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Hello, I’m Levi the Garage Movie Guy Yeah I’m not in my garage.
If you want to know more about that I’ll put a link down below to a video where I talk about it. But today I’m gonna talk about animated movies This is something I’ve been passionate about my entire life I’ve always liked cartoons and some of my favorite movies are animated films I was one of those kids that woke up early on Saturday mornings I got my cereal and sat in my PJs in the living room I would watch cartoons until there was the other boring stuff on TV, whatever it was I’ve also always had an affection for animated films, especially Disney films In fact until I was about 14, I was pretty obsessed with them. A lot of the movies I’m gonna talk about today are Disney films. Let’s jump right into it. I’m gonna talk about my Top 5 Childhood Animated Movies The first movie I want to talk about is at number five not because it’s my fifth favorite It might actually be closer to the top could breach the number two or number one slot even but on a technicality I’m gonna put it as number five and that is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the reason I’m putting that at number five is because it was actually a collection of three previously released animated shorts and the three animated shorts that make up this film are Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too And I’ve always felt a lot of affection for that silly old bear. This movie in particular when it was released on blu-ray I just had to own it and I previously mentioned John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet in my “Odd Couple” review “Making an 8 o’clock plane to Florida. I told you that when I sat down” and if you have not experienced any of the older original Winnie the Pooh cartoons, then I highly suggest you check them out Some of the later movies are pretty good. But to me, there’s nothing like the old animation and the old voices It’s just really special and I think something I liked about the show was that it captured what it was like To be a child and have that imagination when all your stuffed animals and toys would come to life. Before Toy Story that’s what we had, Winnie the Pooh. For my number four animated childhood film we go from bears to foxes and talk about Disney’s Robin Hood, and I’ve always enjoyed sort of swashbuckling adventure type movies and this number four slot was actually a tie between Robin Hood and Jungle Book, I really enjoyed both movies as a kid But quite honestly, I watched Robin Hood more and I think the reason was I just liked the characters There are so many zany characters in this movie. I especially like Prince John and Sir Hiss Sire, Sire Did you see what they Stop hissing in my ear! and of course the music in the film is really cool because the narrator is Roger Miller *the tune to “Whistle Stop” is being whistled* And if you don’t know who Roger Miller is he was a country in western singer in the 60s and sang novelty songs songs with titles like “Dang Me” “Do-Wacka-Do” “Chug-A-Lug” and of course my favorite “You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd” Which gives you some good advice actually when it says you can’t change film with a kid on your back which I imagine is true but Now that I have kids I don’t have to worry about that because you have digital cameras and I just have to snap like this On my phone. But anyway, that’s beside the point. We’re talking about Robin Hood I’ve just always enjoyed the story of Robin Hood coupled with the beautiful Disney Animation of these animals and the voice-over work from the very talented voice cast It’s just always been one of my favorites And speaking of favorites right in the middle in my number three slot It’s Lady and the Tramp I love dogs. I’ve always loved dogs. when I was a kid I remember every year for I don’t know two or three years I asked Santa Claus for a dog and specifically I asked him for a cocker spaniel I never got one but this movie is the reason for that and you know most of the reason I liked this film as a kid was Because of the dogs in it. This movie like a lot of the others in my list does have a lot of great music in it. I will warn you that there’s one song in particular that has not aged well, we’ll say so be warned going into that But if you put that aside the rest of the movie is a really fun and enjoyable movie It’s about this cocker spaniel who lives with this wealthy family in this fancy house, you know, she’s got a nice shiny new collar She runs into this rough-and-tumble Tramp character and they kind of clash but they also kind of like each other You haven’t fallen for that old line now, have ya? Aye, and we’ve no need for mongrels and their radical ideas. Off with ya now! Off with ya, off with ya! Okay Sandy The name’s Jock! Okay Jock Heather Lad of Glencairn to you. Okay, okay, okay This trope has been used over and over but This is one of the first places I was exposed to that and this movie also is probably largely responsible for the Unrealistic view I had of relationships when I was younger because I thought Everything was like Lady and the Tramp and you fall in love and it’s so beautiful and while that does and can happen There’s all sorts of other stuff that come into play When you have a life with someone. This really prepared my heart to be a romantic heart And this romantic heart has always had room For a tale as old as time In fact, it happened in the Land Before Time Like any kid, I grew up loving dinosaurs This film, I feel like it’s a staple of Growing up in the 80s and 90s The Land Before Time, if you’ve never seen it a group of baby dinosaurs try to make their way across The prehistoric land to this mythical place called the Great Valley because starvation is rampant And they’ve been separated from their parents So they have to find this lush verdant Valley of wonderful tree stars this movie is just so much fun to watch as a kid because it’s it’s got that sort of Goonies flavor of Kids going on an adventure without adults, but it’s different in a lot of ways number one. Of course. They’re dinosaurs But also they get into some pretty hairy life-and-death moments, but they form bonds with each other sometimes their personalities clash with one another Three-horns never play with longnecks! But in the end they come together and they do the job They need to and this journey is sort of kicked off by this Earthquake that happens and through a series of circumstances early in the movie. Littlefoot loses his mother That’s one reason this movie always stood out to me as a movie apart From the other animated movies that I watched And it’s also visually different. It’s not only tonally dark sometimes, It’s visually dark. Some of the scenes are kind of hard to see But I kind of enjoyed that as a kid it stood out from the Vibrant colors of Disney films that I watched and I mean what kid isn’t gonna enjoy watching baby dinosaurs My son sure does And the Land Before Time has spawned I think eight to 12 to 15 I don’t I don’t know how many sequels this movie has I don’t feel like many of them are even close to what the original was in the form of quality My son really likes the latest one. It’s got a lot of music in it And you know that was something else that set The Land Before Time apart is because there’s no songs in the movie There’s music in the background but none of the characters sing and this was really different from most of the other animated movies I saw as a child. And now we’re just gonna keep that Don Bluth love going And talk about An American Tail This was one of my all-time Favorite movies to watch as a kid. This is the actual VHS tape that I had and it’s quite worn. In fact, it’s way more worn than The Land Before Time and I’ve talked a little bit before about music and movies. I used to love the music in this movie I would wait in anticipation for every music scene. I’ve recently been exposing my children to these movies when we watch this I couldn’t help but sing along to every song If you’ve never seen this movie it’s a very heartwarming tale about immigrants into America and This little mouse here Fievel comes from Russia with his family. They come with a promise of no cats in America this family of mice Through this journey he gets separated from his family. The movie is really about him trying to find his family but also finding his fight and Becoming a part of this wondrous land called America. He meets a lot of fun characters along the way There’s a big cat named Tiger who is actually a vegetarian and he is voiced by Dom DeLuise Who was a leading character himself I like mice. Oh no, not like that. I mean, I don’t eat red meat AT ALL! And something I didn’t talk about when I talked about the Land Before Time was in these Don Bluth films a lot of times you can see the emotion in the scene through the colors that are used Toward the end of the film when he is SPOILER ALERT! reunited with his family They are reunited in this wet street and there’s sort of this orange heavenly glow coming from all around them My Fievel I thought I would never see you again Never say never, Papa! When I think of animated movies That’s one of the scenes that pops into my head because it’s just so vibrant and you can feel the love emanating from the screen. This movie also has, for young Levi, one of the most Emotional songs ever from a movie. In this scene Fievel and his sister who have been separated His sister sort of keeps up hope that he’s out there but his parents are thinking maybe the worst has happened They’re both trying to go to sleep and they look out their windows and they see the moon I’m getting teary. They see the moon and When the nightwind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby It helps to think were sleeping underneath the same Big Sky Somewhere out there. If love can see us through. These kids are separated and they look out the window and see this Huge beautiful moon and they basically sing a song about If you can see the moon I can see the moon and that means we’re together So now if I can pull it together and talk about this one song: The kids are separated, they’re looking at the moon, they can each see it and they know each other’s out there. The movie that made me cry without even watching it, An American Tail So comment down below some of your top animated films from when you were a child as I said I watched a lot of animated films as a kid I tried to keep this to the films that I watched when I was younger because as I said I was really into Disney movies until I was 14 or 15 So I was really into the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, all those movies that were released around that time I watched a billion times but these movies are really tied closely to my childhood Whenever I watch them, I’m transported back to that time. And the cool thing is I can share these movies with my kids now and Hopefully you’ll watch some of these with your kids if you have kids If you don’t you should watch all these movies anyway, because they’re excellent films I appreciate you coming on this childhood journey with me. But while we’re talking about Disney things I wanted to highlight Another youtuber.
I try to do this in all my videos And normally I talk about other youtubers who talk about film but this youtuber in particular He sort of brings my childhood back to me in a way His name is Disney Dave And he uploads videos that he has taken at Walt Disney World through the years And one of his videos in particular. I’ll try to find it and link it down below Really threw me back to Disney World because he’s taken videos since I don’t know when he started going I think Sometime in the late 80s, maybe or early 90s But he has home videos that he’s taken there since then and it’s really amazing to see the park through that lens It really is a window into Yesteryear So if you have any affection for Disney or Walt Disney World, you should definitely check out Disney Dave’s channel There’s another reason I am talking about his channel right now, and that’s because Of this little guy.
Beauty and the Beast was almost on my top-five list But as I said, I wanted to concentrate on movies that I watched when I was younger But Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite animated films, by the way If you like the animated film and didn’t see the live-action that was released recently. I suggest you do so it was very enjoyable and they sort of answered some of the questions that people have about the animated film and the problems that people have with it but this is a little coin purse and it’s a character from Beauty and the Beast *zipper zips* There we go He is a character from Beauty and the Beast he is a teacup Disney Dave had a little contest on his channel a while back I wanted this to be a piece of “Garage Movie Guy Mail” But that was a while ago and I still have the envelope around here somewhere He was good enough to put “Garage Movie Guy” on the address label. I appreciate that Dave This is a really cool prize that I won He had quite a few disney items that he was giving away and you could mention which one you wanted and something I think it Was a memory from Disney World, but I was lucky enough to win this I treasure it I have it on my shelf as you can see But I wanted to bring some light to Disney Dave’s channel If you like Disney, then you need to check out his channel right now. I guess that’s it for me until next time I’m Levi the Garage Movie Guy saying “Never Say Never Again” It’s not and that is Winnie the Pooh Animated films from when I was a childhood when I was a childhood. Okay, it’s not dang me. It’s Damon My dog just said after group Video premiere no copyright strike

7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Childhood ANIMATED MOVIES!

  1. Good selections. I loved all these when i was a kid, plus a bunch more. Here's one cartoon that didn't age well at all – The Secret of Nymm. I loved that when I was a kid. My kids watched it recently and it was pretty lame.

  2. I'm not laughing at you getting misty eyed; I'm laughing at you getting frustrated with you getting misty eyed.

  3. Great List! Totally forgot about Roger Miller in Robin Hood, One of my favorites was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Probably not technically a movie but got a ton of play at my house.

  4. Lol! Dude I cried with you, no lie. I saw a lot animated films and now that I think about it. A bunch of them were were really dark.
    1. The Secret of Nyhm
    2. The Dark Cauldron
    3. Watership Down (which really messed me up)
    4. Transformers the Movie (which really messed me up)

  5. Great video! I love animation as well and love this as an idea for a vid!

    I adore Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore will forever be my spirit animal. Also love Land Before Time and Lady and the Tramp. Enjoyed both of the other films you mentioned as well!

    Childhood faves for me were definitely Disney Renaissance films such as Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast haha

  6. It's so cool that you still have VHS copies! I totally did the same thing when I was a kid – squeezed in cartoons whenever I could! I've still not picked up the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on blu-ray yet – I really need to – not seen it since I had it on VHS! The Land Before Time is truely an underrated classic! Thanks for making me almost tear up as well during the American Tail bit – not seen it since my childhood and I'm getting ready to move (in 6 weeks) about 12 hours away from the city I've lived my entire life! … So yeah, that "Somewhere out there" got be right in the feels!

    My top animated film as a child is definitely The Lion King. It's still my favourite film of all time! Watched it to death when I was a kid and is the reason I've decided to become a filmmaker and getting ready to start a Film Production course in a couple of months from now!

    Fantastic video man, keep up the awesome work!

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