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I am Hindustan The Himalayas watch over my borders The waters of the holy
Ganges I have sworn by Since the beginning of time,
darkness and light.. Have been my companions The foundations of marbled
monuments that rise from my ashes.. Lie embedded in deeper
depths than of Earth herself I was plundered by barbarians
and saved by the merciful The unwise tied me in chains. Those who loved me have freed me Of those who loved this land,
one was Jalal-ud-din Mohammad Akbar Akbar transcended the barriers
of religion and tradition He taught man to
love his fellow man. Thus he embraced this country This is Emperor Akbar’s palace In this palace live
stories of the past Some four centuries ago,
far from this grand palace.. A man walked through
the burning sands of the sun swept desert barefoot This man who walks
alone is Emperor Akbar There is sadness in his eyes.. For he has not yet fathered an heir Akbar is traveling to meet
the Holy One, Salimuddin Chisti He travels in hope
that the blessings of.. …the Holy One
may beget him an heir The royal procession follows. But Akbar walks.
For he has taken the vow Finally,
the destination is arrived at The Emperor before
whom the world bows to.. Stands before a mendicant Seek as one should seek,
for God never refuses the faithful Raise your hands in prayer,
and I shall pray with you Emperor of Emperors, Thou hast bestowed
upon this humble man.. Every blessing that
life has to offer I have heard people
call me their emperor Now, please let me
hear the word father O’Lord of Heaven and Earth,
let Akbar not die without an heir May Jodha be made
fertile by His grace Felicitations!
Felicitations to the Emperor The Lord has blessed
the Queen’s womb The Emperor has a son,
and the Empire an heir Allah be praised! You bring happy
tidings to a sad Akbar! Keep this ring. Keep it
with you as a mark of my promise By the sacred scales
of Justice, I swear Whatever you seek of Akbar,
for once in your life.. Shall be given With the passage of time.. …the prince began
to develop certain tastes Prince.. These scales are not
meant for you to play with Are they for The
Emperor to play with? No. The sacred scales are.. A memorial to Emperor Babar,
and they signify Mughal justice How profound This is what you have
to speak in court. Memorize it Is this a command? – No, a request Then I shall try The Prince became
more and more disobedient And he began to transgress the
limits of etiquette and protocol Take it away, with all due respect One day, Prince Salim,
the heir to the Mughal throne took to drinking Emperor Akbar realised that
a dark future awaited Hindustan The symbol of Mughal justice shall
not be a wayward Prince’s plaything Man Singh No more for him,
the security of his mother’s love Cast him in steel Take him away. Temper
the steel in the desert fires I entrust you with the
future of the Mughal Empire I’m happy,
salim has prove that he’s my son. Salim! My son! You are the Empress of Hindustan! No, O’Mighty One. A mother
is nothing more than a mother This I knew not The frailty of a mother’s
emotions overcomes Empress Jodha? That she forgets her status? What political prerogatives
that forbid.. a mother to long for a son being bled callously? Suffer then, but not in tears Were all mothers whose sons are on the battlefield
with yours, to break down.. Then Hindustan will
be drowned in tears As much gold as the Prince’s
chain of mail weighs.. Be distributed to charity For 14 years Salim was tempered amidst
the storms of battle in the deserts Why have the Prince’s
wounds not been dressed yet? We haven’t been given
permission to enter May I beg to be excused? May the Prince’s
wounds not be dressed? Not wounds. These are flowers. Nature rules that
flowers shall wilt Hear this Not just an assassin’
this has a heart too This is as much a branch
of a tree as it is a sword Poetry, even after fourteen
years of bloodletting.. strange There is nothing strange Were Omar Khayyam’s anthology,
the Rubaiyat.. To have been etched on stone, not
to have been timed for recitation.. Would it’s meaning
be any the less? – No Then those designs that
The Mighty One may have for me.. Are founded in error Are these years of my
bloodied youth not enough? Not the armor. Rather this story
of my life, bloodied and in ashes And my son shall present this story
of your life to The Mighty One Ride with the dispatch Attention all ye The Mighty One’s foresight
has been proved right again The Prince has emerged
victorious again Does he carry the wounds of battle? Several. Countless swords
he has braved and broken And every enemy sword
proved again and again.. The Prince’s valor,
and the might of the blood of Akbar I shall inspect Salim’s armor Instead of the armor, the Prince
sends The Mighty One this missive Read it out. Loudly Before the Emperor of Hindustan,
Jalal-ud-din Mohammad Akbar, I bow Before You,
I present this account.. Of every yard of the terrain
steeped in Your royal blood For fourteen years the fires
of war that ravaged this land.. Sucked from my veins Your blood
that these fires took to quench But Your Salim has still blood
left to bloody the Deccan plateau.. Should You so command.
In subservience, Your Salim Allah be praised From Salim I take heart Prince Noor-ud-din Mohammed
Salim be ordered to march for home Felicitations to The Mighty
One on Prince Salim’s return Felicitations! Lord, why are you still silent?
Just let me see Salim’s face The Emperor has ordered Durjan Singh
to bring the Prince back immediately You are the bearer of news
that turns tears to smiles! Pearls, Bahar! Pearls for your words!
– Far too little, Your Majesty I want the Prince to
walk over a carpet of pearls For Salim, anything! My son is coming home after years! I shall pray to The Mighty One that He lets my son
be with me for a few days His father’s politics he has learnt;
his mother’s love he hasn’t known Tell the courtesans to choreograph
a performance beautiful enough.. To make Salim forget
the pictures of war Tell the court musician
Tansen to write tunes so dulcet.. To make Salim forget
the thunder of cannon And flowers, Bahar! Flowers
for him! And light up the city! Stars for him to tread upon, and
a heaven as far as the eye beholds! Everything!
Everything I want for him! And everything I cannot say Lord! Bring me to that moment when
I may behold my son before my eyes! Then for a moment,
You too I shall forget Sculptor The jewel of the palace
in my humble workshop? I have to choose a
sculpture for the Prince The sculptures I carve, Princes
and Emperors cannot appreciate Why? – For they speak the truth Behold, the court where every
word spoken by The Emperor is law.. Against which, there is no appeal And this, the field of battle The blood of innocents,
for the victory of one man This is the price of truth Punishment by death.
– Not true, sculptor May I present to
the artiste a rhetoric? Meaning? – Whereas
I appreciate your art.. What art is it that
touches not the heart? What figurine therefore,
which fails to woo the vain? Then at the feet
of the idol I sculpt the soldier shall
lay down his sword.. Emperors shall lay
down their crowns.. And men will carve out
their hearts in oblation The crown is to be
presented to the wearer The hands that crown are others’
but the courage is one’s own Bahar, have you no fear
that someone might see you? Fear? No crown is worn
on a head that fears You wish to become the
Empress of this grand empire? How many girls would
be dreaming the same? Then let them dream Look at my eyes Like the drunken reveler
who jabs his sword at the skies.. Are you too aiming for the stars? Stars do fall out of the skies For vain princes,
one look of the eye is enough Your Majesty, two hours for sunrise.
The last pearl for the night The price may be paid Shall The Mighty One welcome
His son in battle-gear? Not my son. I go to greet
a great soldier of Hindustan I have not seen Salim grown up. Do not present
him to me unannounced News of the Prince!
He has entered the palace May I be rewarded? The Emperor welcomed
the Prince Himself! Before he could bow,
The Emperor embraced him! The Prince has crossed
the Inner Court. The slaves have sighted him At every step,
he is being showered with flowers He is firm in his step,
as he walks in here The Emperor has granted permission
to the Prince to enter alone The Prince has arrived Salim! O’joyous world!
Or, are my eyes swimming? Bahar! Hold me! After so many years!
I wonder how he will say Mother? For me, a new sound! That word will resound in my ears
and it will resonate in my heart O’heart, miss not a beat! Mother Mother Open your eyes, Mother.
Look at me. I am here Salim Salim, you’ve grown so big! I was used to seeing you
when you were just knee-high Bend down, Salim. Kneel down Great soldier, are you? You bled my blood upon this earth..
callously? Without as much as a
thought to what it’d do.. To your mother’s heart
to see these scars? Had you remembered
your mother in battle.. You would’ve heard my lullabies
through the clangor of swords.. And you’d be as secure
as you’d be in your mother’s lap But you never remembered me Salim, my love! Bahar, take him away from me! The heart awaits a glance
The foot awaits a step Who is it that hides from me? Not hides.
Is hidden, Your Highness. – Why? The sculptor’s challenge.
When this candle is unveiled.. Shall it be irresistible? Challenges
are interesting, sometimes He claims that at its feet,
soldiers shall lay down swords.. Emperors their crowns, and men will
carve out their hearts in oblation The sculptor’s claim is
much too arrogant for appreciation I must see how vain art can be The Mighty One would
rather that you didn’t see it Why? – The court astrologer says.. It augurs ill for the Prince
to set his eyes on any sculpture. Before the moon has set tonight. The unveiling may be done tomorrow In the presence of The Mighty One.
The sculptor’s challenge. The astrologer’s warning..
and this veiled sculpture How can I wait till daybreak? The sculptor’s claim is correct Only on stone can be
etched so stark a beauty I must bow before such creativity The Prince may be
accused of idolatry. And lauded for appreciation of art Nadira, the sculpture
isn’t ready yet. You must pose for it tomorrow again The Prince has seen me.
He has expressed his appreciation There is an ardour
veiled in that appreciation Ardour? Of whom? – You Your slave wishes
to present a proposition You may Stories are told of statues
unveiled using the arrow Interesting proposition Prince, may stories
be made to come true? As You command, Your Majesty Great! An angel from the
heavens cast in marble Not an angel. Human Who has made you
pose for the statue? One of Your sculptors.
He was persistent But he wishes anonymity His strange sense of
the arts is surely laudable But that arrow was aimed at you.
How come you stood still? I wanted to see how stories
are made to come true Well spoken,
and I laud your courage Empress, you may take
her in as your handmaiden I name her Anarkali Tomorrow, we celebrate
the birth of Lord Krishna She will dance My word “Krishna teased me on
the banks of the Jamuna..” “Krishna teased me
on the banks of Jamuna..” “He twisted my delicate wrists” “He twisted my delicate wrists” “Krishna teased me on
the banks of the Jamuna” “He cast a pebble at me,
and broke my pitcher” “He broke my pitcher..” “He cast a pebble at me,
and broke my pitcher” “He broke my pitcher..” “He broke my pitcher..” “He left me drenched” “He left me drenched” “Krishna teased me
on the riverbanks..” “Krishna teased me
on the riverbanks..” “With his eyes, he cast a spell;
he won my heart” “He won my heart” “With his eyes, he cast a spell;
he won my heart” “He won my heart..” “He won my heart..” “My veil he pierced with a mere look” “My veil he pierced with a mere look” “On the riverbanks,
Krishna teased me” “On the riverbanks,
Krishna teased me” What is it, Suraiya?
– Someone is in love You are. – You’re insane Who am I in love with? –
With the one who’s in love with you Allah! Who is it? The Prince! – Hush! Started making commands already?
When you become the Empress.. For God’s sake, show me not
dreams that a slave dares not dream He is the Crown Prince.
The future Emperor of Hindustan So what? Allah makes Emperors of men,
but their Empresses can be anyone You’re naive.
Can the earth ever touch the skies? Then, what do you want to be? Just a slave. – The Prince’s slave Not again! What if someone hears?
– This is love! If not today,
people will come to know tomorrow I know Then why be afraid
of getting a bad name? I’m not afraid of
getting a bad name. I don’t want him to get a bad name If this is what you believe,
you’ve had it! Get up, come with me Where? – To him His eyes are craving to see you I cannot face anyone now. Just let me hide in here Go on, hide. I have the
confidence to go and face him Have you lost your senses? That is just what
I have to ask the Prince One look at him,
and people lose their senses. Why? To speak my heart before
him would amount to transgression That’d be if neither
had he a wish in his heart Suraiya! Why are you here? – I just came.. By whose permission?
– By let of my heart Begone! – I won’t Let her be, Durjan What do you want?
– I wanted to see.. Why people lose their
senses when they see you Who says so? – My sister. Nadira She’s out of her mind
ever since she saw you impertinence! My name is Suraiya Does your sister
call you by that name? She used to. – And now? She has forgotten all else!
The only name on her lips is.. Prince Give your sister
this message from me This could be fraught with danger! Fall in love,
and you will lose fear What are you so completely lost in? Letter What letter? – From the Prince Allah! If you pray to Allah,
you might get another letter Take care, it’s throbbing Maybe, it’s his heart Take it No You lose no time in
giving your heart away. And you lose heart so easily? I woke up to find
Anarkali in my soul And I was in love Do you know? A sadness hangs heavy
on my restless heart Day and night I think
of you and my desire Allah forbid! He loves me! Sleepless nights I wake for you Waiting by the canal Send me a flower Send me a reply Let it float down the waters Forget you, I cannot Pray, send me a reply Salim! A refusal? Reason? Because she’s a slave girl.
And unfortunately, I’m a Prince And places may not be traded But I am human. That too is true Have you been waiting
for me to cross the limits? Your Highness, in our happiness,
we reach out for the stars But do the stars
ever come down to earth? For I have desired For God’s sake,
do not denigrate your status! You are my master I.. am your slave This wall that separates
you and me, I want to pull down Sit down, Anarkali Your Majesty.. Anarkali, look at me I wish to see the
desire in your eyes No, not my eyes For I have nothing but the
fearful emotions of a slave girl Then forget that you are a slave. And in your eyes let Salim see for
himself that which you fear to voice Do not take away from me, my dreams It’d kill me! – Anarkali! I’ll make these dreams come true Your Majesty! – Let them see Taunts I can live with;
not your dishonor Give me an indication
Lord ..what is to become now? What does this couplet mean? It means.. My heart is slipping
out of my hands Oh, let not my agony
poison the lives of everyone God knows what’s come over you.
Don’t you even feel lonely? And he’s always asking about you.
Get up and come with me No, I am afraid.. Lest my eyes give away.. The secrets in my heart Nadira! Nadira, why have you
been so depressed of late? If you stop socializing, people will
accuse you of having become vain.. Ever since you were named
Anarkali by The Emperor Allah! Would someone
so helpless be vain? Can you stop tongues from wagging? Little do you know palace intrigue Welcome Bahar You should take her under your wing.
– You mustn’t worry I have come to take her with me.
– Take good care of her Anarkali..
your new name is so beautiful Indeed As of pretty candles that
feed their wax to the flames Then why fear the firefly? Fireflies? Like me Maybe you could join
me during my performances? Performance? Tonight. It’s a recitation contest Wouldn’t it be nice if you
were to take a part of the stage? And the other? – Me And.. – Which of us wins.. Is left to the Prince’s discretion “In your court,
I will try my destiny” “For a few moments, I will see
what it means to be close to you” “In your court..
I will try my destiny too” “At your feet, I will lay my head” “At your feet, I will lay my head” “Spring comes bearing
the news of love” “After ages, I see hope” “After ages, I see hope” “After ages, I see hope” “I will save myself from the agony..” “I will save myself from the agony..” “What fun is a life
bereft of any grief?” “What fun in shedding tears,
without any grief?” “Without any grief?” “What fun in shedding tears,
without any grief?” “I will shed tears in love” “I will shed tears in love” “In your court,
I will try my destiny too” “This is what happens
to those who fall in love” “They suffer in silence..
and die a miserable death” “They suffer in silence..” “They suffer in silence..
and die a miserable death” “I will see this
farce and amuse myself” “I will see this
farce and amuse myself” “In your court,
I will try my destiny too” “Love, I concede, ruins your life” “But isn’t it enough that you are
remembered long after you are dead?” “But isn’t it enough..” “But isn’t it enough that you are
remembered long after you are dead?” “I will ruin myself for my love” “At your feet, I will lay my head” “A few moments,
I will spend with you” “In your court,
I will try my destiny too” “I will try my destiny too” To love in secret,
to die for love ..the lover’s dream I shall watch it with
a smile come the day Like this flower And you Anarkali, would
rather be in love and be ruined For what more can one ask for
but remembrance, after one is gone What you get is the thorn I am fortunate Thorns live not in fear of wilting What is it, Man Singh? Documents relating to Aimer province.
At the disposal of The Mighty One At my disposal? – Yes Does Man Singh not know that
I have given away the province? I know, Your Majesty.
– Then why the documents? I am forced to draw Your attention.
Unless the mandate is issued.. The province might rise in revolt. So it has gone this far? Have you not apprised the
Prince of his responsibility? They were presented to the
Prince on several occasions. But.. What is it, Man Singh? But the reason for his reluctance..
I have failed to fathom. Then I shall! Durjan, you will carry
my word to the governor of Ajmer The works are to
commence immediately. Tell him that I wish.. To be apprised of the
reason for this negligence I’ll tell her that.
– And also tell her.. That without her, Salim’s
life is as dark as the night And? Also that in the wait.
Salim is sinking into oblivion. And? That.. And The Emperor has decreed that
the works be commenced immediately Do you bear animosity towards love? I bear you goodwill, Your Highness If you bear goodwill towards others,
you might receive letters too Silence! – I’m Suraiya.
You are too forgetful Sire, I have seen anger
in The Emperor’s eyes Unless you stop this dangerous
game, the rumors will begin Sister.. What’s wrong with you, Suraiya?
– Why don’t you look at me? Why don’t you ask
me where I’ve been? You know it. Your sister is lost Then stay lost. I don’t have the time
for running errands for people. Goodbye Wait! Did you meet him? – Yes, I did What was he saying?
– Lost? And yet so mindful? Get lost. I won’t tell you.
– If you don’t, you’re my pallbearer I met the Prince in the garden.
– And then? Looked like he hadn’t
slept all night. He smiled. Then he asked me.. How is your sister? – And then? Then he holds my
hands and he asks.. Say Suraiya,
she must be as ill as I am? What did you say? I said it! Then he stepped forward
and he kissed my forehead And then what happened?
– He said, tell your sister that.. Tonight when Tansen sings,
ask her to come to see me A blush? After that kiss? Is it because he kissed
me there too? – Oh! I forgot Such a delightful mistake!
But he kissed my forehead twice Someone must be watching! The intruder shall
see me in my chamber At your command I rue my fate that the
dagger failed to find its mark Your Highness,
do give the dagger one more chance There is much blood
that flows through my bosom Bahar! What carries the flame? Silenced tales of a night past And some secrets Which is why, it will be
put out as soon as the day breaks Your Highness! A secret you too
have tried to unravel And thus shall you be silenced You may leave Anarkali (pomegranate blossoms) The trees in the
garden are flowering Maybe Your Majesty has not noticed Yes I have not seen
Anarkali in a long while Her plaintive voice
may soothe my labored mind Summon her She cannot.
Not at this time. Reason? Anarkali shall sit beside
Salim as the Empress of Hindustan Let not the dust at your
feet rise to touch your crown It is done. I can see it Akbar’s Hindustan
you shall inherit. For God’s sake! The fate of the people
of Hindustan you shall decide Wherever you look,
a thousand souls will stand in awe And your mercy they shall seek The Emperor! No! You must not commit
such trespass before The Emperor! Let me go! The Emperor cometh If His Majesty sees me here,
Anarkali dies in your arms! Untrue to love you are, if you live
in fear. It’s debauchery, it’s sin Out of the way! – I won’t! Mother! Where is he? Who? Emperor Akbar,
at whose command.. Life that Allah
giveth is snubbed out! You shall speak in courtesy, Salim It is not Salim’s Anarkali who may
suffer death in a despot’s dungeon! I will have his seal
on this order of acquittal Anarkali may not be set free Why not? Silence! The Crown Prince
may not be oblivious of his duty What duty calls for stifling
the love in one’s heart? To do The Emperor’s
bidding is your duty This is no duty! But it surely is punishment
of being born of an Emperor Then this noblesse oblige
you shall have to suffer Then imprison her not, and grant
the same to that innocent Anarkali You’ve no right
to direct my decision. But over my own life,
I have a right If Anarkali be not acquitted.. Then tonight augurs
dear not for Anarkali.. But for Emperor
Akbar and his dreams “I weep for the falsehood of love” “I weep for the falsehood of love” “I am hurt, I weep” “I weep for the falsehood of love” “I gave it not another thought..” “my desire for you
has led to my downfall” “I weep for the
patronage you extended” “I weep for the lies about love” “I weep for the falsehood of love” “I am hurt, I weep” “How was I to know
what it would lead to?” “That I’d have to hide my love,
and yet lead my life” “I live, but I weep at my life” “I cry for those falsehoods of love” “I am hurt, I cry” “I cry for those falsehoods of love” Orders. Anarkali is
to be produced in court Surely the darkness of the dungeons
has dashed your splendid dreams? The darkness was far less than the
light I carry in my heart dispels You may suffer worse darkness And resolve may harden Resolve may be crushed The Emperor’s justice? I wish to hear no more Akbar’s word is the law You must forget Salim Forget Salim? Beyond doubt Not only that. You must convince him that
you were never in love with him I could bring not my tongue
to speak of my love to him. How can I refute? You will have to prove.. That your love was untrue A slave dreamt of becoming
the Empress of Hindustan And in love she found a
pretty alibi. – This is not true! Allah knows! This is not true! Not true! What you have to prove
is that this is the truth Lord! Grant me such courage.. That I may even betray the Prince Your slave shall
try to obey your command Not try You shall abide Set her free No one has ever known Emperor
Akbar to renege on His verdict Anarkali’s acquittal
is a defeat for The Emperor Not defeat. It’s proof that
at heart, The Emperor is humane For the first time, I think of myself
not merely as the Crown Prince.. But also as the son
of a father who is humane In Anarkali’s acquittal,
He has conferred a privilege.. To the woman I love. Not love, Your Highness A privilege for deceit Deceit? Whose? Ask it of these chains I ask you Fragile as she is.. Your Anarkali could not
bear the weight of these chains She has traded her
chains for golden cuffs What proof? Anarkali’s rewards
include a fiefdom Tonight, she performs in court. After which.. she has agreed
to disappear. Forever The Prince is coming Leave me alone You shall stay here So at last the wax doll melts? And burns to ashes
that false garb of love.. Which you wore when
you strutted before my eyes? Anarkali! The one whom just a dark
night in the dungeons has consumed You treacherous slave!
Anarkali you are not! You’re a pretender who is masquerading
as Anarkali to get out of prison! You are not my Anarkali! Yes, I am not your Anarkali Certainly not! You are
Akbar’s whore! Not Salim’s lover You were just an
illusion I took heart to You’re a shameful blot on my name.
To be washed away! Attention all ye The Empress of the world The jewel of the
throne of Hindustan Maharani Jodhabai The one we are proud of His Highness,
the Crown Prince of the Sultanate Prince Noor-ud-din Mohammad Salim Attention! Heed the Badshah Plenipotentiary of Allah The Emperor of Emperors, The
One of whom the world seeks succor Jalal-ud-din Mohammad Akbar cometh “it is but once that man
falls in love with another” “In anguish, he lives..” “in anguish, he dies” “When we have loved..
why should we fear?” “We have loved..
not committed a theft” “We have only loved” “We have loved..
not committed a theft” “Why should we be afraid?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “I’ll reveal today the
secrets that lie in my heart..” “I’ll reveal today the
secrets that lie in my heart” “Death is what the world witnesses..” “Death is what the world witnesses..” “what good is dying a
death of sufferance like this?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “In desire of him..” “I shall burn” “In desire of him..” “I shall burn” “For love, I shall live.
For love, I shall die” “For love, I shall live.
For love, I shall die” “Nothing more is my will” “Now that I am in love,
why must I fear?” “Now that I am in love,
why must I fear?” “Our love will not remain hidden” “Everywhere around
us are tales of our love” “Our love will not remain hidden” “Everywhere around
us are tales of our love” “There is nothing that
separates us from God..” “There is nothing that
separates us from God..” “why should we create
barriers between humans?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved,
not committed a theft” “Why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” This fearlessness in love,
this audacity.. This novel manner of
making your statement.. Indeed, all this
deserves to be rewarded My good fortune Of the magnanimous Plenipotentiary
of Allah, such I have expected Master of the Dungeons Take this girl away Cast her in the darkest dungeon “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” “We have loved,
not committed a theft” “Why should we fear?” “We have loved.. why should we fear?” Leave me alone Your continued presence
is proof of your disobedience Anarkali was arrested..
I watched on. What else could you have done? What can anyone do before
so mighty an emperor? But today, Allah’s Plenipotentiary
must own up to vindictiveness And my aspirations
must be respected. If a slave is what you aspire for.. Then you shall be denied.
All your life Did you beget me that You
may rule the life that is mine? That while I breathe,
You hold my heart hostage? Am I to be indebted to You for my
life? Am I to pay my debt in tears? Anarkali is unfit for you Why not? Embrace me as a father
would his loved son Behold me with love in Your eyes
as You did when You saw me first Not as the Crown Prince of Hindustan,
think of me as your son.. And tell me,
is Anarkali unfit for me? Father I am, of a loved son But my duty as Emperor
I cannot disregard For no sake of my son’s romances,
may I play with the fate of my empire It all changes. With time Empires change. Emperors change But in this world of changes,
one who has found love wavers not Change, you will have to! Salim! You will have to change A father who wants kings and
sultans to bow before his heir.. An Emperor who wants his
Crown Prince to crush kingdoms.. That is the father
who has seen his heir.. That is the emperor who
has seen his Crown Prince.. Bow before a slave’s beauty. It was as if thunder
had struck his hopes The shock has shaken the
very seat of the Mughal empire Desist, till He
has regained composure Desist I, whose life has been ruined,
and desist not he, who thinks.. His fancied regency
has been marred? That is not the case No! The Mighty One wants to play
God! He wants to dictate emotions! Who cares of consent
to fall in love? Your Highness! Save my Nadira! Please save my Nadira! My Nadira! Please save her! Please save my Nadira! Please save her! My little girl!
She will beat her head upon the dungeon
walls till she dies! If this is the way she has to die,
Hindustan is the empire no more! Hindustan will become the
graveyard for the Mughal Sultanate If the doors open not, then the walls
of the dungeon will have to fall Not the sword. You need
a key to open fortified doors Bahar! I have dared Come on Where to? Far away from Akbar’s empire The arrogance mounts!
Salim is to be held Will you confront The Emperor
for the sake of a slave girl? No! I see in her the pride of
Mughals. The Empress of Hindustan Never! The pride of the Mughals may
never be equated to a slave girl And Hindustan is not your heart
for a slave girl to Lord over it Nor is my heart your
Hindustan to rule over Over your heart, I have no right.
But over you, I do have my rights After all, you are my son. Yes, your son I am But you too should consider
that I am part of your body Not some slave No Salim, no! You were given to me in
answer to my years of prayer You are my life’s treasure.
You are my beloved But this is a matter of the state.
Do not drag your mother into this Do not force me to forget
my duty because of my love for you Have respect for my responsibilities
and for your duty too To Hindustan, you are the Moon!
Do nothing to denigrate yourself Cast Anarkali out of your heart For the sake of my milk I fed you!
– A price for my mother’s milk? No Salim! Or would you rather.. That I bathe your feet in your milk
that runs in my veins as blood? But ask not for usury You do not even understand
the import of what you speak! I understand. I seek not one piece
of your precious Hindustan But give me Anarkali. I beg of you Of Maharani Jodha I seek compassion.
Of Emperor Akbar, I seek mercy Salim! Tears? Those tears
are Jodha’s and Akbar’s life! Spill not tears from your eyes.
Hold your tears Anarkali, you will have Never No heir to Emperor Babar’s
throne may be disgraced I decree Salim be sent
on the campaign of Deccan No sad lover, but a soldier be
given the sword to carry in battle Do not endanger the Prince’s life. Death in the battlefield.. Is better than life lived
in desperate love of a slave girl Wait My Salim will not go to war My decree shall not be
swayed by a mother’s blind love But Salim will decide If You wish to see how an
Emperor’s decree may be rebuffed.. Then give Salim Your dictate Such scant respect he has for me? Do not gauge him by his disposition Let this storm blow over.
Salim will change. You’ll see And how to make
the storm blow over? Let him have Anarkali Once he has Anarkali
Salim will return to us The obligation of a slave
girl to turn my own son around? For the sake of your son! A mother can be only a mother And you are an emperor.
Only an emperor Beyond doubt Man Singh, so shall it be done This royal charter decrees.. That the Crown Prince.. Noor ud din Mohammad Salim.. At daybreak tomorrow,
leaves the royal palace and marches for
Deccan with the army Take it away!
I am no heir to Emperor Akbar! Your Highness! Wait or us at Safdarjung Gate Your Highness, was that not naive? Maybe. But I insist If I be coerced,
then I shall refuse to obey You may not act in naivete.
This is no time for being adamant He is the one who is being adamant. My wounds need to be salved.
He knows And yet he decrees my departure! If he thinks he can coerce me.. He is wrong! The Emperor will not tolerate.. The Prince’s disobedience. The stance may be the
excuse for Anarkali’s death This, he cannot do!
– This is exactly what he will do Life for Anarkali lies beyond
the bloodbath and the victory Lead your army If Anarkali’s life
be cause for war.. Then I shall turn the
tide even in the face of death! But who takes responsibility for
Anarkali’s safety in my absence? I do. She lives safe
in the shadow of my sword Durjan, you have but one sword. Emperor Akbar wields
a million swords Then you have a Rajput’s word.
A million heads will roll Your Majesty, the sculptor is here Leave us alone Sculptor, I am glad that artistes
of your prowess thrive in my empire But the truth is
that I face starvation Not any more In appreciation of your art I reward you In appreciation of the art,
this is far too much But in appreciation of truth,
this is far too little What do you seek? To spread the truth about my
art throughout the empire. You have my permission My good fortune. My unfinished
agenda shall now be completed.. Thanks to The Emperor’s magnanimity No, all is not done yet What you lack in life is a woman As your reward,
I give you the very beauty.. Whom you have used to
express the beauty of your art Meaning? Tomorrow, you shall wed Anarkali But Your Majesty.. Is this any less a reward? It is beyond my expectations I am beholden to The Emperor You may leave Such little difference
between cruelty and justice that Emperors dispense! For the bounty that The
Emperor bestows upon you.. Is this how happy you are? Happy? Happiness is a fool’s emotion I am just joking about
the foolishness of the bequeathal Do you refuse the reward?
Do you refuse to obey The Emperor? Indeed! The consequences.. do you realise? The truth of my sculpture
may yet be borne in my blood The spirit you have shown
in refusing to obey Emperor Akbar, I salute That salutation is
no reward for my spirit Then, what is it you desire? I wish to see Anarkali’s
fate enjoined with yours A message to The Emperor
from the Crown Prince Read it out The Emperor of Hindustan,
Jalal ud din Mohammad Akbar.. Be apprised that I, Crown
Prince Noor ud din Mohammad Salim.. Hereby declare my independence.
I enjoin upon The Emperor.. To accept Anarkali as my consort,
the future Empress of Hindustan The Emperor also be apprised that
I am a prince of the dynasty of Tamer A dynasty of regents who, without
recourse to dictator religion.. Chose their consorts. I too reserve the right
to choose one of my liking And this right I am exercising.
Should The Emperor disagree. This is a documentation of the
vanity of youth. Read it to the last I cannot move myself to speak. The veil of courtesy is lifted Read on Read on! Should The Emperor disagree,
then the revolt has begun The rebellion of this
upstart I shall take on Let the historians add a love-crazed
fool to the list of my rebels Man Singh, we shall fight I shall ride in battle Has the Maharani forgotten that she
has to say sacrament to my sword? Your Majesty, the Empress
expresses her inability.. To hand over to you the
sword that will slay the Prince Tradition may not be changed. From her only,
shall I accept my sword Always from your hands
I have taken the sword.. That has decapitated my rebels Today too,
you shall perform this ritual You ask me to give you
the sword that will kill my son? Not your son I seek the sword against the rebel
who threatens to kill your husband Will you not give me the sword
to protect myself, for my victory? I stand not to win.
Either way, I lose On one hand, my husband.
On the other, my son And the choice you
shall make right now Your son, or your husband? As a Rajput, you epitomize the legacy
of women who immolated themselves.. Upon the pyres of their
dead husbands. Do you hesitate? You were born a daughter of warriors!
Why are your hands shaking? No hands of one who heartens
not to her husband.. Can carry the sword of emperors O’Mighty One! The mark of the wedded woman
that you have wiped from my brow.. You will give back to me
with the red of Salim’s blood If the price of my husband’s life has
to be paid for in my son’s blood.. Then take this sword,
and be happy to kill my son! Not a word shall I utter! The call for battle
is the cry for his death Whose death, Your Majesty? The one so blinded by foolish love,
as not to know his father! This darkness must be dispelled This pretty serpent that sways
between me and Salim, must be fanged “Oh Lord, this is my plea..” “My would is ruined though
you are present..” “Lord help me, I’m unfortunate” “Help me, Lord” “I am in dire straits…” “my ship is in troubled waters” “I am in dire straits…” “my ship is in troubled waters” “Lord help me, I’m unfortunate” “Help me, Lord” “Restore what I have lost” “You know…” “even my secret thoughts” “My hands are tied…” “and my heart is wounded” “Have mercy, Lord” “Misery clouds me, my Protector” “Lord, save my ship…” “it is drowning” “There is a sign of a storm…” “Have mercy, Lord” “I am in dire straits…” “my ship is in troubled waters” “Lord help me, I’m unfortunate” “Help me, Lord” Open the cell.
I have come to take Anarkali Except death, to none else may we
deliver her. The Emperor’s orders And I have to take her out alive.
A Rajput has given his word The army is ready and
awaiting The Emperor’s arrival May Allah lead you to victory May the Regent who loves His
subjects, His Motherland and God.. Be victorious always Emperor of Emperors, Thou hast
bestowed upon this humble man.. Every blessing that
life has to offer I have heard people
call me their emperor Now, please let me
hear the word father Are these the hands that prayed? Man Singh, before the battle
commences, I shall go to meet Salim With all due deference
to Your decision.. It is not advisable for The Emperor
to enter the rebel’s camp alone But for a father it is possible Emperor Akbar cometh Leave us alone Has The Emperor come
to pardon the rebel? This unfortunate father
that the world calls an emperor.. Has come to talk to his talk
to his son.. To ask for his love You destroy your son’s love,
and yet you seek his love? Now the emperor poses as a father? The Emperor never weeps These are tears in a father’s eyes Son, before Akbar’s principles,
your poor father is helpless Then to Salim too, his love Son.. Son, love can win hearts.
Not battles Your emotions cannot withstand
the relentless onslaught.. Of an Emperor’s endless might. That the battle will decide The Emperor cares not for
war to influence his decision At the sounding of the wardrums.. Anarkali dies MY Son! So this is the day I begot you for? If the father’s head should
roll to please the son.. Here stands a father Your Highness Has the might of the Emperor
overcome a Rajput’s promise? No, Your Highness.
A Rajput will give up his life Not his promise Anarkali? Salim has won without war There will be no war There will be war! My prayers go with you On the battlefield, may Allah
protect you from Akbar’s wrath Anarkali.. That you still live,
bodes ill for Salim Before the swords of Akbar cast the
shadow of death over your heads.. Before the storm of blood
and ash consumes you.. Hand Anarkali over This sword has vanquished
the mightiest of warriors.. Protects not only Anarkali,
but all men who have loved.. All those who refuse
to be servile to emperors Man Singh! Battle begins! Charge! Charge! Kill Anarkali on this very field Your Highness,
Anarkali’s life is in danger With your permission,
may I escort her to safety? The victorious Emperor
returns from the battlefield.. To visit Maharani Jodhabai Is this the mark of the married
woman, or is this a mother’s woe? Look at my sword Not a drop of Salim’s blood This must be the first
sword that a mother has embraced! Take me to Salim You may not meet him Why? His father’s sword
may have spared him. But there’s more
to The Emperor’s justice Accused.
Noor ud din Mohammad Salim.. …son of Jalal ud
din Mohammad Akbar.. Be presented before
the tribunal for sentencing Attention all ye The proceedings may begin Against Noor ud din Mohammad Salim,
the accusation lies.. That for the sake of a slave girl.. You have brought
the Crown to disgrace You have undermined
The Emperor’s decree You have incited a mutiny You have lured a trustworthy Rajput
like Durjan Singh into treachery You have abducted Anarkali You have incited a rebellion
in the Emperor’s armies You have revolted All these charges can be retracted All your transgressions
may be pardoned I can bestow upon you
all privileges as before Provided you return Anarkali. For You to execute her? Beyond doubt Then in all equity,
The Emperor shall do so too.. To those disobedient fireflies that
fling themselves into the candles. And the bees that sing so sweetly
of love as they fly over flowers.. And stop the rivers for they lose
themselves in the embrace of seas I wish not to hear depositions
on love inspired by madness I want Anarkali And I do not want
to give Anarkali away Then I swear by the blood
of Tamer that runs in my veins.. You will be disowned forever That I shall accept But not the throne that
sits upon Anarkali’s grave Not the crown that
holds my heart hostage That is unacceptable. – Now I know! In the fires of your love you wish to melt down
the gold in the Mughal crown To craft of it anklets to
adorn the feet of a dancing girl Upon the sacred throne of Hindustan
you wish to see a pretty whore dance And you.. And you wish to bring your future
daughter-in-law to disgrace in court! Silence! Try as much as The Emperor will, to
veil vendetta for defeat with justice Anarkali He shall not have! His son’s life, He may have Justice I hold dearer than my son Noor ud din Mohammad Salim, you have
taken advantage of my magnanimity And you have refused
to present Anarkali in court Anarkali’s sentence is not revoked In her stead, you.. Are sentenced to death Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Seek not my sympathy today What but death can a despot decree? In the tale of Anarkali’s
love etched in Salim’s blood.. The demise of Akbar,
The Emperor will also be told Leave me alone What news? Emperor Akbar has decreed
that tomorrow morning.. Prince Salim will
die in Anarkali’s stead Till Durjan can wield the sword,
death cannot touch the Prince! Where are you going?
– To face Emperor Akbar! You are wounded.
– My body is wounded Not my spirit! Out of my way! Do you see fear on your son’s face? Not a shadow You are my blood. I have faith I have come to congratulate my son The brave Rajput
is also wedded to death How I wish all mothers
had hearts like Maharani Jodha Today is the day when Emperor Akbar was defeated,
and love triumphed To you I express my gratitude.. And my respects to the mothers
of the martyrs who bore death.. For the sake of truth and love This is my final message Stand fast by those in love,
not by those who be mighty Long live the Prince! “On the path of love..” “a lover triumphs” “Rejoice. Love is martyred” “Victory be to love” “Victory be to love” “Free from slavery to riches,
love triumphs” “Long live, love” “In mosques and temples..
Love is faith” “Flowing from Krishna’s flute,
love is what Allah blesses” “Love keeps the world alive” “Long live, love” “Hatred shall not contain
this storm of love” “Love shall not be slain
by daggers and swords” “Lovers are martyred..
they are remembered forever” “Long live, love” “Should love revolt,
it could change the world” “A raging fire it could
cause in mighty palaces..” “and overthrow emperors” “With their heads held high,
they seek no favours” “Long live, love” “Those who worship power
have no faith of their calling” “He who worships power
has no faith of his calling” “A heart bereft of
love is made of stone” “He whose heart is bereft of love,
is not human” “Come to your senses,
O enemy of love..” “lest you are doomed” “Long live, love” “Long live, love” “Long live, love” Long live Man Singh! Long live Man Singh! Man Singh! Should The Emperor so desire,
the Prince may be released After Anarkali’s death He is alive. He lives Your Majesty! The Prince is alive!
My felicitations to The Emperor! You will die Take this pretty petrel away! Bury her alive The word of The Emperor be blessed. May my Prince live forever! That is all I wish for.. All I wish for Anarkali,
the dying is given one last wish If you have any wish,
you may petition The Emperor It is beyond The Emperor
to give me my wish I am not so narrow-minded as not to
allow the last wish of a slave girl Speak Before I die,
I wish to become the empress At last! You have spoken
what you had in heart Even in the shadow of
death you have not forgotten.. That golden dream of becoming
the Empress of Hindustan I am a slave. Do not presume
that it’s my wish, Your Majesty The Prince promised.. To make me his queen I do not want him
to break his promise A future Emperor of Hindustan must not be ashamed
of failing a slave girl I shall not let the future
Emperor of Hindustan to be ashamed Man Singh, Salim is to be set free Before daybreak, you will
make sure that Salim inhales.. This flower doused with intoxicants.
He must not interfere with your death He must pass out before the
sentries draw you away from him.. And send you to your death Death is closer than love So it shall be done Unless this is done,
Salim will not let you die And I shall not let you live,
Anarkali I died a long time ago Now please let the
coffin pass into my grave You ma)! You may go In return for this
act of magnanimity.. This slave absolves you,
Jalal ud din Mohammad Akbar.. Of the crime of my murder “How will the heartburn ever lessen?
How will love ever lessen?” “The night is colorful..” “what will day be like?” “Every couplet sparkles;
goblets of joy are drunk” “This Spring will be spoken
about for ages to come” “How much more enchanting
could love be?” “How much more enchanting
could love be?” “Such is this colorful night..” “what will tomorrow be like?” “The mood around here,
with the lovers present” “Their eyes convey love..
their hearts brim with passion” “For a few moments spent like this..” “why would they even regret death?” “For a few moments spent like this..” “why would they even regret death?” “Such is the colorful night..” “what will day be like?” “Such is the state of these lovers..” “those issuing edicts
aren’t going to be spared” “Why would they contemplate
the consequences..” “given the state they are in” “given the state they are in” “A passionate night is in the
offing; what is it going to be like” “A passionate night is in the
offing; what is it going to be like” “Such is this colorful night..
what will day be like?” Why have you done this? These pretty hands have
at last let go of love? How could you betray me like this? Do not turn away from Salim,
Anarkali. Come to me Tell me, can you betray me? Tell me, can you? No! Anarkali can betray her on life Not you Life? Who is it? Who wants to kill you? No one Is this why I have
been intoxicated? So that you may
be taken away from me? Destiny decrees so Destiny shall change her decree Anarkali,
I can see those crawling shadows The cowardly slaves
of Emperor Akbar.. They are coming for you!
I can see them! Come out! Anarkali is mine! No one takes her away from me! These heartless knaves.. Cannot touch you, Anarkali! My love, come.. You knaves! Knaves! Anarkali.. Salim loves you! Comes dawn, bearing death.. Like someone snuffing out life May God be your Savior May God be your Protector This is my prayer This is my prayer Your world, I leave Accept my farewell Accept my farewell When they take away my bier soon.. Do not be one of those who carry it When they take away my bier soon.. Do not lend it a shoulder May our love never be disgraced This is what I pray for This is what I tearfully pray for May God be your Savior This is all I pray for My child! Nadira! By the sacred scales
of Justice, I swear Whatever you seek of Akbar,
for once in your life.. Shall be given The Emperor! The Emperor! Where is The Emperor? The Emperor! The Emperor! What do you want? Life. For my daughter Has hope blinded you? Do you not know my law? Do you recognise this,
Your Majesty? Remember? You promised me that
I may have one wish I seek Anarkali’s life I remember nothing.
– You remember nothing? But The Emperor never
reneges on his promise I told you! I remember nothing! You may forget your promise But that Emperor of emperors
who has made you an emperor.. He shall never forget! On the day of judgment,
you shall be accused And I shall have justice! Take her away! My child! Emperor, my child! Seek what you will The Emperor has reneged on his
promise. What else is there to seek? Take. Look Anarkali… My child! My child! My child! Your Majesty, I am grateful! Listen.. This tunnel will take you past
the border of the Mughal empire That Anarkali is alive is a secret.
You will have to keep it a secret Salim must know that
his Anarkali is dead So it shall be The Emperor has done
justice by letting her live Anarkali, pay your obeisances Till such time that this world is.. …you will live as love lives And the Mughals will remember
this favour you have done Unto the dynasty
of Babur and colorful.. You have granted
a fresh lease of life But l.. I can offer you nothing
but a life of anonymity I am helpless By God, I am no enemy of love But of my principles I am a slave Consider the helplessness
of the slave.. And you might yet forgive me Anarkali, The Emperor
has expressed his gratitude! Take her away Emperor Jalal ud din Mohammad
Akbar pardoned Anarkali He took the blame for
being cruel and merciless I stand testimony of
the justice of this ruler.. The one whom the world
remembers as Mughal-e-colorful “if we like, why the fear?” “We loved not steal” “I just loved” “We loved not steal” “So why the fear?” “if we like, why the fear?” “if we like, why the fear?” “Today will reveal the
secrets that lie at the heart” “Today will reveal the
secrets that lie at the heart” “Death is what the world experienced” “Death is what the world experienced” “What good in Almutfa
suffering like this?” “if we like, why the fear?” “if we like, why the fear?” “We loved not steal” “So why the fear?” “if we like, why the fear?” “if we like, why the fear?”

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