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Slave of destiny that is tangled like a yarn in the fence of wander I am lost Begin and End open and close I’m at the middle of this, so overdose I’m tryna make me right you’re my only sight Babe don’t go you gotta hold me tight Ain’t got time to do this anymore Please let me knock out this door Let me go Take me home Not alone Don’t ignore Never I will miss this moment Please stick to me because you are my breathe , just let me rest in you there i will sleep comfortably Beyond destiny DESTROYER DESTROYER I will repeatedly rewind Towards you rewind the end is up to me anyway DESTROYER DESTROYER Pass the thick line Time is gained back there is no rule to follow Destroyer Trust the destiny Trust us Trust sincerity Trust that we are not gonna change Close your eyes and trust I trust that you are next to me Even if vicious cycle repeats all the memories When times are toc tic Reversed The end is completed Our strings are connected Beyond Fate DESTROYER DESTROYER I will repeatedly rewind Toward you rewind The end is up to me anyway Passing the days that are filled and time of eternity whenever we meet again

100 thoughts on “[MUSIC FILM] MONSTA X_ THE CONNECT : D

  1. The line about rewinding to come back to you (or something like that) now seems even more fitting than it did before, given that this timeline goes back and forth.

  2. My theory is that after the disappearance of Hyungwon, the group is broken. So that's what makes me believe that the three MVs: DRAMARAMA, DESTROYER & FIND YOU, may be in the following order.


    Show how close they were to each other before Hyungwon disappeared.

    1- The watch that is Hyungwon's wrist, is the one used by Kihyn, Wonho and Minhyuk to go back in time in DRAMARAMA

    2- At 4:07, when Hyungwon takes the watch we can see a hole, as in DRAMARAMA, when Minhyuk tries to bring I.M into the present but the guy shoot into the watch.


    1- Kihyun trying to save Joohoney, but by the end ended up sacrificing himself to save him.

    2- Wonho who tries to have more time with Shownu, but gets his watch taken by the authorities.

    3- Minhyuk trying to find his childhood friend I.M.


    They end up finding themselves, jumping on the train; in which Hyungwon was from the beginning.

    1 – X = 4155012M -> X = M2015514, which is the start date of Monsta X

    2- Montre Station, which is french word meaning watch.

    3- They arrive to jump on the train (or is Hyungwon) at 1:15 (January 15), which is the birthday of Hyungwon.

    So we can say that the whole story turns from Hyungwon and the watch.

  3. After watching Finding You, we all now see how the videos and story all connect together and how they APTLY they named the albums and the vids.

  4. They really thought about it. Correct me if I'm wrong but here's what I thought…

    THE CONNECT: wanting to connect their fates again and see each other again
    WHERE ARE YOU: looking for Hyungwon
    I AM HERE: the other members or Hyungwon telling the others that
    FINDING YOU: looking and for Hyungwon coz he went and Time Warped first

  5. Looking at this with clearer eyes… I teared up. They were looking for him… He asked, "Are you there?" The 6 answered, "We are here." TT

  6. I think hyungwon repeadilty going back in time, keeps changing the future. But even though they dont meet or know each other during, they find their way to hyungwon, who connects them all.??? I think would explain the different videos where honey pairs with Im. Wonho pairs with Kihyun. Minyuk pairs with Shownu in this video, but the pairs are different in dramaram and have different stories about them. I dont know…

  7. I think the story line is Find You – Dramarama – Destroyer. Find you is how everything begin, and then Dramarama is how Hyungwon trying to help his friends (after he disappeared in Find You), and Destroyer is how the other MX members find him in the end. CMIIW 🙂

  8. Кароче ебать чо понял.
    Файнд ю это ебаное начало всего говна в жизни Хенвона, после смерти родителей он перестал веселится как раньше, но ему хочется этого. Поэтому он берет ебаные часы, сначала теряется во времени, потом становится его повелителем, не в силах вернутся в нужное время, чтобы встретиться с друзьями, (пошла драмарама) он начинает им помогать по отдельности, но сам запутывается еще больше. Теперь, когда парни знают, где и как его искать, они начинают просчитывать ходы. (Ето дестроер) Своими усилиями они находят Хенвона в межвременном пространстве. Но теперь они там вместе. Застряли. Это не конец.

  9. Now I got that Find you, Dramamama and Destroyer are connected.

    Hats off to the writer, director and people behind and on screen to produce such a master piece!!!!👌👌👌👌

  10. Whoever come here to find the ending of 'time travel' story behind FIND YOU & DRAMARAMA , congratulation now you're completely understand with the theory

  11. the production in all their videos is cinema-worthy and worth acknowledging, whoever's work this is it's amazing. on top of that, they have beautiful yet complex stories behind them that even as a stan i cannot decode; IT HURTS. some of y'all figuring things out, respect

  12. Rewatched this, Find You, and Dramarama today, and I still don't get when the Dramarama car accident took place, whether there's a reason why it happened, why Hyungwon is on the subway, and whether he was able to go back and save his parent's lives. I don't know if I'm just thick, or if a later video will explain it all.

  13. I just watched Find You MV and is it just me or they will all save Hyungwon since he's like stuck in the middle of the time?

  14. Destroyer, Dramarama & Find You is related.. and the creator of time traveler watch is Hyungwon. He try to fix their life but something was happens.

    Ok tbh I can't give any theory because I think their still have "hidden" part to connect each story (mv) before its become complete story

  15. ahhhhhhhhhh that 514 number again IM is typing…. now i'm going back thru every video and noticing every little thing! lol

  16. Completely irrelevant fact but there is a watch made by Time Force called 4155L-02M and the number that Wonho wrote on the whiteboard was 4155102M.

  17. Very good song. I love how they are coming out of their cage and each one is showing their personalities in their videos. Not per'sa. But, it's in there. I love the new them. I still love the old. Growing ☝ is what we all do. Keep Rocking 🎸. I can't wait to go to a concert and see them truly in action. They put so much hard work into what they do. Girl fans need to slow the he'll down on their creepy-stalker-fan-jealousy shit. Doing that crazy crap is stopping them from showing their true selves. Examples :not being able to date, show their bodies, always together to make sure they don't have a life other than the band. I know if I was them I'd go crazy! You can't find love when creeps r out there preventing them to find love and being happy. I ( we) want to see them live long happy lives!! Much. ❤ MX💋 .:*MelB*:.💋

  18. DAMN WTF does this not have like a 100m views. wtf. Whoever TF produced/directed this is amazing and is such a masterpiece. This is my favorite album from them and ahhhh its just so good. So many ppl sleeping on MX. ugh

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