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hey guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here I’m Lizzy em right now I’m in Carter’s house I just got here
and I have a super secret surprise for Carter so I had a really long day just
planning this whole thing out so I’m really tired from that stuff but I’m so
excited to show you guys and Carter hey what are you talking about um just not
stuff okay so I have a super super fun surprise for you you do yes that’s why
I’m here is it done how do I get a surprise okay close your eyes close your
eyes closing can you see mm-hmm
okay now what I’m your surprise you’re my super high yeah I can’t robber to
hang out are you happy yeah but you gotta like ditch me again for 24 hour
challenge or something no I would never what do you need whenever you did it
yesterday just literally the last thing is this so comfy I’m tired did you ditch
me again who’s gonna fall asleep are you serious whoa well don’t drop the camera
are you seriously tired watch it come over you’re so tired because I spent all
day planning this video camera it’s tiring being myself
but you just came over to surprise you with yourself that’s just you coming
over yeah that’s not all day okay well guys
something hmm franchiser so gyum so this came over
again today and she says just a surprise from me or something I’m not sure if
she’s the surprise or she’s been working on a surprise
I don’t know but last time she was hue shake joked me into the 24 hour
challenge and now she’s here with a surprise and I feel like that’s kind of
sketchy I don’t know what is she planning Liz what’s the surprise see are you serious right now cheap rent is
a surprise is it good is this a joke like are you joking me right now this
this class let’s guys it’s not even leaked it’s only like
7:30 she actually sleeping right now as a
joke she just came over like 15 minutes ago
like if it does she joking me is this what she came to surprise we’d like to
pretend to be sleep right now where she actually see fit like she actually this
tired like if she’s actually this tired that she’s like came over and fell
asleep like first thing then it’s not probably just let her sleep but she’s
kind of this is gotta be a joke this can’t be real life I think this might be
a joke guys I think she might be like doing this on purpose for like something
something I just can’t figure out what it is so ooh I know what I could do
she’s doing a lot of tricks on me before in the past and you know the 24 hour she
came over and they ditched me and now she’s ditching me again two times in a
row and I can’t imagine that she’s actually so tired that she fell asleep
like she maybe is I don’t know but either way like this isn’t fun for me
like I’m just trying to like hang out by myself now so maybe I’m going to trick
her while she’s sleeping and go up and get scissors and cut her hair maybe like
I have like up a wig maybe I could like put this there for 10 like I’m cutting
her hair but be cutting this one but I mean it’s just hair it’ll grow back
right like maybe I’ll just actually go cut her hair let me see if I have
scissors these will work these are probably about
hair so I don’t know I’ve never actually cut anyone’s hair before guys but let’s
go see if she’s actually sleeping or not okay she’s not responding but maybe if I
like I like this like right here I close to her ear it’ll sound like I’m cutting
her hair and maybe then it’ll she’ll wake up cuz she’s not I shoulda sleeping
let’s see maybe she’s actually sleeping or she’s
pretending really good to be sleeping but I think I should try cutting some of
her hair I think I mean it’ll just it’ll grow back it’s not that big of a deal
okay guys I set you up on a tripod she’s still sleeping little Millie looks tired
– I’m not sure why everyone’s so tired I got her hair maybe I’ll do a little test just to make
sure that this is work let’s try this Oh Oh
okay that scissors work they’re really good scissors I guess I’ll just make a
pile over here let’s try it like
bigger piece or something okay guys say goodbye to Liz’s blonde
hair all this blonde hair on the end here I’m gonna cut off this make sure is
there we go okay guys say goodbye to Liz’s blonde
hair Oh got a huge chunk of it right here
let’s look at how it looks on the at all it looks like a haircut looks like she
got a haircut as she’s still sleeping
this is a good chunk I can this is kind of like a prize I’ll show her when she
wakes up that she’s missing this you probably won’t even know until she looks
at a mirror or something she’s still sleeping I got her hair I’m gonna go run
upstairs and I’m gonna show hunter and stove and see what they think of this
honor yeah what are you doing I got to show you something look at this you know
what that is it’s not Liz’s hair is it yeah don’t make a mess gosh yeah I just
cut off a huge piece of her hair what did she do why’d she let you do that
because she was sleeping so I just took scissors from the kitchen and I just
chopped it off I’m shocked you actually cut it off yeah that’s actually her hair
yeah it’s a haircut Liz’s hair oh I cut it off look that’s her hair yeah she’s
gonna freak out do you think so she’s absolutely gonna freak out that’s
actually that that can’t be your hair that’s her hair all right well you have
to go figure out a way to get that back cause she’s actually gonna be beyond
herself let me know the grow bag is not that big of a deal no that’s a lot of
hair that’s a huge deal she’s gonna be so upset she’s not gonna freak out I
can’t tell if that’s actually your hair that’s her actually did this yeah look
all right well you need to go figure out what you’re gonna say to her cause she’s
gonna be super upset it’s a lot of hair you think so yeah okay well let me go
estou let me see what still thinks some guys it’s gonna grow a bag it can’t be
that big of a deal you think so yeah let’s see stove yeah all right I got to
show you something what do you know what this is looks like hair yeah I cut this
off at Liz oh so much she was just real yeah she was sleeping so I I thought she
doesn’t know so she doesn’t know oh my shutter Lake of hundred says she’s gonna
freak out she’s gonna she’s gonna be crying she’s gonna freak out yeah she’s
gonna cry and she’s not gonna talk to you I bet really you cut her hair I
would be mad that’s gonna grow it’s gonna grow back yeah but still if this
is like a good chunk of it I guess it is a life
if someone cut this much like I’ll be going boss yeah you think well it’s a
good point I mean my hair is only – my hair is only about that long – I mean
you do need a haircut though I do need a haircut
so should I try like gluing it back alone try taping it that girl she’s
still shot David all hmm Ellen do you have tape
I think Hunter s tape you do oh that’s perfect okay all right you’re gonna come
down to help me okay yeah okay all right be glad she’s still sleeping hopefully
we’ll tape it back on and she’ll have no idea I’ve never taped here be fucked and up or something okay all right we gonna quit all right
let’s get out of here it looks good it was like that’s the baby smell this
thing she has tapered her hair and then she’ll yank the tape and then all there
is gonna come off and she won’t know it got cut she’ll think she just ripped it
out with the tape exactly I think my she would think that she
could like ripped up her own here so yeah although that ass piece you can’t
get mad I think this is gonna work complain complain okay guys at this
point I think Liz actually is sleeping and she was just like super tired for
some reason so I’m just gonna go try to wake her up Liz is come on
I thought were supposed to hang out like what was really tired she’s always tired when
I’m tired whoo she’s my baby are you filming we’re
supposed to come here boy they’re trying to continue come on get up I’m up that’s on my hair just sleep on
something that’s weird what happened whoa give it something
careful with that this is fine it is live it
why’d you put tape in my hair do you pull oh it’s stud whoa what’s going on
what is that oh the tape is stuck yeah we shouldn’t have slept there I guess it
was like tape on that person but uh what is it that your hair doesn’t
rip my hair just fell off wait Oh what what my hair is all messed up what happened I
don’t know I just pulled the tape off of my hair fell off how’d you get tape in
your hair I don’t know I must have slept in it look how short it is is it sure oh
my gosh it looks so bad okay no it’s so much shorter it just fell out yeah
that’s weird is that ever happened no Sam I hear another piece Carter what did you cut my hair reaming
while I was sleeping why are there scissors well there’s a screwdriver
there too I don’t know they’re just stuff around the house was
messy and take more tape was the house is messy look there’s stuff everywhere
it’s under construction harder why would you do this
what do you mean why would you cut my hair now it’s uneven look at it so ugly
it looks fine it’s like so short honestly I can’t even tell I think it I
think it looks better honestly I think it was I think it looks
fine it is it’s so bad I think it’s okay this is so gross did you seriously cut
my hair wash sleeping okay oh my gosh it’s so noticeable fixes what we gonna
do that’s it looks fine you can oh wait
this does not look fun you can notice it was I I don’t know I just thought like
you needed a haircut and you know he fell asleep again so ditched me twice I
thought I would just like get you back so you seriously cut my hair off and
then you tried to tape it back on yeah used clear tape so you wouldn’t see it I
was gonna use duct tape but instead found scotch tape but you ditched me
twice Liz I’m so mad at you I’m so tired I had a huge surprise for
you I worked on all day sorry I fell asleep but you don’t have to cut my hair
I have a surprise for me yeah what did you surprise me with well now I’m not
going to tell you well I need to fix this I got you’re pretending to be
asleep at that no good wake up okay well I know how we can fix your hair how I
know someone you do yeah oh he’s really good at Harry does a lot of famous
people hair and I think we can find maybe get you an appointment first thing
tomorrow morning but does the soul that how does
be able to fix this I don’t know Liz it’s just it’s just hair it’s gonna grow
back look it’s not even just this piece it goes all the way back you can see how
uneven it is it does look shorter okay so Carter apparently found somebody
to fix my hair cuz he cut a chunk of my hair off and now looks horrible
looks bad what do you mean well you can’t tell it’s in a bun but it looks
variable well let’s go get it fixed yeah so we’re gonna go get it fixed right now
I’m actually really excited cuz I haven’t gotten a haircut in like a year
which is really bad but I’ve just been really busy and stuff okay well I’m
gonna go okay hopefully this’ll be good okay I’m getting my haircut right now
and I’m actually kind of nervous cuz I haven’t caught my hair in a while so
comment down below if you guys get nervous too okay so this is what my hair
looks like before my haircut and this is where Carter chopped it off it’s kind of
hard to see cuz my hair is like really naughty but yeah Carter basically messed
up my hair so now I have to get it cut off and hopefully it looks good I’m so
nervous I went to the best hairstylist in LA this is Guillaume he’s the one who
cut my hair and this is jean-pierre he’s the one who colored my hair oh my gosh
look at my hair I’m like foil lady hopefully they can
team up together and fix what Carter messed up so wish me luck and hopefully
this comes out good okay so I finished my hair and it’s dark outside but um I
can’t wait for Carter to see it his plan totally backfired on him because now my
hair looks so good and he tried to cut it and sabotage me okay Carter you ready
to see my hair three wow you like it yeah let me see it turn around let me
say whoa so it embrace the dark know it well yeah dark oh yeah it’s dark on the
top yeah so yeah because you cut off all my hair inside to cut all of it off oh
yeah I forgot about that oh you know it took a long time but look
how beautiful it is Wow do you like it do you like it yeah it’s so different
if I get styled differently too yeah it’s okay what do you guys think about
my hair comment down below and I’ll see you guys next time bye if you guys made
it to the end thank you so much for watching and for that you guys get a
sneak preview of the movie coming soon this is never-before-seen footage check
this out so why were you guys out in the middle of the desert whoa oh no oh this is not good
stand back guys I got this whoever this is or whatever it is is not gonna stop
until they can get its hands on that camera oh it’s um it’s mr. beast it’s a


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  3. Carter people fall asleep!!!!!! It’s not the end of the world your gonna fall asleep later that night she’s not ditching you she’s only being a human she can’t be awake 24/7 just for you! Anyway that was really rude ☹️😒πŸ₯Ί

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