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– Come, brother. How are you Ramsingh? Have you sowed the seeds
in the fields? Mister, there’s a letter for
you. – Must be from my sons. Let me see. Respected father, we salute
you. Bless you. Brother and I are fine here,
and we pray for your well being. You will be pleased
to know that.. ..I have completed the training
for a constable. And brother Deepak.. ..completed that of
traffic constable. And very soon we will join
the duty. – Wow! Very good! Mr. Chaudhary has fulfilled
the promise.. ..he made to his late brother
and sister in law. He brought up their son, Suraj,
just like his own son, Deepak. And they both love
each other so much. Mr. Chaudhary, when are your
sons returning to the village? The day after tomorrow. My sons!
– Father, how are you? Welcome.
– Greetings. – Welcome. ‘Our village is prettier
than heaven.’ ‘There’s greenery on all sides.’ ‘Every heart is dancing to
music. Every family is joyous.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there, where
we find good friends.’ ‘Where we find hearts filled
with love. Let’s go.’ ‘Where we turned from
kids to youth.’ ‘Where we turned from
kids to youth.’ ‘Where we find good friends.’ ‘Where we find hearts filled
with love. Let’s go.’ ‘Happy days are here.’ ‘There are songs on our lips.’ ‘Happy days are here.’ ‘There are songs on our lips.’ ‘We’ve come to pour down joy in
the form of showers of love.’ ‘We’ve come to pour down joy in
the form of showers of love.’ ‘We searched the entire world.’ ‘We searched the entire world.’ ‘But we found dear
friends only here.’ ‘But we found dear friends
only here. Let’s go.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there, where
we find good friends.’ ‘Where we find hearts filled
with love. Let’s go.’ ‘We love this land.’ ‘This love is priceless.’ ‘We love this land.’ ‘This love is priceless.’ ‘The soil of this land is gold,
and the water is nectar.’ ‘The soil of this land is gold,
and the water is nectar.’ ‘Every morning on the well..’ ‘Every morning on the well..’ ‘We get to hear the
sound of anklets.’ ‘We get to hear the sound
of anklets. Let’s go.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there.’ ‘My dear, let’s go there, where
we find good friends.’ ‘Where we find hearts filled
with love. Let’s go.’ ‘Where we turned from
kids to youth.’ ‘Where we turned from
kids to youth.’ ‘Where we find good friends.’ ‘Where we find hearts filled
with love. Let’s go.’ Goodbye.
– Take care of father. Do keep writing to us. – Yes,
you take care of yourself. They are returning so soon. They had came just
a few days back. What can be done, uncle? We are
to join the duty tomorrow. Kids, you are going to join
the duty of a police. Fulfill that duty of yours with
honesty and dedication. See that everyone gets justice. Let me read this news
some day that.. ..Suraj and Deepak were born
in this village of Dhanakpur. This is the only wish
of your old father. That will surely happen, father.
– We will fulfill your wish. Hey! All you policemen!
Where are you all? I haven’t yet received
any tea or snacks. Is there any law and
order in this place? It’s already 9 o’clock.
Get me something to eat. Looks like you’ve newly
joined the duty. Yes, but how do you know?
– From your face. There’s still innocence on it. You must be thinking who is
this guy who’s blabbering so much. I am a mere thief. I keep
visiting this place. But you know who is the
bigger thief than me? You see that one on that chair? His name is inspector Vaghmare. He’s not caught even
a cat till today.. ..but his name is Vaghmare! He’s scared of his wife at
home so he drinks here. This idler takes bribes
in every case. He takes money from
big businessmen to.. ..the beggars standing
at the traffic signals. This is the sound of the
laughter of our constables. Must be sitting at
the tea shop and.. ..hearing jokes from
Mr. Satyaprakash. He tells very good jokes. Do you know why the
telephone number.. ..of the police is 100? It’s simple, sir.
1 and two zeros. So that it can be
remembered easily. No, dear. We are given that
number because we don’t.. ..reach the caller even after
being called a 100 times. Greetings. Sir, I am.. Suraj! And you’ve just
joined the duty, right? He’s come.
– Come on, fast. – Let’s go. Sir, this is the old file. Sir, he’s Suraj and has
joined the duty today. Hallo, sir. That’s fine. Satyaprakash, give
him the charge. – Ok, sir. C’mon. Sajan, today you are placed
at Lalbaug. Reach there fast. Lalbaug? Damn! Sir, I won’t get to earn
a penny over there. Rather the goons of that area.. ..will take money from me
for being on duty there. Sir! Sir! I’ve brought this
for you. – Good! Do this. Shall I drink some?
– Not while on duty. Today I will place you
on the Relief Road. Earn as much as you want
till the evening. But at night bring a
bottle of whisky.. ..two Tandoori chicken and
some flowers over there. Where, sir?
– Over there. Donkey! At the other
woman’s house. Yes, your other woman.. Take flowers at the
other woman’s place? We have lowered
than the brokers. Ok, tell me, have you
come here alone or.. No, my brother has
also come with me. He’s also joined the
duty today. – Really? That of a traffic constable. Hey! Do you want to die? Thank you.
– Don’t mention; it’s my duty. Vandana, I told you
many times to.. ..hand me the small errands
of the house. I’ll do them. Brother, you work all day
long and return home tired. How can I ask you
to do these tasks? What difference does it make? No difference. Go and play
badminton. Go, dear. How are you playing?
Pay attention. Come, sir. I will
beat you this time. You’ve been planning that
since last month. How much?
– 11 rupees. Greetings, sir. Suraj? Have you also got the
quarter here? – Yes, sir. He is my brother; I had told
you about him. Deepak. Deepak, the traffic constable?
– Yes. Police brothers, first tell us
whether you’re married or not. No.
– No? Brothers, tell the women of
your family to be careful. What are you talking, Mr. Sajan? Do you take us to
be characterless? I don’t know. But your face,
hairstyle, talk makes me doubt. So I said that the women
should not come out. Why do you fear, Sajan? You don’t have any sister
or daughter to be married. Yes, I don’t. But I do have a
married wife, Divya Bharati. Are you talking about me?
– No, not about you. Divyabharati, go from here. Go.
I will talk to you later. Listen! From today onwards.. ..cover your face with the
sari when you go out. Two bachelors have
come to live here. Who are they? Let me see. See me if you want to see. I am your Dharmedra, Jitendra,
Rajendra, Joginder. She’s your Bhabhi. C’mon,
move from here. Sajan is very fond of
actress Divya Bharati. So he changed his wife’s name.. ..from Rama Bharati
to Divya Bharati. He is scared that some young
and handsome man might eye her. What is it? I’ve seen many such beggars. Go. I haven’t earned anything
today. Go from here. Go from here, What a trouble. Go from here. What a trouble! Put it down. Take this and go. You won’t get anything here. Go. She’s a trouble! Why have you come in? Go out. How much money do you want? Hey! Take your hands off me. You can talk? – Yes. I can not
only speak, but also scream. Shall I scream?
– No, no, sister. Don’t scream. You want to take the advantage
of a helpless girl? Give me the money.
– I don’t have money. You don’t? You don’t have money? Back off! She acted smart and fooled me. If I can cheat one more idiot.. ..I can arrange for
a week’s supply. How can I take money
from you, sir? Take the money and go. He
thinks policemen are foolish. This policeman seems
to be an idiot. See? He wasn’t taking
the money from me. If the people see
they will think.. .. that the policemen
eat for free. Who are you? any Trouble? You’re dumb? You don’t have parents? Silly, if I didn’t have
parents, how would I be born? Do you have mother and father? Poor! God is cruel sometimes. Poor girl is alone, and on
top of that she’s dumb. Here. Take this. What? What happened? 10 rupees? Are you crazy? 5 rupees? Good. You’re
a smart beggar. If I get to meet a few more
beggars, I will finish my salary. Here, the tea is cold. And what is this?
Cover the food. Sister! Sister Taru,
you’ve come! What is it, Chiku? How’s mother? She’s not been well
since the morning. Don’t worry; I’ve brought
medicine for her. Come. Aunt Laxmi! Aunt Laxmi, see
I’ve brought the medicine for you. Don’t worry; you’ll
soon get well. Greetings, Mr. Narendra.
– How are you? – I’m fine. Mr. Khanna’s trucks
are arriving. Really? Open the gates, fast. Mr. Khanna has sent
this gift for you. Thank you very much. Thank Mr.
Khanna on my behalf. Mr. Khanna, you are a god to us. It is your power and
influence that.. ..our goods are reached
safely to its place. With you beside
us we feel that.. ..we have the government in 1
pocket and the law in another. We cannot repay your
favor in this life. Mind you!
– Go out! – Let go.. How dare you speak
against Mr. Khanna? Mr. Khanna! Mr. Khanna!
Please, forgive me. Think before you speak, Chandu. Sir, I was drunk and spoke
bad about you by mistake. I swear I will never drink
again. It is my first mistake. Please, forgive me, sir. Please. Please, Mr. Khanna, forgive
me. I beg of you. Thank you, Mr. Khanna. He worked for me for many years
and today he cheats me? Shouldn’t he have been
punished? – Of course. You’ve done the right thing. I’ve got to attend a meeting. Hey! Stop the car! Stop! Why did you move
past the signal? Back off! Don’t you know
it is Mr. Khanna’s car? Who’s Khanna? – Think before
you speak, constable. Call me Mr. Khanna. – Show
me the papers of your car. Speak with respect. Mr. Khanna does not
like rude behavior. I don’t like people who
break the law either. Show me the papers.
– I don’t have them. The driving license?
– Don’t have that either. So, does your driver drive
without the license? Yes, it is Khanna’s style. Really? Ok, I’ll make
out a fine in my style. Tell me the number of your car. Are you blind? See
it for yourself. Greetings, Mr. Khanna, why
are you standing here? This constable is teaching
me law. He’s fining me. Stop that. Don’t you know who
he is? He is our provider. Mr. Khanna, he is new to
this field. Forgive him. Move! Move aside!
Please, get in. Make this point clear to him.
– Ok, sir. How can you stop anyone’s car?
Do you have any sense? If I had not come on time.. ..Mr. Khanna would have
got you in trouble. Get back to your duty. Go now. Silly man! Vandana, get me my hanky.
– Yes, bro. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. How come you both are here
so early in the morning? Sir, we want to get an account
opened in a bank. If you could introduce us
to your bank manager.. Yes, why not?
– Brother, here’s the hanky. She is my sister, Vandana. Vandana, he is Suraj.
– Greetings. – And he is Deepak. Greetings. Please, be seated; I’ll get
tea for you all. – Ok. Sir, when are you getting
sister married? Why don’t you both sit? Sir, today is Saturday; the
bank will close early.. Yes, sir, we’ll have the
tea some other day. Ok, let’s go. How are you, dear?
– What’s the matter? Nothing. I am in a good mood.
Please, give me a kiss. How shameless! This is not our
house; it is the office. Go to your cabin.
– Just one kiss.. – Go, man. Hallo, Ms. Soni.
– Hallo, brother. How are you? I am fine. They have recently
joined as constables. Greetings. They want to get an
account opened here. That’s good. Just a minute. Fill up this form. Suraj, do you see this woman?
– Yes. She’s old but thinks herself
to be young. – Yes. She’s used a heavy makeup.
Shines too much. If she’s still so pretty.. would she have looked
at a younger age? Yes, dear, you are right. Any problem?
– No, problem. What you were saying is right.
Please, praise her more. Look at her pretty eyes, mister. If she would glance once at
someone, he’d be wounded. I’ve already been wounded
by her 15 years back. How come? – I am her husband.
– I see. I see. What happened? Nothing, Satyaprakash. These
constables were praising my wife. No.. no, just a slip of tongue. You must have said
when you saw me.. ..that how would have I looked
at a younger age, right? Just atom bomb! We are very sorry, madam.
We thought.. Doesn’t matter. Do you think I use such heavy
makeup to attract some guy? I use it for my husband,
Dalersingh. Because he still likes
Hema Malini very much. I have to dress up nicely so
that he wouldn’t leave me. No matter how nicely you dress
Hema Malini is unique. I had written a love letter
to Hema Malini. But my servant gave that letter
to this woman by mistake. Why else would I
marry this woman? That same letter ruined my life. Otherwise I had also thought.. ..of marrying Amitabh Bachchan. Why would Amitabh marry you? And why would Hema
Malini marry you? She won’t give up. Greetings, brother Jaggu. Hey! Hey!
– What is this man doing? Why is this place so crowded
today? Divya Bharati? My dear Divya Bharati,
if I were either.. ..Aamir Khan, Salman Khan or
Shahrukh Khan, I would have.. ..married you and sung a duet
with you at Mahabaleshwar. ‘Never seen such craziness’. Sajan! Mr. Sajan! What
are you doing here? Have you come to do your duty or.. ..Go back to you duty. – Yes,
all of you come in a line. Ten rupees per ticket!
Ten rupees per ticket! Ten rupees per ticket!
Ten rupees per ticket! Are you selling in black?
– What are you saying, sir? Do I look like one? I had
bought these tickets for family. My family hasn’t come, so
I am selling these off. Selling the tickets
to family in black? Catch him! Take out the tickets. How many are these?
– 30. Is your family so big?
– No, I also have 5 young kids. Hey! Catch him! Catch! You’re cheating this constable
because he’s new? Who is he? – He sells tickets
for black money. That’s his job. 20 rupees per ticket!
20 rupees per ticket! What are you doing?
– Oh! Sorry. Excuse me. What’s the time?
– 9:30 Oh my God! I’m late again
for the college. Here comes the bus!
– The bus! C’mon!
– Move fast! – Get in! What are you doing?
– Don’t push. Hey! Move! What are you doing? Are you blind?
– What did you say? Constable, you?
– You’re that dumb girl, right? Dumb, me? You must be mistaken. Whose are these wallets?
– These are mine. Stop! Ok, I get it now.
You’re a pick pocket. That day I had lost the seat of
my cycle. I won’t spare you. Constable! Constable! What happened?
– Please, help me. A goon is after me with a knife. Please, save my life.
Please, help me. Where is he? – No, no, he will
run away if he sees you. Let’s do this. You hide behind
that van. I will hide here. I will fall him off when he comes
this way. You catch him then. Don’t leave him, ok?
– Ok, hide over there. Fast. Where has she gone?
I won’t leave you. Thief! Thief! Who is this
man? Let go of me. Deepak, you? What’s the problem? Lord Ram! Suraj, when did you
start this new business? You harass girls? Shameless! She’s not a girl, she’s
a lady thief. – What? Deepak, she’s fooled you, too. Where’s my wallet? Greetings, auntie. Greetings,
uncle. Let me carry your luggage.
– It’s ok. It’s not heavy. Auntie, it is the duty of
younger ones to serve the elders. Give it. The young girls are so well
behaved these days! Where can she go? Brother! Whom are you looking
for in this scorching sun? You look tensed. Just now a girl ran
away after stealing. She wore same type of
clothes and then.. Thief! Don’t come forward, or I’ll
blast this bomb. Mind you! Girl, surrender yourself..
What are you doing? No, brother, don’t move ahead.
It might blast. Come back. Brother, come back. No! No! Why are you opening it, silly?
All of us will die. Onion? She’s fooled me again. Get up, all of you. It’s not
a bomb; it’s just an onion. Onion? Let me see. Yes, it’s really an onion. Dear, keep it. We will
add it in the omelet. No, dear. What if it blasts
in our stomachs? Cheers! Hallo, Mr. Narendra. Greetings,
Mr. Vaghmare. Pretty! Come in. Come. This is the new item
in the market. I thought I should present it
to you before it gets old. Why are you standing
here and staring? Go and please the sirs.
– Come here. Sit beside me. Give me one kiss darling,
Listen! He is our old servant. Whenever we want something,
he gets it immediately. Very good. He’s a good man.
– Here. No, no, I don’t
want money today. Sir Vaghmare, don’t
send any constable.. the Paras Theatre tomorrow. Tomorrow is a holiday
because of Holi. I’ve bought 200 tickets. I
might make a good business. Ok, ok, I won’t send anyone. ‘Coloring ourselves
and drinking hemp.’ ‘My sight has turned weak.’ ‘My heart is lost in the
middle of the market.’ ‘Go and find it, pal.’ ‘What happened, brother?’ ‘A girl cast some magic
on me. Cast some magic.’ ‘And took away my
heart secretly.’ ‘I did what you did to me.
I did the same.’ ‘I stole your heart and
gave mine in return.’ ‘There is a shower of colors.
This evening is so nice.’ ‘The moon and stars
are at our feet.’ ‘My eyes are full of dreams.’ ‘There is a shower of colors.
This evening is so nice.’ ‘The moon and stars
are at our feet.’ ‘My eyes are full of dreams.’ ‘Don’t know how you touched me.’ ‘I am intoxicated by love.’ ‘I will get the colors of
rainbow for your head.’ ‘I will light the lamps of
love on your path, dear.’ ‘I used to put kohl in my eyes.’ ‘But now I have your face
in my eyes, dear.’ ‘I have prayed to God to let
us meet in all our lives.’ ‘I used to put kohl in my eyes.’ ‘But now I have your face
in my eyes, dear.’ ‘I have prayed to God to let
us meet in all our lives.’ ‘I’ve lost sleep and peace
of mind. Peace of mind.’ ‘My heart is beating very slow.’ ‘A girl cast some magic
on me. Cast some magic.’ ‘And took away my
heart secretly.’ Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Is everything ok, Sajan?
– Yes, sir. Mr. Gupta, how are you? Waiter,
bring the whisky. Come in, all of you. Mr. Khanna has called
you for dinner. Come.
– I don’t want to come. You go. What are you saying? You will
also get alcohol with dinner. A foreign brand, dear. What
are you thinking? Come in. Mr. Khanna..
– How are you? I was angry with you that day. But then I felt that
you were right. I like your sincerity.
– Thank you. Waiter! – Yes, sir. Here. – I don’t drink alcohol..
– Give me, sir. Today is my birthday. Enjoy
yourself. Look after him. Yes, sir, the crime
looks after traffic. We’ve got the green
signal. Go, man. Sajan..
– C’mon, pal. Come. Come, my dear companion..
– Or you’ll be thrashed. Stop! Stop! My house is here.
– What’s the hurry? I have an important work with
Divya Bharati. – Work? Yes, I have only 5 kids. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday. Today I am in good mood. So let me arrange for
Saturday and Sunday. Come, come, my dear companion.. You’re drunk?
– No, no.. – You’re lying.. You’re lying to me. Suraj, today was Mr. Khanna’s
birthday. He forced me to drink. You were forced? Wow! You’ve
done a very good thing. Today he forced you to drink. Tomorrow he might force you
to do something wrong. Will you do that, too?
– Shucks! Am I so bad.. Deepak! If you ever
do this again.. You get what I mean. Forgive me, Suraj. I will
never drink liquor again. Bloody fool! Mother! What happened, mother? Oh! The medicine’s finished.
I will get another right now. Sister! Sister! Sir! Sir! Please, help me, sir.
My mother is very ill. Please, give me 10 rupees
for the medicine. Or she’ll die. – Why should
I care if she dies? Go! I beg of you, sir. My
mother is very ill. Give me 10 rupees
for the medicine. Take off the drape. How much will you charge?
– 50 rupees. Ok, come. No, no. Sir, 10 rupees. 10 rupees, sir. Only
10 rupees, sir. Sir, 10 rupees. 10 rupees, sir. Only
10 rupees, sir. What are you doing, eh? I asked you what are you doing. Sister, I need 10 rupees
for mother’s medicine. And no one is giving me
even 10 paisa for that. But they are giving these women
50 rupees for doing this. So I stood beside them. I will get you the
medicine. Come. Hold this. Aunt Laxmi. Mother, drink this medicine.
Mother! Drink it. Chiku, mother cannot drink
the medicine now. – Why? She’s left us and gone to
God for good. – Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Chiku!
– Sister! – Don’t cry, Chiku. Who has dared to face
Khanna in this city? But what will happen to me, sir? I had goods worth lakhs
of rupees in that truck. I will be ruined. Think
before you speak, mister. It is not a question of your
goods. You’ll get them back. It is a question of my prestige. If this news spreads in
the city that someone.. ..robbed Khanna’s truck,
I would be embarrassed. Why are you staring at me? Go
and look for that rascal. Brother Bhikhu, call for you.
– Is it? Yes? Who is it?
– Your father, Khanna. What did you say? Bhikhu, if you care
for your life.. truck with goods should be
back at my house within an hour. Or I will.. – Or do whatever
you wish, Khanna. I am not a coward either. Chiku, we haven’t been able
to cheat anyone today. Chiku, are you ready?
– Yes, sis. – C’mon. Ms. Divya Bharati! Ms.
Divya Bharati! Forgive me. I mistook
you for Divya Bharati.. ..when I saw you from behind.
– Really? – Yes. Not only from behind.. ..I find her like Divya
Bharati from all sides. Really?
– Yes. Which college do you study in?
– College? I am married and also have kids. Kids? You don’t look so old. You look like you had just
blossomed into a youth. How beautiful! You’re wearing
such a nice chain. Sister, if you lend me this
chain for five minutes.. ..I will give you 100 rupees
with that. – No, dear. Don’t be scared. I will give
you 100 rupees for 5 minutes. Are you telling the truth?
– I swear on you. Ok. Here.
– Thank you. Sir! Sir!
– What is it? I found this lying on the
bus stop. Will you buy it? What did you find? Kid, this is a fake chain. Doesn’t matter. Keep these 5
rupees and have a chocolate. It’s pure gold. Is this the shop? Who is it? How dare you? You steal and
dare to inquire the police? C’mon, give me the chain.
– Which chain? The one I sold you a while back. You know whose chain is that? That of police commissioner’s
wife’s. How would I know that? She told
me it was lying at the bus stop. Shut up! You give 5 rupees for
a thing worth rupees 5000? Rascal, I will either
fine you Rs. 20,000.. ..or get you in jail for 2
years for buying a stolen thing. Come with me to the
police station. Inspector, can’t we settle
here.. – For how much? 500.
– Shucks! You are insulting me? You think I take bribes? No, I will give 500 more.
Spare me, inspector. Inspector, it was my mistake.
Punish me. Take the money from
him and let him go. Ok, ok. Take out the chain.
– Here. Look, I forgive you this time. But don’t repeat this
mistake again. Child, come with me to
the police station. I’m robbed! Here, your hundred rupees.
– Thank you. Thief! Hey! O God! Chiku, run that way. Hey stop! Listen! Bastard! Suraj, what are you doing? Do
you know whose brother he is? Release him.
– Sir, how can you say that? This rascal murdered a man
in front of my eyes.. ..and you say that I
should release him? Because I know nothing
will happen to him. His pet dog, that inspector
Vaghmare, will shout at you. What is this? Do you know whom
you’ve arrested? A murderer. Any problem? Shut up! Since when have
you started to judge? Who are you to decide whether
he is a murderer or not? Release him. – But, sir, I’ve
seen him murdering someone. Don’t talk rubbish. How dare you answer
back an inspector? I will suspend you
any moment. Go. Hallo, Mr. Khanna. Why did
you bother to come here? I was just releasing him. Vaghmare.
– Yes? I will present Narendra in the
court tomorrow. – Ok, sir. Come on. Constable, it is not good
to be so hot tempered. You’ll get yourself in trouble. I will get that man punished..
– Suraj! Deepak? What are you doing here? A drunken man broke past
the signal yesterday. I’ve come regarding that case. Case number 503! – That’s my
case. I’ll be back in a while. Yes, yes, go. Your name?
– Narendra. Yesterday morning at 11 a.m.
you drove the car.. ..on the footpath in
a drunken state and.. ..also attacked the
constable on duty. Do you accept this crime?
– Yes. Deepak, what are you doing?
It is my case. Looks like you’re mistaken. I arrested this man yesterday
at 11 a.m. for murdering a man. What are you saying, Suraj? I arrested him yesterday and
took him to the police station.. ..for driving past the signal. Come back to your senses,
Deepak. You think I am lying? Is it me who’s lying then?
– Deepak.. Order! Order! What’s
going on there? My Lord, I arrested
this man myself.. 11 o’clock yesterday
for murdering a man. Then his brother, Khanna, got
his bail and released him. Constable, I was
drunk yesterday. Looks like you’re
also drunk today. Shut up, you bastard.. or I’ll.. He is telling the truth, Suraj?
– Let go of me, Deepak. Silence! Silence! Don’t exceed
your limits in the court. I am sorry, sir. Call on the inspector of
the Kala police station. Your Honor, constable
Suraj is lying. He had neither arrested
this man yesterday.. ..nor is there any
report against him. Your Honor.. ..I am the senior inspector
of the Shetan police station. I am the witness to
the fact that.. ..constable Deepak had brought
this drunken man.. the police station
yesterday. And from that moment till he
was brought to the court.. ..the accused was in our lockup. This court sentences Narendra
a fine of 1000 rupees.. ..and attacking a constable.
The court is dismissed. Don’t drive after drinking, ok?
– Yes. Deepak, how much bribe.. ..did you take to give
a false statement? What rubbish are you talking? It is not rubbish, but the fact. You drank liquor at Khanna’s
house that day, didn’t you? Is it now your duty
to save his brother? This is wrong, Suraj. I haven’t
taken any bribe nor am I lying. If you don’t believe me.. ..I can show you the place
where the accident took place. Come with me. To prove a wrong thing right.. can make out
bigger evidences. Suraj, I swear on you.
– Sir! Why do you want to kill your
brother by falsely swearing on him? I am also a witness to
that criminal’s crime. Really? Are you a witness? You, a thief, are trying to say
that you’re telling the truth? Yes, she’s a thief, she steals. But her conscience
is not dead yet. She has the courage
to speak the truth. She does not give
false statements.. save the criminals
and goons like you do. I like this girl more than you. I like this girl!
I like this girl! Sir, you said that you
like me, didn’t you? I also like you very much. And I also love you. ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’
‘I believe that.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘You’re pretty; I am young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘I’m pretty; you are young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘You are the life
of my heartbeats.’ ‘You are the guest of my heart.’ ‘I love you like a love bird.’ ‘You are Ranjha; I am Heer. I
carry your picture in my heart.’ ‘You’re pretty; I am young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘First our eyes met.’ ‘Then we confessed our
love to each other.’ ‘I am going crazy. Dear,
what’s happened to me?’ ‘I am helpless with my heart.
I agree to all you say.’ ‘You’re pretty; I am young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘You’re pretty; I am young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ Go away! I don’t love you
and take your flowers back. She’s after me just because
I praised her. Look, you hate me today. But you
will have to love me some day. And just watch.
I will marry you. Inspector, have you
checked these trucks. Sir, these are Mr.
Khanna’s trucks. So what? No one’s car will go.. ..without being checked
on this post. Got it? Sir, you’re newly
transferred here. So you don’t know
that no one dares.. ..check Mr. Khanna’s
trucks over here. Shut up! First seize these cars
and take to our office. And then seize his other cars,
too. – Yes, sir. Who are you? How can you come in without
taking permission? Officer, Khanna does not need.. ..anyone’s permission
to go anywhere. So you’re Khanna? – Not Khanna;
call me Mr. Khanna. The people of this city call
me Mr. Khanna with respect. That’s your misinterpretation. People don’t call
you Mr. Khanna.. ..because they respect you, but
because they are scared of you. Think before you speak, officer. People these days respect
only those.. ..who can either ruin someone
or make up someone. Look, officer, I want all my
lorries back within an hour. Without any fine,
without any case. Really? I did not know you
were such a big goon. Goon? I am not the type of goon.. ..who has a scar on the face
or a stick in the hands. Rather, I am a goon with
such powers that.. Are you trying to warn me?
What will you do to me? What will I do? I will kill
you on this very chair.. ..and prove in the court that
you had died of heart attack. You bastard! You dare hit Khanna? How dare you? Take this man out.
– Let go of me. Hands down. Very good, Narendra. Deepak, you’re not drinking. Sir, my brother does
not like me to drink. Look, Deepak, today is my
birthday. Don’t refuse me today. C’mon, take some.
– Sir.. Cheers.. cheers.. Don’t be shy.
– Sir, there’s a call for you. Excuse me; I’ll be right back. Cigarette?
– No. Hallo. – Sir, a custom
officer hit Mr. Khanna. Hit brother? Ok. Sir, there he is. What happened?
– He cut my braid. You bastard! You shameless! How dare
you attack a woman? Stop! Let me go! How dare you touch a woman? Constable, you’re not
doing the right thing. Remember, I will get
you transferred. Why, brother? Are you going
to be the chief minister? If so, transfer us to Massouri. Yes, you can laugh.
But look over there. There stands your boss. Now see what he does to you. Brother, please stop
the rickshaw. Come out and I’ll show
you who does what. Come out, you rascal. Now see what I do to
you before going in. Suraj, don’t be crazy..
– Leave me, Sajan. Help! Suraj, let him go.
– Suraj, don’t.. I won’t spare him today. Wait; no one can stop him today. I said stop! Or
I’ll suspend you. Bastard! You mere constable!
How dare you? Why did you hit my brother?
Tell me why you hit him. I hit him because he.. ..insulted an innocent woman
by cutting off her braid. He just cut the braid. He did
not cut her throat, did he? If he had cut her throat.. ..I would have also killed
him there and then. Once again you’ve spoken
without thinking. You’ve behaved rudely
with Khanna again. Take him in the middle
of the crossroad. Constable, you hit my brother
because he cut her braid. Now my brother will slit her
throat in front of every one. Let me see what you do. No! . – Hey you coward! Hit
me if you are a real man Why do you hit a woman,
you coward? Brother, please save me. Hurry up, brother. Kill him. No! Sister! Sister! Stop! Stop, you dogs! Running away after slitting
a woman’s throat? 20 men? Rascals. They
call themselves men. They are eunuchs. You are cowards. Hit
me if you dare. Hallo. Hallo, control room. How did this murder happen? Sir, Khanna’s brother,
Narendra, killed her. Any eyewitness?
– I myself am a witness. She was murdered in
front of my eyes. Look, a constable’s statement
is not considered. All right. They all have seen it.
They will provide a statement. I will get you the statement. Brother, tell the SP
what you saw here. Constable, I haven’t seen
anything. I know nothing. You..
– I don’t know anything. Will you.. – I came just now.
I’ve seen nothing. Uncle, please tell the SP that
you’ve seen her being killed. That Narendra has killed her. Child, I haven’t seen anything.
As it is, my eyes are weak. Brother, I request you.
Please, tell the SP. But, constable, the game was
over when I reached here. We weren’t playing
some game here. Rather, a woman was
screaming for help.. this locality of cowards. It’s a matter of great shame. All of you have seen the
murder taking place here. But not a single person
is ready to say anything. Auntie, please say something. The murdered was also
a woman like you. If anyone of you.. even one
is ready to give statement.. ..I promise nothing
will happen to her. I am with you.. I am with.. Sir! Stop! Please, stop! I will get you the witness. Sir, I will get you
the statement. Brother, save me. Please,
help me. For God’s sake, save me. Thief! Thief!
– Hit him! Let me go. I haven’t stolen. Hey! Why are you beating
this child? He stole a loaf of
bread from my shop. Stole bread?
– Yes, constable. Did you see that?
– I saw it with my own eyes. I saw it, too. Can you give this statement
at the police station? Not only police station.. ..I can give this statement
in the court, too. Scoundrel! Your eyes felt
weak during the day. Did you get them
treated so soon? Bastards! This kid stole a loaf of bread
because he was hungry. And all of you saw it.
You beat him. And are also ready to give
a statement in the court. But, dogs, a goon killed a
woman this very morning.. ..on this very road in front
of you, but you saw nothing. You had gone blind. And none of you were ready
to be a witness. Where was your conscience then?
Where was your truth? Where was your loyalty then? You scoundrels! Where was it? Suraj, brace yourself.
– Let go of me, Deepak. What are you doing?
Have you gone mad? Yes, I’ve gone mad. Do you
know what happened today? I won’t spare you, you dog! Come out.
– Let go of him, Suraj. Come out I said.
– Leave him, Suraj. Come back to your senses,
Suraj. Why are you beating him? This man killed the wife
of the customs officer.. ..this morning at
this very place. What are you saying? Are
you out of your senses? This man has been with
me since the morning. What? What did you say? Yes, and if you don’t believe
me, ask your boss. Vaghmare. We were celebrating his
birthday at his place. But why were you beating him? I should beat a rascal like
you instead of him. – Suraj! You sold off your conscience
to them for a few bucks? Mind your language! If you only want to earn money.. ..why did you join
the police force? Go and become a broker. Two policemen are fighting
in the middle of the road. What can be the matter? Suraj? What is this going on? Why
are you both fighting? Deepak, stop. Suraj, stop.
Stop I said. Listen to me. Listen! Stop! Child, I am happy to see that
an honest policeman.. ..punished the dishonest
one who took bribes. I will recall it all the time. Child, I had two sons, but now I
have only one, ant that is you. If you also behave like Deepak.. ..I will consider that God had
never given me any kids. Father! Don’t feel bad. I will try my best to bring
Deepak back on right path. Hurry up! The bus
is about to leave. Take care of yourself, father. Stop! Stop! Father, I want to talk to you.
Please, go by the next bus. Father, you’ve heard only
one side of the story. Please, give me a chance
to clarify my point. What do you want to say? What
are you trying to say? You want to prove your
honest brother wrong? You didn’t even drink
tea in the village. And now you drink liquor in
this city? Also take bribes? That’s false, father;
I’ve taken no bribe. Suraj has misunderstood me. I
will explain you every thing. Come home with me. I won’t
let you go like this. Come with me, father..
– Let go of me. With what right do you say that?
You’ve lost all your rights. You hit your brother
for money today. Perhaps you will take bribe
from him tomorrow to cremate me. Father! – Don’t stand here.
Go away from here. I don’t want to see your face. All right. I’ve brought this
shawl for you. At least take that. It is sin to touch a shawl
bought with the bribe money. If you had brought poison with
the money of your hard work.. ..I would have drunk it
considering it nectar. Remember, don’t ever come back
to the village. – Father! I will tell the villagers..
that.. you’re dead. This is a bus, not your
house. Hurry up! Hey Suraj! Suraj! Come out! You idol of truth! You
worshipper of honesty! Come out! Come in front of me. How can you rest peacefully.. ..after separating a
father from his son? I won’t let you live.. I will.. Deepak, what are you doing?
Just because you are drunk.. ..does not mean that you can
say whatever you want. I will say. Let go of me! He provoked my father and
separated me from his life. He told me today that
I am dead for him. So, what difference
does it make? Doesn’t make any difference. I will also consider my father
dead from today. – Deepak! Say whatever you want to me.
Hit me if you want. But if you say anything against
father.. – Shut up! Stop calling him father.
Is he your father? Speak! Is he your father? Yes, he’s my father,
and I’m his son. I’ve won his heart
with my honesty. And it’s not me who separated
you from father. You got separated because
of your disloyalty. Your dishonesty. You call me dishonest? I take
bribes? I will kill.. Deepak, what are you doing?
Brace yourself. You’re hitting your own brother. Which brother? I have no
brother from today onwards. I end my relation to
him as a brother. Suraj.. – Ends the relation!
What is he saying? Suraj, he is drunk, but you are
in your senses, aren’t you? Calm down. Go now, Suraj.
Please, go. You honest..
– Deepak.. Go and sleep soundly. You don’t know him,
Mr. Satyaprakash. I’ve seen brothers fighting
for land and money. But today I am seeing
two brothers.. ..fighting for honesty
for the first time. I know how bad you feel because
your father left you. But Suraj is right by himself. And I? Am I not right? Don’t feel bad, Deepak, but
I will always vote for Suraj. Because he is honest. He fulfills his duty
with honesty. And if one wants to be
faithful to his duty.. ..he has to forget
all relations. One has to sacrifice many
a things, Deepak. Today I will tell you a story
of duty and honesty.. ..which is a reality
and not only a story. This.. this constable sitting
in front of you.. ..was an inspector some day. He used to wear the cap
of an inspector some day. I used to hold the stick. The medals shone on my uniform. Thank you very much.
You saved my life. I am proud of you, Mr.
Satyaprakash. You’ve made your department proud
today. Tell me what you want. Promotion or medal? I want this dead body, sir.
– Dead body? Why? Because this is dead body
of my sister’s husband. No!
– Vandana! Brace yourself. Very good, brother. You’ve
done a good job. You killed your
sister’s husband. Why? To earn fame and promotion? Why are you standing here? Go! Big people are waiting
for you there. Go and receive your medals. Go! Go and get the medals for
making your sister a widow. Go, brother. Your sister’s husband
was a terrorist. Why did you hide that
from the department? Because I didn’t know that
either till yesterday. He is lying, sir. Our department knew about
his brother in law. The police had been looking
for him for many days. How is it possible that he
wouldn’t know about him? Believe me, sir. I am
telling the truth.. The truth is, Satyaprakash,
that you knew every thing. And you killed your brother
in law to get promotion. Satyaprakash!
– Sorry, sir. Satyaprakash, we won’t
fire you from the job.. you saved the
life of a VIP. But you are so irresponsible
and dishonest.. ..that it is necessary
to give you a demotion. From today you are
not an inspector.. ..but a head constable. You’ve come to wipe the
vermillion on my head? You’ve come to break my bangles? It is the custom of
the society, child. No, you don’t have this right. Only my brother has this right. Because it is he who brought
me up like a parent. He got me married himself. And today he has robbed
me of everything. So it is he who would
make me a widow. Come.. come, brother.. and
make your sister a widow. My heart broke to thousand
pieces that day, Deepak. I was broken down. I considered myself
the biggest criminal. I robbed away all the happiness
of my only sister. She has forgiven me.. ..but I’ve not been able to
forgive myself till date. I never forgave myself. Even after facing so
many grievances.. ..I did not become a drunkard. I won’t give you any advices. It is up to you to decide
what to do next. This liquor.. this
alcohol defamed me. This alcohol created a
misunderstanding between us. And I will prove that I am
innocent. I am innocent, sir. I will prove that. Deepak, at least have the tea. Listen! My father, my brother, every
one takes me to be wrong. But I request you not to
get me wrong, please. It does not make a difference.. ..what the world thinks
or talks about me. But if you also think
that I take bribe.. I.. I fully trust you. I am not saying this
to make you happy. My heart truly believes it. Thank you, Ms. Vandana. Look, I don’t know whether
it’s right or wrong. But if you have a small place
for me in your heart.. ..please, keep this with you. Is everything arranged? Mr. Khanna, someone is dead
in the translator’s family. He called up and said
that he cannot come. What will we do now? The minister does not know
any language except Tamil. If you permit me, I can
translate from Tamil to Hindi. You? Do you know Tamil?
– First class. My father is from Tamil
and mother from U.P. So I know good Tamil and Hindi. That’s good. Here
comes the minister. Hail minister Ramaswamy! Hail minister Ramaswamy! Hail minister Ramaswamy! Hail minister Ramaswamy! Greetings.
– Welcome. Switch on the mike. Brothers, sisters
and good people.. ..the minister will now
lecture in Tamil.. ..which I will translate
in Hindi. Clap for whatever he says in
Tamil and whatever I say in Hindi. If you won’t clap.. Mr. Khanna
is keeping a watch. Brothers and sisters, the
minister is saying that.. ..the country where river Ganga
flows, that river is dirty now. All the Aawara and Shri 420
want to tie a Sangam.. ..with Heena and Bobby
and fall into Premrog. Each clerk of the
country today.. ..has to become a martyr for
food, clothes and house. Why? He has to become an ascetic
and bring on revolution. Why? If the east and west don’t stop
the corruption together.. ..there will be fires
floating on the oceans. All the Amar, Akbar and
Anthony of the nation.. ..are brought up like
a Coolie today. But look at the fate. The non deserving live
like Natwarlal or Don. For that the Andha Kanoon,
Deewar and Zanjeer.. ..of the nation has
become an Agneepath. God is witness to that. Those who lie will be pricked
by a crow. Jai Hind! Come this way, sir. Khanna, this man is good.
People clapped. We can make him the secretary
of propaganda. Yes, sir. Propaganda secretary. Hail Mr. Khanna! Thank you
very much. Thank you. You’ve made my life. Today I’ve stepped from black
market to political market. Today I’ve been made.. ..the propaganda secretary
with your grace. Now see how I become.. ..the party president
from a secretary. And then a minister. Think before you speak. It’s
not good to dream so big. The reality cannot survive
without dreams, sir. Today you’ve given
me an aim in life. Now don’t forsake me. – No,
I will never do that, Jaggu. Go and enjoy yourself. Hail you! Have the goods arrived?
– Yes, bro. Do this. Shift the goods in
the house at Shantinagar. So that no one would suspect us. My darling!
– Coming, dear. What’s the matter? You seem
to be in a good mood. Yes, I am in a very good mood. Don’t you feel ashamed? Do you
think we are still young? I am not old either.
As for being young.. is said that those remain
shy don’t get anything in life. Let me go. I said, leave. If you tease me, I will go
and sleep in another room. C’mon, dear. I am very tired today. – Don’t
spoil my mood. You’re not tired. Sorry, sir.
– Are your hands so weak? Who are these people? They’ve made our lives
difficult for the last 4 days. They are some new tenants
come to live above. Ok, they’ve taken a flat on
rent, not the whole society. They drink and create
nuisance till midnight. I’ll talk to them.
– Let them be. They are spoiling my mood. I
will warn them. – Forget it.. Hey!
– Please, let him be.. What do you think this place is? How can you make so much noise?
– Listen.. Forget him. Why do you mess
with these drunkards? We will talk to the landlord
next morning. How will we find
his house, Chiku? Got her! Ms. Divya Bharati! Listen! Ms. Divya Bharati,
how are you? – I am fine. How come you are here? Do
you want the chain again? No, I don’t want the chain.
I want your help this time. Help? – Yes, I will give
you a prize in return. Really? How can I help? The bugs irritate in the night. And there’s no water
in the morning. The wardrobe does not open,
and the door.. ..and the door does not shut. That’s ok; no one’s here. Wait here. I’ll be right back. Any problem? Listen! – What? Shall we
arrange for another kid? No, that..
– What’s over there? That girl.. is she playing
with my dignity? Auntie.. uncle.. sister..
come here! He’s come wearing a trouser. Hey girl! What nonsense are you talking
about me to the people? No nonsense; I am just
saying what I saw. Girl, is it something to
be told to the people? You were bathing totally naked.. So? Do you bathe wearing
the uniform? I won’t spare you. I won’t let you go today.
I won’t leave you. What had you come
to do at my house? Ok, I will tell you. To fix
the date of our wedding. Hey silly! You’re a thief
and I am a constable. We can never marry. Any problem? Yes, a big problem. I will
remain unmarried all my life. Really? Didn’t you find
any other person to fool? That’s not the problem. I can
fool ten people if I wish. But it’s a custom in my
community that if a girl.. ..sees a boy naked, she has
to marry that same boy. Or else that girl will have to
remain unmarried all her life. Wow! What a story! I also
feel like crying. Darling, marry me then.. Shameless girl! Remember,
if you ever.. of marriage again,
I will break your bones. I will jail you. Got it? Curse Suraj! Curse Suraj! May love win! May love
win! May love win! Fulfill the demands
of sister Taru. Fulfill the demands
of sister Taru. Fulfill the demands
of sister Taru. Fulfill the demands
of sister Taru. Fulfill the demands
of sister Taru. Shut up! What is this going on? Take off this tent of yours
and stop this hunger strike. Neither you nor anyone else
can get me out of this place. Yes, see this. We also have
the permission of the police. Mr. Sajan.. – I am on duty.
– What is this going on? Why are you after me? What
do you want from me? I just want to marry you. How many times did I tell
you that it’s not possible? Why not? First you trapped this
innocent girl in your love. Then you called her home and.. Me? Mr. Sajan..
– I am on duty. Did I? – Yes, and after all
this he says he won’t marry me. This is wrong, child.
– Auntie, listen to me, please. What is there to hear now? You will regret when this poor
girl will die of hunger. – Yes. And listen.. if she dies.. ..I will arrest you under
section ‘love disappointment’. But Sajan.. – I.. – Yes,
I know you’re on duty. You will have to
marry this girl. You will have to! You will
have to! You will have to! You will have to!
– Enough! Enough! You don’t need to
beg to him for me. He thinks I cannot die. But I
will prove to him that I can die. I will die.. now.. at this
moment.. in front of everyone. No! No! What are you doing?
– Leave me! Suraj, agree to her or she will
really take the poison. Speak. Suraj, say something quickly.. ..or you will be responsible
for this sin. Leave me! I don’t want to live.
I will die unmarried. Agree to her or the poor girl
will die. – Yes, dear.. Please, agree..
– Listen to me.. Ok! Ok, ok, all right. I am ready to marry this girl.
Any problem? – Really? ‘Let me go, o my beloved.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘It is monsoon, the
season of meeting.’ ‘My eyes will look
down with shyness.’ ‘My friends will ask
me questions.’ ‘My anklets will disclose
the secret.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ ‘If you tie the bond of love..’ ‘ bangles will make noise.’ ‘If anyone asks you
about the noise..’ ‘..tell them a thief had
come in the garden.’ ‘These nice words have
made me go crazy.’ ‘I have forgotten the
way to my home.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ ‘My body is burning in
the passion of love.’ ‘Come closer, and quench
my thirst of love.’ ‘Let us lose ourselves
to each other today.’ ‘Sweetheart, let us give away
our souls to each other.’ ‘I am restless. What
is happening to me?’ ‘Let the pot of love
be spilled today.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘It is monsoon, the
season of meeting.’ ‘Let me go, o my beloved.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ ‘My eyes will look
down with shyness.’ ‘My friends will ask
me questions.’ ‘My anklets will disclose
the secret.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ ‘Hug me, o crazy girl.’ ‘My drape is new
and I am young.’ Brother Deepak, I am seeing
you after many days. Yes, I’ve come to withdraw
some money. – I see. But you’ve come alone? Looks like you and your brother
haven’t patched up yet. What do I tell you, Bhabhi?
Suraj still thinks I am wrong. But I swear I have
done no wrong task. Don’t be disappointed, brother.
God will surely help you. Thank you, Bhabhi. These two brothers loved
each other so much. Don’t know what happened then. There’s some problem. I feel
there’s surely something fishy. Good evening. The headlines. A major breakthrough
in connection.. ..with the Friday’s
bomb blast in Bombay. A notorious drug trafficker.. ..and three others were
arrested after the shoot out. Vital clues stand with
the home minister. Mr. Jagannath Mishra is sworn.. the deputy minister
for communications. Dear Jaggu, when God showers
his blessings.. ..even a donkey
becomes powerful. No, no, I don’t believe
in this saying. Whatever I am today, or
wherever I’ve reached.. because of
my own hard work. My hard work? With your grace.
With your mercy. How can I forget those
days when I used.. sell tickets in black
at your theatre? No matter how great
heights I reach.. ..I will remain grateful to you. Today is a day of joy. Go and
rest in our guest house. Enjoy yourself. I will
meet you tomorrow. Hail!
– Hail! Thank you.
– Congratulations. Mr. Jagannath, many
congratulations. Many thanks. But what do I do to flowers..
you all can go. – Ok. Vaghmare, what do I do with
these flowers? Smell them? Bring me the flower that can
take away my tiredness. That can make my mood.
– You mean? I mean bring me a girl. I
cannot sleep without a girl. And when a minister
is unable to sleep.. ..many good people are deprived
from promotion. Do you get what I say?
– I got it. I will try. Not try; you must do the task. Or think how would you look in
the uniform of a constable. No, dear. I will bring you one.
– Go. This rascal was my broker till
yesterday. And today I have to.. Deepak, where are you going?
– Going home. C’mon, pal. We have liquor
and pretty girls. We’ll have fun. Come with us. No, brother, I’ve
stopped drinking.. ..and I am not fond
of girls at all. You can go and have fun.
– Silly boy! – Silly! This is the limit, dear. Their nuisance is increasing
day by day. I will have to do something. Forget it, dear. Why
should we bother? No, we will have to
decide something. Listen, they are drunk.
They might create chaos. Let them, but I can no
more tolerate this. Wait here; I’ll be right back.
– Take care.. What are you doing? Drinking
and having fun with girls? This is a society of decent
people, not some brothel. It is me who is drunk,
but you are blabbering. Look, I am warning
you the last time. If you won’t stop
this misbehavior.. ..I will complain against
you to the police. I will complain.. Leave me. Hey! Who is making this noise? This guy staying downstairs. I’ll thrash you. Why did you come out? I see. So Khanna has two
brothers looking alike. Now I get why those two
brothers misunderstood. You both took advantage
of your face.. ..and kept committing
crimes openly. You fool the law and go away
scot-free every time. Bastards! I will unmask you
now. I will get you in jail. Catch him! Don’t let him
run away! Follow him. What do they think? I will
teach them a lesson. What happened? – You just wait
here. I’ll be back in a while. I say there’s no need
to mess with them. I will report to the police. What are you doing?
What is this? Why are you beating him?
Stop! Let go of him. Let him go. Rascal, I will kill you. No! Please, forgive him.
Please, let him go. No! No! Rascals, what have you done? Brother, please help me. Help
me take him to a hospital. Look how bad state he is in.
Help me for God’s sake. We can still save him. Mister, they’ve hit your
friend with a knife. Please, help me take
him to a hospital. Who else will help
me if not you? For God’s sake help me.
Someone come.. Dear, nothing will
happen to you. I will take you to the hospital. No! No! Oh! What has happened? I
am robbed. I am ruined. Constable! Constable! Constable, they killed my
husband. – Who killed him? Khanna’s brother and his goons.
Please, help me. Forgive me, sister. I am just a traffic constable;
I can’t help you. This is a murder case. Go to the police station
and complain there. Inspector! Inspector! Brother, come with me fast.
– What happened, Bhabhi? Khanna’s brother and his
goons killed my husband. Killed him? Where? In front of my house.
– Where is your house? In Shanti Nagar.
– Shanti Nagar? That area is out of
our limits of duty. What do I do then? Do this. Go to the Shetan police
station and complain there. How will the poor
woman go there now? Let’s do this. We’ll write
the report here.. ..and then transfer
the case over there. No, that cannot be done. Whichever station it might be.. ..the murder has taken
place in our city. Let us first go with her. Really? Punjab and Kashmir are
also a part of our country. Many people are killed
there every day. Why don’t you go there
and help them? But, sir.. – Shut up!
Trying to teach me law? Look, don’t waste your time. Go to the Shetan police station
and register a complaint. Go. Bhabhi..
– Suraj! Brother, where is this
Shetan police station? Go straight and then turn left.
– Ok. Inform the control room.
– Yes, sir. Madam, get in the jeep. Madam, where did the murder
take place? – In Shanti Nagar. What? Shanti Nagar? Why
did you say that before? All of you get down.
– But why, inspector? That area is not.. the boundaries of
this police station. Complain at the Kala
police station. I’m just coming from there,
sir. They’ve send me here to you. They said that Shanti Nagar
falls under your area. Yes, they would just say that. They go only to the places
where they can earn some bucks. And hand over the other cases
to us. Go and complain there. I cannot help you.
– Brother.. Madam, we are here to serve
and help the public. Your husband is killed and.. ..the officers of our department
behaved with you this way? I am embarrassed for that.
I am extremely sorry. Do this..
– Yes? Go and get a letter from
the municipal office.. ..stating clearly which area
does your house fall into. Then I will look into
the matter myself. No! No! Stop! I said stop!
I said stop! What have you done?
– Forgive us, sister. You just left the
dead body here.. ..and we didn’t know when
would you return. How long could we
keep the body here? We were forced to call the
municipality people.. ..thinking that the kids might
be scared to see the dead body. Very good, brother. You’ve
done a good thing. You’ve proved today that
there can be no one.. ..more coward or selfish than
a human on this earth. When a crow dies, 100s
of crows gather there.. ..and scream and let everyone
know that one of them is dead. But you humans are worse
than those crows. Last night when those goons
were killing my husband.. cowards hid
into your houses. Not a single person
came out to help me. Was my husband’s dead
body unclaimed.. ..that you needed to call
the municipality people.. take it away? Thank you. Thank you very much. I will never forget
this favor of yours. I told you a thousand times.. ..not to be at the same
place at the same time. I’ve told people that I
have only one brother. So that I can use
my second brother.. trump card and
kill my enemies. But you both got at the same
place just for a woman? Don’t worry, bro. We murdered
the man who had seen us. We’re lucky that he was a
mere clerk at some bank. So I could handle the police. But if you both are
seen together again.. ..only one of you
will remain alive. We have come to arrest you.
– Why? For having thrown acid on Mr.
Khanna’s brother, Narendra. Can I ask which police station
have you come from? From Kala police station.
– Kala police station? Perhaps you don’t know,
inspector, that.. ..Shanti Nagar does not
fall under your area.. ..but that of Shetan
police station. Go and send the officers
of Shetan police station. Wow! She’s beaten
him with a sandal. Not a sandal, Mr. Sajan. She’s
beaten him with a Punjabi shoe. Hallo, control room. Send the SI of the Shetan
police station immediately. Sorry, sir, you
cannot arrest me. You told me that my house
falls under the area of.. ..Kala police station and
not the Shetan station. Hey Punjabi lady, are you
settling some account of your bank? Yes, wicked, I am showing you
the account of your sins. Neither you nor this
silly man knows.. ..which station this
area falls under. Do this. Go to the
DSP and ask him. And if he doesn’t know either.. ..go at the municipality office
and get a letter from there. And then arrest me. Will you shut up or
shall I give you.. Don’t you dare hit me! I
am a lioness of Punjab. So, what will you do?
– What will I do? I still have a bottle of acid. I will do the same to you that
I did to that scoundrel. Order! Order! Order! Can I ask why the case of.. husband’s murder not
brought to this court? It’s because no police station
has any record of this case. The police did not register the
case of my husband’s murder. Why? Because they fear the
goon of this city, Khanna.. ..or because they think me a
helpless woman from Punjab.. ..who cannot harm
them in any way. Judge, perhaps you
don’t know how.. ..the police of this city
behave with the public here. I will tell you. I left my husband’s dead body
on the road and went.. the Kala police station
to report about his murder. And when they knew that
the murderer is.. ..Khanna’s brother, Narendra,
this coward told me.. ..that this area does not
fall in my boundaries. Go to the Shetan police station. When I reached there, that
broker also told me.. ..that this is not under my
limits. Go back to Kala station. No one listened to my
complaint, Your Honor. At last I went to the
house of this DSP. That scoundrel, pig
also told me.. get a letter from
the municipality. Hold your tongue!
Mind your language. You cannot use such
abusive language.. ..against a public
servant on duty. I am sorry, sir. I made
a mistake. Forgive me. I should not talk this way to
a public servant like you. Rather I should find
a new language.. ..which has worse words than
this for bastards like you. Order! Order! Behave yourself. This is not your house,
but a court. You should not use such
bad words in a court. Sorry, madam judge. I cannot use such bad
words any where. Because I am an educated
housewife. I came from Punjab
and settled here.. ..only because terrorism had
spread all over that place. There happened murders
every day. I felt my husband
was not safe there. But I didn’t know that I would
lose my husband here. Madam judge, can
I ask a question? If I plead guilty, would you
shift this case to Punjab? Because I am a native of Punjab. How can we do that? Whether it’s Punjab or Madras,
Bombay or Delhi.. ..the whole nation is one.. ..and the law is the
same for every one. If that is so, order. Order
them to arrest Khanna’s brother. To register an FIR. To drag
that man to this court.. ..and make him stand here
in the criminal’s box. And only then.. only then
start a case against me.. prove whether I
am a criminal or not. I swear to God that I have
not murdered her husband. I had no enmity with him. He
did not take any money from me. And my Punjabi sister, you’ve
already damaged my face.. you now also want
to ruin my life? What wrong have I done to you.. ..that you are tricking
me in this case? I have only burnt
your face, rascal. If you won’t speak
the truth, I will.. You mean I should accept a
crime that some one else has done? Your Honor.. ..on 7th March at 11 p.m. when
her husband was killed.. ..I was at a conference
of Mr. Jagannath at Pune. We’ll have fun. Come with us. No, brother, I’ve
stopped drinking.. ..and I am not fond
of girls at all. Yes, Your Honor. This half burnt
man is saying the whole truth. He is saying the truth. He
was with me on 7th March.. 11 o’clock in a
meeting arranged to.. ..congratulate the member of
parliament, Mr. Jivanram. And I was the chief guest
at that meeting. And you know that we leaders
never go alone anywhere. We take along our servants.. I
mean our supporters with us. I have some pictures of
that night as evidence. These photos prove that
Mr. Narendra was.. ..with Mr. Jagmohan in Pune
on 7th March at 11 p.m. So this court releases him
and orders the police.. find out the real
culprit at the soonest. ‘Come.’ ‘Hug me, dear.’ ‘Hug me, dear.’ ‘I can light fire in water
and make you crazy.’ ‘Take me in your arms.’ ‘Take me in your arms.’ ‘I can melt stones with my
love and wound your heart.’ ‘The youth is blossoming on me.’ ‘My gait is beautiful.’ ‘The youth is blossoming on me.’ ‘My gait is beautiful.’ ‘Those who see me are tempted..’ ‘..they can’t control
their hearts.’ ‘Hug me, dear.’ ‘This night is intoxicating.’ ‘I am lonely.’ ‘This night is intoxicating.’ ‘I am lonely.’ ‘This moment of love might pass
by. Don’t be late, dear.’ ‘Hug me, dear.’ ‘I can light fire in water
and make you crazy.’ ‘Take me in your arms.’ ‘I can melt stones with my
love and wound your heart.’ Bastards! So this is your reality? All the evidences prove
that Mrs. Soni.. ..tried to kill Narendra
by throwing acid on him. So this court considers
Mrs. Soni guilty.. Wait, Your Honor. Before deciding anything, look
at these two guys carefully. Your Honor, the fact is what
you see before your eyes. They haven’t worn some mask
as they do in movies. They are twin brothers. The
real brothers of Khanna. But Khanna hid this secret
from the world. The modus operandi
of Khanna was thus. He made one to commit crimes. And then made the other.. some task that people
would notice him. I myself have been the prey
of their trick twice. ..between me and my brother,
GALFAMI HO GAYI.. ..and separated us. Your Honor.. ..they are not the murderers
of only Mrs. Soni’s husband.. ..they have committed
other murders, too. I request the court to hang them
to death for all their crimes. To look thoroughly
into this case.. ..the court orders to take these
brothers into judicial custody. Taking into account the torture
Mrs. Soni has gone through.. ..and her mental state,
this court releases her. Hey constable! We will finish
you.. – Go, you.. You unmasked our reality,
didn’t you? Now I won’t rest till I cover
your face with the shroud. Khanna! If you dare touch my brother.. ..I will put you and your
brothers in such a state.. ..that the police wouldn’t
even like to spit on you. Any problem? No, I don’t have any problem. But be ready both of you for
the approaching problems. Yes, we will be ready. Take them from here. Deepak, my brother..
I got you wrong. Can you forgive this
mistake of mine? Suraj, what are you saying?
It is not your fault. It happens among brothers
sometimes. Silly!
– You did a great job today.. I will never forget your favor.
Ok, I’m leaving now. Where? – Back to my village
in Punjab. – But over there.. You want to say that there is
massacre and unrest over there. Tell me, which part of the
nation is without this uproar? Shall I say something? Our country is not at danger
from other countries. Rather it is facing danger from
those goons and terrorists.. ..who live here and are
damaging their own country. Wipe them out! Finish them! So that husbands of women
like me can live. To finish them we need
policemen like you. I pray to God to make
all the policemen.. higher post or lower,
honest and brave like you. May God make you happy,
brothers! Greetings. No need to think over. My brothers should be out
of jail today itself. I can get them out, but that.. Yes, you will get as much
money as you want. But my brothers should
be out within 3 hours. Consider them released. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Deepak, you’ve brought fame
to all the constables.. arresting the twin
brothers of Khanna. But, Suraj, I will be
happy only when.. ..father also knows the
truth and accepts me. Come, Suraj, let’s go to our
village, and tell father the facts. I will get peace of mind only
when he forgives me and hugs me. Also ask him when should
we come there.. fix the auspicious
day of your wedding. Deepak, let’s move right now. Suraj, wait for me here
for 10 minutes. I’ll buy a shawl for father.
– Ok, hurry up. Sir, I’ll be right back. Suraj, when I got married
to Divya Bharati.. What big deal was that? You dog! You thought my brothers will
remain in jail all their lives? No one can harm my brothers
as long as I am alive. Hallo. Constable Suraj
here. Any problem? Constable, you saved the law. Now if you can save
your brother.. ..from the law of Khanna,
come and save him. Bastard! If anything happens to
my brother, I won’t spare you. Think before you speak,
constable. Now talk business. Your brother
is waiting for death.. a lake beside the
Tiger hills at present. Now let us see whether you
reach him first or the death. Deepak!
– Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! No! No! Deepak! No! No! Deepak, don’t go
over there. Stop! Deepak! Deepak! No! My brother. Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak, you gave your
life so that.. ..I wouldn’t be embarrassed
after knowing the truth? What have you done, child? You didn’t give me a chance
to ask forgiveness. Child, I ask your forgiveness
here at your funeral pyre. I ask forgiveness. Forgive me. I will always feel
proud to say that.. son gave his life for
honesty and loyalty. Father! Mr. Khanna, there’s a trouble. All the constables are
protesting against you. Your life can be in danger. Don’t worry, Vaghmare. Where do those mere constables
stand compared to me? They are ants; I can crush
them any moment. That’s ok, Mr. Khanna.
But I do fear death.. Vaghmare, you’ve ruined the
dignity of this uniform. You have no right
to wear it now. Vaghmare, now the rule
of your goons is over. And from today the rule of
the constables will start. Any problem? No! No! What? Both my brothers
are killed? No! Hallo. – Hallo. This is Khanna.
Connect me to the minister fast. Mr. Khanna, this is Tripathi,
the secretary of the minister. The minister just left
for Delhi. Yes. Tripathi!
– Yes, sir. Make arrangements
to go to Delhi.. ..or these constables
will thrash me, too. Let’s go to Delhi. Sir! Sir! The constables
have attacked our house. Come out, you dogs! Scoundrel! No one can be saved
after opposing Khanna. So how can you be
saved? Hit him! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Suraj! ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘You’re pretty; I am young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’ ‘I’m pretty; you are young;
I have gone unconscious.’ ‘Come back to your senses.’ ‘My heart is crazy after you.’ ‘I believe that.’

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