n rupees! 100 rupees? I’ll pay you 200 rupees, just let me off! Put me down, please! Aren’t you the one who brought Goldie here? No! I’m not! – Do I throw you?
– He came by himself! Hey! You brought my girl? Hey! Hey! Isn’t that guy…? Stop! Stop! I’ll show you what I am! Hello brother! I haven’t slept for the whole night! Can I shake your hand? What? Hey, Ganesh! Give me the money you owe me! – What happened?
– Go outside, take off your shoes
and come, and then will we talk! Take your shoes off! – Get your hands off me!
– Just take your shoes off! – Take your shoes off!
– Forget it, I’ll stay right here!
My shoes smell! My shoes stink! Where’re the people? Your people are already here, just give me the money! Where’re the people? Hey! Come here! Didn’t I tell you that they were 2 people? But, you’ve brought only one! Then pay me for one person! Nope, you won’t get paid until you bring both of them! Don’t start to act smart! I never tried to act smart! Come here! Take your shoes off! Submit both of them and take your money! Or else, you won’t get paid! I also have people to answer to! How do I pay you? Bring the person and take your money! – They are already here! Just give me the money!
– Where’re is the another one? You just get the money ready! Call him! Are you trying to act smart? No, I’m not! Do I have to show you who I am? – You didn’t do the job properly!
– You want me to show? Yes! He’s bringing the man as well! Give me your bag! Give me the bag! Hey old man, what are you doing? Nothing, I’m looking at her stuff! Are you really? And, where’s brother? Your brother was supposed to come
with you, but you’re asking me? He set off quite a while ago! What’s going on here? Hi, Goldie bro! Please brother, give me my stuff back! – This one?
– Yes! I’ll be off my job if I don’t have those! I came here to give this back to you! So good of you, brother! – Do you need this one as well?
– Yes, that one as well! – You can keep the rest!
– Okay! That’s fine! Goldie brother, please! Boss! Goldie brother! Sorry brother! – I wasn’t the one, brother!
– If I ever see you again in this area… Stop! Stop! Ganesh brother! – Keep quiet!
– Please ask her if she wants to get married! How am I supposed to know? Wouldn’t you ask that for me? Fuck off! You don’t even notice what am I going through and you
are concerned about if she wants to get married or not? Here our brother comes! Brother! Now, where’s the money? Give me my money now! Give me the money! Lakpa! Lakpa! Give me the money! – Give me the money!
– Wait a minute! Lakpa! She talks! Where’s C-Mala (precious Tibetan stone)? Lakpa has it! I’ll go and bring a translator! – What now? Aren’t you done?
– Wait! We have got a new problem here! – You are fit and fine!
– Am I?
– Yes! Give me a bottle of Saline water! Come on brother, that’s used for dire patients! – Come on!
– Nope! – Do you know the process of cleaning the wound? I know everything like cleaning the wound, bandaging and all! One needs to graduate in order to operate a patient! – You come with me!
– Where, brother! Just nearby, to clean a wound! How much will you pay me? 5,000 rupees! – Where do you mean by nearby?
– Just nearby! At the wood mill! – At Lata bro’s wood mill?
– Yes! Give me a minute, I’ll get my bag! – Hey, where are you going?
– I’ll get my bag, brother! I’ll be back in a while! – Get down, you freak!
– Nope! – Get down!
– Please brother! – Get down, hurry up!
– I don’t want to, brother! – Brother!
– You disrespecting me? – Are you trying to deny me?
– Nope, brother! – You disrespecting me?
– Do you want me to go up?
– I’m not trying to disrespect you, brother! – Don’t be obtuse! He’s gonna help us to get 500 thousands!
– Please don’t bother me everyday, brother! Get down! Get down! Nope, brother! – You denying me?
– I’m not! – Disrespecting me?
– Nope! Get down! Do you want me to come? Get down! Should I take it out? Damn you! – Please don’t brother! Please!
– Get down then! – I’m coming!
– I’ll add 5,000 rupees for you! – Don’t you bother, leave it to him!
– I’m cleaning his wound! Why are you quivering? – Its been a while since I’ve done this!
– What?
– Its been a while! Hey! He’s a good one even though he’s not of a high stature! He brought him here! Why is he making a face? You haven’t paid me and… Come with us, we’ve got to talk! We’ve got a problem! Since its Saturday, take the payment at very first hour tomorrow! First hour – tomorrow morning!
There isn’t anything wrong on that! You freak! Stop it! Its Saturday today, all the banks are closed!
What am I supposed to do about that? How do I get the money on Saturday?
Do you want me to rob a bank? You’ll get your payment on the first hour tomorrow! – Give me the cheque then!
– Come on! Go! What? Hey! Hey, stop! Asshole! Lock the door and don’t make any sound! Lock the door and stay put! I’ll get back with the ticket! Keep quiet and stay here! When does the bus to Kathmandu leave? – The last bus leaves at 4!
– Okay I won’t come back even once after I leave Barhabise! Careful while you walk! I’ll get back rich and handsome! He’ll know my worth once I leave here! I’ll see how does he work without me! I’m not taking you for free! I want 100 thousand rupees You’ll have to pay me 200 thousand rupees! 200 thousand rupees! Understood? I’m getting a call from the devil himself! We earned a lot while the border was open! But, he bought such a worthless phone for me! And, I myself had to get this rubber-band and battery! Fuck this shitty phone! We are going just nearby place, brother! Where the fuck are you going? Get out! Get off the bus! – What are you doing?
– Shut up! Do you want to get beaten? Didn’t I tell you that she is worth 500 thousands? – I won’t leave brother!
– You freak! – What did I tell you?
– I won’t leave here brother, I’m sorry! What the fuck had I told you? Are you disrespecting me? – You disrespecting me?
– No brother! Are you after this Tibetan girl, you fucker? – You want the Tibetan girl?
– I won’t leave here, brother! I’ll chop your head off, mind it! Give me the money! Or, else I’ll burn you in there! – Give me the money!
– Its ready for you! I’ll give you the money, but where is the girl? – But, we need the girl!
– Fuck with your girl! How am I supposed to pay you
without having the girl in our custody? How would I know where the fuck your girl is? How am I supposed to know? Lata bro says he’ll pay you if you
fight him and win or else he won’t! But, you can’t use any weapons! I don’t know anything else!
Fight Lata and get your money! Fight! Fight! Brother, your belt! Mind your belt brother! Beat the shit out off him brother! If I don’t get my money.. Its your turn next! You’re the sole witness of this! What was the reason behind this? I wouldn’t know the reason behind
the dispute between them! Goldie came to the factory yesterday and
started teasing boss for hand to hand fight! And? Boss agreed! The condition was not to use any sort of weapons! But, he used this and killed him on the spot! But, there must be a reason! I wouldn’t know, sir! It seems like they weren’t Lata’s people, brother! They were going to India.. She offered me money to take her to India border! I felt bad about her…how could I have said no? She’s luring you! You wanted me to leave here alone? Don’t say that brother! I’ll kill you! Don’t say that brother!
Its not her fault! Lata and Ganesh are the ones who are being hard on her! You don’t act smart! She doesn’t know anything!
What am I supposed to say for that? Shouldn’t we get our money? – Of course we should!
– 500 thousands! He has paid only 300 rupees! How do we get the money if you took her away? Take this! Take this and sleep there! Don’t worry and sleep tight! I’ll take the dog for a walk, you sleep tight! Come! Come! Let’s take you for a walk! Come! This isn’t the matter of your concern! Break Goldie’s all bones and limbs,
I’ll give you 30 thousand rupees! Break all limbs! – 30 thousands?
– Yes! 30 thousands? He has a pistol! How does 30 thousands suffice?
I’ll have to treat my boys some booze as well! – Add some more!
– How much that ‘some more’ mean?
– 2500! What are you thinking?
Its only 2500! I get that! I’ll give you 50 thousands! Let’s shake hands! Break all his limbs! 50 thousands? Agreed, brother! I’ll chop his head also! It’s my part to chop the head, you just break his limbs! Hey! Hey! Hey, Dharmasala! Dharmasala! Guys! we’ve got a job to do! Eat dal, rice, vegetable, curries anything you like.. – And, I’ll give you 1,000 rupees to each of you!
– 1,000 rupees? – But we have got to beat Goldie!
– Let’s do this! Do we kill Goldie then? Fuck him off! We aren’t killing Goldie! We just
catch him and take him to Ganesh! Okay, done! I’ll drink his blood! We don’t kill him, we only beat his ass off! I’ll beat the shit out of it! Like this! Hey, Dharmasala!
Hurry up! Come faster! Ouch! What happened? Let me see what happened! Aren’t I supposed to see what happened? Let me! What? Are you pretending to be superior? Don’t you see what sort of risk am I taking for you? I need money! Am I being too decent to her? I’ll get you back to Goldie’s if I don’t
get the money, do you understand? Fuck off! What do you think of yourself?
You and Goldie are all the same! My name is Sonam! What did I tell you? What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you that I’ll kill you? Brother, please let her off! Please let her go! Brother, I have C-Mala stone! Please let her go! Brother, please! Sonam! Didn’t I tell you that I’ll kill? Come down! What sort of boy are you? – Come down!
– Why did you kill her? You do know that I don’t like women! And, she wanted to take you from me! Won’t I get lonely if you go away? Who will love me?
Who will oil my body? With whom would I sleep? Come down, my boy! Come down! I’m planning to buy a new motorbike and
give you the one I’m riding nowadays! I don’t want it! Come down!
I love you! Goldie, the one who killed the
mill owner isn’t here as well, sir! Do you have any more news about him? Hey! You… Come down! Got you! – What happened?
– Get down! Where’s your brother Goldie? Where’s he? Get down! I’ll throw you in the river! Do you see the river?
Get down then! Get him! – I’ve completed the task, now give me the money!
– Shut up you asshole! – Did you bring him or he came here by himself?
– He’s here no matter what! Shut the fuck off! Where’s the girl? My money! – Hello brother!
– Shut the fuck up, asshole! – Give me my money!
– Shut up now! Tell me where’s the girl! You motherfu…where’s the girl? Beating him doesn’t work! – Give me the money!
– Take that! Now fuck off! – Where’s the girl?
– Give me my money!
– Take that, asshole! You’re hurting my dignity! I asked you do something and you did something else! – Get the job done and then will you get the money!
– Goldie will be here since he’s here! Let him come and then will we talk! Where’s the girl? Tell me where’s the girl! Wait! I’m coming down! He’s trying to use the broken pistol! Hey! Why don’t you beat him down? Come on, motherfuckers! How much is Ganesh paying you? – Money?
– Yes! How much is Ganesh paying you? – He hasn’t given me a penny!
– Then why the fuck are you fighting for him? Goldie brother! Please tell me not to burry me, Goldie brother! Goldie brother! Goldie brother, ask him not to! – Please save me!
– Don’t climb up. Climb down! Burry him! Keep burrying! Are you tired? Couldn’t we leave him?
He’s such a poor creature! What the…! Don’t act smart! Or…! Do you need this or not? Of course we need it, brother!
I’m almost expelled from my job! He seems to be the guilty one!
Hey, keep burrying! – Goldie brother!
– Yes! Who killed Lata bro? Who killed Lata bro? – I killed him! I killed him!
– Keep burrying! You getting tired so early being a policeman? I killed him! I killed him! Are we done now, Goldie brother? It won’t smell now! Seems like we are done, brother! – What if it smells?
– It won’t. The pit is really deep! Okay! Thank you very much! Hey, Goldie brother!
Give me my stuff! I’m almost expelled off my job! Yes! – I forgot!
– Exactly! – This one also?
– Yes, both! What’s that? This is our designation pledge! Please don’t! Please don’t brother! – Okay! I’m off now!
– Sure, brother! I’ll go after boss gets up! Okay! Boss! Hello, Rai boss! Hey, my boy!
What are you doing? What are you doing? – Are you going to Kathmandu?
– Yes! I’ve got no money! Aren’t you Goldie’s friend? No! I’m not! I’m not! .

100 thoughts on “NAAKAA – New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2076 | Bipin Karki, Thinley Lhamo & Robin Tamang

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  17. Acting 10 out of 10
    Story :0
    I was confused ye,,,,,,,makka ma yo k her Daichu documentary ho ki movie ho ….".😂😂😂

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