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I’m filmmaker Ryan Connolly and I’m excited to announce the 2015 my road real international short film competition last year my rogue will showcase the skills of emerging and independent filmmakers from 76 different countries and it gave you guys the opportunity to share your work on a global stage and when some pretty cool stuff but in 15 it’s be even bigger but $200,000 worth of prizes that’s not enough to get a chance to work looked at by me mmm Philip Bloom Ryan Connolly and Rodney charters pretty cool there’s also opportunities to win with separate genre and technical prizes in addition to the overall awards and everyone that enters will receive the my Road real 2015 directors shirt so clearly you’re gonna enter right cool so here’s what you need to do shoot an original short of up to three minutes and then as well as a behind the scenes showing how you made the film and featuring a road mic in use and have the my rotary on a title card to start your film upload it to YouTube and submit to help you out along the way the guys at Road have shot their own short film in an entire BTS series which gives you tips of tricks throughout the filmmaking process entries are open now until the end of May don’t wait till the last minute remember an entire film is made in prep not on the actual shoot so you got to get crackin visit my road real calm now download start pack and get started have fun and good luck

39 thoughts on “My RØDE Reel 2015 Short Film Competition with over $200,000 in Prizes

  1. @RØDE Microphones what a great opportunity for new film makers and tubers. Thanks for the great starter info and videos.

  2. Is this one of those competitions that people have to vote and get good numbers in order to hit the top 10 then the judges watch and pick a winner? Or are the judges going to watch all the films and pick the best among themselves?

  3. So you have to use a rode mic? Dang I want to enter so bad but I don't have the money to buy a rode mic

  4. just a reminder to people who don't own a rode video mic,  many rental houses will rent you one for hella cheap if you don't want to lay down the cash for buying it out right. And don't be discouraged if you can't afford that remember the no budget mantra of beg, borrow, and steal

  5. Wow, seeing all of my favourite cinematographers in one video was very cool! You guys should do more collaborations if the time allows some day. I know @Philip Bloom is/was shooting TheWonderList (btw. INCREDIBLE!!) and @Ryan Connolly is working on his new short, but I'd love to see all of you in a project 😀

  6. I'm participating, even if I'm sure I am not going to win, it's a great opportunity to get your films reviewed by @Philip Bloom , @Ryan Connolly , @Vincent Laforet  and Rodney Charters ! Plus that MRR 2015 shirt is pretty awesome !! 

  7. Can't wait to film it and enter my 30 second comedy next week, I'm going to mix this and the doritos commercial together lol.

  8. I entered, honestly I didn't do a great job, Even though all the actors were awesome in participating and playing their roles and having fun with it (which really is the most important thing to me).  that's my entry. It's eh, I honestly like the behind the scenes better. I'll still try to get all the votes I can. 

  9. This competition could entirely affect my life…. considering my film will have no budget and con only be shot for 4 hours a week I'm gonna have an interesting time….

  10. I have worked extremely hard on a film and I would appreciate anyone who watches the film to vote for it and leave comments.

  11. is a smart phone RØDE microphone okay? and how many submissions are expected? also, what is the criteria which the video is judged upon?

    thanks! 🙂

  12. Does the short film have to fall into one of the categories presented in the video? Horror & Action? or are we free to do whichever genre?

  13. when downloading the starting pack,i noticed it includes several release forums and such, are these required to be submitted before shooting? or only necessary if an award is won?

  14. Hi good morning guys. When you talk about the "MY RODE REEL" title card. is that something i have write on a card and show it or something i do post while edit to put at the start of my film and is it only for the film and not the BTS. Thanks

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