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If there’s one thing I love is wandering through the city, late at night. I love the sound of silence, this mood of the city lights, the solit… … tude. Here we go again with my stomachache. Or is it just fear? These are the moments I love the cops. And they know it. And they take their time. I can hear only the sound of my footsteps. I should have put on the sneakers. Black hat, white trench on a black suit… Who the hell you think you are?
Humphrey Bogart?! He is clutching something ambigous to his chest. I cannot turn back. He will follow. Think about cats and dogs. That’s a good example! As long as no one runs away,
everything stays fine. The moment one runs… swish! The other follows. And that is right! If you run away you must have
a good reason to be followed. Otherwise, you’re just… jogging. And I have no intention of just jogging
in the middle of the town, at 2 o’clock at night without my sneakers. I must not be afraid. Fear is a smell, and the prowlers smell it. Why did I go out?! I should have locked myself at home
and write on a sign: “I have no money” to discourage thieves and killers. And what about the lone choker? Oh, he doesn’t give a shit about money. I should go live in Canada. You’re never too brave to become
a coward once and for all. Remember cats and dogs. He fears me as well. I should point him like a cruiser. Give the impression of being ready to
strike. Yeah! Like this! He is the one who moves away
from my way! No! He points at me. Ten meters. He’s holding… a bouquet in his hands. A bouquet?! Are you kidding me?! Flowers… yeah! With a knife or a gun hidden inside. How smart are the evil forces… Five meters.
It’s over! Four. Three. Two… ONE! Okay! He was just a man. A man who smiled at me, passing by. Like we were just… humans. I have been afraid of a shadow in the
night for the whole time… The only thing I didn’t think was that he could just be… a person.

19 thoughts on “My Rode Reel 2017 | Short Film: “Cats And Dogs”

  1. I've seen the Movie initially without Sound for some reason and i must say that i loved it without the sound . Sill a great job.

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