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Hey, hello oh right so we are gonna talk about camera gear something that everybody loves right? well first of all i apologize for the lightning here This is the best i can do i don’t have a studio or anything actually you wouldn’t wanna see the rest of the apartment right now it’s quite a mess but i i found this little corner here that is kind of okay yeah second i’m wearing this hat because my hair is kinda crazy not because i usually wear winter hats at home because i don’t do that and third the dog is just walking around so hopefully she doesn’t make too much noise but anyway i’ve been shooting medium format film with the bronica, for the last five months and i’ve gone to i would say very different places i’ve shot in very different conditions and i’ve been adding more and more stuff to my kit and i think that right now i can say with some confidence that i’m pretty happy with the gear I have so i thought that it would be useful or it could be useful for someone else out there to see what i use and maybe i have something that helps me and you didn’t even know that was a thing And the same way i would ask you to tell me if you have something in your kit that i should definitely add to mine Because i’m always open to buy more stuff that’s for sure So of course the first thing to talk about it’s about the camera bag this is this little guy here was my first dedicated camera bag before this i was using just backpacks or i would just throw in the camera i’m talking about the digital camera of course anywhere i could when I bought the a6000 it was my first interchangeable lens camera i needed a bag for all those lenses and for the camera so i bought this one it’s a lowepro i loved, i absolutely loved using this thing but of course this is not big enough not at all for the Bronica so we are gonna have to move to the floor to show you So this is the bigger guy here as i said i love the other bag so much that i went with a lowepro again, this is the lowepro pro tactic 450w or something like that i’ll leave links In the description to everything here it’s pretty solid it’s a little bit dirty from these past two days trip to central oregon but yeah like the small one it has a raincoat here that you can put on over the backpack. i usually attach my tripod here. i have on these side pockets something right, now but i usually have like cloths like this to clean stuff but yeah they are pretty small One cool feature is like you can access the inside of the bag from the sides i don’t usually use I don’t use it that way i just take it off my back and put it on the ground access everything inside From here because it opens from the back and that is very nice i really like that let’s get into the main section or main part of this bag so this that you are seeing right now it would be like my typical set up for a trip in these little pockets i have A lot of tiny stuff like external batteries like this one from amazon i have batteries for the digital camera here i have cleaning stuff like the cleaning wipes and some microfiber cloths. I don’t usually use them, I just use my t-shirt Maybe i should use them more often but map of oregon and washington a pencil to take notes this is very important because you never think of this when you’re shooting a film camera but i have Spare batteries for the bronica they last forever i’ve been using the camera for as i said five months and i’m still using the original batteries but someday you will need them You better have them with you if you are out in the middle of nowhere so i have them with me There is room here for a laptop but i don’t usually bring it here i have a separate backpack for that Because i have the charger plus hard drives i can’t fit everything here let’s start with this two little guys here. this is the holga as you know i use a holga too i shoot it every once in a while just for those special shots And yeah it doesn’t require anything like batteries or more lenses or anything it’s just The camera itself i’ll be talking more about the holga soon i want to do like a proper review what i think about it I have this other camera here this is a slr is a minolta xgm i don’t usually shoot 35 but a russian company… a russian film company sent me Some film to test so i’ve been using it i’ll be talking about that film soon too – but yeah for now I’ll just put it aside So now getting to the bronica stuff first that you can see I have a cable release here kind of important for long exposures and some low-light shots but it’s broken as you can see this is the second one that i break i I’ve already tried two different brands, so if you know a good cable release that is going to last is not $200 please let me know because i don’t know what to do yeah okay i have this little rocket air blowing thing i use it mostly to clean the sensor of the video camera when you change lenses on these mirrorless cameras they get pretty dusty pretty easy This bag came with the backpack and i’m using it to store my film here i use it to store the exposed film too like this one that i took yesterday i have a spare spools too you never know when they’re gonna break and i don’t want to waste one roll of film on the field just to keep shooting here i Have my color black and white filters this box it’s kind of breaking falling apart And yeah i’m gonna be talking about these filters more – in the future because i really have some things to say about them they are red orange yellow and blue and i’ve used them quite a lot lately yeah i’ll be talking about that soon so more about filters this is the pouch that came with the holder, the Lee filters holder. so this is adaptor you screw this on the lens mount the holder Something like that and you put the nd filters here. for the nd filters themselves i started with one i ended up getting all of them It started with the super stopper that is 15 stop nd filter I use this a lot during the day daylight because is to take long exposures when it’s pretty bright outside. then i started taking long exposures at sunrise and Sunset so i was in need of something that it was not 15 but something like this one, the big stopper that is only, “only” just a 10 stop ND filter. but then i shot that long exposure of the moon and i used this big stopper but i realized that it was too much for those situations – So i got the little stopper that is six stop nd filter so i have them all now. i used them all, i used the little stopper this weekend – or this past two days sorry so this is my set of nd filters they are here in their original boxes i believe that they are very well protected here so Okay had to change the battery of the video camera alright so now for the bronica equipment itself first of all i think i’m gonna start with this i have a Extra or spare film back. why do i have to film backs? that’s a good question There are many reasons one of them is that allows me to have different speeds like i might be shooting Hp-5 here at 1600, and i might have been shooting hp-5 at 400 on the other back At the end of the day i should mostly at 800 all the time no matter if i’m shooting tri-x or hp-5. i like the look, it gives me enough speed for even low-light situations. having to film backs allows me to shoot at different speeds or even have color film in one of them and black and white In the other one. i don’t shoot any color so it’s not something that I do but I could if i wanted to another reason to have to film backs, and this one is actually a good reason for me to have two is that i have a film loaded in one of them so it’s here when i’m done with this one i can quickly load this other back and keep shooting it’s not about shooting a lot of pictures in a row or that my shots are pretty critical Time wise but it’s more about it might be raining outside it might be pretty windy i might be on the beach i don’t want to be messing with opening the film back and loading film, taking the exposed film and putting it in the backpack so What i do is i finish this one i take it off here put it here load the new one and keep shooting. and then once i’m back in the car or in better conditions i just Take the exposed film from here, load new film so it’s always ready there to go Now, for the camera and the lenses the camera came with another finder actually let me show you See it came with this one it’s a prism finder it’s like more like a regular traditional slr or regular camera so the main problem for me with this like it makes the camera much bigger and i actually really enjoy using the waist-level finder a lot absolutely recommend getting one of these as you can see the camera is much much smaller so this is my other film back, of course nothing, to say here i have this quick release plate For the tripod so it’s always there right now i have this lens attached this is one of my Favorite lenses for the bronica is the 150 millimeter is actually the most common One so it’s pretty cheap and easy to find i think i got it for a hundred bucks i don’t remember but yeah it’s one of my favorite lenses by far It’s pretty sharp and it goes all the way from f/4 to f/32 so it’s not a fast lens But it’s fast enough for me so yeah this is the lens that lives in this camera I’ll say 60 70 percent of the time. moving on to more lenses i have this Wide-angle lens this is a 28 no sorry 50 millimeter by its 28 equivalent in 35 So this is the lens that i dropped the other day at mount st. Helens and as you can see is it’s perfectly fine it doesn’t have a scratch they are built like tanks that’s for sure. so this one goes from f3.5, so it’s a little bit faster than the other one but not by much is like a third of a stop or something to f22 i like this lens, it’s sharp too but it’s really really wide for this camera to the point where it already distorts a little bit i think it’s my second most-used lens after the 150. the next one is a recent acquisition of mine’s the 80 millimeter. this is what it’s called a normal lens or a normal focal length Because it’s a 40-45 millimeter equivalent in 35. this one goes from 2.8, so it’s one stop faster than the 150 and 2/3 of a stop faster than the 50, and it goes to f22. i just used it these past two days for the first time so i still have to see a photos from these lines but yeah looks pretty sharp too The good thing about this lens is really really small compared to the other ones and it’s really light So my initial idea with these three lenses was to have a range that i was used to in 35 i used to have 24 to 70 lens on my sony camera so this way i have 28 a 42, 80 they are the more or less the most common Focal lengths, and i think this is a pretty common setup for the bronica sqi as well the last lens this big guy right here if you follow my photography you know i like to take close-ups of mountains and far away landscapes and whatnot So i wanted something To have a further reach than the 150 so i got this 250 millimeter lens this is one hundred thirty millimeter equivalent and these goes from f5.6, it’s much lower than the other lenses to all the way to f45 i don’t use this lens too often but when i do i actually like the results of it a lot That’s all i had to show you i believe this is all my film gear that i bring with me all the time so i’m planning on making a lot more videos about film photography about the bronica and about my experience and my journey with this camera, about all i’ve learned Yeah, things that i would have loved to know when i started using this camera. i already have a few ideas about what to talk next but if you guys have any questions ideas suggestions special requests or anything please let me know please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you for sure and that’s all for today i thank you so much again and see you the next one

11 thoughts on “My Bronica SQ-Ai kit: “What’s in my camera bag”, Film Edition

  1. This was a good video. It’s nice to see people’s setup. I didn’t realize you had so many lenses. Where do you pack the quad and the Sony?
    I was just looking for another shutter cable as I realized I only had one. I don’t like any of the newer style ones at all. I bought mine in the early ‘80s for most likely $5-$10 and thought nothing of it. I’m going to look through the “junk bin” at camera shops although we have no more local camera shops, closest one is an hour away.
    On your road trip, make a point to visit camera shops as you travel.

  2. I love my 250mm lens for my bronica. It is very sharp. I also have the 2x teleconverter but lose some IQ with it in. If you ever get to Alaska I'd love to take you out shooting

  3. As far as a cable release recommendation I can't recommend the Nikon AR-3 cables enough. They are durable and not expensive. I use them on every camera I shoot including my Bronica SQ-A and everything from 35mm up to 8×10. Never ever had an issue. I bring three of them with me because I have a nasty habit of losing them at the most inopportune times like when shooting over rivers on bridges. I wrap a short segment of neon yellow-green gaffer's tape around a short section of the cable so I can easily spot the otherwise black cable if it drops in the grass or on a dark forest floor.

  4. I noticed that you had your spare film back in a pouch, what make pouch is it? I’ve tried to find pouches to fit my bronica gs-1 film backs but haven’t found anything that fits. Enjoying your videos, they are good quality work.

  5. Get a light meter dude 😀 I know you use your mirrorless camera but man a spot meter would serve you well. I went through several "old" meters like you mention in your 6 reasons why you use a digital camera to meter… including a Pentax spotter V and a Gossen Luna Pro SBC. They were okay but old and probably in need of calibration. I recently got a used Sekonic dual master L558 incident/spot meter off b&h photo and I'm pretty pleased with the results it gives and for a digital unit it's really not too complicated. it can do 1degree spot and average multiple spot readings etc.. definitely useful. I think this meter will last me a long time.

  6. How much difference is there between s and ps lenses? I got 50mm s and 150mm s lens and 80mm ps lens. Is there any difference in optical quality?

  7. Hi Adrian, love your stuff. Your channel and Steve O'nions' channel have reminded me of a long lost love of the Bronica SQ-Ai which I used to use back in the day. I have now re-found my lost love and bought another complete with 40mm, 65mm (fave focal length) 80mm and 150 plus extra 120 back and Prism Finder S. Not all the kit has arrived yet but I just went out with the 65 and 80 with some FP4 loaded to do some test shots. It was a satisfying shooting experience. Keep the videos coming.

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